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  1. Weed makes you anything but fast.... But you could be blazing slow
  2. Did pro on my big tv. I think the Pro is more user friendly than portable on the button controls..... But man.... I feeling like there are some depth of field/timing issues for myself.... Girahim fight #1 was hella annoying. Probably tackle Eldin in Pro and then try out motion. Playing on my 50" in 1080p really shows off how clean the graphics are compared to the 480p Wii game. The game does run noticeably smoother. Some pop in occurs when doing flying sections and landing / seeing islands but otherwise this port is top notch... and they probably couldn't get tha
  3. Nintendo Kills Dr. Mario...World! Mobile Game To End Soon - YouTube Game over 11/1! Never played it but my brother got into it a lot.... I'm still awaiting a REAL Dr. Mario for Switch.
  4. Just a few things here.... FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR THE JCS check your local Wal Mart for IN-STORE stock. I was in mine tonight and they had 4 sets sitting right there. The in-store part of this is that per their price tags, these jokers were $70.... not $80.... and not scalper level pricing. I don't think they show that price for online purchasing--its strictly in-store pricing. ************ ************ I am up to the Forest Temple in SSHD playing in portable mode. I am finding the button controls are making sword swings for specific tasks better....
  5. To be somewhat fair, this all stems from that video a week ago about putting a small paper/cardboard strip in a particular spot on the JC to give back pressure to remove drift. An Easy Joy-Con Drift Fix?! Someone Thinks They Found a Solution - YouTube Easiest video about that to find...so....
  6. Ggs. I swear the lag was killing my timing on some moves.
  7. We can keep the Zelda character theme.... but suggesting turning on "sports" items since its the Olympics opening weekend.
  8. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/07/hands_on_streets_of_rage_4s_mr_x_nightmare_dlc_is_a_dreamy_add-on Positive vibes!
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31863308/nfl-warning-teams-covid-19-outbreaks-unvaccinated-players-lead-forfeited-games Hmmm
  10. RANT: Considering a) the systems, b) the games, and c) the depth the Wii VC smoked anything Nintendo has done since and that includes the almost there WiiU VC even if they added some DS and GBA stuff to the mix. Also, that has the ability to gift games on the Wii. This subscription service isn't bad for the price but their games they are dropping are not strong selling points for the service and I don't think cloud saves and other minimalistic hook ups are blowing up the sales for the service. They desperately need to re-think their pricing and their game s
  11. Transformers Earthrise S3 is up on NF.... started watching it .... ohhh yes.... and from my impression over the first two episodes they might actually make sense of Beast Wars/Machines and where it fits in with G1. IMO, that was a big stumbling block for me getting into Beast Wars/Machines because of how they tried to get that plot going.
  12. 3 NEW SNES Games Coming to Switch Online! July 2021 Trailer (Claymates, Jelly Boy & More!) - YouTube
  13. Less than 30s impressions (because of time I got jcs hooked up to charge and catching NBA game so won't be able to really process the different control methods): As noted earlier, I've been playing the Wii game since Friday in 480p on a 32" LCD that is 720p.... What smacked me in the face was the MUCH cleaner graphics and game processing... and I double checked my Wii for 480p settings and my tv is registering it as progressive so... because the game had a ton of jaggies in a lot of spots...Switch was clean and crisp everywhere. Almost makes me want to fire up TP on W
  14. A blue and purple color comparison... The blues are REAL close but the Zelda is slightly bolder/deeper.... Purple Zelda is a lot closer in tone to the blues obviously...same depth and boldness as the Zelda blue but it feels, tone wise, closer to the regular blue.
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