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  1. It's just hilarious how competitive people can be on game modes that are not supposed to be that competitive and just fun. I understand winning is part of the fun but for a noob, it ruins the experience of me wanting to ever play the game when someone is hurling insults for my mistake. But I do need to suck it up and do better the next time as League is a cooperative team game. I do need to remember the mistake I made and not do it again to be better. Live and Learn.
  2. I accidentally made a noob mistake in a Normal by taking some kind of summon thing in a League of Legends match and this dude was livid complaining about how I was such an idiot for doing so for the rest of the game
  3. I would rather go to a party right now than being submerged in homework
  4. The original tweet picture up top had "Electron Avenue" for better context.
  5. I bought dlc for taiko no tatsujin Switch Version for this
  6. Yep the new movie addresses that HARD.
  7. Is this the real life... Or is it just fantasy?
  8. It's it weird that the text is depressing but the music is soothing to cancel out the depression?
  9. I'm drowning in assignments and reading. Send help
  10. I think you are misinterpreting things and no I wasn't saying that because you are a woman because as a man myself I have seen some nasty shit. But this has nothing to deal with any of that. What I mean to say is that occasionally you see that stuff (I've seen it more than any other online game) but it's cool you have thick skin to deal with that shit. Not trying to be disrespectful, I've just have grown pessimistic with the atmosphere of those that play the game lately. Not saying the game is bad just some of it's community. I didn't take no hard feelings but whatever floats your boat. Just please don't misconstrue I am condescending; I am not trying to be. And that one mode in Arcade when switching random characters after death is the best of the game. The best to train with heroes; problem is that that game mode can be unbalanced but interesting
  11. If you didn't care why did you- Whatever that's my opinion of playing this game for nearly 3 years. But the game is fun just expect that to happen a lot these days. Even on Quick Matches people will have the chance to really spill that stuff. Not being mean, I am really warning you of some of the vile stuff that can happen.
  12. Overwatch: Calling out hacking on snipers and calling out lazy Torbs, Basts, and Syms. And the sure anger of kids. And you get the real vile shit. My advice: If you value your sanity dont play it.