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  1. Lets have the DL hates themes theme... Timed matches only Default colors only Items turned up as high as possible
  2. Well you know DL, you are free to come up with and post themes for the matches as well if you don't like mine. Or you can not play too... you got choices. And we haven't done anything color specific in a long time (and any recent ones I recall was me doing my own personal color theme) and when you go game specific why would you use non Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Metroid, ect... characters if the theme is based on a game from said character group? That makes no sense. And aside from saying Melee anniversary, or Smash 64 anniversary, or Brawl anniversary very few other truly worthy theme selections allow for a broad spectrum of the Smash roster.
  3. NL has favorable opinions https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/video_weve_played_super_monkey_ball_banana_mania_so_is_it_any_good
  4. I was at a training conference for Sears at our Raleigh service center. We broke for lunch and on the tvs in the lobby we saw that stuff going on and once I got out I headed back home and tried to catch all the updates. The other guy that went up with me in a separate car had to make calls to family up in NY and find out about any deployment for his National Guard duties tied to something like this. It was a very surreal day from that point forward though... One can't discount the day after effect on everything though...
  5. Got in my DLX ED today from Amazon.... Bass got a little boost and it seems like the dynamic range is better than the original cd. Just been doing the main album right now. Probably hit the live and demo cuts over the next few days. I love this album. My gateway into getting into Metallica from that point forward. And even enticing me for going for the back catalog
  6. So, some stories.... My brother and I split for a PO at GS for a black one and got a orange and purple extra controllers. We did their bundle and picked luigi's Mansion, Rogue Squadron, and Wave Race Blue Storm. We hated Luigi's Mansion and took it back and came back home with Super Monkey Ball and loved it. Wave Race Blue Storm was super fun but those later races were super hard...never got to the final stage. I really miss this series. A guy at work was getting into the ebay scalping/resale bug so he was trying to get PS2s, XBXs, and GCs to flip for profit... he did pretty well with his GC foray according to him. I remember several all nighters playing Super Monkey Ball and getting really into Flight and Fight mini games. Then Melee came and man... had even more all nighters playing Smash. When I had moved out I remember taking my rebate check for $100 in signing up for Earthlink internet to the nearby GS and getting Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Mario Sunshine on release day. Vividly recall the whole Toon Zelda fiasco.... I think it would have gone over smoother had they never done the mature looking trailer first. That said, when you got to experience Wind Waker and how live action cartoon it looked and all the expressions and all the cool stuff in the game it was engrossing. In the cell shading vein I also recall how cool Cell Damage was but also how frustrating it was to unlock some of the later stuff in it. I really enjoyed using my GameBoy Player... I did Minish Cap fully on my tv. How odd, but cool was MKDD. That game had some really good race tracks but some of the battle areas were quite lacking. I loved the driver swapping, and special item strategy in the game. I remember making sure I had a PO in for Melee because I liked Smash 64 but never owned a copy but I wanted to get my practice in when the next one came out so I could get decent enough at it when we had multiplayer sessions. The WaveBird wireless controller was the legit. I remember one of my friends abandoning Nintendo from N64 to PSX and subsequently PS2 but got a platinum GC just for Soul Calibur because it had Link in it, one of his favorite video game characters. That platinum GC controller and subsequent WaveBird were pretty sweet. The music and graphics for FZero GX were EPIC. GC oddities: I didn't believe their BS on using mini-dvds. Why were the component cables for it ONLY sold via Nintendo? And then, why if the GC could do 480p that way, how come the Wii would only do 480o to, instead of at least 720p...HDTVs were at a point at that time that that should have been done. I did LOL at the handle on the back but damn did it feel useful in practice. Why NA never got the upgraded unit with the built in dvd player, the Panasonic Q.
  7. Well damn DL, tell me how you really feel >_>
  8. With the GC hitting 20 this week, would you guys want to do a Melee roster theme Saturday?
  9. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/anniversary_goodness_me_is_the_gamecube_really_20_years_old Ohh the memories
  10. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/warioware_get_it_together_features_in_tetris_99s_24th_maximus_cup
  11. I had quite a few 2nd places.... I had to now out early though...just did get enough sleep for doing a 4hr drive this morning...
  12. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/select_super_mario_lego_sets_appear_to_be_retiring_soon
  13. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/rumour_switch_will_reportedly_receive_a_price_cut_ahead_of_the_oled_models_launch Hmmm I wonder how this affects GS trade in values
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