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  1. avalonknight

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    Currently still tinkering with the gyro controls, and they feel alright for the most part. Adjusting the scope sensitivity is going to be the tough part, since because it's zoomed in, it'll feel like you're looking around way too fast. Right now, I only have motion controls on for targeting (set about 0.3), and scope (about 0.1). I don't think I will use gyro control outside of it. Maybe for grenade throws, but that's about it.
  2. avalonknight

    Nintendo Switch systems cracking?

    Pretty much. On the other hand, opportunities to do those case mods.
  3. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Oh Camilla...will be rolling for her.
  4. Ah. To clarify what I meant. Yeah, all the research ones wear shades and that's the only way to find them. But what I'm saying about the shiny shaded ones is that they are, or looked like to tied to specific Pokestops and are not RNG-based.
  5. There is an interesting thing I learned in my group that we never knew while we were out there pokemon going. Apparently the shiny Squirtle with shades were tied to the pokestops you got the research missions from, while wild ones are still RNG. Not sure if that was new or was done before. Got a 100%IV Squirtle and Wailmer as well. ...and when updating my google timeline...there is an option in the list of activities next to walking, hiking, driving..."catching pokemon".
  6. avalonknight

    Skullgirls 2nd Encore coming to Switch

    With all these fighting and arcade game ports, I may need to invest in that HORI fightstick for the Switch.
  7. avalonknight

    Warframe headed to Switch

    This is maybe one of the interesting titles are they are porting, since it's going to be an ongoing commitment with constant new content and all that (at least, I assume there will be in the game). Would've expected Doom Eternal, but got the feeling they will not get a build of the game to port until maybe when most of the game is complete. I'll give it a try at least.
  8. Despite me playing that game nearly every day on the Switch, cannot believe I forgot about that. Would make sense too. Even though it is on mobile, being about to play it in your lunch break with traditional controls is a plus.
  9. Eh. As awesome as the Direct is, it isn't "E3" awesome. It's pretty much expected that Smash would help drive it. Even though the game isn't out yet, trying to find a Switch is still relatively hard last I know. So I'd imagine people are preparing just in case. As for the other games, yeah, that too.
  10. avalonknight

    Namco Museum Arcade Pac

    The two-pack is going to $39.99, so it's ten bucks cheaper than buying the two separately at current full price. So it's a pretty good deal.
  11. I'll be picking it up tomorrow after work.
  12. avalonknight

    Namco Museum Arcade Pac

    Damn. And I got PMCE2+ during the E3 sale. Considering when that game was released, this feels too soon. If this pack was released was a year later after PMCE2+, I would understand (and feel relatively better) since I would have already gotten my fill of the game. Haven't purchased the Namco Museum yet, so it makes me wonder how much cheaper the two separate titles will be compared to the upcoming two-pack.
  13. avalonknight

    NES Classic Edition returning June 29th!

    I think they only had the extension cables for the controllers, and given how they only had not even a handful, I didn't think about it. But it's good to hear the SNES controllers work too. The Wii Classic Controllers as well.
  14. avalonknight

    NES Classic Edition returning June 29th!

    I did not expect to get an NES Classic today. I work in the mall, and heard that certain Thinkgeek and Gamestop locations, even ones in the mall, are going to be opened at 9am. I had opening shift, so I couldn't go. So on my lunch break around 12:30pm, I casually walked down to the Gamestop, looked at the sign listing how many NES Classics and controller they had. They had about 20 consoles and 3 controllers. Then I was about to ask them, "So, how fast did this shipment go?" ...I was greeted, "Looking for an NES Classic? We got them!" I was shocked, and looked at their neat little display of about eight consoles arranged behind the counter. They explained that most likely people were confused about the opening, at least for mall locations (since they properly open at 10am), so they were selling slower than expected. But the strip mall location down the street was said to have been mobbed, and sold out in a snap. Got the console and continued on.
  15. avalonknight

    Mario Kart 8 Thursday Night Throwdown! @ 10pm ET!

    I'll be able to race tonight.