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    purple_beard got a reaction from Kezay in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!   
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    purple_beard got a reaction from Ridley Prime in Streets of Rage 4   
    Cool.....  I need to get back into the game again.... just so much going on with work, photography work, exercise needs, and sleep needs for work LOL that its tough for me to find time to get back into it... I put a good amount in the first week it came out.
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    purple_beard reacted to Ridley Prime in Streets of Rage 4   
    Wasn’t expecting to see the next character reveal this soon, at least before we got the update with content from the last video.
    In any case, hopefully the 3rd character is Shiva.
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    purple_beard got a reaction from Ridley Prime in General movie discussion   
    Seems odd they'd sell a new movie to the fans of the series with a character not from the games.
    And on that end, in his fight with Goro his armor could absorb blows and power him up ala Black Panther's second suit....  but with the next person he fought no such attacks powered him up.
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    purple_beard reacted to Ridley Prime in General movie discussion   
    As an MK fan since childhood, I was mostly disappointed with the decisions made for the film. Most of my problems to begin with though were with the Cole Young character, who is not from any of the games, but a typical studio mandated character that was made for the farfetched reason of needing a new face/nobody that the audience could relate to. As I feared too, he took up too much of the focus like Alice in the previous Resident Evil film franchise, while the game characters were all delegated to side characters.
    Scorpion became more of an antihero later on, but nowadays is seen more of a good guy. Either way, he takes from his Ghost Rider roots/inspiration in being a spirit of vengeance.
    The newer more minor characters were just there as cameos for fans to spot but even as cameos, weren't really done justice imo; the vampire Nitara, etc. Not having the tournament I wasn't a fan of either, but apparently they're saving that for the next film while the current one is just a prequel. I can understand taking creative liberties to an extent but the script and screenplay wildly change up the formula of the source material too much for me. Perhaps making all the set pieces for the tournament setting they felt was too much effort for the first film where they just wanted to test the waters first? Who knows.

    I mean most of the budget for this film went into Sub-Zero's effects, who admittedly was one of the best parts of the film, but for the other characters, would say the original film did better for the most part; Goro especially who was done dirty in the new film. In the original film he's established as the champion that you have to win a number of fights in order to face just like he is as the boss in the first game, but here they just allow Cole to fight him without winning any previous fights.
    Goro's CG design was generic too. The original film version's superior because he's practical, a giant puppet that's actually there.

    Still prefer the original/human ninja Reptile too, on that note.

