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  1. Call me Legion, for I am many. ****** I am playing next week, but I won't be on till 11+/-...actually, anywhere between 10:30 and 11. My school plays a game that starts at 7... and normally games go about 3.5 hours. I'd play portable that final 30...but I'd be too invested in the outcome to play portable respecitably.
  2. GGs. I think if we did a private room, we'd need at least 4 to make it worth it, but the battle royale mode, where we might run into each other but are talking on discord could work to some degree.
  3. If you want to go at 9.... give it more time... fine by me.
  4. I could be up to give this a go tonight.... but I got dip at 11p.
  5. Right now, after going back through some Mandalorian episodes... The two MOST INTERESTING story arcs now sit at Morgan and the two rouge Jedi. Motives.... end games... But what bugs me is
  6. Ahsoka episode 6 ....yeah.... Thrawn still a badass... interesting story tidbits to be had....
  7. Basically, the video version of AB's post ****************** On that note.... some thoughts so far.... #1 Not sure how surprised I am about the voting on stages at just 2, but I wonder what determines which two you get to vote on. *I've done Mute City I, Sand Ocean I, White Land I **I have seen Death Wind and Port Town I(?) appear ***What are the available stages so far? #2 I don't mind them going with the SNES style graphics and they nailed it, but... *More cars versus just the original 4 + the AI bot cars? I don't see why they didn't dig into X/GX/MV/... to do some SNES models of the other racers. *I've gotten a few paint jobs unlocked and they do look sweet. I have also ran into some sweet ones online. *I really need to play this on my 46" instead of portable LOL. #3 The d-pad is the obvious choice for playing, which surprises me to some degree. #4 I swear I think the border damage and car damage is different than the original, and the health/boost zones feel like you go through them faster than in the SNES version. #5 Not sure how I feel about the trickling boost sparks and having to go for those as well as race, and IMO, for a game rewarding you for spin attacks, the spin attack meter seems to take to long to fill up to consistently use it like its intended.
  8. Put some time in today finally, and now can online races. Got a ? I've played handheld and I had to switch from steering with analog stick to dpad almost immediately to be successful. Anyone had same feeling? Different opinion if you used a pro controller?
  9. I won't be on next week, game is @6p...doubt I get home till 11 or so.
  10. ...yeah... not really mad...watched some football, packed, went to bed early...
  11. https://www.nintendolife.com/guides/f-zero-99-tips-and-tricks-how-to-win-races-everything-you-need-to-know *** I need to sit with it more, but my goto of samurai goro felt off ... I also think the last time I went back to play fz, I has to pick someone else anyways..
  12. @TKrazyO If we want to do some Bman tonight.... I can be on from 8:30+/- to 11. I'm not driving tomorrow, I'm a passenger LOL. But I do want to catch some Zs in case I can't on the ride up.
  13. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2023/09/tmnt-shredders-revenge-lands-a-new-physical-edition-with-dlc-included-this-november
  14. Ok...I booted it up a few minutes ago just to work with it a little. But I want yo get to FZ99 asap.
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