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  1. I also bought something that is probably the most on-brand thing I’ve ever done
  2. I got to see the new Gundam movie premiere tonight with a forward by Tomino himself. It was cool.
  3. If they trimmed some Pokémon around the edges that would have been perfectly fine, but that’s not what they did. They cut 60% of the roster for what? An upscaled 3DS game for $60 (80 beaver bux)?
  4. I recently purchased Atelier Ryza and I’m glad to say that I’m enjoying it so far. It’s pretty much exactly what I needed right now. It’s light hearted and cute and relaxing. I haven’t played an Atelier game in ages but I’m glad I hopped back in on this one. I mean hurr durr more like Atelier Thigh-za
  5. Fun fact neither of these are in the new Pokémon game
  6. Here in north jersey we’re getting low 60s during the day and low 40s at night. Feels about right tbh
  7. That was the best show I’ve ever been to, hands down. Holy SHIT
  8. I would honestly prefer if they just stuck to creating new experiences. I enjoy the ground up remakes that have been coming out, don’t get me wrong, but what if instead of Link’s Awakening they made something new in the engine they cooked up?
  9. I have pit tickets to see Ghost on Friday night. The perfect Halloween show
  10. So the world design in Destiny 2 is off the chain i mean LOOK at that
  11. https://www.analogue.co/pocket/ So this thing looks like an absolute beast of a handheld. I’ve been looking into upgrading parts of my old gameboy to replay some classics but this thing ticks off all the boxes for me. Sure it’s a little pricey but looking at the specs and what it’s capable of I think I can live with it. Day 1 babyyyyy
  12. Korean barbecue is proof enough that life is worth living and that I shouldn’t jump off a cliff.