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  1. I'll admit that we did at least get another female fighter even though she is more of a palette swap so if the DLC amiibo is like what happened to Corrin back in Smash 3DS/Wii U we may get two Byleth amiibo. When I mentioned about finally having another female representative I had some peeps thowing that Me Too movement crap onto me. I couldn't believe the shade they were throwing at me.
  2. Well that was a bit of a letdown for me and we never got any news about DLC amiibo either. I did hear him say that the recording was made in November 2019. Was odd he was talking about Dark Samus and Richter when some peeps are getting theirs tomorrow or as I have seen some lucky people getting theirs already. I think we should have seen something DLC amiibo related by now but oh well. Not touching Fighter Pass 2 right off the bat so I'm going to wait and see.
  3. what up amiibo gang and welcome to 2020. I have since pre order Dark Samus and Richter which release in two weeks time. Still no word on the DLC Smash amiibo so we will likely see something with a Nintendo Direct that should hopefully be happening soon as we are due for one and heck we still don't know who is Character #5 yet. I know they never said anything about revealing it during the Game Awards in December but still a bit of a let down.
  4. Hey gang let me know if you need any Pokemon to finish up your Pokedex. I can provide you with what you need (except Zacian or Zamazenta). I have both versions and have since beat both versions.
  5. Got mine at Best Buy but currently at work. Scored Pokémon Sword and Shield Double Pack for $99 at Walmart.
  6. Dang been away for a while anyways I have since pre ordered the November amiibo and scored myself a fresh Pokemon Switch Lite. I still have my old Switch mainly for TV Mode but I did indeed update it to the new revision. Surprised that we didn't get any reveals for the DLC Smash amiibo as I had thought that maybe Joker would join Dark Samus and Richter in January but it is likely happening either late February to March 2020.
  7. I still have yet to pre order the November amiibo. Will do it soon though. I'm surprised we still don't have a date for Richter and Dark Samus. There is a good chance they may not be alone and one or more of the DLC characters will join them next year.
  8. Dang what a surprise. Banjo-Kazooie being live today and that rumor of Terry Bogard coming ended up being true but the biggest surprise for me is more DLC characters other than the five are coming. Also Sans mii costume was a surprise as well as his music.
  9. Still passing on Shovel Knight amiibo even if gold.
  10. It was mostly covers for the joysticks and they were five bucks with covers for the joy cons as well. The clerks didn't even notice at all they were mostly concentrating to remove my old Zelda skin from the Switch and the screen protector (forgot to mention I also bought a screen protector from Five Below as well). By the time I had noticed the covers were still on the joysticks she had already put the old Switch on another box to sell it to another customer which surprised me as I thought they would send it to HQ to make sure everything is great with it and further clean it before its handed over to another customer.
  11. In my case for the improve Switch everything has been smooth from the system to the joy cons. had to stop by Five Below store to buy some covers for the joy cons which I like as they have better friction so my finger doesn't slide off. I forgot to remove my old ones when I traded in my old Switch. Battery has been superb as advertised. I played a lot of Dragon Quest Builders 2 yesterday for a good 5 hours till I needed to charge it. Before it was like 2.5 hrs.
  12. Traded in my launch Grey Joy Con Nintendo Switch console along with some games to score the new improved Switch with Red and Blue Joy Cons. I also got Guacamelee One-Two Punch Collection for Switch with my remaining store credit.