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  1. ...I guess this is as good a time as any to potentially commit account suicide. Fuck it. I and others have implied variously and overtly in this thread that the political "debates" themselves are what tore the forum asunder, and indeed, one could certainly say that they were the catalyst. I honestly don't see this as the full story, and the missing piece is not the defeatist attitude I mentioned in the third paragraph of my previous post regarding the community itself. It's the last sentence of the second: broken, miserable fucking people in abundance--and a collective of mouth-breathers orbiting around them. There is a reason I brought up pessimistic destitution: It was here in spades, and it was the driving force. I ask plain: How can someone get on here, tell the community about their life experience, garner all the recognition and sympathy for it, but then turn around and diminish someone else's? Hm? What about all those times when we had a @strawberrykeiki or @mikecampersituation unfolding, where-in for every example of someone actually taking the damn time to break down and explain why a problem is a problem, you had some fucking poseur coming out of the wood work to jump on the band wagon with their insubstantial bullshit so they could get their little gold star for having "participated" on the "correct" side? Why were these instances not called? This has not been a community about the exchange of ideas, education, or rehabilitation, political or otherwise. This was a community largely for displaced NSider children, having grown in to miserable human beings on the internet to come and play the part. Maybe there are excuses for this, but at this point, I don't fucking care. The weaponisation of empathy to further a socio-political end has that effect after the first few times of witnessing the piss-poor "empathy" shown for basic human behaviour, as well as all the impotent angst. In a way, it's fitting that clubs are a thing, now; they're like a physical parallel to the prevailing mentality. I'm going to toot my own horn for just a moment to concede one thing: There was at least one learner, in that I'm the kind of person who can be exposed to a diatribe and pick out the parts that are actually important and very much worth learning. I always fell towards the left, even before arriving here, but my position was quite unrefined and full of holes benefitting the worst elements of our society--to include the ones defended by the right-leaning people who were here and too damn thick to see what I, and likely others, saw. I owe a lot to Ninfora on this front, and it is the personal reason for why I'm thankful for its format, even as I see it as a poison in itself. I wasn't the only one, either; you know who you are. But you know what? I was also one of the fucking cowards who sat there and practically just watched the circus happen, too fucking comfortable with my new-found Nintendo forum after losing it for a couple of years, and too afraid to really speak up when it might have mattered from a community stand-point. In some cases, I even added to the pile. I'm ashamed because I saw and felt the same shit that @Iridium saw and felt before he left: a confusing ideological rapport with the most correct, yet toxically pessimistic and personally ruined elements of our movement(s) playing out right in front of me. Unlike @Iridium, I was as a bystander who didn't have the intestinal fortitude to assert herself. There's plenty of proof, but the terrible reality is that me still being here is proof enough. It doesn't even matter much that I'm saying any of this now; most of the culprits on the left, right, and centre have already departed, so I guess the only real point is my own catharsis. The hour is very late, but I'm leaving this community and environment in whose construction I was complicit. There's not much else to say, except that I'm thankful for the handful of friends I made in it--some of whom having helped me to change my life in profound ways. And, that I'm sorry to the community--what's left of it, anyway. I have written quite a bit in my time, here--and it is arguable that I've written enough. This shall be my last post. 3520, and gone. Godspeed, Ninfora. I am thoroughly worn of you, but in a way, I will always love you. Take care.
  2. He wanted his fifteen minutes of fame... Or, he just wanted to play a game he just bought and share it with people who'd be interested in seeing it. Like every-fucking-body else. "Should have known that Nintendo would get pissed about it." Yeah, sure. You also should've locked your doors; maybe that guy who broke in to your house wouldn't have broken in to it. Your damn fault for having material wealth in a house whose windows aren't rated to stop tropical-cyclone-force winds--how dare you? Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, it's totally not the store's fault for violating the street date--not at all.
