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  1. Rumor mills firing up today.... Hottest one going is Sora... I'm not posting any of that content but most looking at this thread know where to go if they want their rumor fill/fantasy.... My advice is STAY AWAY FROM RUMORS unless a regular/trustworthy site feels comfortable enough to go official...
  2. I am in agreement but the only reason I think it was the way it was was because of the newness of 3D gaming.... put the Dpad to the far left in case 3D falls off so its not uncomfortable if the games get developed that way. But, given that its selling point was 3D with an analog stick and it did end up being the dominant directional method for just about every game on the system, it being in the center made it uncomfortable as hell to hold for intense/extended periods of time.
  3. We could do a 1-2hr session around 8/9 if anyone wants to...
  4. ok.... its cool..... As I am typing this I finally got to the uploading part LOL.
  5. My game just ended....I probably won't be home and be ready to play till 12am. If that works we can go for an hour, if not, that's cool...I'll go watch a movie.
  6. Sin & Punishment For Nintendo 64 Now Has An Official Western Box Art - Nintendo Life Kind of cool, never played the WiIVC version of the game.
  7. Switch's N64 Controller Is Hiding Some Extra Buttons - Nintendo Life Cool....
  8. A couple of future thoughts... 10/2 is Smashdown... However, 10/9 is post Sakurai presents but also post Metroid Dread release.... --Do Metroid + NEW Character theme on all ALL Metroid + NEW Character stages entire night or first hour/90m? AS FAR AS 9/25 goes and the N64 to NSO announcement.... Smash 64 roster even if game wasn't mentioned/shown for the NSO offerings? I'm neither here nor there on that though.... kind of w/e.
  9. Bought Actraiser Renesaince... had to... loved the SNES original. Great music and graphics.... although a little short... but w/e.... still a fun game.
  10. IMO, a good thought-provoking video about pricing, tiers, and other systems .... ****** ****** My own thoughts: NO WAY this is more than $20 extra / $40 total Arguing it should only be at most $10 more They are going to need more features added as well.... was the bluetooth audio update a hint at full voice coming? --More free full trials? --Messaging system? I mean if they could do this on the Wii.... (man I miss the glowing blue light) Really need an upgrade to servers/service.... if you pay more there is the expectation the connectivity will be better/smoother Where were the GB/GBC/GBA rumors With Genesis coming.... SMS? TG16? Neo Geo?
  11. Yeah..but hot no idea.. I could have been enticed by the EU/Japan 4 color snes ones but went with the NAs.
  12. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/n64_gems_custom_robo_and_its_sequel_are_coming_to_nintendo_switch_online_in_japan https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/japans_switch_online_service_gets_the_six-button_sega_mega_drive_controller Say wha....why the 6 button for them?
  13. A new Nintendo Switch Online membership plan with expanded benefits is coming - Nintendo - Official Site Not a bad roster of starter games. *Wonder if N64 controller has --alt colors available --built in rumble --ability to use old/new GB pack add on --assuming the memory card slot is sealed off seeing as the saves will be on the system memory --sturdier/more comfortable analog stick
  14. IDK, the final character is either going to be a WIN or a FAIL...no middle ground at all. I wonder if aside from the character presentation he gets into some stories/details about the game as a whole and the overall complete game. Honestly wonder if there is any else getting added aside from final character and stage.
  15. I mean we did mk64 theme for n64 anniversary but I'm fine with repeat...core mk64 roster or just pipes and tires?
  16. I do want the controllers but BOO on no colors for the N64 one. Completely surprised about the Genesis ones though. I need pricing info.... And so that is a NO on the GB, GBC, and GBA rumors?
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