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  1. I'm not denying that, I was more focused on the administration team energy. Just felt like there was more energy to maybe do things pre-transition, as crazy as it sounded. But tbh I'm probably just projecting, lol. Not like I do more than quickly glance at this place every few months now.
  2. It's pretty weird how Ninfora is now. I can't tell if Nsider2 even in its last days gave off such a quiet vibe, or if this is natural progression. Like yeah it's natural progression, but is it just me or have the admins really signed off of any further efforts for the site? Like I'm not at all saying they should, I just feel like Chrom and Kodiack or whatever were much more gung-ho about it all pre-migration. Now it's just a holding pattern. Feels weird.
  3. Honestly I'm kind of disappointed because when I saw this part it looked like it would be really cool with real players, online or not (of course, local being difficult in this case). Seems like a waste to make custom tracks just for you and some CPUs.
  4. Why is everyone voting for Yoshi's Cookie, I don't get it
  5. Hello it is me, here to get your personal information for science
  6. You characterize this in such a weird way, you expect Nintendo to put out like, a statement? Literally it was hidden, in a completely esoteric way, it's not like Nintendo was advertising "motion-controlled NES game tribute game included!" on Switch boxes. Hopefully it's a tech demo for some interesting ideas, motion controlled old school games could be cool in a novelty way.
  7. Haha, no problem. People might not be able to tell there, those DS Card Cases are actually weird lego pieces. Just a really bizarre thing I found. Hopefully you do enjoy the game, it's actually really legit once you get past the slow tutorials. Pretty much as good or better than the 360 games in everything but graphics.
  8. Honestly ending when the Wii U could still be looked at optimistically was probably the best time they could've gone. Imagine the depression of the Wii U years on an already struggling medium. Love Nintendo Power, even in their later years they made some really high quality magazines. I still page through them from time to time. Anyone remember this slick as hell issue? I pored over this for ages along with the Mario Kart article from the same issue. The DS launch was legendary.
  9. Man I hope my package arrives soon, I'm getting nervous 🤔 those border customs, roughing it up
  10. In spirit, I too own Codename S.T.E.A.M. See, I even typed the periods, I'm the real deal.
  11. I sent my gift package this morning, hopefully everything goes as expected and it arrives in 10 or so business days. Hopefully they enjoy at least parts of it, lol.
  12. Heyo, so I just received my Secret Santa gift from @fuzz - Nidhogg 2 on Steam, which is a perfect get for me. I played through the Arcade mode today and it's pretty stellar, all you hear about is the grotesque art style, but it's actually extremely beautiful and the gameplay is still extremely solid, love it. I think I've got my gift to send soon, I'll be on it in the next few days.