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  1. So... -That was a good introduction to Doug Bowser. (Poor Bowser.) -DQ Hero in Smash. Good to see another SE rep. -That's a lot of Mana and Contra. -Travis is back! -Dammit Duck Hunt! -Sad to see Animal Crossing delayed. -BotW sequel! It was a marked improvement from last year. I liked it.
  2. Song choices would be a big one. Last minute predictions? More info on Link's Awakening, Smash DLC, Animal Crossing. A new WiiU to Switch port. And a couple of shadow drops. Maybe Metroid Prime 4, but given its development reboot, slim chances for that.
  3. Hmm, but Microsoft listed all the other major briefings as well. Unfortunately for Sony fans, they decided to not hold one this year. Also just watched Ubisoft's conference. Just Dance 2020 as usual. Is it still Wii-bound? Yes. Also Gods and Monsters looks like cute (by the looks of it) BotW-looking title.
  4. Gotta a feeling it's this: a gacha-based Pokemon RPG. Pokeballs are premium currency.
  5. From a technically standpoint, especially the 3DS version, I just have to share this again. (Timestamp: 53:30. TL,DL: The game originally ran 60FPS on N3DS, but 30FPS on the original 3DS. Since he wanted it run at 60 on both, he rewrote the graphics renderer just so it can.)
  6. Still got my PSTV hooked up. P3P and P4G all loaded up on that thing.
  7. Keep in mind, NONE of the mainline Persona games left a Sony console. Even the XBox 360 only got Catherine Classic and Persona 4 Arena (and the Ultramax upgrade). PC recently got Catherine Classic. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is another story. I'm actually looking forward to this, and hope I can see the cast from P3 and P4 again in this, especially the P4 cast. But there is that weird feeling that Persona 5 might never get a portable release for its mainline installment like P3P and P4G. Just hope that P5R is a timed console exclusive.
  8. Hmm, interesting to hear, but I'm getting vibes that it might end up in a similar situation to the Atari VCS (and oh boy, last I heard things are not going well for that, changes and all that.). At least this one should be a lot cheaper depending on how they are distributing the games compared to the original Neo Geo home console. (I would just love to own one of those arcade cartridges.)
  9. Another PAXEast has come and gone, and here are the games I"ve played! If it's coming to the Switch, it'll be mentioned. To start off, Nintendo actually has two booth spaces this year. One is the larger more family friendly booth housing a Yoshi display and the usual stage. The other is a much smaller "Mature" booth. The smaller one has a much shorter line, and interestingly when I asked them how the line was setup (Do I have to wait in the "main" line, or is there a separate line for the "mature" booth), they asked me if I'm here just for Mortal Kombat, I was. Apparently the way the line works is that if you are there to try out Hellblade, Assassin's Creed III Remaster, and Bloodstained, you wait in the "mature" line. BUT, if you were there for Mortal Kombat, they will pull you out of line, have you play it, get a prize ticket, and get out. Mortal Kombat 11 (Switch bound title) The game ran quite well from what I can see, with dynamic resolution scaling and lower shadow quality. But it's still as bloody as we all know Mortal Kombat can be. Played only one session 1P v COM, Sub-Zero v Scorpion. Lost in the final round in a very close match...where Scorpion did his fatality in front of who I assume is a Netherrealm developer (he wore an MK11 shirt as oppose to the Nintendo shirt). We had a good laugh and told him how glad that there is a new MK game on a Nintendo console after so many years and how well it ran. Touhou Gensou SkyDrift (Switch bound title) The surprising thing about this doujin game is that I was told that it was developed by former Mario Kart developers, and it shows. It's a Double Dash style game, and after getting use to the controls (Drift with B instead of R, summon/use item with R instead of L, tag with L), it felt pretty much like home. The weirdness of this game comes from your partner being used like a hoverboard. N1RV Ann-A (Switch bound title, PC version played) A visual novel where you play as a bartender, and the story progresses depends on not by dialogue choices, but what drinks you decide to mix your customers. After you mix in the ingredients for the drink you make, you have to shake it by moving the mouse all over the place, I hope on the Switch (and PS4 version), you can shake the controller or Joy-Con for shaking the drinks, it just seems appropirate. Been a fan of the Cyberpunk Bartender Action series when I first saw its first title VA-11 HALL-A in 2015, instantly fell for the series for it quirky characters and art direction. It seems like the new lead for N1RV is more upbeat compared to Jill's snark in VA-11, but I think I'll still like her as well. I think VA-11 HALL-A is getting a Switch port as well. World of Horror (Switch bound title, PC version played) A Lovecraftian-Japanese horror hybrid (if that makes sense) visual novel RPG that reminds me of those old Mac adventure games like Shadowgate or Deja Vu down to the black and white graphics. It's creepy. Even the chiptune is unnerving. There are battles in this, and the transition to those were the only jumpscares I can see in this game. Windjammers 2 (Switch bound title, PC version played) Dude, it's Windjammers. Ultra Bugs (Switch bound title, PC version played) It's a Vlambeer title, so it's going to quick pick up and play arcade action. I enjoyed it. Nothing else to say. Lethal Lawns A competitive multiplayer title where you mow a lawn and KILL each other with said mowers. It was simply fun. I'd like to think it being something like bumper cars, but backend collisions are deadly. Ion Maiden (Switch bound title, PC version played) Nice to see another Build engine game since...Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior. Playing this took me back to my childhood. Even told the developers that seeing another game using this engine is amazing, really enjoyed it. Wrath: Aeon of Ruin (Switch bound title, PC version played) It's a Quake engine game. I found this to be okay, but liked Ion Maiden more because I've played more Build Engine games compared to Quake...maybe Star Trek Elite Forces I & II, but that's it. (Okay, I didn't know that Ion Maiden and Wrath are Switch bound titles) Also, seeing this as the "mature" booth's backdrop, awesome.
  10. They're pins from PAX's Pinny Arcade. Got a better picture with the pins (including the Rose Gold Peach that only comes with if you buy the entire case. Don't ask how my wallet is doing.), and what pins you could get from these blind boxes.
  11. Given that this is PAXEast's weekend. Won't make for tonight's tourney. But I would like to share this beast with you all. (As a Rosalina player, I did get her.)
  12. The timing sounds about right (year three or four). Depending on what the "pro" model itself can offer, that's when I'll decide, or when developers start favoring the pro version more and decide to not optimize their games any further for the base model. (Seeing DF's video on RDR2 on all versions of XBX and PS4 comes to mind. I know the 3DS/N3DS had similar situations, like with Hyrule Warriors Legends.)
  13. The thing with that is that Koei Tecmo has been in a established relationship with Nintendo as far back as Pokemon Conquest, and they are not a small indie studio.
  14. This is practically the first time that Nintendo has something at this caliber happen. We've seen them collaborate with larger studios, Ubisoft (Starlink feat. Starfox), Sega (Mario and Sonic Olympics), Atlus (TMS#FE), etc. But to see this coming from a small indie studio, this is big.
  15. Gotta finish Blaster Master Zero. Candence of Hyrule looks interesting. I'm amazed to see that they are willing to an indie studio a chance to make something with the Zelda license. Also that nightmare fuel in the beginning of Cuphead's trailer.