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  1. I got the HDMI switcher already.... its doing WiiU, DVD Recorder, and my receiver's component monitor out converted into HDMI with open slot #4 for anything else I want to hook up like NES, SNES, Genesis, and TG16 minis.... Switch...ect... I have bought this though: Amazon.com: PORTTA Component to HDMI Converter with Scaler 1080p 720p, YPbPr + R/L Audio to HDMI Adapter, 5 RCA RGB to HDMI Video Converter for PS2 PS3 PSP DVD Wii Xbox 360 : Electronics Its the adapter to take the above to my tv. I checked my Wii feed as its 480p mode, the best signal of the inputs going that way, and the 480p going through all of that to the tv looked kind of off.... granted I get the 480p moved to a 4K tv aspect of it exposing the flaws in 480p resolution. On prior tv, and without that converter, and input on component video it looked better ...but 32" vs 43" 1080p vs 4K angle can't be ignored....
  2. Who has worked with hooking their old systems up to tv's that only offer HDMI? What solutions did you use? In my prior tv set up I had Composite/S Video/Component Video/HDMI options and via my receivers capabilities I was able to take my NES, SNES, and N64 into the receiver and come out on component cables to my tv. My new TV offers HDMI only. I am not replacing my receiver anytime soon as its too nice and functions properly. I got a component to HDMI conversion adapter and it works ok... Just wondering if anyone had better solutions.
  3. I consider myself and my brother pretty damn good at MK64...100cc Fire Flower Cup was kicking our ass..... Toad's Turnpike and Choco Mountain..... Man, if 100 is this annoying I can't wait for 150 and mirror....
  4. Man.... where to begin.... let's say wants, necessities, and reality hit all at the same time.... 43 Sony 4K tv (replacing 32" lcd) 2 Rokus WiFi extender/access point (needed a boost to run some streaming services in a downstairs room) assorted cables to hook up gear tv base, since modern tvs apparently don't use pedestal bases anymore and use feet >_> A good group of BRs to watch Disney+ and ESPN+ added to my streaming services NSO Expansion Pass Crap load of of groceries for Thanksgiving.... ...talk about blowing your wad....
  5. So, my commentary on tonight's festivities. Online ran smooth for the 3/4 of us. Games ran smooth and only really felt as slow as their N64 originals, not the emulator running them poorly. For anyone asking, we played Mk64, DrM64, and SF64. Graphics came through clean IMO and as good as a N64 could do on a modern tv's resolution. Dr. Mario was the ugliest though. Now, truth be told, I was sitting less than 4' from a 43" 4K display.... If I was sitting further back from the monitor, I might have a different opinion about graphics and resolutions. Only thing on MK64 I noticed... and I think the WiiVC version I experienced the same thing, is that the Pro Controller or equivalent seem overly sensitive versus the original N64 one for steering.
  6. @TKrazyO I'll make a update post around the 7-7:30 time frame for my window.... Going Thanksgiving meal grocery shopping at 5:30+/- and should be home in time... but will also be scoring supper and putting some of that up... The time above for the update should be when I can nail down better if i am good for that particular window.
  7. We still trying to do mk64? I might just get expansion pack tonight if we are....and it could be first game played on my new tv.
  8. Ghostbusters Afterlife/theater --WATCH IT... ALL OF IT..... GOT mid credits and end credits scenes. It is what the 3rd one should have been, no disrespect intended for that movie but once you see this one you will get what I mean. The young girl is a dead on ringer for a grandchild of Spengler. Her older brother fits that family mold too, but he also had some help from being in Stranger Things and them donning the OG Ghostbusters uniforms. There were so many easter eggs I have to go watch 1 and 2 again to refresh my memory --I should have done it before going to see this one.
  9. My thoughts here: https://ninfora.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6006-super-monkey-ball-banana-mania-goodies/ I like it, but haven't had the time to put in the time in it. Its a pretty faithfull remake...
  10. Yeah, pretty hig announcement...and lol @melee... no 64, brawl, or 4
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