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  1. It's only the third of this month and I'm already seeing X-Mas stuff in stores. Like stores calm the fuck down XD.
  2. Almost every youtuber goes through this. You haven't heard how bad mine is.
  3. Kinda is a lie because the one I got is the Pokemon one that doesn't come out till 7 days but in spirit I do have one..
  4. My day got super better when a random guy wearing one of those silly T-Rex costumes disrupted my Financial Accounting class and bugged my professor a bit lol
  5. Won't ever forgot you and your... um... "Penis" posts
  6. Ah must be a band I've never heard of before. Will check them out.
  7. It's hard with me to tell with the pics but, (and I mean no offense) who are they?
  8. I'm playing Illbleed for the Dreamcast and it's very spoopy
  9. Fire Emblem and save the rest for any Kirby game that would've been on the list.
  10. I am so happy that I see these every Wednesday after the work I have
  11. Saw Zombieland: Double Tap. Really hilarious movie. Would recommend.
  12. Favorite songs from Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session and new ones coming for the version this week.