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  1. The NAFA released the results of the 2022 NWC fan vote Tuesday morning. They did did so in waves, eliminating 5 nations, then 2 more, until the 3 finalists were revealed to be Japan, Korea, and China. In the end, the 2022 NWC host was, with 34% of the total vote, Japan. Korea came 2nd with 25%, China third with 19%. Australia was the only other nation above 10%, finishing with 12%. Green Hill Zone will look to defend their title at Nintendo World Cup Japan 2022. Many cities within the country are preparing to bid to host matches already. It would appear that Tokyo, Yokohama,
  2. Nintendo World Cup 2020 Final - National TV Gamecast Sarasaland 3-1 Johto - Stade Amidou Ahdijo - Yaounde - Daisy 23’, 28’, Entei 49’, Waluigi 75’ Koholint 0-2 Green Hill Zone - Paul Biya Stadium - Yaounde - Sonic 45’, 90’ 9:45pm - the matches kick off 8’ - it’s been a cagey start in both matches. Shadow lets fly from 25 yards but fails to hit the target 10’ - Marin takes a speculative shot from outside the area. It one bounces to Eggman, who corrals it 17’ - Koholint’s being in this final tonight after having never qualified f
  3. Nintendo World Cup 2020 Semifinals - National TV Gamecast Johto 2-4 Green Hill Zone - Stade de la Reunificacion - Douala - Blaze 13’, Morty 35’, Sonic 45’, Meganium 57’, Amy Rose 81’, Silver 88’ Sarasaland 2-2 Koholint - Sululere National Stadium - Lagos - Waluigi 26’, Richard 54’, Marin 65’(pen), Hoiyohoi 78’ 9:45pm Est - The matches kick off! 4’ - Early warning shot for Koholint as Daisy tries her luck from 25 yards. It whizzes left of the near post. 6’ - Yellow card for Martha, who upends Daisy as she attempts to get out on the breakawa
  4. The NAFA announced this morning that the 2021 Confederations Cup will be played in New Zealand. The rugby mad nation is one that has been an improving one in soccer in recent years, punctuated by an unbeaten run at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The All Whites very narrowly failed to qualify for Russia 2018, losing to Peru 2-0 in their international last chance play-off. The women’s team, the Football Ferns, are a regular fixture, having qualified for each of the last 4 World Cups. Auckland, Wellington, Dundedin, and Christchurch were named as host cities, but up to 4 more could be ad
  5. Nintendo World Cup 2020 Quarterfinals - National TV Gamecast Sarasaland 3-0 Earthdbz - Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja - Wario 35', Dragonzamasu 45', Daisy 65' Koholint 2-1 Tellius - Godswill Akpabio Stadium, Uyo - Richard 10', Elincia 67'(pen), Marin 89' Johto 2-2 Shield - Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua - Whitney - 12', T'Challa 18', Gomorrah 57', Suicine 85' Green Hill Zone 5-3 Kanto - Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam - Silver 8', Mewtwo 15', Tails 20', Sonic 41', Gary Oak 61', Pikachu 70'(pen), Knuckles 82', Shadow 90'+3 11pm - The matches kick off!
  6. Following a day of heated discussion, the NAFA and the national federations have allowed reduced seating into the stadiums for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final. All fans who receive tickets and attend must follow strict mask wearing and distancing guidelines, traveling in groups of no greater than 4, and sitting in the specified seats in checkerboard formation in designated areas. All people entering will be subject to temperature checks as well. The concession and merchandise stands will be open, but all items will be purchased from outside glass encased zones and fed through the g
  7. There have been quite a few important meetings today between representatives of FIFA, NAFA, the WHO, NFF, FECAFUT, and the heads of the 8 federations representing the remaining teams in the tournament. The situation has gotten so tense that the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, and her Cameroonian counterpart Chantal Biya, both made statements to the media today expressing sympathy for those who had been excluded from stadiums during matches. But Buhari and Biya also stressed that re-entry for fans must be done in a way that doesn’t risk any of the region’s major cities becoming a coronav
  8. Following the lawsuits filed by the FAs of Sarasaland, Johto, Kanto, Green Hill Zone, Earthdbz, Koholint, Tellius, and Shield, the NAFA has postponed the quarterfinal round of the Nintendo World Cup until at least Friday. NAFA officials as well as NFF and FECAFUT, the national federations of Nigeria and Cameroon have reached out to FIFA for guidance. FIFA in turn has reached out to the WHO and the CAS (court of arbitration for sport) for guidance as to whether the partial reopening of certain host sites in the two countries is doable. It’s worth noting that neither Niger
  9. You’ve done a great job up to this point. Knockout round bracket wasn’t exactly as FIFA would’ve done it but you’ve based everything on goal difference dating back to the regular season, so it worked very well. I’ll take care of the quarterfinal, semifinal, and final from here. Sucks that we have no fans in attendance at these matches. Cameroon and Nigeria have done an admirable job hosting this event in a condensed and socially distant fashion. Come to think of it, the matches coming quickly one after another in NWC 2020 is actually very similar to how the European leagues hav
  10. Well...we definitely turned the stamina off for the 2020 Nintendo World Cup. 4 games on consecutive days, and it’ll be 7 for the teams playing in the final. Geez. These guys and girls are going to need a vacation after this.
  11. Video Game World Baseball Classic Finals Game 2: Sonic Heroes 2 Raccoon City Warriors 4 Series tied 1-1 The Heroes held the lead before the 5th inning thanks to a Knuckles home run, but Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Chris Redfield all drove in runs to make it a 3-1 lead there, and then Jill Valentine continued her incredible VGWBC run with a solo HR to left in the 6th. Sonic scored on a sac fly in the 7th, but the Heroes didn’t have enough offense on this night. It’ll be one game for all the marbles tomorrow
  12. Video Game World Baseball Classic Semifinals Game 3 national tv gamecast Sonic Heroes 7-2 Koholint Dreamers - Halo Field, UNSC 1st inning - Koholint is out of the gates early as Grim Creaper hits a solo home run to make it a 1-0 advantage 2nd inning - The Heroes Fire back immediately as Amy Rose singles in both Knuckles and Blaze to make it a 2-1 lead. Both teams are throwing their top pitchers, Eggman and Marin in this game, but both are pitching on 3 days rest which could be difficult. Whoever has more stamina and poise under pressure will have the advantage
  13. Well...that was a twist even I didn’t see coming. Damn. Game 3 of Heroes-Dreamers coming up on NSN next
  14. Raccoon City is flying the flag for the Sony League at this point, and actually, for the entirety of the non-Nintendo clubs...so you'd figure that would be motivation enough. Still though...shutting out the Coins in a VGWBC semifinal match? That's pretty damn impressive. Feel bad for whomever pitched for the Coins (wasn't Maxwell or Daisy).
  15. And now for another former NBL reunion against the Warriors. You know how in some Zelda games Link ends up fighting the prior bosses a second time before the final battle? That’s what it seems like the Coins are going through right now. If I remember my LoZ history correctly, one of the first places he had to do this was Koholint...and the Dreamers could be waiting in the VGWBC Finals. Wouldn’t that be ironically appropriate?
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