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  1. Damn, that's sad to hear. I'll be getting it ASAP after I get some gift cards from Rite Aid. I've always enjoyed the Horizon series more than Motorsport. Though it is odd that the third installment gets delisted while the first two are still up there.
  2. Now I'm curious on what the future of id Tech is going to be like. It has been an internal use only engine for the last few versions, with I think Star Wars: Jedi Academy being one of the last ones. So, will it: Remain the same. Usable only with Bethesda/Zenimax Be open to other game studios within Microsoft Be open to the public, competing with Unity and Unreal.
  3. More on the subject on the game in the 3D Collection are emulations. Knowing the work done is actually incredible. Like with Mario 64, there is real time asset swapping. Something about Galaxy actually having a hybrid approach. Some of these things got too technical for me, but I kinda can see how some of this stuff was done. Like I know how, but the finer details are lost on me. Something like Galaxy however, their methods are lost on me. But this can be big. Like either an N64 Online, or future ports of Gamecube and Wii titles. MPT, anyone?
  4. Given the glorious shitstorm happening with Epic v. Apple, this might be a good way to coax former iOS players onto the platform. Sony did have a similar promotional deal, but it's only with a controller or headset, this is a whole console.
  5. Aside from the two disconnects I had in a row, it was good to be there playing for the full hour.
  6. Even with the tempered expectations that it's a mini, and a partner Direct. It still felt very sparse. Especially when you look at the Japanese Direct, which had some more games that are also coming out over here (Sakura of Rice and Ruin, and Alelier Ryza 2 comes to mind.) Not to mention, Crysis Remastered is coming out this week, that would have been a good headliner after the Cadence of Hyrule DLC announcement. And must agree some of the livestreamers, the two SMT announcements basically saved it on the English side.
  7. Listened/watched it with the GameXplain crew. The comments that were read said that Bakugan was apparently really popular back then, with one commenter said it was more popular than Pokemon at their school. Also heard that the games on the DS were good, but it sounds like the fanbase isn't too impressed with this reveal.
  8. "Why?" someone would ask. "Because I can," Brian would said. (Seriously, for Retro City Rampage, he created a DOS version. And he is interested in making one for this as well. And for the 3DS version of this game, he rewrote the graphics renderer just so it can hit 60FPS on both old and new instead of just the N3DS.)
  9. Downloaded it on Switch and Mobile. It's cute, not my kind of puzzle game though. The only thing I wished it had was cross platform cloud saves.
  10. It's kinda ironic given the announcement of Pokemon Unite. But on a more serious note, Nintendo did say in the past they are only going to release like five games over the course of its timeline, so given it looked like they fulfilled it, they are just going to maintain it. Fire Emblem Heroes is still their big money maker. I haven't played it as much as I use to. Dragalia Lost is in a weird spot. I still play this. But the game is EXTREMELY generous with its summoning material, and there isn't a real reason to roll duplicates. (Example: Fate Grand Order will boost the power of that character's NP/Super Special. KOF Allstar will give your tokens to raise your characters' max level.) Believe it or not, Nintendo actually made the order to be more generous with the materials, which made me wonder how much more it could have earned if they kept with their original plan. Also makes it odd, considering... Mario Kart Tour. I've slowed down on this game. But as far as I can see, given how they tickle summoning mats, it can be seen as P2W game. In terms of numbers, Using Panime's on anime gacha games video back in January, it looks like FEH earned $2.3 million, and Dragalia earned $942K in that month. At least in the US. In Japan, only FEH broke the top 30. Not sure how well they are actually doing, but since I still see some of the lower earning titles still going along (like DanMemo), I think they're going to be okay for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately given the video's focus, it didn't have something like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. I would like to see the numbers for the other titles. Just looking at the list of top grossing games on Google Play, I see FEH above Fate Grand Order. Mario Kart Tour on the list just under Arknights. Obviously Pokemon GO will be one of the top earners, they won't let that one go. Unfortunately I cannot get into the App Store unless I have iTunes or an iPhone, so I cannot see the list there.
  11. Tencent is also involved in creating that Social Credit System. Just imagine a credit score on everything, even being a "good citizen". It's quite scary. Anyhow when disregarding the whole Tencent angle, a Pokemon MOBA may be a decent fit. It does have a large cast that you can choose from, and in some ways, seeing it played out the way it did made me understand the flow of a typical MOBA in that ten or so minutes more than something like LoL did in an hour of playing. But this is still going to be a pass, since I have no interest in a MOBA.
  12. Wait, that 11:00 race actually happened?! I knew I wasn't hearing something weird. Weird on how some of us got kicked out.
  13. Some thoughts. The games, I liked the few that I saw. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon, and Sackboy would be the few. (I want a new Wipeout.) Even though this is a multiplatform game, Resident Evil VIII is a thumbs up as well. As for the console design? It's different, but as someone who prefers to set it on its side, I hate it. The fact that it looks like it needs a stand/base to support the opposite side of the disc drive is just ridiculous, and it calls into question on how stable it is, and how stressed will that particular side will be. The digital only version is fine on that standpoint. I will wait for the slim or pro revision.
  14. Over at CheapAssGamer, Frisky compiled a TWO-POST long list of deals, which I highly recommend checking out. Dude's a trooper for making it.