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  1. I think I realized what's going on. Try leaving through the airport. Minus button tends to be unreliable.
  2. No worries. As long as you got what you need. And take the DIY cards you wanted as well
  3. Hey @The Albraskan, looks like when you left, it rolled back. Shop's still open. Addon: just as I typed it. Lol
  4. Okay, doing one last session, and I'll leave it open as long as I can. Store's open for another two hours. Dodo Code: 125P6 Turnip Price: 515 DIY Trading/Penny Post: -Iron Hanger Stand -Birdhouse -Mossy Garden Rock -Log wall-mounted clock -Bamboo noodle Slide -Log dining Table -Bunny day Lamp
  5. Sure. D28D3. I'll leave it open for about an hour if anyone else want to sell their turnips. Also got a DIY Card trading post just west of the airport.
  6. It was good to jump back after...three weeks I think? Crew's taking a break from reading Atlanta Nights. Didn't know about the room change at first. Good races there (and got some decent green shell and fire shots too.).
  7. Oof. There actually is one other remake by a third party that I forgot about, Panzer Dragoon. There was news, a really old one, talking about Capcom trying to get the RE Engine to work on Switch. But the best they could do is created a Japan-exclusive Biohazard 7: Resident Evil: Cloud Edition. I think there was rumors of porting RE3 Remake to Switch. Maybe they finally got the RE Engine to run on it now.
  8. If we look back on the two Crash and the Spyro remasters...well I see them more as remakes, it's too early to tell. If they are making it, I'll expect to maybe see it show up in a Nintendo Direct next year in an ending sizzle reel. Don't think I've seen many remakes, outside of maybe Link's Awakening, but plenty of remastered ports.
  9. Vicarious Visions is one of the more frequent Nintendo-centric developers Acti-Blizz has. But compared to Crash and Spyro, THPS would be tougher to port over from a graphical standpoint. Also keep in mind, this is not a simple remaster, it's practically a remake like the other couple remakes they've done. While there is the obvious parts of why there might not be a Switch port (but you can turn down texture fidelity and all that), there is also the licensed soundtrack that is confirmed to return, either fully or partially. So they'll need to go through another round of negotiations just for the music.
  10. At least from the XSX and PS5 comparison, releasing a USB disc drive attachment that can play Gamecube, Wii, (maybe WiiU due to dual screens) through software emulation would be great. Though the Switch would have to be dock only for it to actually work, attaching through the USB-C port would be a hassle for on the go.