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  1. The real bullshit is that a detolf used to be $50 and now they're $100
  2. I haven't done it since two thousand and eighteen
  3. Nah, I think I’ll keep demonizing the richest person on the planet
  4. I'm more enraged that a piece of shit billionaire was able to completely buy out the platform because he had his feelings hurt a few times. This asshole spends 46 billion dollars for a laugh and I have to worry about whether or not I can pay my bills every month. People are starving and dying in the streets (a problem he claimed he could solve btw) and here we are blowing a disgusting amount of money for what? Fun? Fuck off and die you piece of shit
  5. It's doo doo is what it is. Completely soured my opinion of the entire game
  6. I rescind my previous statement. The late game content in Elden Ring is actually shit.
  7. As much as I know it isn't going to happen any time soon I really hope Nintendo has some new hardware in the wings. The 7 year old, underclocked chip in the switch just isn't cutting it anymore.
  8. I just have a basic Bodum french press that I got from walmart for like... $20. It does a super good job. I also have a Grosche brand moka pot for when I want something a little stronger. Oh yeah, and Elden Ring fuckin SLAPS gang. Best FROMsoft game by a mile
  9. The reason criticism is “turned up to 11” is because this game looks like inexcusable shit.
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