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  1. As much as I want to keep this thread for factual information and discussion about "the next thing" my brother and I had a long discussion today after this announcement.... *IF* there is an upgrade before a successor, what price, features, and timetable would it hit before the successor? I find this a curious question as Switch 2.0 would need a killer app launch game... and I would call MP4, BotW2, Mario Kart 10, titles along that line..... A Pro...or Switch 1 upgrade would probably have more ram, dlss or equivalent, maybe expanded on-board storage.... keep OLED screen... but at what price? What price would keep someone away from a digital PS5 and/or XBXS? Granted portability is a factor, but real 4K vs. upcoversion is also as real. At what price difference is it better to go ahead with Switch 2? It would be crazy to transition through OLED, Pro, and 2 within 12-18 months from now.
  2. @DLurkster Idk...his switch...in portable as I recall, randomly drops ___ jc sync and as I recall it doesn't matter the jc. @Eliwood8 First 1st party w' gradient. PowerA and others I believe have gradient schemes in their lineup .
  3. Curious, you want to upgrade OR need to upgrade? My OG Switch was having just enough issues for me to think the GS trade in deal for a white OLED was worth it to me. I like it a lot--the screen is impressive. Today's trailer put visions in my brother's head but he's got the Smash edition OG Switch.... and no real need issues arising for a upgrade unless he decides he just wants the larger screen and longer battery life--granted, he has experienced some weird JC syncing issues with his... can't recall if he has said he's had Pro sync issues.
  4. I got no idea but I love Pac Man as a character to use for myself. Projectiles, fire hydrant drop offense/defense ability, charge move, good jump....
  5. Posting this because he is a known collector of Switches.... but I haven't seen the accounts of this and the Pro still on the way... Who knows... his content hasn't been a thing of mine for a while once Gabe dipped out. *************** Back to a few points: OG: *Wal Mart exclusive *Had to get Japanese one for opposite color JCs. NEW: * Cool, different artwork on Pro * Love the color gradient * Swear those are the same shades as on that Pro. *Wonder if the Lime Green BBY exclusives come back as their green matches the lime green on this.
  6. Technically new hardware but I get your point....then again it's not 2023 either...
  7. damn that is sexy Those joycons! **** Sorry for double post and can't delete while on my phone. ***** https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/07/nintendo-reveals-a-new-and-colourful-splatoon-3-switch-oled **** @DLurkster We both skipped over SE SWOLED ***** Blue /yellow pro close to Blue yellow jc set.
  8. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/07/rumour-potential-mario-kart-tour-pc-references-found-in-datamined-details PC mkt port? *** Not exactly it seems...
  9. Played some Sonic Spinball.... Graphics and music are pretty solid, but game speed feels way slower than the comparable titles off the TG16 WiiVC offerings of Alien and Devil Crush games. Not a bad game...but the speed of Sonic's movement feels very un-Sonic...and the fact its slower than those above-mentioned titles kind of throws me off. Played some Comix Zone as well... From its debut to me when it came out on the WiiVC I had actually wanted to play it but I never bought it there so the ability to check it out on NSO was tood good to pass up. I am digging the graphics and the music. However, playing in portable play versus Pro Controller on a tv might be a thing for me.... I really do like its style with the transitions between comic panels as you advance through the stages/sections.
  10. Yeah, so what knocked out the whole house was that coax not being plugged back into that amp box there...that powers it somehow. Down from Wed morning through 5pm today for THAT!
  11. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/07/nintendo-launches-subscription-service-for-switch-repairs-in-japan Interesting...
  12. If I were to rank the possibilities: #1 OLED Switch Lite #2 "Pro" dock and/or OLED with the DLSS ect up conversion tech/ability within for 4K upscaling #3/last TRUE successor to Switch My only issue with my #2 is, I think that moves you so close to #3, you might as well do #3 instead.... but, with all the issues out there, 2 could come to market earlier and the hardware upgrades could be held out till those get better economies of scale.....
  13. Look, while I get the premise of the argument--too much tinfoil hat reception for me to buy that as a reason in the current economic environment. Inflation, sales trends of the Switch, supply chain constraints to me add up the doubling up of the materials costs. All of that said, with all the articles over the last two years about moves with Nintendo and part suppliers like Samsung and Nvidia the argument is there for new hardware being in development to probably the point of real prototypes and working on economies of scale for part acquisition. But, with the struggles XBox and PS have had in getting supplies out there with their own consoles, and arguably Nintendo having their own issues, it might not be good move to promote a replacement console if you can't get the systems built. That said, I think there is some room to maneuver this with the Switch. JoyCons and Pro Controllers won't need any real changes unless they want to rework for drift improvements. The formfactor of a Switch "tablet" could be within the OLED/regular still. And arguably, they could spin out an OLED Lite. Also, with that dock revision in the OLED models, it depends on what some of those innards could do to boost a new unit. So really, dock and tablet are the two areas of work for a improved performance spec model and not necessarily controllers.
  14. If my internet gets fixed by gametime tomorrow I'll play, if not, that's why I won't be on. Not looking good as of 5pm today... maybe they'll get here. **** No mk8 tonight for me... due to a clusterf* I can't get anyone back out till Saturday @5p
  15. Lynx and jaguar perk my ears but early atari is a little too low graphically for me to enjoy. Below the sms/nes/c64 level graphics are tough on the eyes.
  16. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/06/super-bomberman-r-2-coming-to-switch-in-2023 Sequell and new modes!
  17. Some decent announcements ***** https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/06/portal-companion-collection-launches-for-switch-today I've heard good things about these. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/06/super-bomberman-r-2-coming-to-switch-in-2023 New modes look interesting
  18. Great homage to the tmnt beat em ups of yore. Great homage to the original TV show. While I still prefer Don, I really want to check out splinter, April, and Casey. Actually, I want to check out the other turtles as well. I think one notable miss is usagi yojimbo(sp?) and maybe the female turtle.
  19. I'm going with: Nintendo/Nintendo *Next wave of MK8DLX DLC *NSO update 3rd party Mario + Rabbids Bayo 3 Sonic Frontiers TMNT CC release date Tunic release date More on LiveALive *something from Capcom *something from SQUENIX *something from Rare/MS --I liked that idea of Diddy Kong Racing N64 to NSO --How about Goldeneye and/or Perfect Dark? --Retro Replay finally?
  20. Search your feelings Luke.... BotW 2 is going to launch with a Switch hardware revision of some kind. I think they have an up-spec OLED (over current OLED) coming to help with game performance.
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