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  1. purple_beard

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    I'm only upset at some of the trade in values GS puts on games you trade in and in general, the used game price for something new is only like a 10% discount off new even if you do get a better return period. However, on the used game sales angle I'm not sure where I lye on that one as they are basically letting you trade off games you don't want at a non-negotiated price and letting you put that credit towards a new game you do want. Its up to you if you want to use them that way. ********* ********* GS hardly ever runs sales on new games (and basically not very many do anyways) and hardly runs offers $off hook ups with POs. That was one thing that I did like with TRU and to some extent BBY. Also, TRU was more prone to sales on games than anyone of the main three. Their problem was that it was usually tied to a B1G_ kind of sale and very rarely do I ever buy multiple games at the same time. I'd never use Wal Mart for gaming--their selection is always limited the day of new release stuff for the most part. I started doing more game purchases at BBY just because I already had RewardZone to earn bonuses. The deal on that GCU I got from them last year I can't say I would have done at any other time because it basically saved me money and I broke even with getting it on my initial purchase. Target has decent stuff now and then but the stock is so inconsistent and the ability of PO from them is kind of limited for a in-store basis. So unless there is some incredible sale at Target I don't really buy games there. With TRU now removed from the equation I'd go BBY > GS > Amazon (for legacy games not necessarily new releases) > and lastly digital. If the end of GCU by BBY actually does go 100% official I'll still probably go with them first for RewardZone points anyways.
  2. purple_beard

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I will be seeing Jurassic Park tonight so no racing here.
  3. purple_beard

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    I like what I have seen of the game but to invest the extra money that deluxe edition considering its a brand new IP--I just couldn't get there. You can kind of cheat the demo so to speak in that your "FIRST" file you complete/time out on is your main file. The demo will let you choose new game and you can play all the rest of them BUT you can't do a save station or it will force you to overwrite your first file. If you play the auto saving game ( like when you transition areas or what not) you can do everything else just make sure you end before the time is up and you can see your game clock when you press X and look up at the status screen. The only set I have yet to do is my first set of Olderick and and Primrose from demo #1. ********** I liked the Apothecary's story that I played last night. Pretty cool in his own deal with his friend and town. I'm really stoked to play this game for real.
  4. purple_beard

    What if the next Mario Kart goes the "Ultimate" route?

    Mario, Baby Mario, Metal Mario, Tanooki Mario and Gold Mario..... c'mon bro'' .... how many more clones can you get in the game of Mario himself?
  5. purple_beard

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    I just got done playing Cyrus and leading into working with Tressa. Interesting stories from both characters. I feel like I am getting a sense of of how this overall story might progress in terms of plot points. I like it. After doing all these new characters to play as and how the final battle/experience/job/skills/ect... will work individually and via the team mechanic I like that while there are elemental spells, different characters get different spins on them and certain ones of the same elemental type seem to deal out better damage than others depending on the enemy. The theif, the scholar, and the merchant skills to use on enemies in battle as well as their path actions and specific attributes from walking around really do kind of grab me. I also liked the Animal Trainer's deal with capturing animals and using their talents as well. I doubt I go back to Olberic and Primrose as I played and connected them in my first demo play from the last demo. I'm kind of already familiar with how they will work but the one difference I might explore is what new stuff they get to use and do in this version of the demo.
  6. purple_beard

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    I didn't play till a time out in my 2nd demo 2nd game and I took in Ophillia's story. Very interesting is all I will throw out. I did manage to connect her to H'annit with 15m to spare. The catch is, if you use a SAVE at a save spot you have to drop your starter file. If you let the game take on autosaving you can keep a 2nd file running and still have your main one. Ophillia's frozen world has a very cool look and feel to it. Her story is one part sad and one part hopeful. I won't get into much more than that. Out of all my character play throughs I felt I needed to level her up the most before her boss battle as she needed more magic techniques and arguably better armor before she would need the 3rd level of her staff to beat said boss and stave off attacks of enemies. Her path action was pretty cool in terms of pulling in a partner to follow her and use some of their attacks in the battles as well. I probably could have streamlined my playtime to get to H'annit with more time on the clock to do duals with her but I had already taken H'annit to Therion so I knew her deal well enough to not play much further. I've gotten all the characters in the stories I have played to around L10 or so and learned at 2 new job skills for the character. Starting up Cyrus now...
  7. purple_beard

    What if the next Mario Kart goes the "Ultimate" route?

    I'm kind of with you on roster size arguments but I would say a track with all that is entailed with that, and arguably running AI opponents might be more resource drawing than a static fighting stage and a fighter.
  8. purple_beard

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Part 1 of a 2 part article where Sakurai is giving out some details of what is new and different for the SmashU.
  9. purple_beard

    What if the next Mario Kart goes the "Ultimate" route?

    I am in agreement on one hand about more NEW content at the expense of rehashing old content. BUT, Nintendo, over the last few games has been going 50/50 in terms of NEW stuff and remaking old stuff. I really would like the potential of having the choice to race every course from prior games in the game as my selection rather than just a small portion of the retro content every time and missing a lot of courses I would want. It doesn't necessarily have to be all up at the same time but a delayed release of maybe 2-4 retro cup drops every 6 months or so would be a good way to do it IMO. Racers shouldn't be too much of an issue. Karts though, considering MKDS and MKDD could get kind of interesting.
  10. purple_beard

    MoviePass is getting some competition.

    http://www.darkhorizons.com/amc-begins-20-month-ticket-subscription/ Damn, that isn't a bad deal.... my only issue is, very rarely in a month period is their 3+ movies for me to take in that this makes a good deal for me and my current spending habits.
  11. purple_beard

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    you pay for Netflix and they drop and add content all the time. look at Nintendo's shop since it began, some games drop all the time. While yes, if you downloaded you have it so to speak but say something got corrupted and you can't re-download it? Also, as part of my streaming argument...compression artifacts and issues are part of the reason for physical for me too.
  12. purple_beard

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    https://www.ssbwiki.com/Master_Hand_glitch Can we get playable Master and Crazy Hand? Make it so.... LOL.
  13. purple_beard

    What if the next Mario Kart goes the "Ultimate" route?

    I think the time of MK8 / 8DLX has ended. With that Mobile Mario Kart game coming AND with the time frame of 8 being a 2014 game and 8DLX basically a port with some extra battle arenas from 2017 I feel confident a new MK hits next year..... they could go for MK X (10) as 8 DLX could arguably be a MK9 from a certain point of view. With the steady stream of retro tracks making up half of the track allotment the last few games they might as well go ahead and do it all for the Switch. And when I say all, I mean ALL.... portable and home console releases in the MK franchise.
  14. purple_beard

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    The thing you bring up though, is kind of the physical vs. digital distribution but now throw in the technology of streaming. And its the same thing the music industry and the movie industry have had to deal with. At some point economics will bear out what happens with all of this but in my own experience I like having that physical copy of whatever. Because, with digital downloads or digital distribution in general stuff can get pulled so you could watch it once but maybe never again if a contract lapses or a content provider loses the content. That is why I still buy cds, dvds, blurays and physical copies of games when applicable because I know I got it.
  15. purple_beard

    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    Ohh yeah, the legalize of licensing ... game, publisher, time, system(s), ect..... what happens when a contract runs out.... how can you play your game anymore?