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  1. I was disappointed in the Halo Infinite presentation, but that's just because I don't care that much about multiplayer. Also, I'm sensing a timeskip and a soft retcon of Halo 5: Guardians based on that dialogue. It's looking a bit bleak, story-wise, but we'll see. I was sad that there was no Metroid Prime 4, but lol, Metroid Dread. This is great. 😄 Yay, Breath of the Wild with a trailer nearly as vague as the last, but hey, it looks cool. I don't need a save-the-princess narrative, but I hope the villain is more of a character this time. Meh. Mostly underwhelming otherwise. Didn't really care about anything else. My partner turned into a puddle of fangirl goo at Lesbian Simulator 2021 the Life Is Strange stuff. Probs will pick it up for her and end up playing it myself because it's gay and nobody ever says anything bad about it. Unrelated: https://twitter.com/kawaiibossbaby/status/1405332688207286273?s=19
  2. From the past couple of months. Feeling sexy, at times. ~
  3. Give it time; they'll update it, probs. Also, lol, Metroid Dread. This is awesome. 😆
  4. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=4YxdR8jM9wU&feature=share
  5. I remember all of that. I just also remember hearing that the reports were either false or excessive. That could be wrong, though. I didn't really look deeply in to this. Hard agree, though: I don't need to see Adult!Aang fucking Adult!Katara. I just wanna see Toph being the snarky badass she is and Zuko and Mai not-hating each other. ❤️ Korra and Asami, on the other hand... 😏🔥
  6. So who else has seen Chū-2 and concludes that Dekomori and Nibutani love the shit out of each other?
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