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  1. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/nintendo_announces_game_builder_garage_a_quirky_programming_game_for_switch Trailer in article... Feels like Labo Garage and Super Mario Maker had a baby
  2. DB, I wouldn't read into this that the stockholders are forcing Nintendo to release a Pro--its more of a time to announce it might be good thought. But, in terms of the system landscape, an upgrade could be needed soon to keep up the 3rd party support with the Switch modified games....at some point the gap will be too wide for some ports to happen.... Then there is that whole Joycon thing....but I think that whatever it is won't see a remodeled JC..... that won't be till Switch 2.
  3. Lots of articles and videos popping up about Switch Pro again, this time from some Nikkei article.... I thought Spawnwave had an interesting idea about something coming out at the end of the week when Nintendo releases its fiscal report from this past year and projections for the next/current(March-March) fiscal year. I'd really like to know if it will be a thing, because I could consider myself in the market depending price and specs.... I don't think I'd make a move for the current upgraded model because its just on battery life.
  4. Cool..... I need to get back into the game again.... just so much going on with work, photography work, exercise needs, and sleep needs for work LOL that its tough for me to find time to get back into it... I put a good amount in the first week it came out.
  5. It's frustrating to have 6 2nd place finishes with a winning shot in reach to get none of them.
  6. Seems odd they'd sell a new movie to the fans of the series with a character not from the games. And on that end, in his fight with Goro his armor could absorb blows and power him up ala Black Panther's second suit.... but with the next person he fought no such attacks powered him up.
  7. Mortal Kombat/theater --Admittedly, I only know a little game canon and I have watched the first two movies and that Michael Jai White led reboot from a few years ago... but in this new one why was Scorpion set up as a "good guy"? And since they showed a lot of newer characters for the story what are their deals? I thought the movie was pretty good but interesting they never actually got to a Mortal Kombat match. That said, it is amazing how the advancements in special effects have helped this movie series, granted the first two were at the very begining of digital/cgi kinds of effect
  8. were PS2s region locked?.... actually... I feel like this was dumb as they were dvd players and they had region code lockouts for those...
  9. My set up wasn't a bad one for 200cc but I kept getting screwed on lap 3.... I could easily get to 2-4 for laps 1 and 2....but then the third would kill all my momentum from freak momentum turning issues to running into items...to....yeah... you know...
  10. I am in, my game is going to be next week on Thursday.
  11. Cool Sh* Only: Carolina Hurricanes had a $100 off sale on their retro Hartford Whalers jerseys. I had thought the deal was very good but I personally had no ties to their incarnation as the Whalers, I just cared about them when they landed in Raleigh (well technically Greensboro then onto Raleigh as the stadium was getting built) in 1997. But I decided that since the trim of the jersey I selected was the same trim as when the Whalers came into the NHL I'd do it as #79 (year of entry) and Whalers across the back to match my #97 Hurricanes one in that kind of respect.
  12. Well, bought my first sports ticket during the pandemic.... Going to Hurricanes home season finale. I swear stubhub upped their fees by $10 for the covid-19 tax O_o
  13. Will smash Saturday, won't mk next Thursday....going to home finale for the Hurricanes plus midweek price $30-50 cheaper.....O_o. But, stubhub be collecting them fees bruh o_O
  14. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/switch_online_members_can_save_30_percent_on_wireless_nes_controllers_north_america Good deal if you don't have them
  15. GGs. Got a few wins and a lot of final twos @ 1 stock each. I can't believe pac man nor my Bowser got no ws. I may or may not be here at start time next week but that depends on the ticket pricing I can find for the event. Also don't beg to join then hang out on edges doing taunts and other bs and not being in the fight then complain about getting booted--- this irks every regular we do have and is bad form regardless. Sorry about the room setting mix ups, I didn't realize the first one wasn't public and while I knew about 6-8-? thi
  16. Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! will feature amiibo support, 7 amiibo cards announced | Nintendo Wire Yu Gi Oh amiibo cards?
  17. FWIW, this week's theme is winning. Next week's them is Pokemon stages and fighters as its Pokemon Snap's release weekend.
  18. So who will actually show up at 10?
  19. My Yoshi set up was too slow...even if I did have moments in better placing... he was just too slow to keep up or better for most races... I did the set up to work with the Hurricanes beating the crap out of the Florida Panthers earlier in the evening.
  20. RIP Shock G aka Humpty Hump of Digital Underground.... Time to break out Humpty dance....
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