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  1. Hmmm In dpl rears are mono, not stereo and in dplii they use some formula to "fake" the rears to sound like discreet channels. There has to be something in that hdmi converter because you can get dplii from base r/l rca cables although I would buy optical/coax/hdmi would make the channels come through better.
  2. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/nintendo_indie_world_showcase_to_air_tomorrow_14th_april New indie direct tomorrow
  3. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/unofficial_amiibo_handbook_smashes_kickstarter_goal Cool
  4. Just use some painter tape or stencil to tighten up the lines!
  5. This confuses me because dplii runs through at worst rca l/r audio cables and you would change your gcn to use dplii and likewise use that audio mode on the receiver. Why would a hdmi conversion adapter alter that basic principle unless somehow the hdmi cord does some funky up conversion that bugs your receiver?
  6. Liking those new moves.....
  7. Is it me or was it off that main movement was set do dpad and not the analog stick? Or was it to avoid jc drift :x Ohhh and...
  8. Steam Leaks New DLC Details For Streets Of Rage 4 - YouTube DLC "soon"?....
  9. I should be back in town tomorrow to race but if I am I am racing as Mii with the Pac Man outfit. IMO its one of the best Mii Racer outfits of MK8.
  10. Hmmm true.... but the T99 stuff didn't do much for me but I see a lot in this Pac Man thing.....
  11. Gotcha..... $30 isn't bad..... for the complete set... and it looks worth it too....
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