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  1. It was a pretty awesome event! Splatoon 2 was freaking amazing and I want to play it right now! And yes I kicked your ass at Ultra Street Fighter II and I'll always have that over you!
  2. It was a lot of fun but I really hate that water temple!
  3. Lol fine but if I'm going down, then I'm taking my twin with me!
  4. Nah uh! You have more purple in you! I have more pink in me. You're an almost fraternal twin if anything or a cousin
  5. I played the first few levels, the free ones. It was fun and addictive. I kinda suck at the jumping, I keep dragging my finger for some reason but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I'll definitely end up paying the 9.99 to get all the worlds. Haven't tried the Toad Rally mode yet but I did earn some tickets so I'll have to check that out. So far so good, I'm impressed, its fun and cute
  6. No problem, I'm so happy you like everything. Lol Well I'm glad I could share it with someone, those cards are pretty neat
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