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  1. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Yet the Wii remake decided to flesh them out a great deal to the point of having them speak their native language if applicable. Still have stereotypical roots, yes, but the same time, a fascinating execution on end product that actually gave them character. (Sidenote: When I first heard of the remake, I predicted they will edit them out and would never thought they'd embrace it the way they did.)
  2. avalonknight

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I've been stupidly reading the comments, but it seems like a lot of people skipped this part of the article, would have tempered some of the anger if applicable: After looking at videos of G&WG4, and watching the "classic" version of Fire Attack, I got the impression that the modeler or someone didn't get the memo to not recreate the Fire Attack sprite exactly for Ultimate.
  3. avalonknight

    Rumor: YouTube coming to Switch?!?

    That's more or less a start, because even a smart TV now has Youtube and maybe Chromecast support (in short, Youtube is very common). So give me something like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll or VRV.
  4. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    I'm quite pleased to be on vacation for this. Though in my adventures of rolling for Halloween units, I've only got Edward and Silke. Right now, my team is at a high enough level and might (currently about 7300) to tackle Squash the Pumpking on Expert, and maining Malora if in co-op for that. Though not enough to fully complete Halloween Horrors and Revenge of the Pumpking...but maybe I can if my damn AI teammates would stop gawking at the expanding glowing red circle beneath them! Right now, I'm cutting it extremely close with the Lv. 30 Sweet Retreat quest. If everything goes right, I'll hit 1am and 1pm the following day. Then 1am again, spend the 60 gems for the quick finish, then snag the 100 gems reward.
  5. I made an effort of attending this Splatfest, since Halloween is my favorite holiday out of them all, even Christmas. Made sure I'm not scheduled this weekend at my retail job and all that. Though learning Pokemon GO's community day was on that Sunday kinda ruined it (though it ended strong for me by catching a 84% shiny!), so Saturday was the most I've play. I'm somewhat impressed by the Clout gauge being the way to gauge performance instead of wins. I think I like that better since it makes you play the proper in some respects, or places the emphasis on territory control more. And Team Treat, yes!
  6. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Wow, this banner hates me. Sniping green for Maid Kagero...got pitybroken by...vanilla Myrrth. The banner isn't over yet, so I'm not dumping money yet...unless Gamestop has some deals on FEH Orbs with Google Play or those Google Play card deals at like Best Buy or a drug store. Still got a number of orb missions and story missions to clear.
  7. avalonknight

