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  1. We've had so many issues on making smashdown happen I threw this out....it's whatever
  2. I can play..Unless power goes out from snowpocalypse
  3. Do a first 15 banjo theme? With one character it would be hard to go 30 I think.
  4. https://www.darkhorizons.com/first-trailer-netflixs-the-cuphead-show/ Looks interesting and definitely in the style of the game.
  5. I am by no means an expert but it's like a "unique digital asset" that can be bought, sold, or traded.
  6. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/01/random-every-time-this-nba-star-scores-an-iconic-zelda-sound-gets-played Interesting and cool....
  7. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/01/prominent-gaming-youtubers-likenesses-sold-as-nfts-without-consent Like how... And what of nft, likenesses, and all that goes with it.
  8. Corrin is one of my better characters... 2 straight wins hasn't happened in a while.... I'll take what I can get... And don't usually go against Sephiroth players unless its Smashdown... and in that scenario, I am not with a character I play often... Kind of lose track on how long the reach of that sword really is and also trying dodge or dump his purple fireballs that surround you.
  9. SF theme went alright.... my ryu was decent I thought... Ken, not so much. But i will take the two straight wins at the end with corrin:D
  10. Strict Ken & ryu is cool...only offered the other two for variety.. since it was only two.
  11. W/e on items Ken & Ryu 1st 30 Or Ken, Ryu, Kazuya, and Terry for 1st hour...
  12. I can't recall if we had any themes/events tonight but with that SF35 thing wanna do ryu and Ken for 1st 30 then onto whatever? Wouldn't oppose expanding to fighting game characters like Terry or Kazuya.
  13. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/01/the-super-monkey-ball-banana-mania-team-wants-your-feedback Kind of cool.
  14. @EH_STEVE A few questions for you as I would consider you a LoZ expert LOL. Ghirahim to Demise/Ganon's Sword = Fi to Master Sword? In the final cinematics it sure appeared so. Why would present Impa disappear at the end? Then, are they basically saying that this is a never-ending cycle that will have to happen over and over again because of how the Triforce got constructed so to speak? With Fi and the Master Sword, how does that fit in with Minish Cap's dwarfs (or w/e they were called) and them making the sword? Sort of lastly.... as brief as possible... the deal with Hyrule, Golden Land, Dark World, Twilight From my memory.... Hyrule ... had to seal away Ganon in the Dark World, The Goddesses moved on to the Golden Land (sky/clouds) and when Ganon resurfaced they had to put in a new hero to take him down. The hero has the trifoce mark on his hand. Twilight was some alternate dimension to Hyrule... that issues there started affecting Hyrule. Basically, in SSHD, Skyloft would be akin to the Golden Land in the sky from A Link to the Past///
  15. Finally knocked down SSHD. I like the HD version; it did cut down on some of the slowdown of the original. I do kind of want to play it a little on a new save file with motion this time, especially since I went for the Zelda JCs. Dug the graphics. I liked a lot of the exploration of the areas of the game. Story wasn't too bad. I still personally think the only thing that holds the game down is having to go back to the areas 3 times to do stuff, the way to many end game fetch quests, and the multiple Demise fights. I loved Girhahim though--his attitude was the best part of the game. Oh yeah, the LoZ JCs and the Amiibo were also very nice extras for this game.
  16. This is royally pissing me off now.... Apparently up isn't far enough up for Skyward Slash and it has to be perfectly up to get it.... making Demise's final deal more of a pain than it should be.
  17. Heh... supposedly they were done with updates...is this the last last one? lol
  18. @DLurkster Smash's strengths are roster, stages, music, and arguably homages to game lore. Mario Karts strengths are tracks and being a competent arcade racer versus a sim. Smash and MK are fundamentally different from each other but where sales canibilization could come from is if you have Mario Kart and Nintendo kart at the same time. I think you can differentiate both but Nintendo kart will most likely be like that all Stars game from Sega.
  19. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/01/surprise-super-smash-bros-ultimate-is-getting-a-brand-new-spirit-street-fighters-evil-ryu Not dead yet
  20. Sega and a few others have found a way to have competing racing titles out at the same time. I kind of think Mario Kart should stay Mario universe ( even though, yes, I did like the non-Mario racers, tracks, and vehicles in 8) and they could do a completely different concept for a Nintendo Kart kind of game. In the marketplace though, how would they differentiate, would they cannibalize sales of the other, and branding... Mario Kart is big of a name to drop/alter it for a change in series focus.
  21. People dropping like flies... crazy..... luckily we had a slow day in my area today...but... the alerts do get concerning at a certain level.
  22. I should beat the game tonight. I still like the visuals, the exploration, and to some degree the story but I dislike the multiple end game fetch quests, dealing with demise 3x, and limited incentive to fly around to islands unlike wind waker and sailing to all kinds of cool stuff.
  23. Been having so (read too) many flare ups at work in different areas that today the word was sent out for masks for everyone regardless of vax status.
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