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  1. More taiko games but holding on the purchase of this: Edit: got it in the end
  2. The game series that weirdly helps me fall asleep is the Ace Attorney series
  3. Yeah thankfully when the PS3 came this wasn't a problem.
  4. Bought a Japanese PS2 and taiko no tatsujin tatakon de dodon ga don.
  5. Also thinking about being lazy and importing a Japanese PS2 to play the PS2 taiko games
  6. My first week at my job was kinda hectic but ended on a better note yesterday. Now just going to relax by seeing Mortal Kombat later then some DnD (because I am a nerd )
  7. You can honestly forget the doggies and just use the bugs to catapult you faster.
  8. Dang, I got the first dose and it was kind of annoying but nothing to knock me hard like that. Like how bad was it?
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