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  1. This fantastic piece composed by Yukari Hashimoto, along with the rest of the brilliant 3-gatsu no Lion soundtrack, is on YouTube fortunately. Hashimoto will be returning with some excellent music this spring for Tada-kun! @Fire
  2. Yorimoi and Clear Card Arc both represent the heights of what Madhouse can aspire towards artistically and as narratives. Both are awe-inspiring to watch, despite the animation not being as top-notch as possible. Still, I can't help but be impressed.
  3. Tama is pretty clearly one of the best characters this season so far.
  4. As the ruler of the domain known as "perpetually behind", I am currently working through School Live. Takeya is the best, and this is not up for debate. I am certain this will remain true for the remaining 9 episodes.
  5. Space Captain Yamato 2199 provides a faithfully '70s anime experience without forcing you to watch 100-episode-long series.
  6. Koizumi-san is a fun series so far -- the staff does a nice job of blending the chapters together, making up for the source's short chapters. (Have yet to see episode 2 though.) I'd recommend you also watch Yuru Camp -- as of episode 2, which I just finished, it's a delightfully relaxing and warm show.
  7. Alright, the winter season has begun. Get camping right now.
  8. That one was in a Denver suburb, which is not a random Walmart, I would imagine.
  9. #ThoughtsandPrayers (Though on a serious note, one huge problem is how anti-gun activists are way less devoted than pro-gun ones....It'd be nice if it were just the NRA being awful, though.)
  10. Best Boy Pierre had a strong showing in this week's SideM,
  11. *still needs to see Hunter x Hunter*
  12. Zeldaru

    Political Containment Thread

    The large problem facing the Democratic Party are the leaders, especially Schumer et al, who won't stand for more progressive politics. And yes people like Feinstein as well. Definitely need a lot more like Bernie Sanders or Keith Ellison...but it seems the Democratic party still wants to support the centrist candidates, unfortunately.
  13. New Ashita no Joe project coming from based TMS And Yuyushiki's Kaori and Noragami's Deko Akao are teaming up as director and head writer respectively to deliver what is sure to be an excellent adaptation of a charming and adorable manga. Coming to a dank maymay near you in January 2018.