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  1. I'd be more interested if wouldn't usually be just myself playing it.
  2. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    GAME 7. Celtics made it close late but LeBron wasn't going down in his home gym....
  3. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    CP3 out game 6 with that hammy. Celtics can't do it in Cleveland. We might have dual game 7 conference finals.
  4. I'd be down for Waluigi if he gets done "right." Depending on your point of view, Geno was in Smash 4 LOL. * But yeah, some SMRPG love wouldn't hurt. @IU I like where your head is at for off the wall stuff...but I don't think the Rabbids would make the cut because of how they are. But.... in the vein of what you are getting at... Hammer Brother: he'd have access to hammers, fireballs, stun stomps and other tactics from his brothers in arms. Birdo: Lots of different kinds of eggs to toss While I don't like Mario Kart Characters going this route: Cat Bowser / SM3DW? Cosmic Mario? I saw Gamexplain offer up Toad/Captain Toad..... ehh Magikoopa? I mean hell, he could take out sections of the stage with his magic blasts or transform them into hazards.
  5. purple_beard


    I'm not gonna go full boredom but... Things that put me in quit mode: The thing, if a game lacks "the thing" I tire of it easy and don't get motivated to get back to it. RPGs that you HAVE TO LEVEL GRIND to have hope to progress. Unless something really gets me motivated to do it, I can't stand racking up enemy kills for experience points for nothing more than being too weak for the next boss but was good enough finish the prior boss. Having to be annoyingly precise with game actions like jumping, aiming, ect... When it becomes too tedious to perform actions or it feels like the AI/game is coming after you I tire of it easily. Some puzzle games can get to puzzles to make me stop when I can't get a solution figured out. Like that wall you can't break through. *Specific games are Pushmo/Crashmo/Stretchmo, BoxBoxBoy HARD stages, Some stuff in Battle Lode Runner games I have run into... Sometimes even the strategy guide or youtube video of the solution isn't the breakthrough I need. Super Speed button mashing required to advance....
  6. There are fighting games and then there are fighting games. Smash would be the later.
  7. purple_beard

    General movie discussion

    Whoa whoa whoa... it was good.... but Rogue One is tops out of the newest 4 they have made. I'm reserving final judgement of TFA and TLJ upon completion of IX. They had their pluses and they had their minuses.
  8. I wonder how well that Street Fighter collection will sell. I'm not a big fighting game guy but I think that is a good deal for that many games.
  9. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    Rockets getting it done.... so far...
  10. purple_beard

    General movie discussion

    Saw Solo..... pretty good for what it was.
  11. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    LeBron might have an EPIC Game 6 in him in Cleveland but I think the Celtics got this series.
  12. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NBA and NHL Playoffs cranking up

    WOW... surprised the Caps could shut out TB @ TB. I think that is good mojo for them heading into the finals. Knights are the story of the NHL this year. I think this will be a entertaining series!
  13. purple_beard

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I won't be racing tomorrow night, going to see Solo.
  14. purple_beard

    Best Buy Ending Its Gamers Club Unlocked Program

    Still haven't gotten an official email from them about this yet but I went ahead and put in for Smash and Octopath Traveler. @ $60-80 I'd need the 20% off like it is now and say free release day shipping or some other perk like double Reward Zone points or something. I literally live 5m away from my store so in-store pick up is my go to for games. Also, with the price point you are talking about I would have to evaluate my purchases ... in a NORMAL year I MIGHT buy 4 $60 retail games but that is on the high end, I'd say I average 2-3/year in that price range. So, 6 $60 games over 2 years = $360 ... 20%=72 off that total, cost of plan = $80 .... I lost money on that deal.
  15. purple_beard

    Nintendo Switch's Online Community?

    On one hand I get what you mean, on the other.... I kind of like "knowing" people/posters versus meeting up with some random person online from a game and trying to hunt them down each time. Not sure if voice chatting via those kind of "blind" connections makes for good constant game playing connections. I can't say it does/doesn't but I think to make it really work without a message board you would have to have on-system and in-game VOIP, friend adding/messaging, and other communication like tools to really make it thrive.