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  1. So you want it to be less of Demon's Souls and more like Dark Souls?
  2. I like Tom Steyer because I've been seeing him a lot on the T.V. and is a philanthropist, environmentalist, activist, and has made a nonprofit organization called NextGen Amercia to combat a lot of difficult changes. He has even had a hand it contributing funds and his believes of the current taxation is doing a lot of damage and wants to fix it (no I haven't been looking at Wikipedia..)... Anyways the guy sounds like a good candidate for me unless proven otherwise.
  3. Just enjoying a nice Dr. Mario clone in Brain Training for the Switch while just relaxin'
  4. My song during the weekends doing nothing
  5. I got Brain Training for the Switch and the game thankfully reminds me how incompetent I am as something as a Dr. Mario clone
  6. I got back in LoL and I guess I am still a bit decent with it?
  7. Everyone hated Appollo because of the series kicking out Phoenix to the sidelines hence what happened during Dual Destinies. As for the M rating there is loads of blood compared to the other games
  8. Hey how's everyone- Oh we're still talking about school stuff? Um well my winter intermission class that I've been doing weightraining is ending tomorrow. Not really became super strong but it allowed me to consider my daily diet a bit more.