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  1. avalonknight

    Crash Team Racing question.

    Yup, the GCN installment of the Crash Racing series is a different game. Though from what I read, it looks like the remastered port of Crash Team Racing is going to add in some features from its later installments, but don't expect it to be a compilation of sorts like the N-Sane Trilogy.
  2. avalonknight

    Switch Pro coming this year?

    I'm still thinking it'll just be a Lite/S/Slim situation here if there is a new version of the Switch coming this year, it's still early in the system's life. If you want a New/X/Pro situation, I'll say 2020 the earliest. The main changes I'll see in the new in terms of hardware is it being more power efficient, and therefore, better battery life. More RAM, and more internal storage, maybe 128GB. But I don't see something like the CPU and GPU fundimentally change. If there is going to something added in, maybe a dedicated chip to handle video recording for games that didn't support it before and therefore reducing the stress on the CPU or GPU.
  3. Whoa, Team Ninja is the developer. This is going to be interesting, and would explain why they have that anime-esque art style (especially how the hair is designed), hopefully they'll have more creative freedom than Metroid: Other M. Helped out in Hyrule Warriors with Omega Force, and that turned out good. Dead or Alive 5 was rather decent. It'll be interesting to see how this will turn out with Marvel and Nintendo over them. Interesting thing, and something I like to fantasize: Sony has their Marvel exclusive with Spider-Man by Insomniac Nintendo is going to have theirs with Ultimate Alliance 3 by Team Ninja Microsoft?
  4. avalonknight

    Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

    *Watches Maximillion Dood's video on MK11 and their Switch reaction, was not let down* Interesting thing to note about Shao Khan's MK11 design. In the original timeline with Deception, Reptile's body was used as a vessel for Onaga. But look at Shao Khan in MK11 with the new timeline, it's pointed out that he has some scaly designs. So maybe Onaga tried to take over his dead body, but has resurrected him instead, leading to some kind of fusion. I didn't noticed his arms, because his helmet looks jarringly different.
  5. avalonknight

    Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

    There is something I forgot with this announcement, and a bit of a gag. I want Khameleon to return. Why? The interesting and bizarre thing about this character is that she only appeared on Nintendo platforms. Also watched the video again near the end after someone mentioned this. The hourglass with the sand going in reverse (didn't noticed this given I was watching a low-res stream on the background at the time). Time travel element? I'm imagining this will loosely retell Deception and Armageddon in some way.
  6. avalonknight

    Mortal Kombat 11 coming to Switch

    Wow...seeing that there is going to a Switch version is certainly a surprised. You're not alone in missing that detail. The TGA version cuts off before showing off Shao Khan.Looks like in the trailer someone pointed out, looks like MKX's "style" system might make a comeback given Scorpion's look. Speaking of Scorpion, given the events of MKX, he is now a human again and not a spirit as we all knew him, so it is odd for me to see him back in this form. I guess Raiden killed everyone. ...and something about Maximillion Dood and his crew getting their gag about MK11 on Switch confirmed...or is it Sub-Zero for Smash?
  7. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Persona Q2 on the 3DS...waiting on the North American localization.
  8. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    ^ Only if that video's beginning was extended for several more seconds for context, that would have been perfect. Watching their interruption live before announcing Game of the Year caught my attention. Quite a surprise, nonetheless.
  9. As a tech enthusiast, this scares me greatly, since a majority of electronics are assembled in China. Foxconn comes to mind, since they help assemble all the game consoles and major smart phones as far as I know. Glad I got my XBox One X and PS4 Pro in the past month (I should look into getting a GeForce 10 series, not 20 series, relatively soon.). But the companies of the sort most likely won't care, just raise the price for the consumers to cover it. Thinking about it a bit, I wouldn't see it for the current systems and tech stuff out now. But maybe for something like the updated Switch, a 2TB version of XBox One and PS4, Samsung Galaxy 10, iPhone 11, etc, that's where I'll see a significant markup. Changing the prices for current stock immediately would be suicidal. But I can see it maybe happening down the line.
  10. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Yet the Wii remake decided to flesh them out a great deal to the point of having them speak their native language if applicable. Still have stereotypical roots, yes, but the same time, a fascinating execution on end product that actually gave them character. (Sidenote: When I first heard of the remake, I predicted they will edit them out and would never thought they'd embrace it the way they did.)
  11. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I've been stupidly reading the comments, but it seems like a lot of people skipped this part of the article, would have tempered some of the anger if applicable: After looking at videos of G&WG4, and watching the "classic" version of Fire Attack, I got the impression that the modeler or someone didn't get the memo to not recreate the Fire Attack sprite exactly for Ultimate.
  12. avalonknight

    Rumor: YouTube coming to Switch?!?

    That's more or less a start, because even a smart TV now has Youtube and maybe Chromecast support (in short, Youtube is very common). So give me something like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll or VRV.
  13. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    I'm quite pleased to be on vacation for this. Though in my adventures of rolling for Halloween units, I've only got Edward and Silke. Right now, my team is at a high enough level and might (currently about 7300) to tackle Squash the Pumpking on Expert, and maining Malora if in co-op for that. Though not enough to fully complete Halloween Horrors and Revenge of the Pumpking...but maybe I can if my damn AI teammates would stop gawking at the expanding glowing red circle beneath them! Right now, I'm cutting it extremely close with the Lv. 30 Sweet Retreat quest. If everything goes right, I'll hit 1am and 1pm the following day. Then 1am again, spend the 60 gems for the quick finish, then snag the 100 gems reward.
  14. I made an effort of attending this Splatfest, since Halloween is my favorite holiday out of them all, even Christmas. Made sure I'm not scheduled this weekend at my retail job and all that. Though learning Pokemon GO's community day was on that Sunday kinda ruined it (though it ended strong for me by catching a 84% shiny!), so Saturday was the most I've play. I'm somewhat impressed by the Clout gauge being the way to gauge performance instead of wins. I think I like that better since it makes you play the proper in some respects, or places the emphasis on territory control more. And Team Treat, yes!
  15. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow, this banner hates me. Sniping green for Maid Kagero...got pitybroken by...vanilla Myrrth. The banner isn't over yet, so I'm not dumping money yet...unless Gamestop has some deals on FEH Orbs with Google Play or those Google Play card deals at like Best Buy or a drug store. Still got a number of orb missions and story missions to clear.