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  1. Gold

    Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018

    Has anyone here experienced Tennessee? Particularly Nashville? Got a job offer there. Wondering if it is worth it.
  2. Gold

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    under misc -> event recap
  3. Gold

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    when was the option to view dialogue from past trials added?
  4. Wait, trading legendaries and events costs a million stardust? Fucking christ, I don't think I've even gotten that much so far.
  5. FUCKING FINALLY got my 10th ghost type. The instant I got that task ghosts stopped spawning. Now it's just 10 raids, which since no one in this town does raids, means I have to wait for low tier ones to appear.
  6. 100m for any trade, legendaries and specials are limited to once a day.
  7. Alright. Managed to get: Shiny Squirtle -> Evolved to Shiny Blastoise w/ Hydro Cannon Shiny Squirtle -> Evolved to Shiny Wartortle Shades Squirtle Shades Squirtle Shiny Shades Squirtle -> Evolved to Shiny Wartortle (20 candy shy of Shiny Shades Blastoise w/ Hydro Cannon ) It was 105 degrees out. I could have gotten like fives times as much if my phone didn't keep overheating.
  8. Fuck I've caught so many trying to find one, I could have done that research like 8 times, and now there's not much time left.
  9. Does the sunglasses act like a shiny Pokemon or a special Pikachu on the map?
  10. Right out of the gate a shiny Squirtle.
  11. What are the hours for CD again?
  12. Question about community days. Does the Pokemon you evolve for the special move need to be caught that day too, or could I evolve the Wartortle I already have?
  13. Gold

    PS Plus Free Games for July 2018

    Noooooooooooooo I wanted Deception
  14. Gold

    Video Games Finished in 2018

    My stance on DLC is normally no, but in this case, I will say yes.