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  1. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The Japanese FEH twitter actually made a special, separate post a bit after the stream announcement to specifically say that CYL stuff will not be discussed during the stream. It's likely that we'll hear about that in a later stream, probably next month. Last year's CYL stream was during August, so it seems appropriate. Personally, I'm actually more intrigued knowing that it's not about CYL because now I have no idea what the fuck the stream will be about. We just had a rather recent update, too, so that seems unlikely. Perhaps a new game mode or event or so. They might also delay the banner announcement trailer to be included in the stream as well. I guess we'll find out in a bit over a day from regardless.
  2. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    At the prodding of @Ephraim, I've actually decided to try and stay in T20 for a couple weeks straight instead of flopping about in T19.5. This is probably the best season for it for me, being Earth season with L!Hector as a bonus unit. He's +3 with an OK nature and fully built, as I plan on continuing to merge him with further Legfehsts. I've also finally got my Nowi fully trained with a good amount of merges under her belt (+7). I'm testing these these, along with my long-completed A!Tiki, as my new arena core. It'll be a change to be without a permanent dancer and/or ranged unit, but they're all powerful units in their own right and can handle basically all shit so long as I don't get too flustered. Currently keeping Micaiah as the 4th, and with an Earth Blessing slapped on everyone, I'm getting scores in the 726~736 range, which should be enough to keep me in when next week rolls around. I don't really plan on putting up with the amount of fuckery that would be needed to stay in T20 all the time, but it should be amusing for these few weeks at least.
  3. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Like most it seems, I manually play my first 2 runs each day on L7 and then automate L5 the rest of the day. My team this time is A!Tiki, Axura, an unequipped Lissa, and Summer Corrin for bonus unit. I don't get any HM, but it automates smoothly, so I'm happy.
  4. You can play it on wi-fi, you'll just be restricted to only catching Pokémon when you have a wi-fi connection, which might suck for some things, especially egg hatching.
  5. L'Arachel

    "Further updates" planned for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    This is pretty much the boat I'm in, and the main reason why I haven't bought MK8 Deluxe yet in the first place. There's simply not enough new over my Wii U version to make it worth shelling out again. More tracks is probably the one thing that would convince me.
  6. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    Thanks! There are always some goofy ones that I don't get. I already have the Nieve and Linde arts saved, I just didn't think to look through my older images because we had never gotten that big dump of text-free promo art, so I kinda forgot about the smaller releases. Since Tetsu Kuroasawa doesn't seem to post his stuff ever, those are probably as good as we'll get for those. Mineri just always throws me for a loop because I never use Tumblr.
  7. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    For what it's worth, Caeda and Linde are the same price on AD currently (¥740) and Marth has dropped as well from the last time I looked, though he's still the 3rd most expensive SR at ¥1480. Overall, the SRs in this set aren't all too expensive, with Lyn being worth the most at just a bit over ¥2k. Bad for people like me who prefer to open packs over buying singles, but good for collectors overall. Also, @Chrom, if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could take a look over my S13 album when you have a chance and make sure I'm not missing any? I just went back in to add the art that was uploaded since I left for vacation, but going over old Twitter posts can be difficult and I'm not sure if I've gotten them all.
  8. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    I got my S13 boxes in while I was in the US, and got a pretty good haul! The star of my pulls is definitely my SR+ Hector; sure, he might be the cheapest of the SR+ cards in this set, but he's my favourite Lord and the card I was hoping most to pull. I'll likely take some pictures early next week once I've finished unpacking and settling in.
  9. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    My solution against Bow users in my own Flier Emblem team is to simply not let them attack me. I play them as a very Player Phase team (Blade tome Summer!Corrin and Spring!Camilla, NY!Azura with Brave Axe, and Elincia) with lots of repositioning to snipe and back up. Either of the mages can usually OHKO Archers with proper buffs, or Elincia can go in for a one-range kill if necessary. In other news, seasonal banner hates me like usual, but given the luck I had last Legfehst, I guess I can't complain too much about the game treating me poorly. After building up a decent high pity rate going for Tiki or Camilla, I ended up with a +Spd/-Def Katarina, my first. On one hand, it's basically the optimal nature for her, and she did just get a refine. On the other hand, her refine looks pretty mediocre, and I don't really see myself using her much, if at all, so I might just hold onto her for Swift Sparrow fodder. >_>
  10. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm equal parts excited and disappointed regarding Hector. I love that he's getting a Legendary Hero, and his art is amazing, but (as everyone else is saying), the fact that he's yet another armoured axe-wielder with Armads and DC in the A slot is disappointing. Regardless, this is another damn nice banner, even without W!Lissa. Probably going to start pulling RGB and then alter based on pulls. Should have a full 500 Orbs, so it'll be fun. :3
  11. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    That's because Mayo is a treasure. <3
  12. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    Hah, thanks for explaining. I saw them posted up in the Discord channel earlier, but didn't know what the context was. My guy in Japan will be going to Summer Party for me, so I should be able to snag them both.
  13. I've been having occasional issues ever since the update went live. Most of them seem to be related to the new animation that happens when you tap a Pokémon to catch it.It's annoying but not gamebreaking, at least for me.
  14. Anyone feel free to hit me up if you're interested L'Arachel | PriestessMitama | 9720 2715 6830
  15. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I told myself that I would just open any red Orbs in my initial circle with the free pull for this banner... so of course I jinx myself and get a circle of 3 grey and 2 green. After hemming and hawing for a bit, I decided to start a new circle for reds. At least this time, I got two. The bad news is no Tana, but the good news is that I got a great natured 4* Ares and my first 5* Exalt Chrom. So, really, 9 Orbs very well spent, even if I didn't get exactly what I was looking for. So, now I'm saving the rest of my 250+ Orbs for next week. Would really be happy to get a few Christmas Lissas, Christmas Tharjas, L!Ikes, and I guess I'll have to see what's up for the rest of the colours. Eagerly awaiting the trailer next week.