    If you haven't, I would recommend seeing the Scorpion's Revenge animated film. Even with it changing up some of the story with Scorpion as the main character, it still gave most of the other characters more to do in the end. I'm honestly more excited for a sequel or followup to it than I am MK 2021.
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    purple_beard got a reaction from TKrazyO in Smash Saturdays   
    Got a few wins and a lot of final twos @ 1 stock each.
    I can't believe pac man nor my Bowser got no ws.
    I may or may not be here at start time next week but that depends on the ticket pricing I can find for the event.
    Also don't beg to join then hang out on edges doing taunts and other bs and not being in the fight then complain about getting booted--- this irks every regular we do have and is bad form regardless.
    Sorry about the room setting mix ups, I didn't realize the first one wasn't public and while I knew about 6-8-? thing I thought the lowest 2 drop took care of the swapping out of players, not that I had to set that part up.
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    purple_beard got a reaction from Doc Brown in amiibo/toys to life Thread   
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! will feature amiibo support, 7 amiibo cards announced | Nintendo Wire
    Yu Gi Oh amiibo cards?
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    purple_beard got a reaction from TKrazyO in Smash Saturdays   
    So who will actually show up at 10?
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    purple_beard got a reaction from DLurkster in Print from Pokemon Snap   
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    purple_beard reacted to Eliwood8 in Indie World Showcase 4/14   
    When we were young we had the time but not the money for all the games we wanted, now that we're older we have the money but not the time.
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    purple_beard got a reaction from alienboyva in LEGO ✕ Super Mario | 🟢LEGO Luigi Available 8/1!   
    It's real
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    I still haven't been able to beat my best of 6th place. Though, I've gotten damn close. >_<  I've already noticed that the skill-ceiling has risen, since the game launched on the 7th. I'm still damned determined to get a least one 1st place. Though, I feel it's going to keep getting harder as the days go on, especially when for me, ghosts seem to appear out of nowhere. Yeah... There are times when my eyes just can't keep track of everything on screen, with so much going on all at once.   Especially, when crap like this happens.... *See Tweet Below* 
    I've noticed from looking at the leaderboard, that people have already gotten hundreds of wins (I assume this is what Pac-Champ means) O_O'  I really hope this game doesn't become like Tetris 99, where pro players dominate that game. I mean, I'm pretty damn good a Tetris, but there's no way I can stand against pro players. I managed to get my one and only 1st place in Tetris 99 early on, before pro players took over, so... Just one 1st place in PAC-MAN 99 and I'll be good!
    I really wish these 99 games would have an option to match you with people based on your skill level. On average I can come in at least the top 20 in Tetris 99, so I don't mind the pros too much (epically since I got my one and only 1st place) . Though, I know for some people, who just want to play for fun, but aren't the best at these games, it really turns them off when pros end up dementing the game. I know it's not as easy to get completely destroyed by people in PAC-MAN 99 as it in Tetris 99, but still.
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    purple_beard reacted to Irondog666 in My NES Coffee Table I am building (almost finished)   
    using Frog tape which is supposedly superior to regular painters tape. Still a bit screwy but I am trying my best with it. 
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    purple_beard reacted to Irondog666 in My NES Coffee Table I am building (almost finished)   
    Just a little update on the table.  I went ahead and got rid of the triforce.  Had to peel it up with a scrapper and redid the area with black acrylic.  I might have to do one or two more coats on that area (I have put down about 5 or 6 by now).  It is looking great.  I am hoping to be done with the coffee table by the end of next week.  I got to give it about a week before I can polyurethane it with a good 5-8 coats (I am planning on using semi-gloss poly acrylic which is water based polyurethane).  Thanks for the advice guys.
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    purple_beard reacted to Art_de_Cat in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    Playing as the cop mouse from Mappyland is more amusing than it should be.
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    *Updated 4/13*
    Here's some info about some things that the game isn't really clear about, which I found from browsing the JPN site...

    These are activated when you eat a power-pellet Speed: Your movement speed is increased by 2 stages, but the number of Jammer Pac-Men you can send is reduced by 1/4. Train: The number of ghosts in the ghost train is doubled, but half are bounced back to you as Jammer Pac-Men. Stronger: Power pellets last for 3 seconds and the number of Jammer Pac-Men you send is doubled, but your speed is reduced by 1 stage. *This may also increase your chances of sending Killer Pac-Men (I'm not 100% sure)* Standard: Strengthening and weakening effects do not occur. No increase or decrease in Jammer Pac-Men sent.  

