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  1. Hey gang anyone remember these games back on PS4 and Vita? I was super hoping the games will embrace Nintendo again and my wish came true. You will be getting the complete Cyber Sleuth experience on Switch/PC. It will include the original Cyber Sleuth game as well as Hacker's Memory. The story of both games happen at the same time but in different perspectives. Another thing to add is that the DLC Digimon and etc will be included in this release except for I believe the NX versions of Leopardmon, Omnimon and Crusadermon which are more like mini versions of the regular Mega Digivolutions you meet in the game. The game will be receiving a physical and digital release come October 20, 2019 about three-four weeks shy of PKMN SwSh release. Another note is that Digimon Survive has been delayed till 2020 and also that a brand new Digimon Story is in the works.
  2. It was great to see so many Gym Leaders from past games as well as their Elite Four, Champions, Frontier Brains, Enemy Teams (I mean so far its been mostly Team Rocket but the others should be coming as well). Wonder if some of the characters from the GC and Wii PKMN games would be here.
  3. I wanted to get the steelbook from europe but that sold out super fast and then there is the case that some of those stores just don't ship to the US. I'm beginning to wonder what the heck NoA is doing. That should have easily sold out super fast here in the US. Astral Chain is another one which is getting a CE in Europe/Japan but not here.
  4. Pity about the delay but still I can wait a bit longer. Sis was super hyped for Pokemon Sword and Shield so she is going to lose it with this latest AC game. I'll see if I can gift her a Switch (if the cheaper, smaller model does become a reality) to her either for PKMN this year or AC next year.
  5. The creator stated that the sequel to BotW will indeed be a little darker than Majora's Mask. It is still nice to see Ganondorf again though as a husk. Makes me wonder who the true evil is here as it almost looks like Ganondorf ended up being a victim here.
  6. My wallet is going to burn for the next couple of months
  7. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered finally releasing on PS4/XBO/Switch and PC. 2019.
  8. As I was running errands I saw a post about GS having their Double Pack of PKMN Sword and Shield available so I managed to put in a pre-order at the local store.
  9. I want to try and get physical of this but at the moment its pricey. I want this, Deemo and VOEZ physical once it drops down in price for me.
  10. Same here I have quite the number of VC games on there so while its put away I don't have any intention of selling it.
  11. I'm also going to wait for BB to see if they go up again as well. I actually was able to order the last set on the day they came out at BB so they had some extras. hopefully with this July set it'll be the same but again Smash fans are really wanting that Smash Isabelle.
  12. Thanks a bunch. Dang people are thirsty for Smash Isabelle.
  13. Was able to buy the Fighter Pass via GameStop online. had about $4 on a trade in card so I used it towards the pass. The update is finally downloading after hitting continue about five times. 15% complete as of this writing.
  14. Going to wait till tomorrow to download the DLC then if its getting badly hammered now. I have work at 6AM so I'll likely do it after work.