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  1. Final Scores for Sunday 10/20: Koholint 2 Yoshi's Island 4 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Megaman 2 Valley of Koopas 2 Popstar 4 Hyrule 5 Zebes 3 Mekanos 4 Celadon 7 Twilight Realm 3 Hauoli City 8 Sonic 3 Tokyo 9 West City 4 Corneria 7 New Donk City 3 Smashville 11 Tortimer Island 0 Mayahem 7 Sarasaland 4 Mute City 8 Moleville 5 Skyworld 2 Great Plateau 2 Los Angeles 7 Ylisse 2 Kongo Jungle 3 Inkopolis 3 Bionis 4 Venom 1 Termina 6
  2. MKRA Standings as of Grand Prix of Hocotate (Round 26 of 33) 1.Fuzzer - 199 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 2.Daisy - 194 pts (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 3.Peach - 178 pts (2 gold, 2 silver) 4.Mario - 177 pts (1 silver, 3 bronze) 5.Luigi - 174 pts (2 bronze) 6.Triforcemaster - 151 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 7.Zelda - 145 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 8.Captain Falcon - 142 pts (2 gold, 1 silver) 9.Krystal - 141 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 10.Jody Summer - 138 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 11.Yoshi - 137 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 12.Bowser - 119 pts (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 13.Dedede - 117 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 14.Toad - 111 pts (2 silver) 15.Banjo - 110 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 16.Fox - 101 pts (3 bronze) 17.Donkey Kong - 96 pts (2 gold, 1 bronze) 18.Megaman - 96 pts (2 gold) 19.Sonic - 90 pts (2 silver) 20.Phoenix Wright - 85 pts (1 bronze) 21.Palutena - 79 pts (1 silver) 22.Rosalina - 74 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 23.Koopa Troopa - 74 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 24.Akari Hayami - 70 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 25.Pit - 70 pts (1 bronze) 26.Kirby - 67 pts (1 gold) 27.Wolf - 60 pts (1 silver) 28.Pikachu - 58 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 29.Zero - 54 pts (2 silver) 30.Olimar - 54 pts 31.Diddy Kong - 52 pts (1 silver) 32.Miles Edgeworth - 49 pts (1 bronze) 33.Ryota Hayami - 47 pts (1 bronze) 34.Toadette - 46 pts (1 bronze) 35.Pichu - 45 pts (1 gold) 36.Dash Bowman - 45 pts (1 bronze) 37.Kazooie - 42 pts (1 bronze) 38.Louie - 36 pts 39.Amy Rose - 32 pts 40.Birdo - 30 pts Current Constructor’s Championship Standings: ✈️1.Delta Sarasaland - 393 pts 🚽2.Amazon Plumber - 351 pts 🎨3.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 296 pts 🚙4.Chevrolet Top Driver - 280 pts 👑5.Tesco Princess - 252 pts 💊6.CVS Fox - 242 pts 🐢7.Coors Koopa - 193 pts 🍅8.Krogefour Popstar - 184 pts 🌴9.Corona Islander - 167 pts 🍄10.Friday’s Fun Guys – 157 pts 🚗11.Ford Performance - 152 pts 💣12.BMW Bomber - 150 pts ☁️13.American Skyworld - 149 pts 🍌14.Dole Banana - 148 pts ⚖️15.Uber Lawyer - 134 pts 💍16.Petco Hedgehog - 122 pts 🌊17.Honda Hayami - 117 pts ⚙️18.Stihl Venom - 105 pts 🐁19.Electrobras Mouse - 103 pts 🚀20.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 90 pts
  3. Ok thanks for clarifying. I’ll have to scout out the circuits you’ve identified that I’ve not seen previously and get my impression of them. I can’t speak for the MKRA as a whole, but Xander’s proposal certainly highlights a group of tracks from the Sony and Sega spheres and while MKRA might balk at putting so many events into those areas, given the new agreements between Nintendo and the game franchises in question, I believe that places like Wumpa Island, Dole Floors, Eggmanland, etc, could well be in line to host grands Prix in 2020. A lot will probably depend on what teams end up getting relegated and who ends up being promoted from the promotion series this December. I have to believe that some teams like Crash and Coco Bandicoot, or perhaps teams