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  1. Rumor has it that Yoshi arrives in June

    Looking forward to it. We should get another Direct in about 20 days from when the Mini was shown but that's just a guess so who knows when Nintendo will show the more full-fledged direct.
  2. BlazBlue CTB announced for Switch!

    Wow, that's terrible and from what I gather from its THE worst practice of DLC to date for a fighter. I'm putting this on my wait and see list and just put my money towards Street Fighter 30th Anniversary instead.
  3. I'm rather hesitant to buy this as while the amiibo is cool and big. I just don't want to fork over a big amount over a amiibo that will only work on one game. Take for example Pokken Tournament (DX). They had two chances to at least implement the Smash Pokemon to do something in that game and they didn't do it. Support for Pokemon amiibo to do something has been nearly nonexistent.
  4. Kansas man killed by cops via swatting

    https://kotaku.com/man-arrested-for-swatting-call-that-led-to-murder-charg-1822036529 looks like the swatted has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
  5. Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.18

    I guess the surprised Direct did indeed happen. Anyways I do have a couple of titles on my list to buy. The way it is going so far for me this year most games will be for Switch. Ys VIII is a title that I have seen a couple of times before and now that its coming to Switch I'm definitely getting it there. Hopefully they bring the older titles there to eShop at least. I have yet to get Pokken Tournament DX but now with Aegislash and Blastoise included via paid DLC I have added the game to my list to get. Never played Hyrule Warriors either on Wii U or 3DS so now that it has a Definitive Edition coming to Switch with DLC from both releases now its the perfect time to get it. Dark Souls Remastered hmmm I have definitely tried the series before starting with Demon's Souls which was indeed tough and I do own Dark Souls 3 which I got from a Redbox machine for PS4 but have yet to try it. I'm going on a wait and see for this before adding it to the list. Kirby Star Allies is definitely a must buy for me so that is definitely on the list. Mario Tennis Aces definitely curious on this one and it has Story mode which I haven't seen since Mario Tennis Power Tour on GBA. That's a long while back. Will wait and see how this one pans out before buying it. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze coming to Switch is another definitive buy for me. Hopefully, they improve the loading times for it as everything else, as far as I know, was excellent. Funky being added I guess its to make it easier for the kiddos as the game can be brutal in some spots. Mario + Rabbids DLC hmm I do have the game but have barely put too much time on it so I'll likely not get the DLC till much later. Super Mario Odyssey update was a surprise and I was super hyped when I saw Luigi there. Pity his role here is just adding a bit more playtime to the game via hiding and seek balloons.
  6. It has now been confirmed the Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan Non-Stop Climax Edition will support English and other languages. Good thing I scored a Japanese version.
  7. Kansas man killed by cops via swatting

    I'm in the US and every time I see a cop I automatically fear them more than I do a gang banger. There are simply just too many guns in the US heck I'm fearful that possibly one day I may meet my end with one.
  8. Earthlock: Festival of Magic coming to Switch!

    So looks like there is going to be a new version of Earthlock: Festival of Magic but this time it'll be known as "EARTHLOCK". So this new one will be vastly different from the original release. The new one be free to anyone who owns the original release (Steam, PS4, XBO and GOG sadly Wii U is excluded). https://gonintendo.com/stories/298865-earthlock-festival-of-magic-s-switch-version-detailed
  9. Kansas man killed by cops via swatting

    Looks like they captured the second player out of Connecticut.
  10. Kansas man killed by cops via swatting

    woops sorry forgot to put up a definition of the word but avalonknight pretty much summed it up. You should take a look at a youtube video of this happening to live streamers its terrifying.
  11. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/kan-man-killed-cops-victim-swatting-prank-article-1.3726171 It finally happened. after watching some swatting videos online of poor people playing games and livestreaming we finally have our first death because of swatting. This is terrible I remember watching those poor guys getting arrested because of someone being funny online and calling the damn cops.
  12. So far for me I have a 128GB card but that's good for me as I buy mostly physical whenever possible and then some indies physical. If you plan to go full digital go with a 256GB card for the time being. I don't know much about the 400GB card but I can assume its super expensive.
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nintendo-delays-rollout-of-64-gigabyte-switch-game-cards-until-2019-1514360941 Its good to know that bigger game cards are coming but again they have been delayed till 2019 so we will still see some games on Switch still requiring an SD Card for some time. Now I'm hoping that with these bigger game cards the meatier games don't get jacked up in price.
  14. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    Amazing! Man I may try to get one of each. I see they are around $17 each. Could try to get them in one shot to keep shipping low.
  15. Team Rainbow Rocket Merchandise Incoming!!!

    a Team Skull one? where was that? can you post a pic.