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  1. If any of you guys are close enough to make the trip I highly highly recommend visiting Hudson Valley Brewery in Beacon, NY. The folks that run the place are wildly creative and really love what they do. It’s the best beer in the area, and I’d say some of the best in the country. I’ve gone a few times now with my friends and we’ve never left anything left than floored. I mean where else can you get a that tastes like chocolate and tart raspberry?
  2. It sounds like you just haven’t seen any good horror movies. Not everything is jump scares and boogie men in the cupboards. The suspense and discomfort is what makes them fun
  3. The new Halloween movie was awesome.
  4. ace

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    It’s not just that high price either that’s ridiculous. It’s a CELLPHONE with a 7.2 inch screen. That’s ABSURD.
  5. ace

    Huawei releasing a Switch competitor?

    You guys do realize that’s a cell phone, right?
  6. I think a lot of people here seem to be missing the real reason Nintendo went after these guys. They were using Nintendo properties to generate profit for themselves. That’s a huge no no in the business world. If you’re running a business and making money off of said business you should never ever use someone else’s IP without express permission or you’re just asking for trouble. Theres nothing wrong with go-kart tours, and they’ll most likely still operate as a business without the Nintendo character branding. Its also worth noting that an $89,000 fine is chump change and is a good way of telling another business to knock it off. There is a pretty good saying that would fit here. It goes something like: “when everyone else seems like an asshole, maybe it’s you that’s the asshole”. Attacking the the lead admin and site owner isn’t the brightest idea.
  7. So guys. The new Forza Horizon game is I n c r e d I b l e and it’s all I want to play. LOOK AT THIS.
  8. Why would you do this?
  9. So one of my friends just gave this to me today. Its a pre-10/2000 one which means I can burn discs and play them. So excited
  10. ace

    Fallout 76 - Official In-game Intro

    On one hand it’s kinda lame that Bethesda forgot about the satire that was a core element of classic Fallout. Power armor wasn’t a tool of democracy, it was a tool used to slaughter innocents in the annexation of Canada and the warring going on in China, and that was shown in the originals as some good old fashioned dark humor. This seems to be lacking that. On the other hand it shows the propaganda that existed in the Fallout world for sure. Im still very cautiously interested in this game because Fallout has always been one of my favorites.
  11. No. Fuck this. That disgusting piece of shit drugged and raped countless women. He deserves to die for what he did.
  12. Customer, pointing at chicken: “Excuse me are these $4.99?” Me: “actually those are $5.99” C: “well the sign here says $4.99” M: “that sign is for the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches” C: “oh so these are sandwiches?” Me: “...no, they’re chickens” C: “well how much are they then????” M: “...$5.99” I hate working in retail
  13. Do you ever actually think before you post things?
  14. It’s a lot of fanboying. The price is steep and the lack of DualShock is lame, but this still looks like a neat thing. They’re copying nintendo even though they were far from the first company to make a product like this. Though at at the end of the day I would rather just have backwards compatibility on my PS4