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  1. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    Well played a good amount and did explore The Mire. Had a bunch of close calls with Wendigo but managed to avoid it as I wasn't ready for it but did die quite a handful of times in there due to being ambushed by effing Scorchbeast multiple times and not it but also a gang of Super Mutants too. I got killed near Abbey's Bunker, near some nuclear plant, Harpers Ferry and again close to Camp Ventura. It was a mess and I was also encumbered too so running away wasn't easy. I could have placed a CAMP in there but decided against that idea. I'm Level 22 now rocking a Raider Power Armor that only has a few pieces. I started fully exploring Toxic Valley and fought and killed two Grafton Monsters from a distance and almost had an up close and personal with a very high-level Snallygaster which in the end I ended up killing as well. Now I'm Wally's waterpark
  2. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    I actually have yet to meet the Mothman, Wendigo, Megasloth, Angler (did in Far Harbor), Fog Crawler (Also did see at Far Harbor), Honey Beast, Cave Cricket, Hermit Crab (again also did see at Far Harbor), Flatwoods Monster, and Deathclaw then again I can easily see it by going to Deathclaw Island but mostly mean in other parts of the world I have been mostly at The Forest, Ash Heap, and Toxic Valley. I just hit yesterday for a little bit Savage Divide. Still, need to try and see The Mire and Cranberry Bog. This is the PS4 version by the way. Now I'm currently doing the update which is quite hefty.
  3. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    I also ended up getting the game for PS4 since two of my co-workers wanted to team up and we traveled all over The Forest area and a large amount of the Ash Heap area. strange too as when I was playing solo on XBO I met a lot of Scorched enemies but while playing with my co-workers and then solo later on PS4 I met a lot of Super Mutants in some of the familiar areas. I just hit Toxic Valley further north now then hoping to see The Mire. As far as I know, everything east to southeast of the game is high level as heck.
  4. Juanblue85

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy discussion.

    Sometimes I wonder what goes on Activision minds. They didn't release the game on PC either. first it was Crash which of course I thought at the time was PS4 exclusive until it was revealed they were going to bring it to XBO, Switch and PC. Now here we are with Spyro except they did PS4 and XBO but omitted the Switch and PC. I believe they will eventually come but I do hope that the Switch version is complete in cartridge but there is a good chance Activision might be asses and do a "Internet Download required" for it.
  5. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    All righty its been a while and the new amiibo are coming in three weeks time. So far I managed to purchase King Dedede from the Kirby line of amiibo so I plan to get Kirby later will likely try to track down Waddle Dee and Meta Knight which is harder to find. Super Mario Bros. line I just simply need to get the Boo amiibo. Haven't bought any from the Monster Hunter Stories line and not too interested in Shovel Knight line. I have yet to get my hands on the Splat2n amiibo and the original Inkling Squid from Splatoon. Not too interested in the recolors. I'm going to have rearrange the Smash line in my wall to match the character select screen from Smash Ultimate.
  6. Juanblue85

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy discussion.

    Just take note that the disc might as well be a coaster as it barely has that much data in it. Even though Activision delayed the game which I thought would fix the storage issue (put all games in one disc) they didn't do anything.I'm hoping the future Switch version is complete.
  7. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    I managed to level up my initial character to 15 but started a new one as female as it seems some of the quest achievements from the Beta did not unlock but other achievements did like kill x amount of enemies or repair x amount and such. I also got my hands on the guide for the game and pretty much the east and southeast of the game is high level as heck so I recommend you try to level up in the easier areas and also complete daily, weekly, monthly challenges as it gives good loot and EXP.
  8. Spyro's finally makes a comeback for its 20 year anniversary. Did you get your copy? I bought both versions.
  9. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    Got my copy finally. had to install the game first then let it update which as expected is taking forever. Also looks like later on, we will be able to explore the Vaults in the game that are still sealed in later updates.
  10. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    Yeah, its a shame the negativity its producing. I at first hated the idea of an online Fallout game if anything they could have done a co-op Fallout instead of going full multiplayer. The only reason I'm even getting it is that I really like the location and the lore it has going for it which I wish it had NPCs in it. Anyways let us see how it pans out for the game after it releases and if people still play it.
  11. Juanblue85

    Fallout 76 discussion

    Hey, there anyone tried out the Beta for the game? I have managed to play for a few days when the Beta was live and at first, I was hating it but ended up liking it. So far out of the days, I have played I have only had two freezes happen which was on XBO by the way. I think I'll still get the full game anyways. I did explore quite a bit of the game from south to a little south-west and then south-east which I had to bail quickly as I saw enemies were tougher there and then met the biggest creature in the game called the Scorchbeast not once but twice in the south-east of the map. There is some good lore in the game but a damn shame it has to be found via scraps of paper and holo tapes to better understand the world and what has happened while you were in the vault. So far my best advice is to loot anything you can find and then drop it on your own stash box as you will need it to maintain weapons and armor. It is a bit of a pain that I have to keep my character fed and drink untainted water as it reminds me a bit of the survival mode from FO New Vegas and 4 and it happens a bit often too so you may need to get the perks for food and water sooner so it doesn't get in the way too much of your exploration.
  12. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    oh man, I was away for a bit but I was able to see the Direct and was ecstatic at the new characters especially the one character that made everyone go "WTF?" Pirahna Plant. Anyways I was able to pre-order Pirahna Plant, K.Rool and Ice Climbers at BB so I'm all set I even made a back up by buying them again on Amazon but I'll likely still get them via BB. I'll admit that's quite the amount of amiibo they have shown was surprised that Snake isn't coming quite yet but at least Pichu and Young Link are coming soon so that seals the Melee cast. Still makes me wonder if they plan to do a PKMN Trainer one or just file it under Charizard amiibo.
  13. Juanblue85

    Sonic Team Racing delayed to May 21, 2019

    I'll admit it was a good idea to delay it since it already started looking poor as hell. While of course I haven't played the game so far it hasn't been interesting at all.
  14. hey, gang its been a while. Anyone picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 or are planning to pick it up sometime? I just got mine but I'm currently in the middle of updating my brand spanking new Xbox One X which I got from GS due to their current promos running.
  15. I'm actually hoping for the chance this gets to be dubbed. I mean you managed to get some of the cast back to voice in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle you can bring them back to voice Central Fiction. I really hope Arc sys does this.