like Shadow and Knuckles or Aiai and Meemee will try to achieve promotion...I would throw Spyro in there but I’m not sure who he will partner with. Regarding the international human world tracks, some reduction there is probably likely, with the weaker countries in terms of game sales probably being closest to the chopping block, though again what teams and sponsors are relegated and/or promoted will definitely have an impact. I would have to think that Japan, England, Canada, and USA would be locks based on Nintendo’s sales in those nations. After that, it gets trickier. One probable cut is Germany, as F1 won’t be racing at Hockenheim in 2020. Again others could depend on the team lineup. Russia and Brazil as examples, will probably be cut if Louie/Olimar or Pikachu/Pichu get relegated, but probably stay if they stay up. Likewise for France and Mexico, if Kirby/Dedede and Yoshi/Birdo stay up it’d be hard seeing those races cut. The MKRA 2020 schedule wont be finalized until early January following the Promotion series
  4. I feel like such a noob, could you tell me what games CTR, S&S, and TSR are?
  5. Qualifying results for Hocotate Grand Prix @ Pikmin International Circuit 1 - Captain Falcon, Fox, Ryota Hayami, Olimar 2 - Krystal, Louie, Jody Summer, Pit 3 - Phoenix Wright, Fuzzer, Sonic, Kirby 4 - Megaman, Zero, Pikachu, Kazooie 5 - Wolf, Dash, Triforcemaster, Diddy Kong 6 - Daisy, Amy Rose, Toad, Toadette 7 - King Dedede, Mario, Luigi, Peach 8 - Rosalina, Yoshi, Birdo, Miles Edgeworth 9 - Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Donkey Kong, Banjo 10 - Palutena, Akari Hayami, Zelda, Pichu DNF - Kazooie, Tm3, Daisy, Toadette, Dedede, Mario, Rosalina, and Miles Edgeworth, Koopa Troopa, Luigi, Banjo 9:40pm - The racers are out for the formation lap. The Pikmin International Circuit is a futuristic circuit, one of two in a row here on the MKRA calendar, and features a corkscrew and a loopty-loop in the considerably long antigravity section that stretches for over a mile. Following a section in the forest, the circuit goes through a figure 8 that surrounds statues of several pikmin and then finishes going through a straightaway past a shipyard. It's a circuit that will benefit the space racers the most based on qualifying. Lap 1 - And it's green light from Lakitu and its time to bring the action. And its absolute carnage on the corkscrew! Kazooie ends up taking a horrendous line and ends up t-boning Tm3, whose kart flips through the air and lands on Daisy...and then Toadette, Dedede, Mario, Rosalina, and Miles Edgeworth are all taken out as collateral damage as they are unable to avoid the flying and tumbing karts in front of them. Ah the joys and pitfalls of antigravity. There's so much debris floating in the antigravity that the race is red flagged as the marshals come out to clean up the track. Lap 4 - After the cleanup and a brief safety car we're back underway. Things are more stable going through the circuit this time with all getting through. Falcon leads from Fox, then Olimar in 3rd. Lap 8 - Fox and Krystal have come together as have Olimar and Louie. They might be able to race as teams given their strong qualifying performance, and on a circuit with lots of antigravity, this could be a big night for both teams. Lap 12 - Captain Falcon looks motivated tonight. He seems very comfortable as well and with the 4 aforementioned racers racing as a team...he's building his lead rather strongly. It could take some bad driving or a mechanical issue to deny Falcon a victory tonight. Lap 15 - Koopa Troopa takes an awful line into the corkscrew turn and ends up striking the barrier. His night is over. Lap 20 - First time through the pits, and Chevrolet Top Driver does a great job getting Jody Summer out quickly. She gets out in 2nd place and is now right behind