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  1. I remember all of that. I just also remember hearing that the reports were either false or excessive. That could be wrong, though. I didn't really look deeply in to this. Hard agree, though: I don't need to see Adult!Aang fucking Adult!Katara. I just wanna see Toph being the snarky badass she is and Zuko and Mai not-hating each other. ❤️ Korra and Asami, on the other hand... 😏🔥
  2. So who else has seen Chū-2 and concludes that Dekomori and Nibutani love the shit out of each other?
  3. I, too, prefer level 2, but will eat level three if I'm feeling juicy.
  4. idk I really think he'd put a sombre, but super heartfelt spin on *Zelda*. ~ *Zelda* as a film or show seems like a Ghibli project tbh. That said, since they're not doing much these days and Shinkai made the Ghibli equivalent that is Children Who Chase Lost Voices, I'd call it a match made in Fólkvangr. 🌈
  5. Why can't they just commission an anime already? Give it to Shinkai or something.
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