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  1. 1) Pepperoni and anchovy (though it would be remiss of me to leave out that I like Hawaiian pizza) 2) Taylor ham, egg, and cheese 3) Whiskey, served neat
  2. I think it's unfair to say that people upset with the OLED model are all just babies or gamer ragers or whatever else. The fact they're charging even more money for the same 6 year old underclocked SoC and a 720p screen is gross.
  3. This is definitely super shitty, however… Maybe I’m just some immoral monster but I just modded my PSP years ago and haven’t looked back since.
  4. I’ve been juiced up for a while and after a year of constantly being terrified at work it’s nice to be able to just be calm again. The other good news is that even after lifting our mask mandates here in Jersey things are still trending down. Things are as back to “normal” as they’re going to get for now and it’s so… nice.
  5. Gamers, I have officially won Final Fantasy XIV
  6. Yeah, I would definitely say your plans are a little… complicated. Sometimes simple is better! Tattoos are cool though so do share whenever it’s done. I’m working on getting an appointment set up to get the YoRHa crest put on my forearm.
  7. Imagine Game Freak putting in 1/100 of the effort that person did
  8. I finally have good enough internet to play Flight Sim 2020. Damn this game is cool. I flew to my house and it was there.
  9. I’ll also pile on and say Control is an incredible game. The world it builds is just so damn cool, especially if you like SCP-style stuff. Plus it looks hella nice if you have one of them there RTX graphics cards
  10. I get my second shot on Sunday. Two weeks from then it's time to see friends again for the first time in entirely too long.
  11. Oh boy, it’s Tuesday! Time for a new Giant Bombcast!
  12. I'm about 6 hours into Replicant and I am loving this game so far. Can't wait to get emotionally damaged before I see it through. Afterwards I will play through Automata again and hurt myself even more.
  13. Photo of me purchasing Nier Replicant on steam even though I know it’s busted and doesn’t work right
  14. Got my first shot scheduled for tomorrow. LET’S GO
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