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  1. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_p_4_7?me=A2UK6XRDLO66T7&fst=as%3Aoff&rh=p_4%3ANintendo&ie=UTF8&qid=1498315329 You might have to type you might have to type in the name or browse their storefront.
  2. $16:49 reasonable? Rasshu store on amazon has all of those at that price.
  3. Out of you needs..... Cloud 2 GS exclusive, Bayonetta 2 BB exclusive, and the hot rumor is Female Corrin Amazon exclusive. MM Link BB exclusive, TP Link GS exclusive. Roy, Dark Pit, and Shulk were exclusives in their first run but now are "in general circulation" but your best bet is going for a amazon marketplace order and you will probably have better luck with EU or Japanese versions.... ******************* ******************** ********************* IT appears that all could be well with PlayAsia and I should be getting Link, Toon Link, Ganon, and Zelda Japanese versions and then as soon as their stock arrives Sheik will be in transit and also a Japanese one.
  4. Hell, their last exclusive, Dark Pit, they kept behind the counter and so much stock they didn't run out till early the next day. Now, obviously Link is more popular that Pit but damn... My brother sent me a text saying the got in 16 and all but those two were tied to online orders. I got no idea if they had a 2nd run to hit their servers at 2-3am because when I got up at 4am to head out they were showing SOLD OUT online just like they had been before last night.
  5. They negotiated the right to be the exclusive retailer for the amiibo and then offer it to a subset of their customers who are paying a premium for the service. IMO, that is NOT COOL. If a prime member got a pre-order bonus or a cut on shipping that is different than restricting access to the item all together. ************ F*, I did the free Prime Trial and plan to cancel.... BUT THIS IS STILL BULLSHIT. In some ways I'm kind of fed up with the BS for NA amiibos and might just do what I can when I can as far as POs go for Retailer Exclusives and look into other means for obtaining the ones I want.
  6. A wcfunklaegmgnahmlxcfgntaemxcsenlfhmarmnlgmxamfgwexg,fgaeklcfmslchnacgaemk DAMN PRIME Exclusive....
  7. Agreed on all points made. I only heard about the PO opportunity for TP Link at GS when I stopped by there to look into what the deal was with Cloud 2. But that location allowed me to get Cloud 2 and I had to go across town and try for TP Link, the one I got. When I got home from that errand I went on BBY.com and MM Link was sold out. I had convinced my brother to come with me this morning so we could try to score our MM Links. The whole we were first thing played out awkwardly because we see the two when all of us go over to the shelf... then the crowd at the back asks if they are out of stock and have any more... and while they were checking for the others the guy grabbed his and I grabbed mine... then after that the clerks came back from checking and told everyone they had no more on hand. If SS Link is exclusive to amazon this time around, I wonder what the hold up is on offering it.
  8. Today was ridiculous on all fronts. My brother and I get to Best Buy super duper early( were the first in the lot by a long shot).... everything cool... however, one guy got out of his car just a hair earlier than we did so while we were there when the line formed he was #1, me #2, bro #3, and then about 4 more people by the time they opened--my brother and I didn't bother to argue that we were #1 and #2 respectively as we figured they have to have "some." Everyone goes inside and #1 gets over there first and goes "there are only two on the peg hook" and he takes his first after about a 3 second delay, I grabbed the 2nd one and my brother and the others asked the associates to check if they had any extras (arguably the peg hook could hold at most 3). NOPE.... NONE... they had NO extras in the store at all. I felt bad for my brother and especially seeing as that was the one out of this set he wanted most. We then head up to our small GS in town and I pick up my PO for TP Link --they only got their PO allotment and that was it--no extras. We went up to their larger store and they had 4 POs allotted, had all 4 spoken for, and got NO extras. And amazon still hasn't posted about getting SS Link as of this post. This has been the worst availability on release day since Wave 2 of the Smash ones. I am genuinely pissed about the scarcity of the product this time around. I'm not blaming Gamestop, Best Buy, or Amazon.... but I am blaming Nintendo for this BS.
  9. Couldn't get in on a PO for MM Link so camping out early in the AM to get him so I can also get over to my 2nd GS in town to pick up my PO for TP Link.
  10. *IF you are lacking AC amiibos.... 3 pack of KK Slider and the two llamas $3 @ BBY! Also nearly everyone is like <$3 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?st=amiibo&_dyncharset=UTF-8&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=&sp=&qp=category_facet%3DSAAS~Amiibo~pcmcat385200050004&list=n&af=true&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&keys=keys
  11. SO IT WAS YOU! ****** I should be able to race...
  12. I got my customer service querry answered about Ganon and Sheik. I might be getting both even though I think Ganon is now back good before I got their reply. Still awaiting something more official on Sheik as far as inbound stock goes.
  13. I wish my PayAsia purchase went smooth... its been a headache from day 1 that I placed the order.... and looks like with all the issues compounding I might not actually get Sheik or Ganon. And it might not necessarily be PA's fault this time...
  14. Did ok a few races, not ok in others... kind of figures with how the night went...
  15. I can get on in a minute.