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  1. I'm actually super Stoked for more Smash DLC. And Judging from Sakurai's comments of increasing the record of "the most Game worlds", I'd imagine they're going to be mostly, if not all, 3rd parties.
  2. Yeah, I saw that. Can't wait to play one of the most disappointing sequels on Switch...
  3. If we were to get an SNK rep I'd personally want to see Metal Slug instead of KoF, even though the latter really is more likely. I don't really put much stock in rumors, though. Just as a rule. What about Barkley's Shut Up and Jam? I think I remember hearing that was a prequel of sorts...
  4. I can relate, Art. I work late, usually till 1 or later. The only reason I've been able to participate in the last few Tuesdays is because I have had the last few off.
  5. It seems like a really cool special edition, for sure. But I just pre-ordered the "1st Class" edition of the FFVII: Remake. Yes, the $300 one, it's actually closer to $400 after tax and shipping. I honestly can't see myself doing anymore frivolous spending on myself for quite sometime... Looks like I missed the boat anyway, but that's probably for the best.
  6. I'd imagine we're almost certianly going to get the next Fighter Pass character for Smash revealed at some point during this years E3.
  7. First mythical wolf that comes to mind is Fenrir. I could see a pokemon based on him having a ribbon motif.
  8. Rowlet's adorable, but I actually really like Decidueye. I have to agree with you on the others though. Misdreavous in particlar bothers me, since I'm really not a fan of giving Pokemon evolutions in later games. But on the plus side, it does make her eligible for the little cup. Of course, if there is a Corgi pokemon. It goes without saying that once you get to the daycare you're adventure with have to be put on hold while you breed them indefinitely. It's the law.
  9. That Rabbit appears to have an athletic bandage on it's nose.... So help me if it's a fire/fighting type.
  10. Am I the only one a little underwhelmed by the graphics? I mean, the aesthetics are nice, but this is Gamefreak we're use to a nice art direction. But like the actual visuals are so underwhelming. Much like Let's Go, this looks like an up-scaled 3DS engine. The Switch can do so much more, plus that generic, photo realistic, Unreal water texture, really doesn't gel well with this handrawn style. Man does that stick out like a sore thumb.  And while I'm digging the Steampunk vibe of the new region, it looks linear as fuck judging from the map.
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 coming to the US? Oh my god that's huge.
  12. You joke. But honestly, the crap games are the ones they should be remaking. I wouldn't mind Other M getting completely overhauled to be, you know, competent with a touch less character assassination.