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  1. Yell at him with "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I bet the problem will go away.... .... .... or make this worse
  2. This is coming to the dsports battle session event for Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session and I can't wait.
  3. Cleaning my room in this 1,000,000 degrees in my room is like so much fucking heeeeeeeellllll
  4. Oh whoops confused you with someone else
  5. I heard that game is the shiiiiiit. Like 10/10 material
  6. Got my Dancer leveled all the way to level 80 and did the Eden normal raids in FFXIV right before my subscription ended tomorrow
  7. Got all done with paperwork to start working at my college over at their Childhood Development Center
  8. https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1159087787276144640/photo/1 Good news people we got Doug Dimadome in Pokemon now. I heard that there's a Gene Simmons Pokemon too
  9. Cute? Eh wouldn't say. Though another kind of description from them.
  10. Aggretsuko Season 3 soon. YUSHSHJRAHDSJAFJDSAdfdasfsafgfgfsdgfasfdghw5kvtrh gl;lew] d[fsrl;ek,m3w5['l3kwv spgzm'[;lf \wr;bld ]asfdv'gkjtfp[q\e v'b lw ef *ahem* I mean I can't wait.