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  1. Shazam 2 was better than the 1st. I don't get the hate on it. As far as dcu goes, wb and DC are directionless on how they want to proceed with a interconnected spin off and team up collab like marvel pulled off . They don't have to do marvel, but they need a plan. **** John wick 4 was solid ***** 3/29 mandalorian episode.....whoa...
  2. With MLB opening weekend this week, do you want to put the bat and baseball in the items?
  3. JMO on the SE stuff: I'm fine with black. white, gold, and green being used for a Zelda SE JC, dock, Pro, case.... However, all of these are ugly IMO. I think there was a better way to do the JCs, especially with how sweet the Skyward Sword pair are. It just doesn't look coherent. The dock looks off with so much white and no green. The Pro controller kind of has some cool patterns but the one white grip looks odd as hell in the design layouts. How the gold trickles up and around also just look odd. The case is ok, but nothing special. But with all these circles in the designs, I', left wondering what the big deal with them is. Seems too on purpose to be coincidence. Gold Zelda Wiimote looked way better. The SS JCs looked way better. Even some of the designs for the SE 3DSs looked better.
  4. SE JCS AND PRO. I'd love gold just but these don't appeal to me. Not overly hype on dock either. With buy that splatoon pro last year, I don't overly want/need this one.
  5. I mean the game looks real nice but....feels like a gotcha mechanic game right out the box. Not a bad intro pack buy in...
  6. A lot can be said/shown in 10m, but the what will be interesting . I should be able to watch this in full on my lunch @11:15.
  7. I have no reason I won't be on at this time.
  8. I was going to bring up that game as far as look goes. That game great. As for file size...they can do it...costs...meh.... how much $ are they really saving? All digital should be cheaper then, because you aren't paying for discs, carts, or packaging yet they aren't.
  9. https://gonintendo.com/contents/18074-lego-2k-drive-includes-in-game-currency-and-real-money-shops Right now, the monetizing of this game is getting annoying .
  10. I won't be on tomorrow night. If I get home in time I'll join the last 30-40m.
  11. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2023/03/project-egg-could-bring-msx-pc-98-and-neo-geo-titles-to-switch This sounds really cool... No date...
  12. https://gonintendo.com/contents/17981-lego-2k-drive-s-physical-switch-release-is-code-in-box >_>
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