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  1. There's Doom and I believe it connects to actual servers and not the hack fest that is p2p of Splatoon 2.
  2. Punchy

    Nintendo online within a month

    Disappointment and lacking in features, but you get what you pay for. Yeah, I have my doubts Nintendo would see this favorably. But would have to see how the "family" plan entails.
  3. I wouldn't use a mediocre indie-scrub game as a litmus test for a service you have been testing for well over a year now, tbh.
  4. He already does, how else did Bowser JR come along?
  5. Punchy

    Nintendo Switch systems cracking?

    High heat + poor ventilation in the doc = weakening of plastic
  6. Punchy

    Warframe headed to Switch

    It's what Destiny should have been. Though it took it a long time to get there. Game was ultra janky at the start. But unlike Destiny, DE actually made the game better.
  7. Punchy

    Retro Studios to close down?

    Yes Glassdoor isn't reliable at all and doesn't point to larger issues with how bad Retro's management and NCL has been treating Nintendo's best western studio. Nothing to see here at all. Glassdoor just can't be trusted on these things, I mean next thing you know we'd find out that Sony treats their western studios better than Nintendo does. Lol, silly gaijins I really feel sorry for them. The get great talent, they work on something original that gets the talent excited. NCL says no, Retro management doesn't push back, that great talent leaves. Repeat over and over.
  8. Some engines weren't made with the Switch in mind, even knowing full well of the Switch's existence.
  9. Punchy

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    But why wouldn't the Switch suddenly become the main system to play it one, once you start playing on the couch, in bed, in the bathroom, at a friends house? Suddenly Fortnite at nearly any time becomes really alluring. Outside of better framerate and some filtering, the games are identical. You could see why many people would change what they play it on. Sony is the market leader and clearly Epic allowed this, because well you have to play ball sometimes. Sony has spent a lot of time and money getting PSN to the state it is today and they clearly stole a ton of users from Live. Once they have you, they probably have your friends as well, so to them, might as well lock you into their ecosystem so it makes it more difficult for you to change sides next gen. That said, MS should not win any points either. Don't think they wouldn't pull the same shit if they were the market leader. They are only playing nice because the Xbox One did huge damage to their reputation and drove gamers to Sony. They are doing as much as possible to look good and save face for next gen and they really want to end this gen as fast as possible. Let's not forget that MS with the Xbox One, wanted to lock physical copies of your purchased games to the hardware. Thereby not allowing you to borrow, rent, or have used games function on your system. Don't for a second think they won't attempt that again at some point in the future, should they become the market leader. As bad as Sony is, MS as market leader would be far worse, IMO.
  10. Punchy

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Yes, I liked Demon X Machina and Devolver Digital have the best conference again this year. Loved it! My liking or not liking has little to do with what looks to be a drought of games till fall, to be fair.
  11. Punchy

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    This is my takeaway from Nintendo's E3: There is very little between now and December. I wish them luck in getting 20 million sold in this financial year with such a weak 2018. Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed the chances of them hitting their projections to be unlikely.
  12. Punchy

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    Fixed that for ya.
  13. Punchy

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    Nice, you can just use a headset to voice chat and not an app.
  14. Punchy

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Nintendo Exec 1: Guys we don't have much game wise, what do we do for E3? Nintendo Exec 2: Let's have Sakurai read the change log for Smash! Nintendo Exec 1: But that would be like... 20 minutes of filler shit. People will get bored and we'll lose an easily winnable E3!! Nintendo Exec 2: We could show Prime 4. Nintendo Exec 1: Nah. Nintendo Exec 2: Retro's game. Nintendo Exec 1: Fuck those gaijin's. Nintendo Exec 2: Our Online network?? Nintendo Exec 1 & 2: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Nintendo Exec 2: Yeah let's just go with Sakurai.
  15. As soon as they said the word 'Online' I knew there wasn't going to be a Switch version.