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  1. You and I both know that our fellow Americans are too fucking stupid for any plan to have ever worked.
  2. This is the single greatest piece of video game music ever recorded One of the riffs is played on a LAWNMOWER. IT DOESN’T GET ANY MORE METAL THAN THAT!!
  3. starting? Have you not been paying attention?
  4. Let’s say 50% of the population gets this disease, which we’re on track for. Half of 327 million is 163,500,000. And lets say the actual mortality rate for COVID19 is around 1%. 1% of that is 1,635,000. That’s almost a million more deaths than all US war deaths IN HISTORY. But really it’s no problem we shouldn’t be shutting down businesses.
  5. In an interesting and uncomfortable turn of events I think I have it
  6. Yeah, I managed to get all the mats for the shop by pillaging deserted islands.
  7. I popped a balloon and the first thing I got was a hakama. Hell yeah I look adorable. thank god the ugly balloon furniture is gone
  8. Italy is going to look like small potatoes compared to us.
  9. With all the chaos and stress going on it’ll be nice to have something peaceful to hide away in.
  10. If you don’t see how trump could have handled this better you’re a fucking moron
  11. What? I’ll almost certainly get it. The difference is it won’t kill me... probably.
  12. I just watched any chance of getting out of my dead end job vaporize in front of me. On one hand I work in a supermarket so I won’t be losing anything, on the other hand I work in a supermarket so I’m going to get this disease