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  1. ME86

    Introductions thread.

    Lol I forgot about this place
  2. i'm so bummed out, in my mind i feel like i should still be 20 at most
  3. i found the original nsider thanks to some pamphlet in metroid: zero mission, hand shits and giggles there, royally fucked one of the spin offs after the original's demise, became a pariah at ns2 and found my way here.
  4. ME86

    Cute Animal Thread

    taking the dog w/ the roommates to the grand canyon last sunday
  5. ME86

    Another birthday

    As you should all know, my birthday is on Tuesday and if you love me, one of you should buy me this https://www.maisonmargiela.com/us/discover/fireplace. Or if you realy love me http://m.usa.hermes.com/man/ready-to-wear/cashmere-knits/cashmere-v-neck/pull-col-v-3335.html
  6. and it'd be better than any iphone you can buy
  7. ME86

    Introductions thread.

    thanks, it's good to see you again 8)
  8. ME86

    Introductions thread.

    I was a persona non grata on NS2 unfortunately
  9. ME86

    Introductions thread.

    Yeah that's pretty much right lol 8)
  10. ME86

    Introductions thread.

    hi i'm david, most of you guys should know me better at me86 though. that is if you even remember me i guess