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  1. I saw the survey very shortly after it was sent, but I was also unable to respond because the survey refused to load. When I tried checking again later, it was closed.
  2. Yeah, I learned that one the hard way yesterday. Thus I'm only 2/10 because people are terrifying. I'll very slowly get there.
  3. Man those things are sweet as fuck. Now I want a Zelda horror game.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes

    @Ephraim and I were chatting out this last night actually. We decided that the most likely characters to be included as a coloured archer legendary hero were Infantry Bow Lyn, Mounted Bow Selena, or Flying Bow Camilla. Because fuck everyone, that's why.
  5. I've been super excited for this game since I saw the first teaser during a Switch stream and I'm so happy that it seems to be living up to the hype.
  6. I will say that living in the downtown area of a relatively big city has definitely impacted my enjoyment of the game. I would have given up over a year ago otherwise. I mean, this is my neighborhood: There's another gym on the opposite side that's as close as the closest Instinct one here. Lots of Stops and Gyms throughout the whole city center and parks and stuff too.
  7. Hubby and I went out walking for the Mareep event. Thankfully, it didn't take me too long to find a shiny, and the double candy event means 12 candy per pinap berry catch, so I was able to evolve my shiny, Dragon Pulse Ampharos within a half hour of leaving the house. Also found a new market while wandering, so overall, a success. Not I just need to find a raid that I can join and leave over and over to complete the 10 raid part of my current step towards Mew.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Dunno if anyone is still interested in these, but I made an update to my icon template this evening! It includes pink stars/borders for summoner support, new weapon types (Colourless Breath, Red/Blue/Green Bows), and Blessing icons. You can download the new file on my dA page here.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes

    I'm actually rather enjoying Grand Conquests myself. The gameplay is a different from standard Heroes fare, so it's a nice change of pace, particularly the fact that I can just kind of steamroll forward and not really worry as much about losing units, which is the complete opposite of almost all other battles in this game. I also like that you can dump lots of stamina at once so that you can spend a lot or a little bit of time on it depending on how you feel. And, hey, I'm never going to complain about free Orbs. If I have any complaints, it would be that the whole thing feels a bit overly complicated, as if it were designed by a committee. There's so much new and little fiddly stuff, and most of it is fairly easy to just ignore (like the buffs/debuffs for some maps). As a result, it makes the event easy to play but difficult to fully grok.
  10. Like other people here, I'm just going to suggest to play Casual, especially for your first time. There's no need to jump into higher difficulties so soon on. There's only one real benefit to playing Classic in the newer games, in my opinion, and that's that it helps you formulate strategies to minimize the loss of units in a given map. While those sorts of strategies aren't useful in games where you can just play Casual mode, if you ever decide to go back and play earlier FE games (before Casual mode is a thing), you might find the sudden change difficult to adjust to.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Some interesting things in this Feh Channel, and also some uninteresting things. First up, there's my man Finn. On one hand, him being a TT reward means that I can 5*+1 him while spending zero Orbs, which is nice, and no need to worry about shitty natures either. However, this means he's going to be mediocre at best, which is kinda disappointing. I'm glad that they gave Nanna a new staff (after all, Thracia is Staff Emblem), but she still seems kind of mediocre. I was hoping for something a bit more fun, whereas Restore just seems like a Meta-staff against all of the Ploys and shit that are running around and it's kind of boring. Maybe that's just me. Leif seems pretty good, and I love his Stamina Drink as a B slot skill, but I'm kind of surprised they didn't give Light Brand its innate 1~2 range, since it's one of the few actual 1~2 swords in FE. I don't think anyone expected more Olwen and Reinhardt. I was most amused by the fact that Reinhardt seems to be showing off his not-tiny hands. Also his sword is literally just German for "Master Sword". Olwen somehow manages to powercreep Bladetomes. Overall, I'm not super invested in any of these units to be honest, despite my newfound love of Thracia. Finn was always my "must have" unit from the bunch, and it seems like I'll be getting him anyway. I'll try not to spend any Orbs here, but no promises. Sorry, @Ephraim. >_> In terms of the rest of the update content... Grand Conquest... well, I'm cautiously optimistic. The biggest red flag is that the description of the event sounds a lot like the original Arcarum event in Granblue Fantasy, which is another gacha game that I play. The reason it's a red flag is that the original GBF Arcarum was a complete and utter shitshow with one team easily trampling all of the other teams pretty much immediately. It was scrapped almost immediately and then eventually reworked into something completely different. I guess we'll have to see how FEH handles it. The pool changes are incredibly good and necessary, though I can't help but feel they didn't go far enough. I'm still hoping that someday those original 3*/4* units that we continue to see so many of (your Oboros and Raighs and Bartres and the like) will get removed from the Orb summoning pool completely. The best way I can see to do this would be to make a separate, cheap summoning pool using a different in-game currency that awards maybe 1*/2* units or something, and those units can go into that pool. Oh well, I can dream. New weapon enhancements are nice (Roy is finally almost usable!), new GHB rotation is nice, Tempest Trials changes are nice. Some of the TT changes feel really unnecessary (like the stamina decrease and the name change (lol) and the difficulty recommendation), but I'm glad they're making it shorter and less grindy, and I'm hopeful that the 40% for all Bonus Allies will be good. Also, fuck yeah, Saias. Anyway, it's nice to have something to care about in this game. I kind of go through mood swings of how many fucks I give about this game, and fucks-given is currently in an upswing, so this channel came at the perfect time for me. Going to save some Orbs for Golden Week/Legfehst and hopefully not get too salty/depressed again any time soon. Though, speaking of which, I'm kind of surprised they didn't say anything at all about any potential Golden Week stuff. Last year's Golden Week gave us the first ever Hero Fest, the fortune-telling minigame on the FEH site, and some game enhancements. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. Yeah, not going to travel all the way to Belgium to pick up some trash. It seems like a nice idea but poorly implemented, like basically everything else Niantic does with this game.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    As I have no self control, I blew a bunch of Orbs on this banner, though it ended up being actually fruitful for once. In about ~35 Orbs, I managed to snag another (better natured) Kitty Sakura, and also the Legendary F!Robin (kind of a shitty nature, but oh well). Still 44 Orbs left, so I guess I'll hoard for Finn. I have too much other stuff to train up anyway.