    Shows you how many Jammer Pac-Men are being sent your way. If the number of Jammer Pac-Men being sent your way is ≤ the position of the shield icon(s) (the red/white icon(s) at the top), they will be blocked. Shields are earned by getting K.O.s.  You can have up to 4 shields.  
    Eating all the pac-pellets in a stage will in crease your speed by 1 (max is 10).  Fruit (eating one resets everything in the maze, except for enemy ghosts and Jammer Pac-Men) appears when the number of remaining pac-pellets is less than half the total number of pac-pellets in the maze.   
    Jammer Pac-Men / Killer Pac-Men
    If you touch a Jammer Pac-Man it will slow you down and will also kill it. Eating a power pellet will kill all Jammer Pac-Men in the maze. If you touch a Killer Pac-Man it's GAME OVER! Eating a power pellet will temporarily freeze moving Killer Pac-Men Eating fruit will kill Killer Pac-Men in the maze  
    I hope this helps!  
    Here's some more info / tips...
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    purple_beard reacted to Ridley Prime in Streets of Rage 4   
    Looks promising enough.
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    Ms. Pac-Man should have been an alt-costume for Pac-Man.
    I don't get why they decided to keep the Pac-Land stage and not the Pac-Maze stage to represent Pac-Man in SSBU. Maybe because is was less work because the Pac-Land stage was already in HD?
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    I was really hoping that F2P BR Pac-Man game "PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and release on all platforms, especially since Konami announced that its F2P BR game "Super Bomberman R Online" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and be releasing on all platforms. Though, now that PAC-MAN 99 was announced out of nowhere, I highly doubt this will release on Switch, if it does go platform (Nintendo wants people to sign-up for NSO).   It's cool that we're getting PM99 and it looks like a lot of fun, but I feel having Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle on Switch, alongside PM99, could be fun in its own way.
    Also, is it just me or does anyone else feel that it's kind of shitty that if you want to play with friends in PM99 it's locked behind DLC. >_> I'm starting to wonder if this was a BANDAI NAMCO decision, rather than a Nintendo decision, because Tetris 99 doesn't lock playing with friends behind DLC. Hopefully they will change this decision, especially if fans speak out. Hell, it worked for being able to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2.  
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    As much as I love Tetris 99, I've always preferred the standard Marathon Mode over VS Modes. I just like clearing lines with out having to worry about clearing garbage.
    Yeah, I really hope BANDAI NAMCO and Nintendo go all out with this, like with Tetris 99 and have events where you can unlock special themes. I'd love to see a Pac-Mania theme, Championship Edition theme, or even some Nintendo themes. Though, looking at these themes, it seems kind of out of place that they also replace the Pac-Man sprite with sprites from the game the theme is based on.
    EDIT: If you want to get a good look at all the themes, check out the JPN site. https://pacapl.pacman.com/dlc/index.php#themeCol
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    IDK, I'm gonna have to try the game first, before I make that decision. 
    BTW, I wonder if this will eventually be released as a physical game (with all DLC), like with Tetris 99...?
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    purple_beard reacted to alienboyva in PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | 🟡Now available for NSO members!   
    Release Date: April, 7th @ 6pm PT (Pre-Load Available)
    Price: FREE* (Exclusively for NSO Members) *Paid DLC (Themes & Modes)
    Site: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pac-man-99-switch/



    It's an all-new flavor of PAC-MAN! Test your chomping chops in a 99-player Pac-Royale!
     A 99-player online PAC-MAN battle royale! 
    40 years after the classic Pac-phenomenon rocked the gaming world, PAC-MAN is back in a new 99-man battle royale. Get back in the maze and chase down the iconic ghosts. Who will be the last PAC-MAN standing?
    Switch between eight different strategies and send Jammer Pac-Man to get in your opponents' way!
    Eat a Power Pellets to turn the ghosts blue and make them vulnerable. Eat them to send Jammer Pac-Man to your opponents! The more ghosts you eat, the more Jammers you'll send! Eat a Ghost Train for a huge comeback! Gain the upper hand by switching between eight different preset strategies: speed up, send extra Jammers, and more. Switching at just the right moment could give you an edge over your rivals!  
    Make the game look like your favorite NAMCO classics!
    You can purchase downloadable custom themes based on Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, and more to change the look of the game. There are twenty different classic themes in all! Plus, they do more than change the graphics! Check out the sounds too! Which classic NAMCO title is the one for you?  



    • Mode Unlock: $14.99 (Modes are offline)
    • Themes: $1.99 each
    • PAC-MAN 99 Deluxe Pack: $29.99 (All DLC)
    DLC Trailer:

    Nintendo has announced a new battle royal PAC-MAN game coming to Switch, exclusively for NSO members...
    Awww HEL YEAH! This looks like it's going to be a ton of fun! So, I see this will launch with DLC in the form of different themes, for $2 each. Also, there's a $15 "Mode Unlock", which includes various modes and themes (these modes are offline modes).
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    purple_beard got a reaction from Doc Brown in Switch Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit | *NOA offering FREE repairs/refunds on repairs*   
    The REAL Science Behind Controller Drift - YouTube
    I thought this was really interesting about controller drift.
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    purple_beard reacted to Kodiack in Site News, Feedback, and Help   
    @purple_beard @Doc Brown I was able to squash the bug that was causing some moderately larger upload sizes to fail to function as expected. Image uploads should be far more reliable now.
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