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  1. Juanblue85

    No Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Switch

    sadly it doesn't seem that any region will have a physical copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 however as you may possibly know by now. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will receive separate physical copies in Japan. Sometimes I just don't understand what Capcom is doing anymore do they even want Switch money.
  2. Juanblue85

    Kirby Star Allies Wave 2 and 3 characters leaked!

    Yep you got it right the first time. Kirby Squeak Squad. Adeleine is from Kirby 64 to my knowledge and Dark Meta Knight is from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
  3. Juanblue85

    Best Buy Ending Its Gamers Club Unlocked Program

    I would have been fine with either $60-$80 for 2 yrs. if it meant that they didn't lose out too much on profits. I really loved the fact I could get 20% even after the game has been out. Sometimes you just don't have the funds right away like Amazon seems to like or as I used to do buy Amazon Gift Cards in small quantities and apply the money towards the game before its out similar to how people do for GameStop in store.
  4. Juanblue85

    Kirby Star Allies Wave 2 and 3 characters leaked!

    Daroach has been revealed!
  5. I only ever got interested in the Modern Warfare series, Ghosts and Black Ops 1. Once it decided to go future I ended up dropping the series.
  6. Juanblue85

    Best Buy Ending Its Gamers Club Unlocked Program

    My plan is still good till August 2019. I guess I should have added another two yrs but there is that chance BB could end it sooner as well. I'm sad. I would have even accepted being charged more now that I know how good it is.
  7. Gotta wait for E3 2018 if not then that is a no. In other news while Physical Vita cartridge production ceases in the US and EU they are planning to keep it going for Japan for a bit longer.
  8. https://kotaku.com/sony-ends-production-of-physical-vita-games-1826060406 And so physical Vita cartridges will cease to be made for US/EU by 2019. Some that publish physical games have until June 18th, 2018 to have their contracts finished and also the games need to be released by February 18th, 2019. I'll admit I did have with the system and I still have a handful of physical Vita cartridges. I should consider getting a few titles again in physical format but then again maybe not.
  9. I have to admit I'm surprised. With World already out I had thought this would never embrace the west and yet here it is. I guess they wanted for World to sell decent here before announcing this over. Will add to my list to buy.
  10. Anyone remember that tough as nails GameCube Shump Ikaruga? Its coming back to Nintendo Switch thanks to Treasure teaming up with Nicalis. It'll release May 28th, 2018 digitally and if it does well we might possibly get a physical release. It will also include Vertical Mode or as some call it Tate Mode. I remember playing this title and man was it tough but oh so rewarding.
  11. So those who bought Kirby Star Allies or are familiar with the game know that as of Wave 1 Rick, Kine and Coo, Marx and Gooey were added to the games as allies/playable characters. Now due to a recent update and data mining more characters will be added to the game. In Wave 2 we will have Adeleine, Daroach and Dark Meta Knight and in Wave 3 will be Magolor, Taranza , Susie and the Jambastion Mages. https://www.resetera.com/threads/kirbyt-star-allies-dlc-wave-2-3-characters-datamined.39310/
  12. Juanblue85

    Mega Man X Legacy Collection hitting Switch

    Japan is getting Collection 1 and 2 separately in their own cartridges. will be importing assuming it'll be English like when I bought Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax Edition. Amazon Japan currently has three versions. Collection 1 by itself, Collection 2 by itself and lastly Collection 1+2 similar to US (Collection 1 physical while Collection 2 digital).
  13. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2018/04/10/iconoclasts-is-officially-coming-to-switch-with-new-difficulty-options-and-boss-rush.aspx I'm very happy that the game is coming and was hopeful it would as well. Will wait and see if I physical release gets announced.
  14. LRG's next Switch title will be Slime-San. It will be coming soon and remember that LRG will be adopting a two week open pre order before they lock orders in.
  15. I'm definitely getting both versions since I really love that little purple dragon and if a Switch/PC version comes out I will get those as well. To commemorate Spyro coming back I decided to post up my Spyro PS1 Collector's Edition.