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  1. I haven’t looked at that in a minute. I’ll pat myself on the back for the theme though
  2. The best part about mobile is that signatures are hidden Speaking of which what is mine? I don’t even remember.
  3. So I went to colossalcon east yesterday. It was really small and kinda sucked, but I saw this which was rad
  4. I spent the full moon Friday the 13th in the town they filmed the original movie in. Spoooky
  5. Speaking of metroidvanias I started Dead Cells since it’s on gamepass now. I’m really liking it so far. The first boss is kinda wrecking me but I reckon ill get better. I also ran through Super Metroid in 3 hours and 57 minutes. Not too bad, but not great either. Gotta try again.
  6. So I did the big dumb today. I spent some time blacking out my car’s hubcaps, and I didn’t wait long enough for the coating to dry. It ripped off a little bit which wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t run out of the stuff entirely. Aaaaaaa
  7. I didn’t mean to say that vaping isn’t bad for you (spoiler: it is) but more so that the knee-jerk reaction the government had is ridiculous. Tobacco lobby is powerful
  8. 335 people die in shooting incidents in 2019 ThErEs NoThInG wE cAn Do 6 people die from vaping BAN IT ALL
  9. I’ve gone every year since 2014 👉😎👉
  10. With the painter’s tape: Last week after hand washing and waxing
  11. I made some DIY modifications to my car today and it looks GREAT
  12. So my little fish sleeps in his cave at night
  13. The thing with Ōkami is that the intro is painfully long and slow. It treats you like you don’t have a brain and it’s definitely a faff to get through. Once you do get through it though it’s a fantastic game.
  14. I’ve been playing through Okami again on my Switch. I love this game dearly but man, Issun can die in a fire
  15. I’ve started playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This game is tough as nails and realistic almost to a fault, but I’m enjoying it so far.