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  1. Sadly that has becoming standard with many free trials as of late, requiring your credit card for auto-renewal in hopes that you would forget about it and lapse into another month or so of paid membership.
  2. Looks like there is an explanation as to the possible reason why there hasn't been a new port of Final Fantasy VIII aside from the recent Steam PC version, and it had to do with the time period I completely forgot about. Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and the infamous movie was all developed at the same time, leaving VIII being essentially rushed, and most likely, not documented properly.
  3. avalonknight

    Nintendo Direct 09.13.2018 - 3:00PM PT - 6:00PM ET

    I got the feeling whoever did the box art simply lapsed on the matter, given how New 3DS only games is a rarity. Even on Nintendo's game page, it lists that it's New 3DS only.
  4. Keep in mind that FFVIII never got an actual modern console port, and I'm not counting the PSone classics since that is Virtual Console-style emulation. Though the PC did get an updated port that allowed for modern resolution settings. FFVII's based on the recent PC port (which served as the basis for the PS3/4 port), and FFIX is most likely going to be based on the mobile ports like the others. FFX/X2 and FFXII...do I need to say more? (I'll be interested in XII. Was eyeing the PC port for when I get a new graphics card, but seeing that the Switch will get a port, I'll wait for that.) Well, they did keep to the rule of as long as they showed up on a Nintendo console. Snake's last actual Nintendo foray was on The Twin Snakes on Gamecube, and Cloud was in Kingdom Hearts CoM on GBA, and maybe the 3/DS titles as well, albeit a support role.
  5. avalonknight

    Nintendo Direct 09.13.2018 - 3:00PM PT - 6:00PM ET

    Pretty much throughout the Direct, I was just thinking "this is cool", and that's about it. Interested in Katamari's remastered port and its "Virtual ON" style controls, which I know it's just the PS2 controls in many ways, but still. But this got me from a historical standpoint, post FF6 mainline Final Fantasy games on a Nintendo console after god knows how many years. I know Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings appeared on the DS, but that's more of a spinoff sequel.
  6. Yeah, if it weren't for Mario Kart nights, most likely I would not pay for the online service. The NES games service is nice, but I need to know more about it. Cloud saves is not as good as we would think.
  7. avalonknight

    FORTNITE now available on Switch!

    That would explain why the game was loading in assets relatively faster after a recent update. In a past few, it slowly has gotten worse and worse, to the point of if I landed in Tilted Towers, this one building I was standing in was still rendered in ultra low polygons, and would stay like that for a maybe half a minute before became fully rendered and can be interacted with.
  8. avalonknight

    Mega Man 11 Demo out now!

    One of the recent things I've learned to do is have the slide assigned to a shoulder button (Well, learned it from Megaman X and dashing). But in terms of using the more traditional "Down+Jump" method, using the analog stick felt really strict, like you need to have the stick as close to "Down" as you can or else you jump.
  9. The only way I can see it happening if it effects NYC, because Nintendo Store. But even I think I'm stretching that logic. So unless it affects an NoA's exec's hometown, I cannot see them delaying it if a Direct is scheduled soon. At least the earthquake in Japan, it affected Iwata's hometown, so respects were paid. (Not 100% sure where in Hokkaido was hit.)
  10. avalonknight

    Mega Man 11 Demo out now!

    The only thing I had to unlearn is, THERE. IS. NO. WALL JUMP. Other than that, I like it. I really like what they did with the "weapon get" screen, getting to try it out instead of watching a demo of it in action. As for the double gear system, I've only used the slow down a few times, mainly in that one conveyor and block section. It's going to be a challenge to try and beat it without using it...which I kinda did when I fought Block Man. Didn't use slow down on the third phase, but did use the attack up during the second phase with a boss weapon.
  11. Yeah, in concerns with the announcements, let's put it this way. A wedding or a celebration. A number of caterers with food already prepared. It was canceled due to some unforeseen circumstance, what do you do with the food? They cannot "unmake" it. Gotta eat it. The only thing that isn't spoiled is most likely whatever Nintendo is publishing/developing. Yoshi is an outlying case.
  12. avalonknight

    Anybody going to play Blade Strangers?

    I just got it on the Switch, and may pick up SNK Heroines down the line (don't feel like getting "now"). Sooner or later, I may throw down some money on that HORI Switch fightstick if I build up an "arcade" library on the console. But I know I'll at least get that handheld-only left Joycon that they are also making that has the traditional D Pad for when I take it on the go.
  13. avalonknight

    Final Fantasy XV coming to Nintendo Switch

    To add on, it's also a lot more streamlined as well, like you'll still get the full story, but that's about it. Not sure what new content the HD port will bring to Pocket Edition though if it does.
  14. avalonknight

    Final Fantasy XV coming to Nintendo Switch

    When I first saw the PS4 version of it broke, I immediately thought, I knew it, the Switch will get this one. Also from my limited experience from playing the surprisingly smooth running PC build of the original's demo (it was below requirements, so it was relative) and the Pocket Edition on Android. I'd much prefer Pocket Edition's Diablo-esque gameplay compared to the original's "hold A" approach alone. (If you know, you know, if you don't...just try it for yourself...if your PC can handle it.)
  15. avalonknight

    Nintendo Direct delayed due to earthquake

    I'd be happy if they just simply release the Direct as is with maybe an apology note saying something like if the game is out that day, but it already has come out (like in certain Direct, the release of a game or demo is tied to it). But yeah, let Nintendo have some time to potentially grieve and give them time. Not to mention some prominent Nintendo folks came from Hokkaido, if I recall.