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  1. If your bank account isn’t rich enough to maybe pay a few extra dollars for a niche collectible entertainment product then why are you even considering it in the first place?
  2. 428 is a game I really want to play but I just don’t have the time. That’s been the story of my life lately and it’s miserable. 50 hour, 6 day work weeks are super burning me out. Not been in a good place lately.
  3. If you go the boot camp panel in system preferences you choose which partition to boot from.
  4. Oh crap I didn’t realize that was dlc. Why is that DLC????
  5. How can math be real if our eyes aren’t real
  6. The best part is that he gets excited when I come home. I grew up with an 85 gallon aquarium so I’m no stranger to fish but I’ve never had one this interactive before.
  7. So my pet fish and I have the same energy. If I turn a light on in the middle of the night he’ll slowly float over to me to glare disapprovingly and then just float back to to bottom of the tank to sleep again.
  8. I highly HIGHLY recommend the Miyazaki Lupin movie. Lupin the Third is a lot of fun.
  9. No TV compatibility means no buy for me. I’ll keep holding off until the rumored Switch Pro or whatever they decide to call it is shown off. Not being able to dock it means it’ll be running everything in handheld mode meaning there are certain games that are going to run like absolutely ass on these new things.
  10. For the record I live about 90 minutes outside New York City and this is the best we can get.
  11. I would just think of the pasta sauce ¯\_(ツ)_/¯