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  1. Juanblue85

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Discussion Thread

    Best Buy is now offering a steelbook for new purchases of PKMN Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. I got my copy today.
  2. Juanblue85

    Official Post Your Amiibo Collection Thread

    Got mine at BB.
  3. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Just won a bid for Kirby and Meta Knight from the Kirby line via eBay. The end price wasn't too bad. They will accompany the lone King Dedede I have had for some time. Meta Knight one seems to be the pricier of the four so that simply leaves Waddle Dee for me to get and be caught up with the Kirby line. I still want to try and get the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo but I heard that so far the felyne named "Nabiru" is expensive to get. Qbby amiibo is out of my range for now so I'll have to skip it for now. Still passing on Shovel Knight amiibo. I also still need to get the Splatoon - 3 pack and Splatoon 2 - 3 pack. I might probably not get the Splatoon 3-pack recolors.
  4. Juanblue85

    Fighters Pass 2 announced for Dragonball FighterZ

    Oh, he is in if you see towards the end of the trailer they have him and DBS Broly.
  5. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Check out these two amiibo you and I won't get to have.
  6. Dragon_Ball_FighterZ_Season_2_Reveal_Trailer_JirenVidelGogeta_and_DBS_Broly.mp4
  7. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Found it via amiibo news twitter.
  8. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Pokemon Trainer amiibo and Snake amiibo shown. Squirtle and Ivysaur amiibo confirmed. Dark Samus, Simon, Richter and Chrom mentioned. Charizard is getting a reprint.
  9. Juanblue85

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

  10. Juanblue85

    Metroid Prime 4 Development update

    It does hurt know it'll be a long while longer to see the game again but at least Nintendo did see it ahead of time. In the mean time I do hope to hear about some new games soon or hell do newcomers and old fans a favor and bring Metroid Prime Trilogy to Switch.
  11. Pirahna Plant has been reconfirmed to release sometime in February 2019 so make sure to redeem your code soon. I have since beat World of Light and I might go for a New Game + run. I have also done a lot of the Spirit Board. So far for me the hardest to beat is friggin Pyra spirit getting my ass handed to me and another would be Ness's Father spirit, Liquid Snake anyone?
  12. So how's everyone doing in the game? I managed to beat Classic Mode with all characters, Beat World of Light and now I'm mainly at the Spirit Board getting a lot of spirits I even got a lot of the Fire Emblem ones that were in the last event and the three new event exclusive Mario related spirits. Dice Block I got really easy thanks to hammer time and Golden Mushroom well the Mii Brawler was wiping the floor with me but made the fatal mistake of sending me flying to the Starman that had just left the playing field so once I got the invincibility I managed to take him out with King Dedede. River Survival one I actually died three times since the stage got chaotic once bob-ombs started to fell and Bowser kept being on my case a lot in the matches along with Kirby.
  13. Juanblue85

    Top Wii U ports left you'd like to see?

    For me, it would be as follows. Wind Waker HD Twilight Princess HD Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Super Mario 3D World Would have loved Yoshi's Woolly World but that's now on 3DS same with Kirby's Epic Yarn. Xenoblade Chronicles X Pikmin 3 I know Harada said something about Tekken 7 coming to Switch if fans requested it but in my opinion, I would like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 more. To be more exact if the top four manage to come to Switch I won't even need to pull out my Wii U anymore.
  14. I actually haven't done 9.9 yet but the closest I have managed to get is 7.9. I have been playing each character in Classic Mode after beating World of Light 100 percent. Only have Simon, Richter, K. Rool, Isabelle and Incineroar to beat Classic Mode until Pirahna Plant and Joker get added. Haven't played once at all online as I don't have the ethernet plug in my room.
  15. Juanblue85

    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    Managed to track down Conker and since there was a sale I also got Classic Sonic and Knuckles.