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    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Hey gang, Welcome to the amiibo thread where we can discuss all things amiibo or toys to life in general. I'm still three smash characters away from a complete set on both sealed and open and I haven't bought an amiibo in a long while as I decided to simply pass the New Kirby line and Splatoon wave 2 amiibo for the time being unless they get much cheaper. I'm planning to get the Super Mario Bros. wave 2 set that arrives in November so I won't be missing out on glow in the dark Boo or Waluigi. Its good to know that we finally had a glimpse of the Bayonetta amiibo in the works but so far nothing yet on Cloud and Corrin. Anyways here are some pictures of the new Monster Hunter Stories amiibo that are coming out in Japan very soon with a Wave 2 already coming in December.
  2. Same here I have quite the number of VC games on there so while its put away I don't have any intention of selling it.
  3. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    I'm also going to wait for BB to see if they go up again as well. I actually was able to order the last set on the day they came out at BB so they had some extras. hopefully with this July set it'll be the same but again Smash fans are really wanting that Smash Isabelle.
  4. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Thanks a bunch. Dang people are thirsty for Smash Isabelle.
  5. Was able to buy the Fighter Pass via GameStop online. had about $4 on a trade in card so I used it towards the pass. The update is finally downloading after hitting continue about five times. 15% complete as of this writing.
  6. Going to wait till tomorrow to download the DLC then if its getting badly hammered now. I have work at 6AM so I'll likely do it after work.
  7. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Give me a heads up once the next wave goes live at BB.
  8. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    BooM I was almost right for the next wave.
  9. Juanblue85

    Switch firmware 8.0.0 now available!

    We getting closer to those folders!
  10. Juanblue85

    Nintendo Download: X and X-2 Mark the Spot

    I have my asian FFX/X-2 HD Remaster coming thru Play-Asia I should have it hopefully in 11 days tops just like I waited for World of Final Fantasy Maxima and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: EveryBuddy!
  11. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Pichu and Isabelle are likely on the next wave. Could be possible for Snake to be on the next wave or PKMN Trainer with Ivysaur and Squirtle.
  12. Juanblue85

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    I forgot to post my haul on Friday so here it is. I was originally going to have them shipped but noticed that my local BB still had left over so I switched it to in-store pick up right on time. Bonus Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory. @purple_beard I know its like Night and Day between SMB and SSB Daisy. Ken does indeed look great next to Ryu and Young Link has the best pose as you said. Makes you wish that regular Link could get a better pose or hell make a BoTW SSB Link amiibo. Heck in my opinion they should do BOTW Link, ALTTP/ALBW Zelda and OOT Ganondorf amiibo.
  13. http://genesismini.sega.com/ US Link https://sega.jp/mdmini/ JP Link http://megadrivemini.sega.com/ EU Link Just announced at Sega FES. US will get a Genesis branded console. 40 games in total, 10 announced so far. Releasing on September 19 worldwide. Price will be 6980円 with 1 controller ($70) and 8980円 with 2 controllers ($90) Controllers will be USB based. 6 buttons on the Japanese version and 3 buttons on the western version. Save state support. Confirmed to be developed by M2! (eff you AtGames) Yuzo Koshiro will be making new music for the menus of the console. America and Europe will only get the 2 controllers version for $79.99 / 79.99€ / £69.99 Definitely going for one now. It'll look swell next to my NES and SNES Classics.
  14. Hello and welcome to the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Square Enix thread where we can discuss all things from the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Square Enix series from the main games, spin offs, merchandise and what not. A bit about why I like the series: I only knew a little of Final Fantasy when I was young and practically missed all the hubbub about FFVII when it was huge back then (I had about Legend of Dragoon instead at the time) and the only time I got into the series was a high school buddy of mine who I haven't seen or heard from for a long time now introduced me to the guide of the game and I was mesmerized how good the game looked from the characters to the monsters and bosses to boot. My parents got me a PS2 later on after it launched as well as the game which they got used and stopped a little after the battle with the first boss of the game so I had to send it back and ask them to get a brand new copy instead. I was really deep into the series then and after that I was able to get FFVII and FFVIII for PS1 to play on my PS2. VII while it showed age to me was still very enjoyable and I didn't like VIII too much for some reason but I ended up getting it again later on PC via Steam in fact I own almost all the main line FF games on Steam (III, IV, IV: The After Years, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & X-2, XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns I'm surprised I and II aren't on PC yet and I know XII and XV will come at some point.) Anyways as of now I'm still a fan of the series and sadly I'm rather very cautious of FFXV (originally Versus XIII) since it has seen many changes and delays so I don't know if it'll be that good plus after the two demos I have played and also footage I have seen well it just doesn't seem as interesting or fun to me. Sure graphically the game looks great but with all that action happening it'll take time for me to get adjusted to it as it took me a while to get used to XIII with at least the sequel being a better improvement but the story for that went all over the place. I'm definitely interested in that World of Final Fantasy game but still not used to the super chibi look as I prefer the Theatrhythm FF look better. As for Kingdom Hearts when I saw the article about the first game many years ago I was very intrigued and followed it closely until I bought it for PS2. I had a blast with it and so I also tried out the sequel Kingdom Hearts II later on which was also great to me at least but I didn't like the card based battles too much from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and never did play Kingdom Hearts: Coded or Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep which so far seems to be the best one yet. I should definitely try to fetch the remasters that have recently come to PS4 such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts I.5 and II.5. For Square titles over I didn't even get the chance to play any Square titles until well in the millenium when FFX came out after that I tried of their works some even not FF related like The Bouncer, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and many others that I can't remember all of them. EDIT: This thread was originally in the old Nsider2 site so I decided to bring it over here to Ninfora so we can continue to discuss it.
  15. Juanblue85

    Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Mini coming WW 9/19/19

    Yes but it was made by AtGames which ended up being effing awful. Sega ditched them last year because of it and now we have the talented developers at M2 working on this new one. These guys have been around for some time and have done wonders with emulation with the modern consoles.
  16. Definitely interested in the title but it will take me time to get used to the bar going up and down like that. I'm super used to the notes dropping down ala DDR. I want to add VOEZ physical to my collection and possibly Deemo.
  17. I know some of you may have bought the Switch version of Axiom Verge but the Wii U version that I thought at one time been canceled is finally going to be released but it seems the road to release for the game had been bad. Here is a link for some story about what happened to the Wii U release of the game. I plan to get a copy of the game come in two weeks time to show support even though my Wii U has been packed away for two years now.
  18. Juanblue85

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Just got these three for MSRP from the most unlikely place I would have looked for amiibo. Dover Air Force Base Army Surplus store. To me, more exact a fellow amiibo collector on Facebook who lives in the south part of Delaware contacted me about them and I was super happy to score these for at retail price as they are hard to come by. I managed to pay him via PayPal and met up with him close to the base to pick them up. Waddle Dee now completes the Kirby line for me. I was surprised how big the Detective Pikachu ended up being as I missed it back at Best Buy a while back and its good to get the Splatoon 3 pack. Still may consider getting the recolored ones and I still need to get the Splatoon 2 amiibo which I originally thought released in a three pack but only came out in singles in the US. Only Octolings got a three pack.
  19. Juanblue85

    Need storage for your Switch? O_O

    I'm still good with my 128GB card. I'm mainly physical anyways. If anything I only have a few digital indie games and one full digital game which is Super Mario Odyssey.
  20. Juanblue85

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Got my first Monster Hunter Stories amiibo. I have another on the way. Second Monster Hunter amiibo is now here.
  21. Juanblue85

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Discussion Thread

    Best Buy is now offering a steelbook for new purchases of PKMN Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. I got my copy today.
  22. Juanblue85

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Got mine at BB.
  23. hey, gang its been a while. Anyone picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 or are planning to pick it up sometime? I just got mine but I'm currently in the middle of updating my brand spanking new Xbox One X which I got from GS due to their current promos running.
  24. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Just won a bid for Kirby and Meta Knight from the Kirby line via eBay. The end price wasn't too bad. They will accompany the lone King Dedede I have had for some time. Meta Knight one seems to be the pricier of the four so that simply leaves Waddle Dee for me to get and be caught up with the Kirby line. I still want to try and get the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo but I heard that so far the felyne named "Nabiru" is expensive to get. Qbby amiibo is out of my range for now so I'll have to skip it for now. Still passing on Shovel Knight amiibo. I also still need to get the Splatoon - 3 pack and Splatoon 2 - 3 pack. I might probably not get the Splatoon 3-pack recolors.