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  1. At least we get an F-Zero game with online via NSO. Hyped for the new Kirby game as well as Bayonetta 3. Dang shame they didn't want to show the final Smash character on this Direct but at least it is coming the following week. Overall for me it was a Good Direct.
  2. almost show time. After watching the direct I have to head to Wal-Mart to get a few goods for my parents but still very much hyped. Everything else should be fine just need to see that final Smash character.
  3. Pity Rocko isn't in the base roster so hopefully he will be DLC. Dang shame Doug is forever stuck with Disney. Also hoping Norbert and/or Daggett from Angry Beavers are included in the future.
  4. ah yes the great memories. my launch Black model sadly stopped working after a long while so I managed to buy a Platinum model later on which I still own to this day. I still have a few GameCube around like Paper Mario: TTYD, F-Zero GX, Starfox Assault & Adventures and a couple of other games. I did own the Zelda games at one time but sold them, same for Smash Melee, Sunshine and others. Zelda WW and TP I at least got again for Wii U (still wish they made the jump to Switch), Melee I sold because I usually get the newer version with more characters in later console generations. Sunshine thankfully made a comeback again in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
  5. What a pity they won't consider adding and offline mode for the game. I only played just a fraction of it but it never enticed me like Mario Kart Tour has which I have been playing everyday. I have managed to get a ton of characters but others have proven elusive to me unless I pay for them which I'll admit I have done for two of them. Pokemon Cafe Mix might also suffer the same fate as they haven't new Pokemon recently and have been relying on repeats. I also played that a lot but eventually got burnt out. I did get a good number of Pokemon from it and.
  6. Dang shame about not having better performance to it so that some action heavy games perform better like Age of Calamity which while I did enjoy did suffer from some slowdowns during chaotic action.
  7. Well that blows if I can't redownload Persona 3 Portable. They need to do something Persona 3 already. Let me see. I do still have a few PSP physical games but for digital I do have like Ridge Racer. Dang need to check my PS3 download section to properly document what I do have PSP digitally. As for the list of Nihon Falcom games I have all that on Steam minus Brandish but that's because it isn't for me.
  8. Looking forward to tomorrow sure Kazuya looks good but I’m looking forward to the music being added a few of my faves made it in, sad about Lloyd, Dante and Shantae being deconfirmed and my god that Min Min amiibo is amazing but holy moly to wait till 2022 for it. That’s quite the wait. Hyper curious who will be the last character but I’m going to roll the dice and say it’ll be a cartoony character.
  9. Make sure to do proper research on games to make sure it does have English support. Take for example a game called One Step from Eden it received a physical in Japan but sadly it was Japanese only however the game will soon have a proper physical English release soon via Limited Run Games. It has been a bliss that Nintendo has since allowed Region Free as we have missed out on a lot of games from other regions this way.
  10. I have a few I imported from Japan like Okami HD and Bayonetta Non Stop Climax Edition which includes physical Bayonetta 1 and 2. So far most games have it automatically set to the language based on your system while others you have the option to choose the language before you start the game. FFX HD for example even though it has both languages in order to hear Japanese you need to set the Switch system to Japanese so for me it will always be English.
  11. Hi amiibo gang its been a while. Anyways was surprised to see that gorgeous Zelda with Loftwing amiibo for Skyward Sword HD. Pre orders so far opened for Best Buy and GameStop and they went flying quickly but I feel more will come as we get closer to release. I'll pick one up at Best Buy local store when they get their stock in if not pray to get it somewhere else. I'll keep tabs on Amazon but I can already see that dread bubblemailer.
  12. I managed to get this when it first came out and it is quite a lot of fun. I believe that there was a fresh new update that was added to the game to like Easy Difficulty and more songs.
  13. Good news gang. Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard and Byleth amiibo are confirmed to release in North America on March 26th, 2021. Same day that Japan is getting theirs.
  14. Just as Cloud has his Advent Children costume in Smash. Sephiroth will have a Shirtless look as one of his alternates.
  15. I ain't mad either. my cousin lost his shit big time as he is a massive FFVII fan. to not only have Cloud in Smash but now Sephiroth too who boy he even hyperventilated for a bit there.
  16. Got my pre orders in for Palico and Palamute via GameStop site. Had some reward points saved up so I used them to cover the shipping part.
  17. Dang one year for the rest of Fighter Pass Vol.1 amiibo and even while we wait they won’t reconsider adding female Byleth in the mix. I saw they removed the tweet about it but we know now.
  18. Managed to get both at a Best Buy a little farther away from home.
  19. Actually. Forza Horizon X360 and Forza Horizon 2 XBO have since been delisted. This means only Forza Horizon 4 will remain for the time being. The good thing is that servers for the games will remain active even after delisting but you just won't be able to purchase the game digitally anymore unless you somehow find a code online that can still redeem it. I too super prefer the Horizon series over the Motorsport one. I have been raising awareness about the game since last month in other places.
  20. Sunday is the day Forza Horizon 3 gets delisted as well as the DLC so if you want the game I recommend getting base game and expansion pass that had both Hot Wheels DLC and Blizzard Mountain. Hoonigan Car Pack adds some more achievements and that should be it.
  21. They look great and I am definitely getting them. Dang just noticed how huge Magnamalo is now. Palamute is effing awesome as well as Palico. Next Friday Joker and Hero amiibo finally see release then we have to wait till March 2021 for another set of amiibo.
  22. Hi gang and welcome to the Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport Thread. I wanted to make this thread because I wanted to at least let people on Ninfora know that Forza Horizon 3, Hot Wheels DLC, Blizzard Mountain DLC and its various car packs will be delisted from XBO and Windows 10 come September 27th, 2020. Previous games in both Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon have been delisted before like Forza Horizon for X360, Forza Horizon 2 for XBO, Forza Motorsport 6 for XBO and Forza Motorsport 6: Apex for Windows 10 this is mostly due to licenses running out for both cars that are featured in the game as well as music. While it is possible to get the games in physical disc form sadly the DLC is another story entirely. For me I missed out on Forza Horizon X360 Rally DLC, Forza Horizon 2 XBO Storm Island, Porsche Pack and Fast and Furious DLC. For Forza Horizon 3 the more important DLCs would be Hot Wheels DLC, Blizzard Mountain DLC and Hoonigan Car Pack as they add more to the game from more exploration to more achievements.
  23. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is now live at Amazon. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08G3MN6KP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  24. Oh man look at all that Mario goodness. Definitely getting SM3DW+BF, 2 copies of SM3DAS, Cat Mario & Cat Peach amiibo and possibly that Game & Watch SMB Edition.
  25. Hi gang its been a while. Anyways on to the news. I had missed the direct by 30 minutes due to being at work but once I pulled my phone and saw what was announced I was ecstatic. I'm super happy to see Atelier Ryza getting a sequel but the big one for me is that Nocturne is finally coming to modern consoles after being on PS2 Limbo for nearly 18 years. A double dose of Shin Megami Tensei coming to Switch in 2021 (October 2020 for Japan with Nocturne). Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is basically what introduced me to the Atlus brand overall way back in 2004 when I was closely following it via websites and magazines as I was fascinated with the lore it had going. I'm very pleased to know the game is coming to Switch (and PS4). Also that Shin Megami Tensei V is finally coming out next year is a huge plus after barely hearing a thing about it for a few years now. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne HD Remaster will have a Merciful difficulty for those that want to experience the game a bit easier but this version sadly doesn't have Dante included as he has since been replaced by Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV from the SMT Devil Summoner series which is also another series on PS2 Limbo.
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