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  1. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I want to pull for Lewyn soooo baaaaddly, but I have 465 Orbs saved for Hector this coming legfehst, and my lazy napkin math suggests I could get over 600 by the time he's back if I'm good. Once Hector is back, I'll have a bit more freedom with my Orbs at least. I'll probably keep mostly saving for Legfehsts, but I don't think I have the strength of will to save Orbs for a full three months until Hector returns again in December. Crossing my fingers that I'll get a good amount this month.
  2. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    So salty that my two favourite Genealogy characters (Ethlyn and Finn) are both resigned to being mediocre TT units. At least Lewyn looks good.
  3. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    Oh, hah, I didn't see the Itsuki one before I made my article for SF on Friday, but I really like it! The quote style reminds me of the text function in game; very well done. Still looking forward to the TMS#FE cards more than anything else in this set.
  4. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    It is so perfectly fitting for Owain, too.
  5. (For what it's worth, I've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes since launch and Granblue Fantasy for about a year and a half.) I'm definitely planning on picking this game up and giving it a try. I'm not sure what I think about it yet, and I need another gacha game like I need another hole in my head, but it looks cute, and I'm a sucker for dragons. Since it's tentatively free, like most gacha games, it's not all too much of an investment to try. I'll see what I think of it as time goes on. In regards to stamina concerns, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Getting people to pay for stamina to play games is more of a western/puzzle mobile game concept. In gacha games, you don't pay for stamina; you pay for waifus. Both GBF and FEH give so many stamina-restoring potions that it's honestly never been a concern for me to play as long as I want, presuming that I'm not doing so literally all day.
  6. DS for sure. Great games catalog and full backwards compatibility with the GBA, which would have been a contender for top spot on its own. Maybe it's because I wasn't allowed to have full consoles growing up, but the Nintendo portables have always been close to my heart.
  7. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    If they do, I'd appreciate it if you could write up a bit about it that I could quote you on for my livestream article for SF. It would be good to include, but between my lack of knowledge in both Japanese and Cipher gameplay, I wouldn't be able to construct it myself.
  8. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    No idea! Like I said, I don't really use Staff users much at all. This is the build I was talking about, so you might want to ask the person who actually built her for clarification and/or more detailed information on how it works in practice.
  9. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    The build I saw that gave Veronica DC also had her running Martyr+ to help with healing. I'm certainly not an expert on Staff user meta (I just have a +3 Pain+SB Genny for lols), but that would be another option to keep her healed up.
  10. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Blew a bunch of Orbs. Got a shitty natured off-focus L'Arachel to break my rate. Oh well; I'll live. I took Hector as my free unit and he'll keep me amused for the time being.
  11. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 14

    Hello new Cipher thread~ Looking forward to daily reveals starting in about an hour!
  12. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    Yeah, with livestream next weekend and mascots revealed over the last couple days, I'm 99.9999999% positive we'll start getting daily reveals on Monday. Looking forward to it, but admittedly not as much excited about this set. Mostly looking forward to TMS#FE cards.
  13. I actually had a pretty good Community Weekend! It's certainly the most active I've been in the game in quite some time. My husband came out with me and we went to the Vondelpark (huge park in downtown Amsterdam) for the first day of the community event, spending the full 3h walking there and inside there, aside from a short stint to walk to a grocery story to grab lunch. I caught 6 shiny Eevee that day, which would have been enough for one of each... except that my first 4 evolutions were two each of Flareon and Vaporeon. As such, I needed to go out today as well, and my luck was at least faster. I caught a shiny right in my house as soon as the event started. I evolved him right away and got a Jolteon, so I was technically set, but I wanted at least one more to keep as an Eevee, too. Husband and I just kinda wandered around the city for a couple hours and I caught 3 more shinies, enough to keep one Eevee and also save two for Glaceon and Leafeon, presuming Gen 4 will be coming out at some point.
  14. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Hey, it worked! Free pulled Elincia~
  15. L'Arachel

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Man, I love all of these designs and characters, but can't really afford to spend any of my super-low quantities of Orbs on them. Come on free pull, do me proud! >_>