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  1. It appeared the update in the Android build had an issue where the player would be stuck on the splash screen. The only fix at the time being deleting the cache and data (good thing for the mandatory Nintendo Account in this case.). But they've just released a new build to fix it. Thought I'd give the heads up.
  2. Let's see, I got a Lv3 Metal Mario and Koopa Troopa. A ton of Lv2 karts across all three rarities*. Finally, Lv3 Super Glider and Lightning Oilpaper, but for the highest SSR Glider, it's a Lv2 Purple Oilpaper Umbrella. I'd usually use the leveling tickets if I know I will get an edge in the ranked courses. *Birthday Girl, Mushmellow, Koopa Dasher, Cheep Charger, Bullet Blaster, Landship, Mach 8, Daytripper, Super Blooper, Gold Blooper, Flame Flyer, B Dasher, Black Circuit, and Trickster.
  3. Another option for the "crash across the finish line" challenge. Try Waluigi's Pinball Reversed. Time your banana throw right around or just before you exit the tunnel. It might seem like the banana fell too far away from the finish line, but the momentum is just enough to send you across the finish line. Also there is a bizarre glitch where the challenge counts if you were to FAIL the "avoid obstacles" challenge, since the race would "finish" when you get wiped out and lose that last balloon, even if you didn't cross the finish line. So the game is only checking if you are in a "crash" state when the race has concluded, but not if it has concluded via finishing line. This might get patched out though.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish the lightning challenge...then again I didn't have anyone who had a tie, so I left that board unfinished. Finished in 3rd and onto Rank 18. Then I realized that I could have gotten 2nd if I didn't upgrade a different glider to earn that one remaining Grand Star at another course. The Gold Pass has a repeat character now, back to Metal Mario. Which might call to question on the Gold Pass's potential future value and how to better use those SSR Driver Tickets. Like do you just want the character? If it's a repeat, do you want them to get stronger? At least the karts and gliders are still new in this regard. Of course, they can still add more non-tour exclusive SSR characters in the future, and put them in rotation. Personal value, I still think I'm getting what I'm expecting in the big picture.
  5. Finally watched it, though via commentary with Maximilian. Yup, we can tell he is a fighting game fan at heart with all that lingo, recommendations of which KOF installments to play, dude. Interestingly, in the Japanese stream, I've heard that "good boys and girls" line was a dubbed ad lib. He actually explained Mai's exclusion was to avoid conflicts with Japan's CERO A rating (their version of E for Everyone).
  6. Interestingly, he mentioned Real Bout Fatal Fury. If Mai's outfit is a point of contention, she actually has a more conservative outfit in that game, more a tubetop/jacket combo.
  7. The boomerang is a character item for Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, which explains its rarity. It's actually a very useful item. Works similar to the Super Horn as in the boomerang will spiral around you, and it can pick up coins. And it doesn't help that there no gliders that boost the rate of character items, and I think out of all them, I get more hearts and giant bananas compared to boomerangs.
  8. Speculating here. I'd imagine multiplayer might actually be a bit more balanced than single, since points might not be a factor. So you'll have to mainly worry about a driver, kart, and glider's abilities. Frenzies, not sure. Though I got a feeling I might not be into its multiplayer given how the controls can get wonky at times. We'll see during the beta on how it handles and its rule set.
  9. Yeah. Like I really wanted Halloween Rosalina. At the time I've pulled her, I've already done two ten-pull, only got 11 rubies left, and there was less than an hour in her spotlight. I know she'll still be available in Halloween King Boo's spotlight, but she would be against the other SSRs. Already took away 20 pulls, so that meant there were 80 more pulls. It was risky, but I did it and got her. So yeah, only do it if you are desperate. Though that was also before I found out her spotlight actually last for the entire two weeks, not the usual one week like in NYC and Tokyo. So Rosalina fans still have a chance and maximizing their pulls.
  10. Made it to Tier 15! (And congrats, Surge on your win in my friends list!) Also did a ten roll, got the Pumpkin kart. Really wanted Halloween Rosalina. Did a solo roll and...OMG!!! So that means I got a complete Halloween set! As a Rosalina fan and with Halloween being my favorite holiday, this is just fantastic!
  11. Not sure if anyone here have encountered an SSR character in their shop, usually would find a kart or glider once a week (heard it's random for everyone), but whoa that's expensive! Thankfully I already have Metal Mario. I just need DK for the tie challenge. Also makes me wonder if tour exclusive one pop up as well. An incentive to always have 12,000 coins on hand if possible.
  12. Ah, I was referring more on their clan's rules or code of conduct, if they have something like that.
  13. Maybe this is the only time I was okay with the constant disconnects (I think that was a record too), because that meant I could spectate, and geez, those two were ugly, and can attest to seeing them do the same teaming tactics (such as even if one of them was second, they will throw the shell back to protect their friend in first). Hopefully next week is better. ADD-ON: Actually, in another way, it's a shame that KrazyO and Kezay were in the race and streaming, because if they are in a clan, if one of the rules involving teaming and smurfing (they were using different Miis in the race itself) being not allowed, they may have been caught here with some evidence.
  14. Looks like that's the case, two exclusive characters/skins per tour. Since I already got the gold pass, I cannot see if I can recreate it on my S8+ (not sure what kind of phone you have). But browsing through Reddit, it looks like there are some people on iOS who encountered the same problem. I would send a support ticket.
  15. Let's just say I had a big fight in this game. It had gone on for about several days. Me and this other guy had been TRADING first and second, beating each other by a few hundred points each time. Sadly... I think if I concentrated on ranked rather than leveling my crew and gear, I might have been able to match that score. But at least I'm at Tier 12 now. And I also decided to get the Gold Pass, and might for a few months. Though the way I'm going about it is subscribing then cancel. Because that way, I can try and maximize my value of the pass, and theoretically cover three tours. (It's complicated. Like for this one, since I know I want those rainbow upgrade tickets, I went for it on the very last day, and will only be covering two tours this round, blah blah, yes, I need a whiteboard for this.) Also I guess I should show off my crew and gear as of now. I have way too good luck with Gliders. And dammit, I wanted Halloween Rosalina. And don't be fooled by the levels on the SSRs. I've used level up tickets on them. Though I did pull Dry Bowser. Also I hate Super Horn challenges (That cost me 10 rubies, because that was the only challenge I couldn't complete on the first Gold Pass challenge board.), so I'm glad that I got the Wicked Wings to help in that. Even though I know the item shop is a good way of alleviating some of the grind and gacha salt, I wish they would give out more rubies than this. Like look at Nintendo's other mobile title, Dragalia Lost, and how they constantly dish out summoning material.