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  1. purple_beard

    Octopath Traveler discussion thread

    Cyrus's story is pretty cool I'll admit... and I like his powers set up. The lore of the world being brought up in his story is also kind of cool. The one thing that kind of irks me about him though is that his scrutinize sure can seem to piss a lot of people off when I wouldn't consider scrutinize as a term to be any more controversial than inquire by Alphin.
  2. purple_beard

    What are you listening to?

    Yo! On Through the Night High 'N' Dry Pyromania Hysteria Live concert Rare tracks First EP Loaded up the cd changer and blasted through this collection I got the other day. Them boys kicked ass back in the day. Not sure what happened post Hystyeria but this has been some kick ass metal to go through from back in the day. Everyone knows the original album was the shit but... All the live and studio sessions of a lot of unreleased material, released material, and some killer covers has been blasting out the stereo today as well. Some of the studio session stuff has that in the studio feel to it but a lot the material was excellent to revisit, listen to the first time, and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed going back through their early era up through and before the Use Your Illusions came out. I also found it interesting that some of the tracks that ended up on the UYI cds were already in the works so to speak during their first Ep--Appetite--Lies era of recording music.
  3. purple_beard

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    On the real though... if a NEW 2D Mario game comes out.... I'd really like to see if that Cat Mario power up from 3DW can used somehow to scale walls and such. Squirrel Mario from NSMBU was decent... kind of a mix of Cape and Racoon/Tanooki Marios....
  4. purple_beard

    I played Zelda II: Adventure of Link. AMA

    Over-hyping its faults or losing your skills and talents needed to play older games? When the game was current, I never really hated on it.... I did find it quite harder than the first game but I also found it more expansive and trying out new ideas. My only difficulty in going back to it now is I have lost my touch with navigating the swamp up to the final palace.
  5. purple_beard

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Super Mario Maker, while 2D, is a fundamentally different game and game style than a normal 2D Mario game. I don't mind ports necessarily but after two years of being out in the market I'm not sure if ports of last systems games are best way to move the Switch forward. I wouldn't mind a NSMB collection coming out on Switch or something along those lines but it sure seems like its time or near time for a 2D Mario title that is NEW and not a port or a remake if a prior game.
  6. purple_beard

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    I always thought "NEW" was mean to distinguish between the NES titles and the SNES title(s). NES was plain Super Mario Bros.... , SNES was Super Mario World ....
  7. purple_beard

    What are you listening to?

    Ghost is considered 80s? Not that I am doubting it.... but I haven't heard of them till recently....
  8. purple_beard

    What are you listening to?

    Yeah bruh... https://www.amazon.com/Collection-One-Def-Leppard/dp/B07B5WBB48/ref=tmm_acd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1534561734&sr=8-3 I had Hysteria on tape and Vault (old hits disc) on cd .... but this is like their first 5 albums + live stuff + rareities all remastered on a Volume 1 set. I believe Volume 2 picks up where ths one left off and goes through their last full cd released. Personally, once they hit Adrenalize I couldn't get into them as much as I did with their earlier work. Not to say their new stuff doesn't rock or isn't good.... but they had JAMS back in the day. The GNR set I got was this, and yes, its bad ass.... https://www.amazon.com/Appetite-Destruction-Super-Deluxe-Roses/dp/B07CPDVQYW/ref=sr_1_3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1534561955&sr=1-3&keywords=guns+n+roses+appetite+for+destruction&dpID=51TpkcxO6dL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Retailed originally @ $150 ... got my open like new from Amazon Wharehouse @ $130. Sh* was pristine when I got it in today. Appetite *IS* my favorite album of all time. Only a few others come close and those would be Public Enemy: It Takes a Nation of MIllions to Hold Us Back & Fear of a Black Planet, Metallica: The Black Album, Gza/Genius: Liquid Swords ..and probably 1-2 more that I can't think of at the moment. Anywho, the remasters, live cuts of unreleased songs, unreleased songs, basically a remastering of the content of GNR Lies thrown in too.... , and some remastered early versions of some songs that didn't appear till later on on the Use Your Illusions..... Also, that BR disc of the old Appetite videos remastered for HD Audio / 5.1 mixing was cool too.
  9. purple_beard

    What are you listening to?

    Just got in my Def Leppard V1 cd collection set my GNR Appetite Remastered CE with bonus materials..... I'm vegging out on these over the weekend.
  10. purple_beard

    Netflix Voltron gets a 7th season

    So far, so good after getting about half way through the season so far. If they put this series out on disc I think I would get it.
  11. purple_beard

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    So.... what caught my eye with your post is a NSMB collection? As in the NSMB(ds), NSMB2(3ds), , NSMBWii, and NSMBU + SLU? Now.... that might be up my alley.....
  12. purple_beard

    So, a NSMBU+SLU rumor has surfaced....

    Agreed, it is about time for a 2D Mario title. Even if Odyssey was last year. Then again, i wonder how soon the Super Mario Maker 2 hits.
  13. The way AmiiboNews put this up it sounds like the solo Amiibo is a GS exclusive.
  14. Meh..... I loved the game but depending on price I don't think I'd double dip. My version was the physical NSMBU with SLU being the DLC pack and not the retail disc. Unless its cheap or has a lot of new content I think I might pass....
  15. purple_beard

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    After a string of 4 straight weeks of themes ... __________, BotW DLC, Wario, Birthday theme.... Do we have one this week?