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  1. Confirming Sonic isn't bad. A decent family/kids movie to put Sonic back into the fold. Jim Carey was amazing. Nice work on all the homages and Easter eggs.
  2. Lords of Thunder is quite the legit. I love the music to it. Star Parodier is amazing because of the ship themes that have different weapons.... I mean you get to play AS A TG16 shooting CDS!
  3. I wouldn't care! I'm 80m away from the stadium. I'd make damn sure I was off that day to attend. It would be up there as far as pro sports experiences for me. I mean, my top one right now is the NFC Championship game when the Panthers blasted the Cardinals. 2nd would be the NHL All Star Game Fan Fair when the Hurricanes hosted it ( I couldn't score a ticket to the actual game and I wasn't a Season Ticket Holder to get a in on getting one). I mean, other than my first NHL game being a playoff game between the Maple Leafs and the Hurricanes so that would probably be #3.
  4. That's like saying you are the tallest midget LOL. I do kind of want to see it on the cheep.
  5. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/nhl/carolina-hurricanes/canes-now/article240333826.html My Hurricanes get to host a Stadium Series game. I will have to find a way to get to this.
  6. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/the_next_grand_prix_for_crash_team_racing_nitro-fueled_will_be_the_last_one Wow, finally down to the final one. Cool that they are still looking at doing more adds though. ************ I think their FREE DLC has been more than a fair value for what you get. I mean each pack has had ONE Course, THREE +/- NEW Character drivers, multiple Alt Skins, multiple paint jobs, multiple cars and car parts. And honestly, think the multiple challenge type earning means has been fair but I think the in-game cost of buying the items via the shop seems a little stiff unless you play the game like all day, every day to earn stuff. While I think the buying wumpa coins outright does feel kind of cheap, I can't argue against them hooking you up with a bonus to what you buy.
  7. Here is hoping they keep the quality up.... They did with their reboot of Voltron and Castlevania seems to be on that path.
  8. Doing something tonight, so not sure how close to 10p I'll be on.
  9. My memories.... I had gotten a NES with SMB and liked it. SMB2, with that whole new world/look to it amazed me. But SMB3 when the commercials started to hit, and along with The Wizard hype was showing it would be a different and more expansive beast than the prior 2 games. Around my way it was sold out a lot but I managed to get my mom to get me a copy from Roses, but the deal was I couldn't play it till my report card hit with the proper grades to be able to open it. Lets just say I opened it on the DL and played late at night and had gotten to world 8 by the time the next report card hit. Bullet Points: Introduction of the Koopalings. --Finally a cool way to have different bosses before the final one. Their Air Ships, the Air Ship music, and their abilities were pretty cool. World Maps --To my knowledge this was the first game to do this for a platformer. And then you could interact with the map. Power Ups: --Hammer Bro, Tanooki, Raccoon, and Frog suites really stepped up the game for power ups. I found the frog the least useful. And Hammer and Tanooki to be so hard to get its like you didn't want to lose them because of how hard it took to acquire them. Then, to find out if you beat the bosses still having your power up you got different greetings. The different themed worlds -- All of which really stood out. Giant World with the size changing mechanic. Bowser's world with the dark music and tone. Pipe Maze's never ending Piranha Plants. Ice World's countless secret paths. The desert world's angry sun and the hidden add on section. The 2 parts to World 5. Opportunities everywhere.... --White Mushroom Houses, Memory Card games, tiles at the end of stages in a match 3 game for the most 1ups, the coin ships, the mini-Mario Bros game in coop play. You had to have that strategy guide with you for those card patterns LOL. The enemy variety --Spike, all the new Hammer Bro versions, Koopalings, Boos, Thwomps, .... so many new and interesting enemies. *** Probably my favorite 2D Mario game of all time. I just wish doing a no Warp Zone play through didn't take as long as it does or I would do it more often.
  10. Because its only one character and two stages, maybe the first 15-30m of Saturday can be Sonic play only because of the movie releasing.
  11. Either there is really no real news for them/in their eyes before Animal Crossing comes in March or they got a lot to say and are lining up the time tables to see who, what, and when to unveil stuff. *********** Aside from AC news I'd be looking for: Joker amiibo release. Smash Pass #2 Fighter #6 announcement trailer. "big summer game(s)" ...maybe a few spring surprises. teaser for big holiday titles. Ports from 3rd parties announcements.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What an amazing, sprawling video game.
  13. Man, some of my losses were just too tough to swallow.... it almost looked liked I forgot how to play. And being quite serious about the Terry match, I was literally pressing the direction I wanted to be going and he starts back flipping.... I don't know if lag was making him think you were in a different spot so he was doing that reverse move or what was going on....