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  1. @Destiny Hero @DLurkster @TKrazyO Good games, and the lag was almost non existent. My Ken was trash. All my others were ok. That said, I was ticked at how my Bowser finished that last match. I am surprised we never got to Yoshi's Island, Onett, Green Hill Zone, Gerudo Valley, and Coliseum....we usually hit all of those before we end things. Dang, also surprised we didn't get to Dracula's Castle, Hyrule Castle, or Castle Siege too...
  2. I just popped in..... I was seeing if we had earlies..... I'm showing up right at 10p.
  3. For no other reason than I was, I was listening to Spawnwave's Spawncast a moment ago and someone suggested that Ring Fit girl could get a nod since Wii Fit Trainer is in.... and she could toss the ring like Captain America does his shield. That sounded kind of cool.
  4. Interesting.....
  5. LOL. The lag with 4 is bad enough. I'd be down for 8 if it was in person.
  6. We always welcome more to join. The Saturday variant is the most likely to have a theme based on something big that week if applicable. This Saturday, we are theme-less so WINNING is the theme. As far as needing the discord, no, but it does make communication amongst players better. We use the text and voice chat via the Ninfora discord. We have been getting a little stricter on letting non-Ninfora/non-MK8 regulars join the Ninfora discord due to some issues.
  7. I don't remember a lot, but I think in that first demo they put out, I was feeling Mechanica(?), Helix, and Springman the most.
  8. More like Watchamacallit *********** But yeah, I think I will do a different party for the remake play though. I kind of want to experience different characters of the series and this seems like a logical way for me. IN the CoM Trials I have Hawkeye, Angela, and Kevin.
  9. I think you are actually right on that one....
  10. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/03/star_wars_episode_i_racer_is_aspyrs_next_nintendo_switch_release Some info on Pod Racer...
  11. I'm not sure why they haven't, in 3 years of the Switch, been able to figure out how to roll out N64, GC, and Wii games. Arguably the Wii games are more puzzling as the JCs with the IR sensor can easily replicate the Wiimote. Even more puzzling to that end is based on all the games we got out of the WiiVC why haven't they appeared yet.... they didn't even get fully through that on WiiU. I'd assume they'd go back to GC era games for remasters....
  12. I doubt they remaster EVERY GAME FROM WIIU backwards. They wouldn't necessarily need to do ports on some games as we still have the NES and SNES VC services with NSO.
  13. All these collections and remasters kind of got me thinking about what last generation game(s) would a) I want a collection of and b) to get some kind of remaster. ********************** ********************** I would like to see the two NES Zelda games get a remake collection. I would like to see the GB/GBC/GBA era Zelda games get a collection/remaster. I think I would go back to the two DS Zelda games if some play control/mechanics and quality of life improvements happen. Somehow I think looking into Mario Bros and Wrecking Crew would be worth it. Would the NES DK games get a remaster/expansion collection? It would probably have to be a tie into some game as those gems were kind of short. It just seems too easy to offer up Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Metroid Prime trilogy --- but what about other Metroid games?, LoZ Skyward Sword....