  3. Why can't all of these suggestions be correct? First, this iteration began during the twilight months of the last election season, and as much as the more wide-eyed amongst the user base expected otherwise, Ninfora does not exist in some cultural vacuum. In theory, its approach to "sensitive" issues is probably the best I've seen ever--especially relative to many others in the anime and/or gaming communities. Here, socio-political discussion was allowed and even welcomed because it was correctly recognised as being infinitely more imperative than stupid, dank memes and who qualifies as best girl in fucking Fire Emblem. Nevetheless, there is a price for such things, especially when these discussions were as unfettered as they were. And it was so because the leftward discourse came from a place of pessimistic destitution--and in some cases, poseur grand-standing at the lowest common denominator--more than it did the actual belief that the spread of those ideas would lead to any net positive societal shift. The word, "empathy" was weaponised as a catch-phrase and thrown around in an informal sanitisation campaign by people who were otherwise--sometimes by their own admission--completely disinterested and uninvested in Ninfora as a community, regardless of its purpose. Meanwhile, rightward discourse was characteristically deflective, defensive, insensitive, and impenetrable to the point that the vomitorium of the other side was somewhat justified. There were no educators because there were no learners, and there were no learners because there were no fucking educators. "Right" and "wrong" were the essence of impotence. Merely, there was a collective of broken people haphazardly and begrudgingly co-existing with a few disinterested neutrals. It thus follows that the community itself was always broken, right down to its objective. There was talk in earlier months about promotion and growth and how it might be fostered, but this was summarily shot down every time by the sentiment that NSider2's structure and methodology ultimately led to its stagnation and downfall--CrowdGather notwithstanding. The level of accuracy in that sentiment is ultimately unimportant because it would eventually be asserted that Ninfora is, by execution, not a successor, but a temporary seal upon the gaping vacuum left by its ostensible predecessor. Those who migrated here from that community did not do so with the serious intent to reproduce it--or if they did, it was an aspiration with a short shelf life. They just wanted something to act as a counter-point to the finality of the death of something so familiar and nostalgic. At some point, apathy set in, with no manifestation there-of more easily cited than its Clubs feature: a token way to fracture the community in to many sub-groups and cultures existing in their own little corners in much the same way that a conceptually-maligned myriad of sub-forums do, albeit with a distinct club house feel. This is not a realisation lost on the member base; yet, the feature remains. And who cares? The pulse has long slowed by this point, and it stands little chance of quickening. Why funnel more resources to it beyond server maintenance and the occasional IPS software update? As far as I can tell (and correct me if I'm wrong), there wasn't even any acknowledgement that Ninfora reached its year mark in September. Meanwhile, most of the aforementioned member base who have yet to depart (formally or otherwise) have established external connections with whomever they like or at least tolerate. Returning here is a habit, but most of them would be set without it. It will last a while longer, but barring some successful revitalisation effort, I am conceding the inevitability.
  4. Why can't Nintendo just make a regular console?
  5. Dis tread a grain. U cumty a shit!
  6. The point at which you look at others and what they have or have had in romance and start lamenting the fact that you haven't had it. It is, above all, absolutely imperative that you not think on this subject with the assumption that you're a "failure" or "impotent" because you haven't "gotten it" yet. "It", in this case, can refer to all manner of things relating to love, sex, and/or romance--whatever it is you want (the precise thing isn't my business and it doesn't matter to the point anyway). You are working on your time, and that is all that should matter to you. This is not a blaze-your-own-trail speech, an assertion that your "soul mate" will "just come to you", or an attempt to blow this up in to a macroscopic cultural issue. Just be aware, nonetheless, that the envy and frustration you feel arises at least partly from associations and expectations stemming from the latter. Have patience and humility and you'll find the person--or people--for whom you're looking.
  7. That's really the issue, here. I've heard of Plex, but JRiver performs the same functionality. JRiver has a selectable feature for playing from memory, which will make it better or worse, depending. I'll tinker with it.
  8. Just tried mapping my OneDrive as a network drive (\\d.docs.live.net\xxxxxxxxxxxxx) and then used my media player to pull and stream lossless music from it. The cool thing is that it works and that the stream goes without any hiccups, but playback initiation takes a minute, all but eliminating gapless transitions. Perhaps I need gigabit speeds for something like this? @Kodiack
  9. I was once crucified here for not liking macaroni & cheese much. What kind of cheese is typical in the dish? The answer might go to explaining it.
  10. I just realised my present laptop is about four years old now. Maybe a tad more. She's doing okay. She was dropped or knocked around during a move or something, because at some point, the spring/button for the touch pad ceased to work as well as it should (it would "stick"), one of her USB ports lost two of its pins, the digitiser began to hang out of the chassis at one corner, the flap for the ethernet port fell off, and the chassis itself had quite a dent at one of the other corners. Making matters worse, my friend and I opened her up, intending to fix all of these issues, but accidentally broke off the connector for the touch pad's ribbon. It was a rough series of operations, but we managed to remedy all of that. I bought some 5-millimetre, double-sided tape for the screen, as well as a replacement touch pad, USB board, and mother board. She's just like new, now--and it all cost me a lot less than buying a new laptop. I expect she'll last quite a while, now. :3