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  1. I'll be on before 10:30.... I think I left something by mistake so going to go look for it then I'll be on.
  2. This Saturday's theme is the amiibo wave OR Pokemon because of Sword and Shield release.
  3. @DLurkster @Art_de_Cat @Juanblue85 Felinferno as the French name for Incineroar ..... I like the combo of Feline Inferno that it sounds like on the packaging for him...... I almost like it better than my idea of Hell Cat.
  4. ByNext wave hits tomorrow! I think I'm going: Simon: He-Man Incineroar: Hellcat.... Chrome: ?
  5. If we play, I am more on the line of being on 10p-12a. Going to see Dr. Sleep on the cheap....
  6. Rage... now the Black Crowes.... YES WE CAN!
  7. So, true story.... I had won tickets to the Senators @ Canes game last night via a Carolina Hurricanes Cool Bars Tour raffle win at my local hosting Carolina Ale House. My brother ended up being the only person to go with me to that even and in the end, it worked out we both could go up to the game last night. He's not a sports guy and this would have been his first ever NHL game in person. The seats were lower level in one of the corners. I was hoping the Canes would win as they had been in a real bad slump and I wanted him to at least see a win and the Storm Surge. Its ends up being a 8-2 dominating win by the Canes. Lucky him, my first Canes game was a playoff game in 2002 versus the Toronto Maple Leafs and it was a loss.
  8. Kind of an interesting lot they bring up with some old rehashes and some new to me choices. I do think #5 has to be really special to close out the FIRST set though. But the real question is how does the second wave proceed. ******************** My batch of contestants is as follows: Ryu / Ninja Gaiden Arthur / Super Ghouls N Ghosts Bonk / Bonk Mrs Pac Man / Pac Man series Pig Ganon / TLoZ, ALttP Bomberman / Bomberman series female_character / ???? --Chun Li/ Street Fighter ( 3 SF characters too much?) Crystal/Star Fox Medusa/ Kid Icarus ...who else would be a good choice .... I can't see no one. _____/ Mortal Kombat or Tekken? --If Street Fighter and Fatal Fury get in then why not Mortal Kombat or Tekken? 2nd entry from Mega Man or Sonic games... --Dr Wily? Dr Robotnik? Tails?
  9. If anyone missed the Wednesday night Terry-fest, we'll be up for 2nd round of fighting with Terry.