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  1. Marxforever

    Disney-Fox, "a done deal."

    I don't care if they have a media monarchy I just want X-Men and Mutants in my MCU.
  2. To be fair, double items is HUGE, should've never been removed in the first place.
  3. Of course not. They were delievered by storks. Which is where babies come from in the Mario universe.
  4. This honestly should have never been an issue in the first place. Why the hell is a very finite set of images, background colors, Miis and poses, even loading images from the sever to begin with? I hope they use this as a learning experince and patch it to work as it should've to begin with. Jesus...
  5. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    They're basically the same in 64 and Melee. It doesn't fly around like the Spiny Shell, or anything. It's just that it doesn't mindlessly bounce back and forth, like the Green Shell or Hothead either, it gravitates towards the players. Though, much like Red Koopas it won't go off ledges, which is a nice touch since Green Koopas do and Green Shells can. So say you're on a stage like Temple, no matter where you're standing, or what level you're on, it'll always be on the ledge closest to the players. It basically creates "no go zones", though on a Stage like Final Destination, there's no avoiding it. Another interesting thing about it, is that the person who threw it isn't immune. It'll go after them too, it's completely indiscriminate. I think the main reason that I want it back so bad, is that with the Green Shell and now Spiny Shell, it feels like we're missing the set. I'm sure that at the time, when they were coming up with items for the original Smash, the Red and Green Shell had to be among the first to be considered, since Mario Kart was such a Party Game staple. The two even appear has items in Mario Tennis on the 64. So it kind of sucks to have one and not the other.
  6. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah, it was in Melee. There's a glitch you can do with it where you permanently stick a Character to Mewtwo by using Confusion on them while a Max Powered Red Shell breaks his Confusion (like projectiles, it gets stronger every time it's reflected until it breaks reflectors). And it didn't just go back and forth, it homed in on Players, like it does in Mario Kart. For how basic it was it was surprisingly easy to lose track of during a fight and it could often sneak in some cheap shot.
  7. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Red Shell has also been MIA since Melee. While that one has always been the buggiest item, because of it's behavior -there are several glitches for it in 64 and Melee- no doubt why they've removed it. I would love to see it again.
  8. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Honestly, I think some characters are better off as alts costumes. After all, Echo Fighters aren't entirely Identical, they have different properties like how Lucina's Sword doesn't have a weakspot and sweetspot, rather it has even power throughout, or how Dark Pit's arrows control differently, his Upperdash has it's own effect and launch trajectory. and he has a completely different Final Smash. Compare this to Alph, Leaf, Larry, Ludvig, Wendy, Roy, Lemmy, Morton and Iggy who are all completely identical model swaps. Now, if Alph were to have Rock Pikmin instead of say, Purple? Like if Rock Pikmin did less damage than Purples, but went flying much farther and still caused knock-back. Then yeah, make him an Echo Fighter. Do it up.
  9. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Bonus points for "Not actual gameplay footage."
  10. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    I did buy the Stages and Characters for both versions, since if you bought it for both it was cheaper than buying it individually. However I only bought the Mii Outfits for the Wii U version to save a few bucks. I'm actually a little irritated since I can't find my 3DS cart, it's been lost for a little while now, and it's not like me to misplace a game. I'm planning to move soon, so I hope it shows up when I tear my room apart.
  11. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    God, Little Mac would be so fucked on that stage. That's proabably why you pick the stage before the fighters now, lol. Real talk, I love Rainbow Cruise. If it comes back, I hope it's omega form is just the ship. Of course, slightly modified to be flat and syntactical. You know? If they brought Miiverse back, it'd be great if they used their favorite submissions for each character. That way it could be appropriate, and still be a nice little historical footnote. And some lucky fans could even have their doodles an actual Smash game forever. But that might be too hopeful.
  12. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Like Eliwood mentioned, they've gotta be brining them all back, right? We're already up to, like what, 83 confirmed? Finally, Saffron City, and a Kongo Jungle that beisides being gorgeously re-rendered, can have good music while you fight. Always loved that stage, but hate that it's only track was the DK Rap. I don't even necessarily hate the DK Rap, but that remix was silly, and there's so much awesome from the Country series that would've fit better.
  13. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    For everyone? I doubt it. A diverse set of wholly unique custom moves was kind of Palutena's thing, which rarely got a chance to shine, unfortunately. Since they made it a point to mention how her specials have now been "streamlined" in the reveal, show chasing counter and deflect effectively being blended into one move. Five bucks they've done that to her entire moveset, making what she does context sensitive. Such as Auto-Reticule and Explosive Lance both being her neutral B now, with Auto being the tap, and Lance being the charge and release. However, I'm pretty sure Miis will have custom specials return, after all customization is their whole thing. And since Sakurai said they're working hard to have them ready for online, I'd imagine you'll probably be able to select their moves right on the character select screen. That would take some time to balance and make sure it doesn't give them a ridiculous advantage.
  14. Marxforever

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread

    Well, since this Ramblin' Mushroom never appeared as an assist during E3, and frankly, doesn't look like a high enough quality model to be an assist. And that stage, despite looking similar to Gaur Plains, is of a noticeably lower quality, despite being on the Switch. And when I compared it to Wii U version it even has a completely different, and much larger background, similar to the Adventure Stages in Melee that led into the "real stages". I'd say we got a good chance there's an adventure mode and this shot is from it.
  15. Marxforever

    Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Maybe? But that feels awfully muddled to me.