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  1. Kirbymeister2

    Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Nn is saved by Senate. More to go!
  2. Oh no, not the physical stuff cartridges... *still buys the online stuff*
  3. Kirbymeister2

    Rest in Peace 2007-2018

    All of my work has been deleted so time to move to the future and redo things I did in the past.
  4. Kirbymeister2

    Net neutrality and Ninfora: how could N4A be affected?

    Annnnd it has since yesterday got repealed.
  5. Kirbymeister2

    What did your Blockbuster turn into?

    Mine turned into a Subway next to a Ceasar's Pizza
  6. Kirbymeister2

    Detective Pikachu Review

    Danny DeVito didn't voice Detective Pikachu -1/10. Worst game ever. Also yeah that cliffhanger... .... yeah.... Replayablity wise I would be saying it's almost like Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick in that you would have to wait weeks or so to play it again to enjoy the part of the mystery. It's not that there's none it just playing other games to go back to these kinds of games. Also speaking about the game being a bit easy, something that wasn't mentioned in mine or Eli's (again that's for the shoutout) review is that the DP amiibo actually makes it faster to get clues and such. I've only heard of this when my brother got the amiibo and game after I already posted my review. Lastly my favorite part of this game is when Tim and Pikachu comes in the Detective Agency and the first he says is "Oooo cookies!" and starts nom-noming them.
  7. Kirbymeister2

    Rest in Peace 2007-2018

    I'll never forgot that place as it was the first place I started doing reviews back in 2008. Despite the shit I got for having that horrible opinion of rating Metroid Prime like I did, I came to learn a lot of things to grow a bit. So while bad things did happen I'm thankful for the opportunity it opened for me. And for having the chance to meet people now that I call acquaintances/friends.
  8. Kirbymeister2

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    my eyes! it burns from reading all that Japanese text!
  9. Kirbymeister2

    Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Review

    Oh by the art style this looks like a NIS game. *Kemco-Toeie* Oh.... OH....
  10. No. You live the full experience by perma-death.
  11. Kirbymeister2

    Detective Pikachu (3DS) Review

    For the end of Detective Month/Marathon, Kirbymeister2 reviews Detective Pikachu to finally find the truth. Want to hear another person's opinion well check out Eliwood'8s review
  12. Kirbymeister2

    Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory (PSVita) Review

    Nevermind it was moved!
  13. Continuing on Detective Month/Marathon, Kirbymeister returns to the world of Digimon in the spiritual sequel to the 2016 game. Apologies for the audio there were some annoying situation but I was working hard with what I got to make the review.
  14. Kirbymeister2

    Kirby Sweets Party Board Game Rough Translation and Look

    Also I'm thinking of once it comes out of taking a look and reviewing a game that will be coming soon in the future: Street Fighter The Miniatures Board Game being worked by Angry Joe and Capcom! More with the link on the original post Note: My video was originally posted on Youtube before the announcement of this but I would like to share this due to the subject of videogame games.
  15. Kirbymeister2

    Kirby Sweets Party Board Game Rough Translation and Look

    It came out last November and can be found at some import proxies