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  1. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    a Team Skull one? where was that? can you post a pic.
  2. I will admit now that I think about it I'll just get this afterall as its the only version I never did play and its the first PKMN game to introduce not only a female player but also moving sprites.
  3. I’m wondering why they didn’t just release this one instead of Silver and Gold but now I remember they did go and release Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS VC.
  4. I would gladly buy a beer to that anonymous fellow at the bottom.
  5. Its hard out there on the Streets....

    I’ll admit Capcom doing good now especially on Switch. Sure some people will feel burned at purchasing USFII for $40 and now you have this massive collection. Now that I think about it this is Street Fighter III’s first time on a Nintendo console. I may get this since I never did get USFII. Still at least with USFII it made Violent Ken canon.
  6. Same as soon as I got my Switch and experienced it I just packed away my Wii U on its box and it’s in my closet. Yes it did give me all the fun and joys of the system but Switch has it beat by miles now. I still have my Wii U games and will continue to keep them except the digital ones those are with me forever or until Nintendo cuts off the Wii U eShop.
  7. Managed to pre order the Bayonetta 1+2 Non-Stop Climax Edition at Amazon Japan as it includes a physical copy of both Bayo 1 and 2 separately.
  8. In Wii U it wasn’t a problem as the discs weren’t expensive at all but now with cartridges you can see how some games have ended up being more expensive on Switch. Capcom sadly in order to save money had to go the one game physical while the other is digital and now Sega is following suit.
  9. I bought it then I sold out and when Bayo was announced for Smash I knew it was going to be hard to track down so I managed to get the bundle again via ebay but this time I made sure to keep the bundle. Now with the games coming to Switch I'll still keep it as sadly the first game will not be getting a physical release like it did on Wii U.
  10. I think this further confirms that Nintendo is the one footing the bill.
  11. DLC Pack 2 Champions Ballad goes live tonight and...

    Heck in the current environment he is in it totally makes sense.
  12. Bayonetta 1+2 Switch trailer: I wanted to add that while they indeed confirmed a physical release of the games only Bayo 2 will be on cartridge while Bayo 1 will be a digital code. Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer:
  13. DLC Pack 2 Champions Ballad goes live tonight and...

    dang I knew it was coming soon but to think this soon. I won't be able to play it till maybe tomorrow or Sunday as I still have work to do.
  14. Yeah many people were mad at Capcom for not allowing button input changes as many people really didn't like the control layout that Capcom implemented for the Anniversary Collection. For me the Mega Man games I have only played are MM2 and MMX4.
  15. Fans demand Mega Man games for Switch. Capcom gives you 18 games including a new Mega Man 11. Fans are now ok with Capcom at least the Mega Man fans are. I need my Okami and RE4.