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  1. My state put anyone who smokes into the group I’m in so every single vaccine site across the state is booked solid through March now. fuck me I guess
  2. A new LED bar and some aquascaping and we’re looking much nicer
  3. This is to deny him the perks he would otherwise get, like secret service protection and intelligence briefings. It also prevents him from running again in 2021 and sets the precedent that you cannot fuck around like he did with Y’all Qaeda and get away with it
  4. Dumbass coworker pulling their mask down to talk to me inches away multiple times a day
  5. I'm all clear Which can only mean that I've already had it
  6. I'm getting tested tomorrow and refused to go into work so hopefully it's nothing, but I have felt kinda shitty lately so my hopes are not high
  7. Guess who was exposed to COVID at work last week?
  8. I quite like almond milk for what it's worth. Oat milk is alright too.
  9. Big Bang Theory was weird. It was complete shit but still ran for 12 years
  10. So to make this I used: 9 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs Flour with some fresh ground pepper sprinkled in Oil of your choice for frying (stay away from olive oil and other low smoke point oils) About 1 cup of white wine (also of your choice but I would pick something dry) 2 cups of chicken stock 3 cloves of garlic The juice and zest of 1-2 lemons (depending on how big they are) ~2 tablespoons of butter So what you want to do is take a casserole dish or any other flat vessel you have and dump some flour on in there, grinding (or sprinkling)
  11. I don't want to be optimistic yet because I've been hurt too many times before, but I really really hope you're right.
  12. Don’t worry! That won’t happen! 2021 will be much worse!
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