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  1. Rock Cup: *London Loop MKT *Boo Lake MKSC *Rock Rock Mountain MK7 *Maple Treeway MKWii Moon Cup: *Berlin Byways MKT *Peach Gardens MKDS *Merry Mountain MKT *Rainbow Road MK7 Quick hits: The MKT courses here are pretty solid with paths, designs, topography, and graphics. Boo Lake, with how its set up, is pretty damn cool... love the jump off ledge into water with how the track itself is set up right as you get underwater from said jump. Noticed some corner cutting opportunities. Peach Gardens, while not a bad choice and I don't mind some of the topography upgrades I am not sure how I feel about the lap 3. RR is amazing. Rock Rock makes a solid transition to consoles but somehow I feel like the MK7 version has a better depth to it ( ha, I know 3D, but ...) Maple Treeway is pretty legit. Of the MKT courses, Merry Mountain is my favorite--reminds me of the Christmas level for DKR. That said, London and Berlin tracks are really strong and better in most regards than the earlier MKT city courses.
  2. Wario likes treasure.... treasure is in ships and castles.... plus its totally different on theme than a lot of tracks.
  3. Wario Shipyard comments is fighting words! HD with the sunken ship graveyard and damaged castle...and all the cool ghosts and bones enemies.... I want this one bad.
  4. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1600478993618272259?t=NzlU4y6kPSBJHFELc-hk7A&s=19
  5. That works, I can join your room online... If enough of us get on we can break out our own room.
  6. If anyone wants to race a night early, looking like a possibility of a 9 or 10 start till 11pm tomorrow for the DLC. I am also good for normal MK night racing on Thursday so we could double dip on the new content.
  7. @DLurkster @TKrazyO @alienboyva @Surge135 @The Albraskan @TheBarkinHyena ***************** I plan to go online at some point tomorrow night to race the new stuff. If we want to all race around the same time I'm thinking 9 or 10pm for an hour (or two--I'd have to dip at 11). However, I am planning on getting some Christmas decorations going up around 6-7... so I plan to post a follow up around 8:30 about how my time is working/looking. I am also game to race on Thursday night during the normal MK time.
  8. Depending on when it hits.... I could be doing some Christmas ornament hanging... but also could be done by... so... I am interested if it falls at a good time in other words.
  9. I'd almost want to have a go Wednesday night when the DLC drops for the Expansion Pass.
  10. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/12/random-youtuber-ludwig-announces-his-own-super-smash-bros-tournament
  11. I don't know what was in the water tonight...normally this is a draw or maybe a 55-45 split--this was a 90-10 split.... and honestly with the pairings DL and I had vs. Krazy and Eli.... maybe in a 60 40 range.... but damn... and a lot were close....but .... yeah.... I think this is the first REAL DOMINATION of a Team Smash.... I just don't get how it got that way....
  12. I will be playing portable and using my headset--something on tv I want on in the background ....
  13. We had inventory moved so technically I am free.
  14. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/12/nintendo-releases-full-statement-after-cancellation-of-smash-world-tour Hmmm
  15. All i have to say is that the new stuff shown makes me think they are going to incorporate EVERYTHING MARIO gaming related into the movie somehow. ************* I wonder if how this movies graphics applied to the Mario universe get Nintendo to upgrade their own graphics because I think people will want more seeing how good they can look...granted movie versus video game but...
  16. Ggs. Lag got bad in spots. Min min for the win win.
  17. Alright, I should be good to go @ 10. Playing till I get sleepy, I had a poor sleep night last night so I'll go till I can't.
  18. Well, two things, I am waiting on... date for our bowl game and then the travel plans. Probably get that info within the next week and half. Depends on how the conference sets out bowl bids-since we aren't in the championship game wich is next saturday they could do it this week, but because of tie-ins they might wait till after that game is complete/
  19. Yeah, they could go live at 12am or 7-9pm depending on how Nintendo rolls. Might have to wait till they give the time window.
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