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  1. Nah. They just broke when I took them off my face. Hard metals don't like bending very much and they just gave out.
  2. These were titanium. They cracked right by the nose piece and the only thing keeping them together is the plastic wire that holds the lenses in. I think I might invest in name brand frames next time instead of $30 walmart frames.
  3. My glasses are 3 years old and falling apart thats what I get for buying Walmart specials
  4. I changed my phone up for the first time in months
  5. I’m trying to play Resident evil 7 but it’s scary. I keep pausing every 30 seconds to look away
  6. I added one of my classmates on PSN and his avatar is Uraraka. I already like this guy.
  7. Tonight is one of my friend’s birthdays so we’re going out for hot pot. At least today is less of a dumpster fire than most days.
  8. I mean who doesn't like pretty people? Allow me to direct you to my current favorite band: I have the biggest crush on their singer
  9. Yo you’re fuckin telling me
  10. The main chorus of this song playing at work right now is “God is great and beer is good”. Country music was a mistake
  11. I started watching Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. One of my friends was right. Kobayashi is literally me.
  12. This import/export marketing class was a mistake. The professor is kinda just rambling. I also noticed the guy that needs to voice his opinion on everything from 4 semesters ago is sitting right behind me. K I L L M E