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  1. I've played Warframe for years, and I will likely download this once it is available. It's very fun, and while it can be grindy as all hell if you run it entirely F2P, it's still rewarding enough to where the grind still feels worth it.
  2. I forgot to get a Trainer Cap Pikachu when they were available.
  3. yeah i didn't get any of the amiibo, probably won't not exactly keen on spending money on those at the moment
  4. well i went and got a switch so i figured i may as well get breath of the wild as well so far, worth it
  5. breath of the wild is pretty good did i miss anything
  6. i have missed out on the internet for the last 3 years apparently because i just found this
  7. i know absolutely nothing about cloudflare i should probably stop assuming i have any idea about how things work anymore
  8. @Chrom it doesn't look like it filtered out when you quoted her but it did filter when i quoted her any chance you guys have content filters for posting someone's email? because that'd explain why you can see it normally but i can't
  9. man i can't wait to see what email protected does in the future also i had to edit this because it hyperlinked the entire comment because i tried being a smartass with the email protected bit in brackets so instead of a pithy comment about it filtering out IM@S we have a pithy comment about it hyperlinking half my post
  10. I liked a lot of the sprite work in it, story was pretty general but it's what you'd expect for a RPG designed to introduce gamers to the genre. That being said, it's hard to beat the game's original soundtrack though there's a few fanmade attempts that do it justice.