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  1. Just found out now. Big congrats to the console I'm very happy with it and can see Nintendo putting a lot towards it. I just hope third parties can put out more for it this time.
  2. My latest haul with SS Link on the way.
  3. I'm assuming it'll be a noon pacific time release but we just don't have any info at all. Amazon should just not get exclusives at all anymore.
  4. Yep I sadly had a feeling this was the case. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles especially your bro. They sure limited the heck out of these. TP Link is basically gone from Delaware. MM Link I just have to pick up along with TP Link at the other GS location but I'm waiting because they need to get in touch with the GS clerk who gave up his pre order to give to me. as for SS Link I was up for a good portion of the morning but then fell asleep now I woke up at 10am and still nothing.
  5. I don't want to risk it as I have a number of titles in digital form. Its a pity even with the 2DS XL coming that they still would not take out region lock at least for physical titles.
  6. I'm importing that SE going to keep an eye out on Amazon Spain (or Europe). Yes I know the game is region locked but I can just sell that on eBay and keep the goods.
  7. sucks about no DLC being implement other than Goku Black but I can live with it.
  8. Forgot to add that today Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas released for Nintendo Switch.
  9. Ocarina of Time Link available on Play-Asia. In fact many of the Zelda amiibo are available even the new ones. http://www.play-asia.com/amiibo-the-legend-of-zelda-series-figure-link-toki-no-ocarina/13/70ai37 ****************************** So today I managed to call my GameStop to see if they received their restock of BotW amiibo and they did so I hurried over (thanks to a $15 GS Reward Coupon) and bought Guardian amiibo for my NiB set (all caught up now :)) I asked about the TP Link since I saw he had three of them behind him sadly he only had enough to cover pre orders (three pre-orders) so I was screwed. I couldn't believe what happened next he went and called another GameStop that he pre ordered a TP Link from and said that he was cancelling on getting it and was willing to give to me so he gave the details to the other GameStop so I just have to go over there on Friday and get my TP Link *I lost it internally* I went ahead and left some serious good feedback for him at TellGamestop. So now I have a MM Link to pick up at BB and a TP Link to pick up at this other GS so that just leaves me getting SS Link at Amazom.
  10. That's a good question. let me shoot Bandai Namco a question about that. I believe the purchasing of DLC for the game is done in-game Sadly its due to licensing as you have Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco & Nintendo.
  11. So just as the original game was delisted last year it appears the sequel's time has come up. Come after June 30th the game will be removed from 3DS eShop along with its demo. So far nothing has been said for US and Europe but its likely going to happen sometime this year as well. Good thing I own the physical copies of both games. http://gonintendo.com/stories/283394-japan-project-x-zone-2-being-removed-from-3ds-eshop?page=1#comment-146544
  12. Just got Cave Story+ via Amazon. Bummer those nice keychains ended up GS exclusive.
  13. US Release confirmed! coming late this year for PS4 and PC via Steam. Teaser Trailer
  14. Oh snap the second wave of LoZ amiibo have started to be sold in some parts in Japan.