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  1. Marxforever

    Miiverse returns! Sort of...

    Nice. You have to scroll down a bit, but they even have my "level 3" playthrough of Super Mario RPG. https://archiverse.guide/posts?name=MarxForever That was a really fun challenge, it was great to play this I love game with some serious bite for a I change. I think I understand Nozlockes a bit better now. But damn, I can't imagine having done that on original hardware. The restore points were so useful, since the only way to block Exp from bosses is to use items to force a Shell Game, hope it's Exp is on the line and not coins, an then intentiaonally lose it. I wonder how many people truly attempted this back in the day. Hell, there doesn't even seem to be that many runs now.
  2. Star Fox Assult with online Multiplayer? Yes Please.
  3. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    Yeah, this pretty much sums up this event.
  4. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    I would imagine there was no way in hell you'd get that title just by playing with random people in co-op. I had a 10k team, I'd be in a room with 11 and 12s, with well over a 40k total, and it still took over 2 minutes. To beat this dude in under a minute you probably had to have four fully optimized teams of people who knew exactly what they were doing, and a ton of luck, since every time he decides to roll across the stage it can cost you several seconds, and you'd probably even need something like a discord chat open, so everybody knows where to focus their attacks and when to break his limbs to interrupt his more disruptive actions.
  5. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    Yeah, you could theoretically get infinite Defenders, since every reset past the 4th one has the same 976 items, including Defender. However, after you've pulled the last Pele, t won't let you reset until you've pulled every last item. That's 1,952 Blazon Emblems per reset. It takes awhile...
  6. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    As soon as you pull Pele, make sure you reset the lottery so you can pull him again. You want to get five before the event is over so you can fully unbind him. It'll probably be many, many months, and take a great deal of (good/bad) luck before a free2player is able to get a "legimate" fully undound 5-Star Dragon. Might as well grab the opportunity. You can get a few Pele's as Emblem rewards as well.
  7. Marxforever

    30 years of Mega Man! Mega Man 11 Discussion

    Nice collection there, Art. But I can't help but notice a startling lack of Mega Man 7. The best Mega Man. Fight me.
  8. Look how much personality my Pokemon have. Oh, Kans-E, Ddish-O, Ikachu-P, Yhorn-R, you guys are just dripping personality in your ever so slight color variations.
  9. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    I was a bit disappointment when I finally beat Chapter 6 (Huge difficulty spike on the Chapter 6 Boss by the way. 5500 recommended might, my ass... ), only to find out that Chapter 7 and beyond are still in development. We'll have to wait for them, kind of a bummer. Anyways, yeah, now that I fixed my Co-op issue. Between having Stamina for Missions and those Wings for Co-op, and the fact that they both replenish as you level up, I'm now finding it very hard to run out of either. kind of makes me wonder why they even bothered at all. In any event, Co-op is a great way to get Wyrmite, you get 50 for each person you've co-op'd with for the first time. I got 3000 in just a couple of hours, which is pretty nuts. Just keep playing Co-op with random people and you're almost always guaranteed 150, on top of whatever goodies those high level mobs drop. Yeah, the story is very meh, and very cliche'd, but the character interactions are what's keeping me going. Personally, I think the dialogue is pretty solid. I just enjoy watching everyone bounce off of each other. There have been more than a few laugh out loud moments. Yeah, it's a little silly and confusing at first. Think of the illustration as the Accessories in any other RPG. They grant a myriad of bonus effects such as protection from Debuff, Elemental resistances, boosting skill damage, Enhanced Healing, etc. Yeah, completely agree, it's kind of mess. Menus within menus within menus, and I often forget where shit is... But if the 3D models and Music aren't really your thing, there may at least be a remedy for that. You can go into the System section of Options and set the Main menu from 3D to 2D, where it will just show your current Leader's artwork. As for the music, there's another option where vocals can be turned off, which actually remixes the entire soundtrack, since they added instruments to each song to make up for the lack of vocals.
  10. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    Just gonna say, I'm really enjoying this game so far. The only other Gotcha style-RPG I played seriously was Terra Battle, and I guess Fire Emblem, but I didn't get as into that one as I did Terra Battle. That game had a really novel battle system that made it more of a tactical puzzle game, honestly I'd probably still be playing it today if the game hadn't gone full Pay-to-Win mode a few years ago. Anyways, there are some really cool things I'm noticing about this game when I compare it to Terra Battle that I find really interesting. For one thing, and I'm not sure if this is the Mobile RPG standard now, but in Dragalia Lost, your stamina does not deplete until you complete a mission. That means if you get in over your head and get your ass handed to you, don't lose stamina for the attempt. I love this! Like I said I like to challenge myself, so knowing if there's a super hard boss or level, I know I can beat, I can keep trying until I do it. In Terra Battle, just three failed attempts, and there went your play session. It really discouraged pushing yourself. I don't remember if Fire Emblem did this too, but I don't recall it doing so. Secondly I think it's really cool how much story and development all of the none main characters get. Having a huge cast of characters that have great designs, that are fun and interesting to use in battle, is one thing. But, in Terra Battle, all you ever knew about these character was what little info you got from their bios. Any and all dialogue was reserved for the small handful of mandatory characters. In Dragalia Lost however, each and every character, besides wandering around your castle grounds, showing off some personality, and just feeling like they actually inhabit the same world as your the main characters. But everyone of them has an introduction story, what led them to your door step, but actually get further developed with a plethora of cut scenes you unlock as you develop their stats. You really get to know them, and I think it's a pretty brilliant system for a game like this. The writing's not half-bad either. It's got some chuckles out of me, and some of those Dragon Stories really made me think. Not bad considering how rushed and cliche the game's opening chapter was. And can I just say this game's got some bite too? Let me tell you, Chapater 6 with my Might level hovering just over the recommendation, has become noticeably harder. I can't just run in like a fool swingin'. I have to take my time, asset terrain layouts, pick my targets carefully, be quick with my dodges, and mindful of ambushes. I really can really appreciate that. Sure it's probably hard to encourage spending. But those of us who don't mind a gaming experience that actually fights back, and actually live for it. It's nice to play an RPG that's feels like it's actively working against me. Finally, I find the quirky J-Pop music super enjoyable. Sure, there are some superb scores in this game, especially for the more atmospheric and somber moments. But I live for shit like the Great Wrym battle theme. Name: Tom Friend Code: 9901 0986 122
  11. Marxforever

    Dragalia Lost

    Yeah, I got a notification about it. Installed. And "sorry we're not ready yet" message. Also, @Gold, charge your phone.
  12. If this was a Pokemon or Smash it would've broke the tens of thousands mark. Let us not forget that pieces of cardboard sell on eBay for 20,000 or more, daily. In the grand scheme of collectors, seven grand isn't that much.
  13. Marxforever

    PlayStation Classic announced! Out 12/3/18, $99

    I still have my original PSX and psone, and my entire PlayStation library. So I don't really need this per se. However, if this is a chance to finally play some amazing looking fan Mods of beloved games, like Final Fantasy VII: New Threat and Final Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy, on something resembling original hardware. I'll pick this up day one.
  14. The vast majority of people are decent, and that includes those who were looking forward to the Direct. Though disappointed, they handled the delay like understanding adults. As for the vocal minority who can't? Well, that really is their problem. In a few days, when the direct finally airs, they won't even care that it was delayed anymore. To those affected by the earthquake, those who lost homes and loved ones? I'd imagine it's gonna take them a fair bit longer.