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  1. Good stuff. I can tell I really need to get back into Cloud. That was kind of my focus tonight. Also, since Ken arrived I have preferred him over Ryu, so I wanted to give Ryu some love tonight. I hadn't done Sonic in a while so... I wanted to work on my Pit play and didn't want to go DP. Pit did pretty well for me tonight IMO, but its still uncanny how I am more successful with DP. My Simon play was mainly for just using him again, I like the feel of Richter better. **************************** 8/31 NOTES: I may or maynot be able to play at 10pm. Covering a road game and not 100% sure about back home time that evening. 9/7 I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY. Start time of game puts all my duties probably not being home till 12am and I got to hit the sack because of getting up early Sunday to attend the Rams @ Panthers game. ************************* One thing that is killing me with Smash Ultimate is that.... I played/liked Toon LInk, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game N Watch a good amount and in Ultimate I just flat out don't care for them and hardly every play them now. Villager is in that position too now that I think about it. I still haven't been able to vibe with Mega Man--even if I like him and want to use him.
  2. Beat the Rectangle's levels tonight. 12 levels of about 6 stages each. I like the Rectangle's deal. Use him upright or on his side of which he can be right or left oriented on his side so making sure you are facing the right way is key in some areas. I have to admit that figuring out how to use him in the right orientation and how to star rank for stars and box usage goals is quite the chore. I really hope this series doesn't stop and that they might try to expand on the idea of different shapes doing different things but being boxes you only really have square and rectangle shapes although I could see a snaking aspect being introduced with say trapezoids or get into some weird stuff with triangles.
  3. I got it myself a few minutes ago. I like the background but the actual Tetris tiles are kind of lackluster... just look like some shaded stone textures.
  4. I had seen this on YT a week or so ago, gave me a shadowgate playthrough vibe
  5. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/08/this_super_mario_maker_2_level_flips_an_old_classic_on_its_head Ok, that is cool.
  6. Then it went back on the shelf for $10 but the certificate was behind the counter in a drawer.
  7. I feel you on that gifts for your own birthday LOL. I bought myself the Volume 2 of the Def Leppard set, Duff's Tenderness LP, and replacement cell phone cover/case.
  8. you can still get them..... I can't stand baby racers since they appeared since Mario Kart whatever.... LOL.
  9. $10/10k wumpa ...abpout what I figured..... I really want to have the full roster and what not but man.... at the rate I am going.... but to drop that kind of cheese on this game seems a bit extreme.