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  1. Nobody is doing it around here. The AMC 12plex is effectively closed. I'm pretty sure the Regal 12plex isn't open yet. With AMC's issues though, I wonder if that AMC will reopen at all. I do like the deluxe recliners but only 4 rooms are stadiums and the other 8 are normal/old style seating. They have at least fixed their technical issues though, which is why I kind of stopped going there but have gone there sporadically over the last 2 years.
  2. Can you do drive thru movies with one of those inflatable screens and a projector?
  3. Byleth came out January 28th. Your date put that interval at 5 months. Granted no one really knows where the next character stood in terms of development as of that date. We got a trailer 2 months later on 3/26 that a ARMS character would be coming to Smash. That would be a 3 month window at that point. But in a direct last year they said we were getting additional fighters ( I think it was the Terry one) and they knew who the 6 would be already. And this character is a internal Nintendo character. I'm just not buying this long of a wait. The on thing that is causing my mind to turn is, will the ARMS character be a multiple character drop? And what I mean from that point is, In ARMS you had a basic character breakdown: character movement patterns/abilities, 3 unique fists per character (and all were interchangeable), and a specific arena style. I think I am leaning towards a Mii Fighter custom set up. I think that build a character set up is the only way to make ARMS come off right and with all its unique attributes. The stage might have to be a travelling stage though, that way you can get the uniqueness of their arenas. I wonder if they would do a male / female split on that. Pick your body/arm, pick your fists, and then be ready to roll.
  4. I mean, yeah, I'd doubt a Smash character arrives mid tournament if they are planning to award a FP2 award but then again, its not a technical Nintendo tournament. And, they could also ban the new character if it arrived mid month.
  5. Bowser and ROB for me did well tonight. Terry was so so. DP was decent. My Shulk sucked.... even though I almost redeemed him one match. Dark Samus.... versus that Nes guy...grrrr My Byleth was constantly sabotaged by the opponents.
  6. Ok ************ @DLurkster I might be on as soon as 10 after.... getting some food in me, I haven't felt 100% all day.
  7. 5 days till June starts.... I wonder how soon we get the official character trailer/video for #6. I'd say they would also have to close it who #7 will be. And, most likely they should also reveal the plans for at worst the Joker Amiibo.
  8. @IU SwitchPro comment I wonder how real a SwitchPro might be. I mean, the only thing I can even say would be similar would be the 3DS vs. N3DS. I had both versions, and what I can say is games wise for my library, the games ran the same, but the 3D processing power of the N3DS (and the screen too?) was a NOTICEABLE difference. I used the 3D a lot more with the N3DS because it was easier on the eyes and the optimal holding position. I wonder how much improvement they would actually make in the processor though.... I can see streamlining for even more improved battery life, I could see more ram to make things run smoother... but anything drastic might need to be held off till Switch 2.
  9. I saw something about this resolution issue a few moments ago. Curios that a game this demanding and being a remaster/DE of some sort would have such low res.
  10. https://www.darkhorizons.com/disney-under-fire-for-cleavage-blurring/ Interesting.
  11. A super quick thoughts/review #1 I agree that it is stupid to sell that USB power block as a separate $20 (no less) extra accessory but they manage to provide you with the USB cable. #2 Its interesting that the total amount of the games is split up between your PCE Japan menu and your CG/TG16 menu --Also interesting they didn't take the time to translate the languages for the Japanese games. #3 I got mine hooked up to a 32" 720p Samsung via HDMI and man, do those colors and graphics POP on screen. I am very impressed. I'd have to go back to my WiiVC copies for some of the games to so a comparison and my Wii is set up for the 480p max. #4 Controller feels pretty good. ************* Quick observations on the games I played. Bomberman '93 and '94.... still as fun as the time I was playing them on the WiiVC. '94 is under the Japanese menu for some odd reason. I'd also have to look at my WiiVC version because it looked like you could assign costumes to your players... I don't think the WiiVC version had that. Bomberman Panic: pretty fun puzzle game. I like how the Bomberman licence was used in a puzzle game. Ninja Giaden: Oddly, its under the Japanese menu as well. The game is a LOT brighter than the NES version but I am not sure if this one is a port/clone of the first NES entry in this series. It kind of looks the same but I haven't played the NES one in a while. Dragon Spirit: Cool shooter iMO. Alien Crush: the music, the graphics.... just a fun game. I am kind of disappointed they didn't also put Devil's Crush too. Galaga '88: the graphics are so sharp and vibrant. I didn't boot up any more games but yeah, I am kind of impressed. ######### Wii VC had the costumes....and the Japanese language. WiiCC's top buttons = 3rd stage turbo on tg16 controllers.
  12. They have said this from the beginning and in some cases the videos on the unboxings I posted said as much too. I agree it is STUPID but I've got two power strips ( one each at my two main gaming tvs) that have USB ports on them so.... And I have like two USB socket adapaters already. But yeah.... its DUMB. Also, charging $20 for a USB block when you can score one for $5-10 max at Wal Mart, Target, or BBY seems like price gauging to me.
  13. Its here, but damn, Amazon shipped that damn thing in a bubble mailer and not a box.... dafuq.