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  1. I was disappointed in the Halo Infinite presentation, but that's just because I don't care that much about multiplayer. Also, I'm sensing a timeskip and a soft retcon of Halo 5: Guardians based on that dialogue. It's looking a bit bleak, story-wise, but we'll see. I was sad that there was no Metroid Prime 4, but lol, Metroid Dread. This is great. 😄 Yay, Breath of the Wild with a trailer nearly as vague as the last, but hey, it looks cool. I don't need a save-the-princess narrative, but I hope the villain is more of a character this time. Meh. Mostly underwhe
  2. From the past couple of months. Feeling sexy, at times. ~
  3. Give it time; they'll update it, probs. Also, lol, Metroid Dread. This is awesome. 😆
  4. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=4YxdR8jM9wU&feature=share
  5. I remember all of that. I just also remember hearing that the reports were either false or excessive. That could be wrong, though. I didn't really look deeply in to this. Hard agree, though: I don't need to see Adult!Aang fucking Adult!Katara. I just wanna see Toph being the snarky badass she is and Zuko and Mai not-hating each other. ❤️ Korra and Asami, on the other hand... 😏🔥
  6. So who else has seen Chū-2 and concludes that Dekomori and Nibutani love the shit out of each other?
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