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  1. I have one in my system and it’s never been an issue, even sitting right above an RTX 2080 space heater edition. It is so insanely fast it’s unbelievable. I can boot from cold to my desktop in about 5 seconds. the one thing to look out for is what kind of storage it is. QLC flash holds a lot more but slows down as you fill it and doesn’t last as long.
  2. My next project for this computer is slowly switching components over to water cooling. My CPU cooler is silent and keeps things cool, but I really want to liquid cool the graphics card because it's so LOUD
  3. The only thing I still want to add to mine is some lighting. I don't have any gamer vomit RGB in this case but a nice LED strip light at the top would be nice.
  4. I got the new case fans I ordered today. They’re not really the prettiest color but they move air like no one’s business mmm poo brown
  5. I have brain rot because all I can think of at work is going home and playing FFXIV. Getting lost in an MMO is about the worst way to deal with depression but hey I’m makin it over here.
  6. If you believe in QAnon you’re a fucking moron
  7. The fact that nothing has happened in almost a whole day is pretty telling as well
  8. Mead is really good, I get why the vikings drank so much of this stuff.
  9. I've been playing Fallout 76 since they added it to gamepass. I'm a big time Fallout fan and playing this game is so upsetting. The world is super interesting to explore and with the Wastelanders update there's even an interesting story, but I can't help but see that this could have been a single player game. It's free and I have nothing better to do so I'll keep plugging along with it just to see what's here but it still makes me sad inside. This game single-handedly killed any chance of a Fallout 5 anytime soon.
  10. I'm totally going to pirate it, don't worry about that.