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  1. Uni

    Link's Awakening coming to Switch

    So, what if we got maybe halfway through and didn't actually...beat it? Would it have similar impact? I'm a little ashamed - that's a Zelda game I got hopelessly stuck on about 5 or 6 years ago and lost the motivation to finish. I refuse to look at guides before getting through Zelda games myself the first round. Unless it's BotW 'cause finding those shrines sometimes..........anyway, my point is I'm looking forward to a second chance with this. Hoping prior circumstances won't take away the meaning.
  2. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Was stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home this evening, so opened this in the car. @DranSeasona Thank you so much! My brother's been asking me if I was ever going to try Skyrim - I've been listening to the soundtrack for years, but never played. When I told him this came in, he said, "Get good at combat." lol So, now I'm worried. But super excited to experience it. Much appreciated! Hope your holidays were wonderful~
  3. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    I'll be able to check my mailbox on the 7th - sorry for the wait, and thank you for your patience!
  4. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    You're welcome! Was the poster in good condition? Always paranoid about shipping those. That was a piece I did as SSB 3DS was being released. The sig is mine. :p Glad you like it! Merry Christmas~!
  5. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    That's reilly unfortunate... *walks into traffic*
  6. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Adorable Eevee drawing, @Eliwood8~! I didn't know you dabbled in art. ^_^
  7. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    You lucky duck...one of these days I'll get my butt out there to the shop. I hear they have a life-size Link statue in there at the moment? Should probably wait for them to take that down...
  8. Uni

    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Think it's about time Uni did a little something with this community again~ *Form submitted*
  9. Uni

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    I'm so glad y'all are still here. :] Miss you despite not having much time to hang around these days. Never disappear, kthx.
  10. Uni

    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Yeah? Well, kudos. :]
  11. Uni

    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Dear God. :'D Well, okay then. That's one helluva patient woman...
  12. Uni

    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Steve, you've been engaged for a million years. When is this wedding happening...
  13. Uni

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I swear to you, I killed half the enemies in Hyrule and that thing did not show up until I took off the mask.
  14. Uni

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I am 99.9% certain wearing Majora's Mask staves the blood moon. And I'm only angry about this because I just wasted 3 hours trying to provoke said moon whilst wearing said mask. The second I took it off...BAM. Blood moon. Fml.
  15. Uni

    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Venturing away from the Zelda board for a sec...