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  1. I've been considering picking this up, but between time constraints and the grind that is 100%ing Monster Hunter World, I'm not sure I will. Especially with the paid service kicking in, as I only would want to play with friends.
  2. OMG stop being a total fucking dickbag about this. You're acting like a goddamn child.
  3. There was already a thread about it lol
  4. They announced it will be rescheduled. How does not knowing at this exact moment affect you in any way? Were you going to make a day of it and take it off work to watch an announcement stream? They'll still announce the date before they actually air it, so it won't be hard to be ready for it at all. And to counter your first point, you do not have to announce any rescheduled dates when something gets delayed. Companies and people are busy and rescheduling sometimes takes a while. Many things get delayed and the actual date comes later. There's no rule about this requiring them to post it the same time they say it is delayed.
  5. Because people can be so fucking wrapped up in themselves that they can't understand people died and realize it will still happen, even if a date wasn't announced. People like you bitching that the date wasn't released the same day don't help either.
  6. Dude, seriously, video games can fucking wait compared to natural disasters and deaths.
  7. Gold

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So what is the point of combat manuals?
  8. I own the vita version but still haven't had the time to play it.
  9. Thanks! If you would be willing to do that two more times that would be awesome!
  10. Need three new friends for this research. Anyone?
  11. Finally evolve Skiploom. Finally find a raid for Celebi research. New task is to evolve an already evolved grass type. FUCK ME