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  1. If I remember, having certain characters die in Classic Mode can change the story in some ways. That alone can put a lot of weight on certain characters. Though the cost can be too much for some players.
  2. Playing in classic or casual will make you play differently in terms of how you'll tackle a battle, it's akin to having a permadeath mode in a way. Though...if you're playing Fire Emblem Warriors, never do Classic Mode, it's a time and resource drain.
  3. Mega Man X Legacy Collection hitting Switch

    While X6 on the X Collection was missing voiced dialogue and X3 was the PSone version, X1-X6 managed to fit on a single GCN disc, with X7 and X8 being about a gig each, all of it can fit on a 8GB card. Assuming they don't update the textures of X7 and X8 and it's more or less a direct port. The only other thing I can think of is how the Switch reads the card. You'll essentially and technically have two different games on it unless they have it in a "wrapper" of sort. I'd imagine the same happened with Bayonetta, Resident Evil Revelations, and Megaman Legacy Collection.
  4. Mega Man X Legacy Collection hitting Switch

    Being split into two collections off the bat...huh.
  5. I think I remember in the early days of USB-C, there would be some third party USB-C cables that would brick phones as well, because they might have been originally micro USB cables that was swapped with USB-C to save cost while jumping into the game as early as possible. Makes me wonder if this is related, even though this was so long ago.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Why you want me to choose between Kagero and Camilla?!...I guess Camilla, but will join Kagero if she fails. If it makes you happy, it doesn't look like Catria enjoys this, period. :3
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Did one final full session regardless of what color there are...and another with only two summon. 11.50% broken by another Gunnthra (+ATK/-SPD). Will have to compare to see my other one to see who or if I should merge. Wow, looks like this my worst Legendary Banner output overall.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Huh. Spring Festival 2017's banner makes its return tomorrow. Huh. Didn't expect that. (What about the bride banner? Forgot if that became before or after.)
  9. Why would Nintendo use USB-C if the standards weren't set yet? That doesn't make any sense.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Okay. Maybe I should rename my luck as being "disproportionate". Realized I didn't pull the Miracle Banner, and got myself another Sigurd. Looking up his stats in my roster...(How the hell did I get three? I don't even remember the second one! When did I?! Maybe it's good I document my five-stars here.)...comparing the numbers...a +DEF/-SPD. Hmm. Maybe I'll see who can use his skills before I end up merging him. And hmm, given how my pity rate is at 11% for Legendary, I wonder if it's beneficial to do a full five-summon session in general to see how many five-stars I'll get. It's risky, but yeah. At least the banner doesn't end until the second. Marathon through those monthly quests come April Fools! Get those orbs! Oh yea, Destiny Hero, just saw the notification that you may have been confused by my earlier post. I thought you were being humorous, and thought that post was nicely written.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes

    100 Orbs...not a single *5. I guess my luck has actually fizzled. guess I should do some story related missions now.
  12. The thing that some people are forgetting is that for the most part, Nintendo is the North American publisher for the titles that ended up on the 3DS. I really hope this is the case, and they are saving it for a Direct. Though given how long it took them to localize VII and VIII...
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Dude...epic storytelling.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes

    Welp, seeing Robin Alter wasn't a surprise. Actually, kind of. Earth-blessed? For some reason, I was expecting wild and broken, like she can bless all four elements...or maybe I was thinking about that when I just realized she's a colorless dragon in the trailer. Looks like I'll be aiming for colorless this time, for both Robin Alter and Catgirl Sakura (Still somewhat bitter from that Halloween Banner. Yup, didn't get her.). May aim for green for Summer Tiki. Though knowing my luck with Legendaries, I won't get her until the next two or three Banners and end up pulling a third Brave Lyn.

    Lumines was one of the first games I've brought on Steam proper, next to the Commander Keen Collection, Geometry Wars, and Prey (which had an insane $2-$3 deal!). Loved every moment of it. Looking forward to playing this on the Switch.