    Telltale Games is shutting down

    Not sure who watches "Death of a Game", basically a giant eulogy and game history series for fallen MMOs and sometimes companies, they did one for Telltale. Seems like I completely forgot about commenting on this. But yeah, that's one way. A number of people in this game dev group I'm a part of has a mix of industry folks and those who have a "real" day job (if you know folks who thinks being involved in movies, games, or novel writing is not a job, you know what I mean by the term "real job".) and is a dev on the side, in which I'm in the latter. So it's all in how we handle it for the most part. I know I've heavily simplifying things...but yeah.
  8. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Holy shit, I have zero luck in this banner. Aiming for Mia, Kagero, or Myrrh. 100-110 orbs later, nothing. Got pitybroken with Nanna (+HP/-RES) along the way, and currently sitting at 4% pity rate. Like I've joked about my luck temporarily running out in a past banner given how well I'd usually do, but this takes the cake for me, because this is the first time I've experienced this drought in this game. (I did get four SSRs in Fate Grand Order in a span of a month, which is a feat in itself, so...) Maybe I should have concentrated on green only since I wanted Kagero the most. (kinda for Mia for her weird battle cry, and Myrrh for hearing she's suppose to be quite strong.) Time to go through a number of story missions and quests to get those orbs now. At least this is a 30-day banner, right. -awkward laugh-
  9. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    *Watches Halloween 2018 banner video* What's with Mia's battle cry?! XD Will be rolling for Kagero, even though her costume is the least Halloweeny.
  10. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    I see "10" in there. Maybe it was to announce they have gifted us a free "Draw 10" ticket?...which they did this morning...and used...
  11. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    Yeah, certain games like Danmemo and Fate/Grand Order has this mechanic as well. Yes, one is a character you use to fight with, and the Wyrmprints help enhance your unit or team to various effects. Though compared to Danmemo's Adventurer/Assist and FGO's Servant/Craft Essence, Dragalia's seems a bit more involved by throwing dragons into the mix, though I guess you can treat them as an adventurer variant.
  12. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I know she might potentially get some hate, since she already has three seasonals, but Camilla. Halloween just seems perfect for her.
  13. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    Compared to other games... Final Fantasy: Record Keeper and Mobius Final Fantasy - The reason why I lumped these two together is that their stamina management operate quite similar to each other. Just pay the required stamina to start the mission. But then... Dissida Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia - Okay, there is NO stamina meter in the main campaign and special character events. But there are limited attempts on resource missions. And the only time the typical stamina mechanic comes in is in the World of Illusions map, harder levels takes more stamina to start. Danmemo: Memoria Freese - Typical stamina mechanic, spend stamina to start a mission. Why I mention this if it's so typical? The daily missions will net you a number of snacks, which can restore 50-100 stamina. And like in Fire Emblem Heroes, you will collect a lot of them. Azur Lane: This is interesting. With their stamina mechanic, called oil, it's based on your unit's rarity and limit breaks. So that means, higher rarity units that has been limit broken more will cost more oil to send out to battle. Like right now, my best team consumes about 60 oil. My max limit is over 6000. I've upgraded the Canteen to produce 78 oil per hour. And I go above my current max limit by completing daily and weekly missions, so I'll very often be told that I cannot collect from the Canteen, because I've already max out on oil. I guess from my observations, stamina is just a lingering mechanic that just couldn't die. Maybe it's just me, since I don't play too much any more, hence my over abundence of stamina restoring items. Or because I'm bouncing between Dragalia, Azur Lane, FGO, Danmemo, and FEH. Or just a way to make you play the game longer. But I got the feeling that even though most of the money they'll get is mainly in getting currency for rolling for those 5-star/SSR units (or your favorite waifu), stamina is more like an afterthought. Maybe I'm thinking a little differently than you, but...yeah.
  14. avalonknight

    Dragalia Lost

    So far I'm liking it so far. The game looks good, the gatcha summoning looks really good and feels rewarding. The downside is that this would've benefited greatly from actual Diablo-style controls. There were so many instances where I would either tap the direction I want to go to, or tap and hold thinking they will run in that direction. This controls scheme works for single handed play, but yeah. Thankful for the autoplay in some regards, and I really like how it works as well, because there are some instances where I would gone out of the way for something instead of going straight to the boss. I would've rerolled like did with other games (except for Azur Lane, since their drops for summoning mats are extremely generous. How generous? Enough for at least three summons A DAY if you do the dailies, and maybe more if you do the commissions). Wanted Jeanne d'Arc, but the first character I got was pirate girl Karina. And she's cool. And this is Fate/Grand Order all over again, I've been getting SSR/5-star Wyrmprints more than Adventurers. (Like getting more SSR Craft Essenses than SSR Servants in FGO.) (1x Nightstalker, 2x Give Me Your Wounded, 1x Auspex's Prayer.) Oh yeah, there is a pretty bad glitch in the game. There will be a point where the game will introduce co-op and have to go into a co-op battle. In some case, when creating a room, you'll be stuck in an infinite loop. One of the causes is that it may have been due to your phone being in power saving mode. I got an S8+ with power saving on, but since I disabled it, I was able to get past the co-op tutorial.
  15. avalonknight

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Just going through the motions for this Legendary like I did the last time. Keep pulling until I get a five-star. Ended up with Micaiah (+SPD/-RES). I just want to save up for a possible upcoming Halloween 2018 event.