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  1. Heh, I was tempted to suggest Olimar for Smash Saturdays but I won't be in town.
  2. I will be racing as Cat Peach in the Cat Cruiser because my brother had to put down his cat today. She was 15/16. Kind of a sad day because she was the last cat left out of our "collective" that was around the house in 2004/5.
  3. Canes did win 4-1 so that is the good news. *IF* @TKrazyO or @DLurkster want to do any kind of Smash tonight for a few hours I'd be willing to hop on since I missed last night.
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cp-sources-cfl-discussing-30m-interest-free-loan-federal-government/ It would suck to see them go. I wonder if the NFL would/could make them a farm league.
  5. Yeah, I'd be to focused on the Canes game to concentrate on Smash LOL. Plus any commentary would be all about the Canes game too....lulz.
  6. The Hurricanes are going for the sweep in their opening round series with the Rangers tomorrow night and the game starts at 8. I plan to catch you guys during the intermissions at best and then fully compete after game is over.
  7. If we can consistently get 3-4 then it runs smoother. I mean, you guys can tell I like to rotate through a good size group anyways.
  8. Tuesdays @ 9, Saturdays @ 10 Don't sing it, bring it.
  9. I believe Pac Man was my first choice and on the Mario Maker stage.
  10. Yeah, good games. I just had some WTF moments on the winning and losing side of the equation. Luckily I played characters I'm mostly familiar with in some regards. But I swear, what is ticking me off is MF*RS that show up and camp, don't try to really play, and then pull disconnect BS to ruin matches for others. *** Ohh, its possible my laptop issues could have been Dell firmware updates from a few days ago I hadn't done.... I did those the last hour or so but I hope that is all it is. I'm not really in the mood to laptop hunt.
  11. Nice on the initial d, ghost in the shell, and cowboy berbop. Animatrix was great. Ninja scroll the series was kind of lame to me, I traded my box set off for something else.
  12. I got the Paper Mario theme and while the background is nice, I am kind of made they keep not doing very much with the Tetriminos.