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  1. Yes, I am aware of the time travel mechanic in CT.
  2. purple_beard

    Pro Sports Thread: NHL & NBA Playoffs

    Canes and Caps go to a GAME 7.
  3. I ain't got time to go backwards... just forwards. I doubt the ChronoTrigger hype is real though. But yeah, I did eventually see the prior page and man does that stage look spot on to the boss battle in question.
  4. Fire dragon on a bridge? Dragon Quest?
  5. Sonic and MM II are the legit.
  6. purple_beard

    Smash Saturdays Returns! Joker theme 4/20

    Good stuff. I like Joker. But, somehow in game play I feel like my move isn't executed the same way twice. I really did like that blue stage variant.
  7. purple_beard

    Smash Saturdays Returns! Joker theme 4/20

    Ohh.... folks actually wanted to Smash.... I'll be on in a second.... finishing up supper. Yes, Joker was the theme.... the stage and the fighter.
  8. purple_beard

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    2-1 Canes tonight. It was worth missing tonight's races as you can see
  9. purple_beard

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?st=amiibo&_dyncharset=UTF-8&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=&sp=&qp=&list=n&af=true&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&keys=keys PT and Pichu are up. Isabelle listed as coming soon.
  10. COOL STUFF. Feeling that Tetris stage.
  11. My ONE ONLINE MATCH REVIEW/THOUGHTS of Joker are as follows: Liked the move set. Felt like he was medium speed--not slow but not super fast. I liked the charged up Persona assist. I found the card toss and grappling hook to be pretty sweet. I also did like the swords for those up close an personal attacks. I am excited to play more with him. *****************************************
  12. FINALLY Got the update at 7:30am.
  13. No sh*. Art and I in the same damn house, on the same damn wifi and his update for Smash goes through and I can't get through the error screens.