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  1. Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop in quick to let you all know that I'm alive and not blind. Got my bandage contacts removed yesterday, though I'm still healing and will be for a bit still.
  2. I don't think I've ever actually used an Amiibo in a game, actually. I just treat them like figures. >_>
  3. Celica is in Dengeki and Alm is in Nindori. Though I'm getting both, so I'm happy either way.
  4. Final day with glasses. Wish me luck everyone!
  5. Last time I pre-ordered Amiibo (Alm and Celica), I got burned by the SoV special edition coming with Amiibo too... so now I have doubles of them both. -_-; So now pre-ordered Chrom and Tiki for me, just in case. While I liked a lot of the designs, I certainly don't plan on buying all of them; not enough money or space. Chrom and Tiki I will certainly pick up (and I may even pre-order if the FE Warriors SE is announced with no Amiibo), and probably Wedding Bowser. Maybe a couple others if I can find them for a good deal.
  6. PlayAsia is okay, though a bit overprices in my experience. When I've imported Amiibo from Japan, I've used AmiAmi.
  7. Thanks, I've got it fixed now. I think there were just too many promo images for me to keep straight.
  8. And speaking of which... The Cipher S9 Pre-Release livestream just concluded! A full album of my screencaps from the event can be seen here. WARNING The album is very large (112 images) and some of the cards contain story spoilers for SoV. Consider yourself warned! Highlights of the stream include a whole lot of signed and/or otherwise new cards from S9, new Thracia and Fates art for S10, and even a couple pieces of artwork for Sacred Stones in S11! Full summary is below. Hosts: Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer) and Young (IS) Guests: Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma), Juri Kimura (VA for Nyx, Musume, and Yuzu), Katsuyuki Konishi (VA for Xander and Lando) and Kotaro Kamada (artist for Cipher and Hasha no Tsurugi) Kawade, Young, Juri, and Eri are all around at the start of the stream, and everything is decorated for the Cipher 2nd anniversary. They share a cake with Kawade's picture on it and there's a lot of opening banter. Kawade shows off the ST Deck, its contents and DLC, and then they also discuss the upcoming Cipher Character DLC in Echoes. Yamada also joins the stream, emerging from a giant package in the corner. He shows off some of his manga art. Pack opening begins and the majority of the livestream follows discussion while packs are opened and Yamada draws in the corner. They show off some of the merch from the upcoming "Go! Go! Summer Tour!" in between cards. Many new cards are revealed, with a focus on signed and + cards. Delthea is revealed as the secret "+X" card for S11. They also show off small shots of promotion art from various Cipher artists intermittenly as well. At some point in the middle, they're joined by Katsuyuki Konishi who also helps in opening packs, and they all perform a live Frontier Column together, with Kawade filling in as Shade. Towards the end of the stream, discussion turns to upcoming sets. The title for S10 is revealed to be Crossroads (yes, in English), and they show off some new Cipher art for Leif, Finn, Orson, Shigure and Azura, joined art of Velour and Selkie, and Alfonse. We also get a few pieces of art for S11 in December, specifically of Myrrh and Amelia from Sacred Stones. Set release is this coming Thursday, 22 June! I hope you all are as excited as I am!
  9. Livestream in a half hour! \o/ As usual, I'll share my summary and caps here when it's over as well.
  10. Welcome to moe.
  11. Clair is beautiful and amazing <3 <3 <3
  12. Our wedding wasn't really geeky at all, we just used some geeky music since we had to pick songs for stuff and the only music either of us really listens to is video game and movie soundtracks. I would have been happy doing more geeky stuff like that, but hubby prefers more of the fancy stuff, so everything else was pretty normal-like.
  13. My husband and I actually used the ZREO version of MM's Clocktown music in our wedding ceremony. Fun memories.
  14. I honestly didn't care about the customization myself, but to each their own. If the game is decently fun and has co-op, it'll be a day one purchase for me. Definitely looking forward to learning more about it regardless, though!
  15. The event has been really good for me so far! There aren't a whole lot of Fire/Ice Pokémon I need still, but I've been able to find a good amount of the ones I do need, namely Charmander, Cyndaquil, and Houndour. I should be able to finish all 3 lines by the time the event ends.