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  1. I'm on @ 9 unless CTR get d me to wound up and I forget.
  2. He has actually faked something like this before?
  3. Man, in the last two weeks a whole lot of leaks about at least accessory products for a Switch Mini have been blowing up on IGN, Nintendolife, Nintendoworldreport, and others... This thing could actually be happening.... and probably releases with that Pokemon tie in later in the year. There are still aspects to the idea, that until shown an actual one, make it not look like what a Switch is supposed to be.
  4. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/unidentified_body_is_found_following_search_for_missing_youtuber_desmond_etika_amofah I've maybe watched two of his videos ever but when I popped onto Nintendolife this was on the front page and I was like damn, I have seen content from him. It would be kind of crazy if it pans out like the article suggests.
  5. Cheats for ALL versions: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-21-crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-cheats-list-all-ctr-cheat-codes-6035#section-3 Unlocks https://www.ign.com/wikis/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled/How_to_Unlock_All_Characters,_Karts,_and_Cosmetics
  6. Use Tanooki Jeep since it most closely resembles the Koopa Car?
  7. Yeah, online was fairly quick in picking up matches.
  8. The Flash S_ (last season) / NF -The plotlines were pretty good and I liked the new metas and what not. What gets me in this series is the time travel games they play for story lines. Like for instance if Nora sends herself back and she arrived before she was born then at that point any child rearing that might have formed her could be changing. IDK, they seem like the pick and choose how the time travel ripples affect the future.
  9. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/crash_team_racing_nitro-fueled A very interesting comment about Wumpa coins, unlocks, and DLC.....paid DLC.... They did hit on a lot of things with the game though. The loading times are borderline unacceptable for a game in 2019 on "modern" hardware--it does feel like I could literally go to the bathroom, or get a drink, or get a snack before I start my race. ...And why does it take so long to load a simple trophy screen after winning the race. I agree that the AI is pretty tough and it really might just take super mastery of how this game controls to win the races. Also, kind of how to cheat the race with your mechanics to get the jumps when you need them to land or short cut areas for time shaving. I played a few online races last night and tried some tracks out I haven't gotten to in story mode. Some pretty good designs IMO.
  10. Ok, so I saw it tonight. Having seen the original 3, plus the 2000 reboot of the franchise that put Sam Jackson as John Shaft for the new audience so to speak I have the following comments: 1) I think the trailer and the commercials did the movie a disservice. They kind of gave off the vibe as this was a comedy fest lampooning the mellenials vs. old schoolers way of doing things. The reality of it was it was a part of the movie for sure but it wasn't in in a for jokes kind of way. 2) I think the idea of Shaft having a kid that grew up that way was good way to ground some home/family issues that arise from that scenario. Also kind of getting Shaft to reconcile is lifestyle might need a change. 3) This movie was less grittier than the prior 4 but some of the social issues were still there but more subtle than the prior 4 IMO. If I were to rank the 5 we have now I would go 1>3>4>5>2. 2, while having a good main villain, just lacked the overall story and hook all the others had. I think 3 was the best expanded context of the series. 4 was a solid way to bring the franchise back. The new one, 5, was a solid way to come back to it it could have been tighter and better marketed. 1 is still the classic--although I feel a lot of its vibe comes from that era of the 70s and if you didn't know much about it, I don't know how strong anyone's ties to that era would be in liking it.
  11. Yeah, I am not a fan of the control options but once I started putting in the time to race it became less of an issue but its still kind of hard to break the mental lock from playing MK for so long. I'm not against them upgrading/expanding drifting mechanics over what MK as a series offers but its kind of taking me out of a lot of drifts.... It might just be I'm not super familiar with the courses or my racer of choice yet but I also think its more also that this game involves a lot more to the old school hopping technique that hasn't really been in MK since the SNES one. I might wrap up ice before bed tonight as far as my own progress goes. To that point though, I remember hating some of the challenge courses because of hit boxes ( I am also noticing odd hit box/out of bounds stuff on tracks and sometimes it registers as bad and sometimes not). I guess I am doing ok on unlockables. Really just trying to get into the game and the tracks first, then really start hankering down for perfecting skills.
  12. Who would like to be in on a Level Creator/Sharing thread for SMM2? I think the old one for SMM got lost in the change to Ninfora and I'd be up to OP a new one for SMM and SMM2 if anyone is truly interested. I doubt this one morphs into that as from that date on out it would be about actual level sharing or whatever.... not more game info.
  13. Good stuff DL. Might organize a MM theme for next weekend.
  14. On in 15-30+-. Just got home and want a drink and snack
  15. Wrapped up Papu Papu boss battle. Finally getting somewhat of a hang of the boosting mechanic. Pretty decent tracks and graphics so far. Some took me no time to beat, others.... kept being so close yet so far and just kept on re-racing it. Crash and Neo Cortex had similar stats so I did Crash for a good while but I think I might have settled in on the guy with the rocket on his head. Kind of waiting to see who else gets unlocked before I go final on my racer.