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  1. I don't think I can. I have plans that night and work the next day. Sorry.
  2. Nice observation. You know? The more I think about it, the more I really dig the idea of a Sheikah villian. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it didn't. You see this kiind of stuff all the time whever you go down the rabbit hole of cancelled games and unused content. I mean you already put of the money for the man hours and you own it, why not use it?
  3. While I think that this kind of data breach is extremely serious and there absolutely should be ramifications for those involved. The preservationist in me can't help but see the silver lining.
  4. I've said it before. If Priracy was truly as prevalent of a problem in 99 (it wasn't, can you imagine sharing Iso over AoL? Plus CD burners were ludicrously expensive) the system itself wouldn't have had it's sales impacted. Hell, "free games" would've probably moved units. It's the games' sales that would've suffered. But it wasn't just the games, the console sat on store selves too.
  5. That doesn't really fit either considering the N64 released in 1996. I'm thinking they mean when Doom was first made "commercially available". As I recall it was originally shareware.
  6. Wow, time flies. I guess that means I've been at my current Job three years since I started there right before getting my Switch. I actually just got my Joy Cons back from Nintendo yesterday, since they finally issued a recalled for drifting. The risks of buying a launch console. Me and my friend rented a hotel in Manhattan and we stood in line at Nintendo World for like 13 hours. But I really wanted the Breath of the Wild Deluxe Edition, and that was the only way I was gonna get one at retail price without a per-order. But I knew they'd have plenty, plus big launches at Nintendo Wor
  7. After mulling it over I decided to post it to r/gaming. It kind of blew up.... And I'm getting tons of useful advice and discussion. So thanks for the suggestion., Pichi.
  8. I gotta admit, I started with the Type Combo and went from there. I really wanted to make a Fire/Grass work, and tried to think of a way to bring those two diametrically opposed types together in a somewhat sensible way. Though, if I'm being completely honest, I think I'm the most proud of Jack-O-uar. Maybe a little too proud of that, lol. As for the marking, you're close, man. I wanted him to have some form of spots to work off of Jaguar, but I wanted to make them (hopefully) thematic and less random, so I was going for traditional Jack-O-lantern eyes. You know, the triangles with the little
  9. Thanks, Pichi. I was considering posting it to r/gaming, but decided against it since a lot of non-pokemon fans probably wouldn't care. And I feel like fanart posts are mostly seen as annoying as is. I've been told it's considered "easy to vote on". That's the reason r/Smash changed their upload policy anyways. I guess I could try to uploading it to the art board. But I feel those are for really exceptional work. You know? Art, with a capital "A".
  10. Hello, all. Like the title says I made these guys for Halloween. It's actually my first attempt at trying to replicate Ken Sugimori's style. Or at least his GBA to DS era style. It seems to have changed a bit again, though not nearly as jarringly as when he first made the jump to digital. It's deceptively complex, it took me an embarrassing amount of scrutiny and reading of guides, and case-studies, online just to get to this point. I actually made this to post on Reddit since it's usually a great way to get a wide array of feedback on your work quickly. Unfortunately, I should've read th
  11. I'm actually super Stoked for more Smash DLC. And Judging from Sakurai's comments of increasing the record of "the most Game worlds", I'd imagine they're going to be mostly, if not all, 3rd parties.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. Can't wait to play one of the most disappointing sequels on Switch...
  13. If we were to get an SNK rep I'd personally want to see Metal Slug instead of KoF, even though the latter really is more likely. I don't really put much stock in rumors, though. Just as a rule. What about Barkley's Shut Up and Jam? I think I remember hearing that was a prequel of sorts...
  14. I can relate, Art. I work late, usually till 1 or later. The only reason I've been able to participate in the last few Tuesdays is because I have had the last few off.
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