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  1. Does Pogo or Google Fit have to be open for the steps to count?
  2. Gold

    Still here!

    I feel that this could have just been posted in the chat thread or introductions instead of its own thread, but welcome back.
  3. That involves me getting a gift from a Pokestop, which is damn near impossible lately. When I get one I can let you know and we can figure out a time?
  4. Fuck me, this better stay around for more than a week and a half for 216 pokemon.
  5. It says limited-time special research, and if it's supposed to coincide with this event, why would it?
  6. Less than two weeks for 108 berries, and that's only part of task one of three. Fuck limited time research.
  7. It's gaudy as fuck except on a few things, and laptops are not one of those things. This entire town is basically camo everything and it gets real old real fast.
  8. Ugh this fucking town. Laptop died and had to get a new one. The only laptops they sell here are camo colored.
  9. Old laptop finally recovered, so I'm able to post all the pictures off it, so I'm finally going to start updating. 01.01: Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm - (PC) 01.07: Rocket League (PC) 01.13: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball (PC) 01.15: Darksiders (PC) 01.17: A Raven Monologue (PC) 01.19: 100% Orange Juice (PC) 01.21: NightSky (PC) 01.28: Time Gap (PC) 01.28: Nekojishi (PC) Points: Console – 0 Handheld – 0 PC – 9 Mobile – 0 Overall – 9 Bronze: 7) True Gaming – Beat a board game video game Silver: 6) Perfectionist - 100% a game (ex: all achievements/trophies obtained, all stars in a Mario game, ect)
  10. Pele and second Defender fully unbound. 2/3 objectives on expert boss and raid, and no ??? title. Not bad considering the state of my teams and time I had for this.
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