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  1. The Nintendo Baseball League

  2. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Sounds good to me Xander. Definitely agree on not making the hockey and curling rosters until the final 16...to do any different would be a lot of unnecessary work.
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

  4. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Game 1 of doubleheader, Thursday, December 14: Labrynna 3 Sarasaland 7 Los Angeles 4 Inkopolis 6 Skyworld 5 Ylisse 3 Kongo Jungle 4 Bionis 8 Tethealla 3 Slateport 6 Smashville 3 Laurasia 6 Mute City 2 Termina 8 Nimbasa 5 Epoch 2 Zebes 4 Tokyo 7 Yoster Isle 4 Arendelle 9 Megaman 4 Corneria 6 Popstar 3 Megaman 5 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Hyrule 6 🏆 series - Toadstool Triforce Trophy Valley of Bowser 3 Hocotate 6 Bern 3 Sonic 4 Celadon 5 Goldenrod 6 f/10 🏆series - Mount Silver Cup
  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Xander I think you definitely have done a lot of rigorous work with the Olympic committee in getting things all ready for the Games of the VI Nintendo Olympiad. I do like the idea of having qualifying ahead of the games themselves to weed out the teams. I think the the best thing to do would be to have preliminary qualifying in Dec / early Jan to knock down the 84 to 32. Then, in the last week of Jan or first week of Feb between the Nintendo World Series and the start of the Olympics, those 32 battle it out to determine the 16 qualifiers in each event. Your event list looks good. I really only have 4 points to add: 1.Make sure you have 6 players per ice hockey team. 2 just wouldn't make for much of a game. Curling is 4 on a team I think. 2.I don't know that there is such a thing as the 10k for long track speed skating, but there is an event called the Team Pursuit. You could simply rename the event and use the competitors from the 1000m and 5000m as planned. 3.I would include the normal hill along with the large hill for ski jumping. You could use the same character list for both, it'd be easy. 4.Your event list leaves off one of the great new-school events of the Olympics, the snowboardcross event. I really think we should add it. If you're worried about too many events you could axe the Big Air event and use its character list, as I think Giant Slalom and Half Pipe need to stay...those were the original snowboarding events from the Nagano games.
  6. The Nintendo Baseball League

  7. The Nintendo Baseball League

  8. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Monday, December 11: (doubleheader coming tomorrow) Sarasaland 2 Kongo Jungle 6 Inkopolis 5 Labrynna 1 Ylisse 5 Los Angeles 8 Bionis 4 Skyworld 0 Slateport 4 Tethealla 1 Laurasia 7 Nimbasa 5 Termina 3 Smashville 4 f/11 Epoch 4 Mute City 8 Hyrule 1 Celadon 7 Hocotate 3 Mushroom Kingdom 2 Sonic 5 Valley of Bowser 6 f/10 Goldenrod 4 Bern 5 f/11 Tokyo 6 Popstar 3 Arendelle 5 Zebes 8 Corneria 7 Yoster Isle 12 Mayahem 4 Megaman 1
  9. The Nintendo Baseball League

  10. The Nintendo Baseball League

    At the urging of the Timber Island Racing League, the race site in future fun land has been moved from Star City to Spacedust Alley, and a 25th race has been added to the slate, this one at the Boulder Canyon Circuit in Dragon Forest. What this means is that of the 2 races in Timber Island, one will be plane, the other hovercraft.
  11. The Nintendo Baseball League

    It must be the royal blood...princesses have won the individual title of the TSS 2 years in a row now. Edit: Late news from the MKRA - 2 more races have been added to the calendar. Roulette Road Circuit in Casino Night Zone will be one of the added races...the other will be held at Corneria City Circuit in Corneria
  12. The Nintendo Baseball League

    The representatives from the MKRA, led by chancellor Toadsworth, appear at the center of the Peach's Birthday Cake board map. They have many strawberry seeds, 22 of them in all. "Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to embark on a racing journey in 2018 that, unlike in past years, will attract competition from all corners of the Nintendo Universe. There will be races held on many circuits across the world as well. They plant the strawberry seeds and icing ripples across the top of the cake, revealing lines, each containing a track. Here are the circuits that will be utilized in the 2018 season: 1.Yoshi Circuit - Yoshi's Island - March 4 2.DK's Jungle Parkway - Kongo Jungle - March 11 3.Dry Dry Desert Circuit - Sarasaland - April 1 4.Roulette Road - Casino Night Zone - April 8 5.Mario Kart Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom - April 15 6.Mute City Circuit, Mute City - April 29 7.Chocolate Mountain Circuit - Dinosaur Land - May 6 8.Animal Crossing Circuit - Smashville - May 13 9.Toad's Turnpike Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - May 27 10.Dragoon Air Ride Circuit - Popstar - June 3 11.Mushroom City Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - June 10 12.Sunshine Airport Circuit - Delfino City - June 17 13.Spacedust Alley Plane Circuit - Timber Island - July 15 14.Koopa Troopa Beach Circuit - Valley of Bowser - July 22 15.Mario Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - July 29 16.Donut Plains 3 Circuit - Dinosaur Land - August 19 17.Wario Stadium Circuit - Sarasaland - August 26 18.Boulder Canyon Hovercraft Circuit - Timber Island - September 2 19.Subcon Circuit - Subcon - September 16 20.Corneria City Circuit - Corneria - September 23 21.Moleville Mountain Circuit - Star Continent - September 30 22.Hyrule Circuit - Hyrule - October 14 23.Royal Raceway Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - October 21 24.Bowser's Castle Circuit - Valley of Bowser - November 5 25.Rainbow Road - Mario Galaxy - November 12 The schedule is set up to avoid some of the bigger events of the season, like the NCAA style c-stick cup, the Nintendo World Cup, and the Video Game World Baseball Classic. we will be taking applications for teams between now and the end of the year. Depending on the number of applicants there may be tiers of competition similar to the NBL
  13. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Today is one of the biggest events of the sporting year in the virtual world...the Party Final of the TSS. This confonrtation should be a very intriguing one to say the least. The board choice of Peach's Birthday Cake likely means that Peach will play the role usually played by Bowser on the board...and though Peach losing in the semis and not getting to participate in the finals is surely bitter, getting the chance to wreak havoc on the players should appeal to Peach's mischievous side. 2016 champion Rosalina of course will be on hand to present the TSS Championship trophy at the end of the night. One thing that all we agree on, having the final on an indoor board map is in everybody's best interest given the ruthless cold weather outside! In terms of competitors, you have Daisy, the lone competitor from last years final, as well as Bowser who is a Mario Party veteran himself, though usually from the opposite side of the proverbial glass. But will that familiarity mean a Mushroom World champ again. Kirby, one of the most versatile characters in the virtual world, has the speed, ability to levitate, copy abilities, and much more. He's been an extremely tough out in this TSS and his versatility could be the key to taking home the trophy for Popstar. And then you have the real x-factor in the princess of twilight, Midna. Much like Bowser, Midna is tall, and she also has some magical prowess which could make her physically imposing in the mini games. But just as noteworthy is her cerebral side, which might just lead to some interesting and possibly neurotic moves on the board map, both for her and for her competitors Its going to be a fun finale for sure
  14. The Nintendo Baseball League

  15. The Nintendo Baseball League