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  1. Does Old Spice count as a fragrance
  3. Repaints... Repaints everywhere I mean they even did a black and blue version of Crossbones. Why? Because I dunno it looks cool.
  4. Eh replying to an old thing but Gundam Converge by Fusion Works does the same thing and no one questions it I mean RX-78-2 has not only has but and then and then for those super nerds:
  5. FFXIV has been ddosed during the weekend. Explains sooooo much.
  6. Getting Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood in the mail today. Very happy :D~
  7. Cool thanks for the reminder
  8. You don't want to mess with her in World of Final Fantasy too. You want to swim like the fishes? You'll swim like the fishes.... in open. dry. air.
  9. lol so true right now.
  10. I would go to Japan just to view the sites and consume some of that excotic culture. Also I would like just to travel around trainside but that just being in the view of romantization of Studio Ghibli works.