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  1. Dropped new album on youtube today it appears!
  2. All my smash ones are on that bottom shelf with Mario Odyssey and 30th anniversary 8bit Mario's. Next shelf up is Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Splatoon, shovel Knight, and fire emblem. Top shelf is Zelda and Metroid.
  3. I think Dark Samus will be called Dark Side. Not immediately generating ideas for Richter.
  4. If I get a 2nd to open, he'll be called Vegas for Las Vegas Golden Knights lol. He's cool looking in that gold. I never got the original.
  5. Races the new track tonight --not bad. However, it feels like a deconstructed roos tubes track with the water drained and a rusted over look to the structures left. The new cars look like slightly modified versions of others, same with some wheels, but the new paint jobs look sweet. Looks like the new characters might be new but kind of like a mad max fury road treatment to their look.
  6. I plan to post my gold shovel knight, and Richter and Dark Samus too. If I feel frightening some custom pics with the smash ones surrounding their games. it's about time for a updated amino assemble pic as well just a general reconfiguring my open ones to accommodate 5+6 Smash dlc bundes.
  7. Good races tonight but man, did I run into some strange turning issues...not sure if drift related or lag related.
  8. The final batch for the starter roster releases today with the last two being Richter and Dark Samus. Pick up mine from best buy after work on Friday. From here on out its the DLC fighters sans Piranha Plant.
  9. Make Master and Crazy hand playable.... ************** And technically speaking this was in Smash 64: Dolled up the stage could look better. Not sure how I would upgrade Mario moves for Metal Mario, but I do think that since Japan loves Metal Mario in Mario Kart that Smash needs to step its metal game up. Maybe his fireballs turn people to steel statues or whatever... Maybe he could liquefy in a puddle to dodge attacks.