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  1. The thing with that is that Koei Tecmo has been in a established relationship with Nintendo as far back as Pokemon Conquest, and they are not a small indie studio.
  2. This is practically the first time that Nintendo has something at this caliber happen. We've seen them collaborate with larger studios, Ubisoft (Starlink feat. Starfox), Sega (Mario and Sonic Olympics), Atlus (TMS#FE), etc. But to see this coming from a small indie studio, this is big.
  3. Gotta finish Blaster Master Zero. Candence of Hyrule looks interesting. I'm amazed to see that they are willing to an indie studio a chance to make something with the Zelda license. Also that nightmare fuel in the beginning of Cuphead's trailer.
  4. avalonknight


    Thinking about it, here is a a potential bump in the road for the Castlevania collection, Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night recently got PS4 ports and bundled together for about $20. So they might be excluded from the anniversary collection despite it being one of the quintessential titles in the series to play through. The biggest surprise I can expect from this is getting not only Symphony of the Night, but its Sega Saturn content ported over.
  5. avalonknight


    The Contra collection is going to be interesting, the only ones missing I can think of are the Psone and PS2 installments, which from what I remember, aren't quite well received. But I'll be interested in the Castlevania and Arcade collection.
  6. avalonknight

    Capcom and test games

    Then the next question that should be asked is, where are the results of the RE Engine running on the Switch natively, will the Switch just get Cloud games in that case? Aside from arcade and compilation (MM/MMX Legacy and SF Anniversary) ports, all of Capcom's Switch games, including Megaman 11, are MT Framework 2.x titles, none of them were its successor.
  7. This is potentially terrible, getting interrupted with ads is especially annoying. The only way I can see this work is if you watch an ad, then can you earn premium goods or short-term benefits. I'm surprised that out of all the mobile games I've played, past and current, I can only recall BanG Dream!: Girls Band Party being the only one that does that by giving you a couple of premium currency, albeit optionally. Crush Crush (an idle game) allows 30-minute timeskip. Though wait, this kind of ad crap happens all the time. What's Google doing differently? Is it all the back end stuff?
  8. I find it interesting that they are pulling more characters from the comic continuity aside from just Lord Drakkon.
  9. avalonknight

    Capcom and test games

    Eh, the problem is that DMC5 is an RE Engine game, and so far, the only Switch game using that engine turned out to only work via cloud streaming. It looks like Capcom is more content with giving the Switch smaller games and ports
  10. The original six Bit.Trip series has gotten physical compiled release on 3DS and Wii, and various ports over to the PS4 and Steam. With Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles upcoming HD ports, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to release HD ports of the "My Life as a..." subseries.
  11. In more recent titles, I think starting with Tetris Ultimate, they've introduced the concept of "bags". Meaning that you will always get a "bag" of let's say 20 pieces containing a few of each Tetronimos. Empty that out, and repeat. Of course, said game also had to option for "true" randomness where you'll only get a line block once every blue moon...or whenever the Tetris God wants to torment on your failure by throwing out line blocks ad nausem. Given the battle royale nature of Tetris 99, with its chaotic and quiet moments, this mechanic is can be helpful if it actually is implemented.
  12. Urban Champions. That is all.
  13. Can we have a Grandmaster mode in a future update after this one? On other notes, given how sensitive the Pro Controller's D-Pad is, I find it easier to play with Joycon's individual directional buttons. Though I know you can mod the Pro Controller with some bits of tape partially covering its D-Pad contacts.
  14. ARIKA is the developer?! Tetris The Grandmaster ARIKA?!
  15. This game is so stupid... ...I love it. Personally, I don't really worry about targeting other people, and just give it up to chance. One round, I made it to about 30th place and KO'd 20 players. I just wish there was more explanations as to the right stick commands, and it's just a barebone title.