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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 11.0.0 Is Arriving Soon - Nintendo Life
  2. The 51-100 Cat Shine acquisition 2nd half of BF was a very interesting beast from the first half. Bowser appeared more, longer, and more destructive. The Cat Shine quests got harder/more involved. I kind of liked the increased difficulty and enjoyed going for 100.
  3. Got 'em! Pretty cool mode this Bowser's Fury is. I really enjoyed it. Felt like a not quite Odyssey in some respects but not quite 3DW either..... I think its style has potential for future Mario games. Cat Shine Comments. Cool: Not really any kind of spoiler and I noticed this in earlier battles... but.... you don't necessarily have to wait to have Bowser jump near you for belly stomps, you can use his fireball formed pillars as projectiles for yourself against him and, you can deflect his rock balls to him for hits to turn
  4. @ Wiii ... IMO, there is no way that machine should have been less than 720p period.... especially if the GC could do 480p.... that made NO sense. Also, their asinine storage solutions both internal and via SD card were very backwards considering the WiiWare and WiiVC services were good selling points. While I agree with a non-portable switch not being "innovative" with their cloud saves in some ways it could go XCloud route where you can boot save files for games regardless of playing device. Not sure what Sony has going with PS5 and Vita...or rumored re-entry into handhelds..
  5. The Surprising Complexity of Fury Bowser's Behavior - YouTube I kind of found this an interesting view. All I care to allow is post 50 he does operate differently..... OMG! Kitty Passengers in Bowser's Fury! (Adorable Plessie Easter Egg) - YouTube This is just toooooooooooooo cute.
  6. Wii offered the new motion control option though... Based on power supplies and cooling methods in the XBXSX and PS5 it would be tough to get that kind of power in a tablet to run efficiently,,, watching 4K movies ain't processing 4k games.
  7. I mean the Wii was way underpowered than its contemporaries and yet it sold well. I am in agreement that the hybrid nature and the new games from Nintendo on the Switch are helping it sell right now and the portability factor on ports from other consoles/on other consoles can't be be denied as a selling point for sure. But to move up to say being "somewhat" on par with XBXSX and PS5 that can't be done in a tablet form factor at an enticing price point and cost effective price point. Also, I would doubt they get muddy with play in 4K on your tv but drop down
  8. I hear you but the Switch Lite being portable only also defeats the grand purpose of it being a home/portable hybrid console yet it sure hasn't stopped those Lites from selling.
  9. Something in the later stages of going for Cat Shines is that Bowser starts popping up a lot more frequently/shorter intervals. @Eliwood8
  10. I think something breaks one of three ways next year... TV ONLY SWITCH and via extra power they get into that 4K upscaling thing (dlss?) with that unit. All prior controllers work with it and it may include onboard ways of charging JCs. REGULAR Switch gets a hardware upgrade akin to the 3DS > N3DS. Now my personal experience with the 3DS hardware change was that yeah, the N one processed the 3D in a better fashion to where I was more likely to play with the 3D on because that sweet spot opened up dramatically from the first iteration. Also it did seem to play more
  11. My thoughts: Theme went fine. My Mewtwo play was below my expectations My Pikachu, aka Raiden, was pretty damn decent considering this might have been the 3rd time in a year I have used Pikachu. Pichu was hit and miss for me. Inceneroar, a character I am normally excellent with didn't come out to well... Greninja was ok, I swear I vibed with him better in 4 for whatever reason. Jiggs...well I hate her....so I'm neither here nor there from those matches Pokemon Trainer was some of the better play I h
  12. YES 4-3 SO win... Now just need waitress to process payment...
  13. 3-3 <1:30... 5m max ot Shootout if needed... Going on by 10:15 to be safe
  14. Unless the game I am going out to watch goes to ot I will be ready at 10.
  15. I felt I did ok with Bowser Jr.... I knew my Bowser idea would be too heavy for 200cc.... I haven't had good luck with heavies at that speed.
  16. Damn, forgot to mention that Splatoon 3... yeah.... that counts for the purpose of this thread.
  17. Even as a non Pokemon fan.... that game looked pretty damn good as feels more interesting to me than the standard Pokemon fare.
  18. Pokemon Arceus 2022 No date for BotW2 No MP4 news It just keeps the feeling that more powerful hardware or some incarnation is looming with a lot of these nicer games having dates held back.... Of course I won't believe it till it comes from Nintendo's own mouth. And I am not quite sure about it being as slight as 3DS to N3DS *but I must admit as someone who had both those iterations.... N3DS really did make the 3D more enjoyable to use.
  19. All Pokemon All Night... for Pokemon Day?
  20. To close out amiibo....all Pokemon get a figure. O_o
  21. Snap gets dated and shown off Go sequels get announced 2 surprise games They get their anniversary blowout
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