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  1. Me too, and I really need to find a job. It doesn't help that most job searching stuff involves using your computer, or having some sort of internet connectivity.
  2. My RL name is Chris, Can I chill at your place as a backup uncle?
  3. Back in 2004/2005 Nintendo Power had a thing where if you signed up for a my Nintendo account, you could get 3 months of Nintendo power for free. I did that 3 separate times. On my first account I noticed that there was this forum called Nsider and I decided to join it. I got banned for admitting that I was actually 11 years old. On my second account I got banned for sharing friend codes. On my third account Nsider shut down right after I obtained Koopa rank and created a sig. On Nsider 2 I used my second accounts screen name since it was the one where I posted the most.
  4. I wouldn't expect optical media for a portable console. The PSP wasn't exactly the smoothest experience, and took more battery to play.
  5. Discord api: in case I was interested in doing programming, Monster Musume, a small group of friends from ns1, and Ninfora.
  6. The only FF I've beaten is 6, and Tactics Advanced. I've been trying to beat FFVII for 6 years(on different saves since I keep restarting/stuff getting deleted).
  7. That looks like a pretty good list lol. If you don't already have it, then get the Wii U Pro controller. It's one of my favourites because of how insane the battery life is.
  8. For single player games: I would say its controversial, and the answer is kind of vague. If the game designs balance is so off that you really need it, than you're merely just correcting it or making the typical easy mode. If you're using it in such a way that it throws off the intended balance of the game, then it could be considered 'cheating'.
  9. I only had a muffin for breakfast. For lunch I had some free vegetarian lasagna, pumpkin soup, and salad.
  10. My desktop is a bit messy, but it's an image form the anime "Darker Than Black"
  11. It might have been that Luigi's Mansion wasn't revealed yet? Also I think they've always wanted to add multiplayer, but there were probably too many technical issues adding multiplayer for Mario games. The biggest one I can think of is the camera, and that had enough issues with just Mario. In addition with the camera, more polygons,textures would probably have to be drawn at once with a bigger camera view. We didn't really get any sort of multiplayer support for platforming Mario games until NSMBWii, and not for a mainline 3D Mario game until Super Mario 3D World. Even with Super Mario 3D world, the levels are fairly linear, and the cameras are fairly fixed.
  12. I find myself using all three. I like PC gaming for the variety of cheap/free games you can get on steam. Occasionally I also like playing higher end games on it as well. My second most played lately has been on my WiiU because I like playing with the WiiU Pro controller and Nintendo's exclusives appeal to me(hence why I'm on a Nintendo dedicated forum). I installed the homebrew channel on vwii, so I can also play GCN games on Nintendont. I play handhelds the least, but since I moved out I only have my OG 3DS and DS Lite now. If I had a Vita, I'd probably play more JRPGs such as P4Golden. I like the DS Lite, but the battery life on the OG 3DS isn't enticing to me. Last year I did play a lot of Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Omega Ruby, so my gaming time really just depends on my mood during the year.
  13. http://shmuplations.com/mario64/ I found some interesting interviews for Mario 64 last night and thought I would post it on here. They go over some of the design challenges they had, game design philosophy, physics programming for Mario, Mario's many animations, video programming in early 3d CG, and some missing features they would have wanted to add. I ended up replaying Mario 64 last night and was thinking about the interviews. This part resonated with me while I was playing though: The controls were definitely nailed right, and how the idea of you being Mario persists. I can spend a long time just messing around the castle, the levels, the outside and still have a lot of fun just playing around as Mario. I also find it interesting how both Mario and Luigi were going to be playable characters at first in Mario 64, but that didn't happen for another 17 years with Super Mario 3D World. I feel like even though it would've been cool to play as Luigi, sacrificing the open level nature of Super Mario 64 wouldn't have been worth it.