Falcon for the lead. That's huge. Also, team BMW Bomber does a great job and gets Megaman and Zero up into the top 8. Lap 23 - The teams near the front are starting to mix it up a little bit, but it certainly seems like they are more interested in keeping the status quo for now. There's a huge gap between 8th place Zero and 9th place Fuzzer. Fuzzer right now is the best of the rest, with Kirby, Pit, and Wright following him. Lap 26 - It's a transmission failure that dooms Luigi. He pulls off to the side and is eliminated. Bad night for team Amazon Plumber. Lap 29 - Not a good night for team Ford Performance either. Banjo ends up crashing on the corkscrew that felled Kazooie earlier. Have to say, a lot of the traditional non-space racers are having a hard time navigating this turn while also flipping upside down simultaneously. Makes you wonder if the MKRA will make the folks in Hocotate re-design this corner for next season (if its on the calendar). Lap 33 - If you're a fan of team Chevrolet Top Driver, you couldn't be happier. Falcon is leading, and Summer is in 2nd holding off the rest of the field. Fox and Krystal are 3rd and 4th, Olimar and Louie 5th and 6th, and Megaman and Zero 7th and 8th. Lap 60 - Some MKRA grands prix are super interesting all the way to the end. This one wasn't. In fact, there were no lead changes in the top 10 for the whole last half of the race. Evidently Louie and Olimar weren't able to mix it up with the top 4, but were strong enough to hold off Megaman and Zero to collect some valuable points. With strong performances by the teams at the bottom in recent weeks, the relegation battle is likely becoming even more interesting. But make no mistake about it, this night is about the mercenaries of F-Zero. Captain Falcon led this race wire to wire, a dominating performance that you rarely see in the MKRA, and thanks to a fabulous first pit stop and strong racing, Jody Summer ends up with silver. Fox McCloud races well for bronze and Krystal finishes fourth in what is a great night for team CVS Fox. 1.Captain Falcon - 25 pts 2.Jody Summer - 20 pts 3.Fox - 18 pts 4.Krystal - 15 pts 5.Olimar - 12 pts 6.Louie - 10 pts 7.Megaman - 9 pts 8.Zero - 8 pts 9.Fuzzer - 7 pts 10.Kirby - 6 pts 11.Pit - 5 pts 12.Wolf - 4 pts 13.Dash Bowman - 3 pts 14.Phoenix Wright - 2 pts 15.Sonic - 1 pt
  6. Qualifying for Grand Prix of Japan @ Suzuka Circuit 1 – Donkey Kong, Phoenix Wright, Dedede, Rosalina 2 – Akari Hayami, Banjo, Mario, Captain Falcon 3 – Bowser, Daisy, Palutena, Wolf 4 – Jody Summer, Miles Edgeworth, Krystal, Luigi 5 – Fuzzer, Triforcemaster, Megaman, Fox 6 – Kirby, Pit, Ryota Hayami, Peach 7 – Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Diddy Kong, Zelda 8 – Sonic, Amy Rose, Pikachu, Pichu 9 – Dash, Louie, Toadette, Zero 10 – Kazooie, Toad, Birdo, Olimar DNF - Banjo, Captain Falcon, Bowser, Palutena, Amy Rose, Dash Bowman, Toad, Toadette, Ryota Hayami, Louie, Olimar 8:55pm - The drivers are on the circuit for the formation lap. This race is a huge one, not just in terms of the standings or the races atop the Drivers and Constructors Standings, but because of the symbolic significance of this race being in Japan, Nintendo's home country. Everybody is going to want to win this one, perhaps most of all the home team Honda Hayami. Suzuka Circuit features an early heartline S-curve followed by a pair of nasty turns, a right angle at turn 9 and a hairpin at turn 11, before becoming a long out and back with long straightaways leading back to the start line. With the long straightaways and the human world track lacking antigravity or other virtual features, the heavyweight drivers generally did very well in qualifying. Will they do the best tonight? A massive crowd of nearly 100,000 race fans are at Suzuka for what should be a spectacle...one obstacle that we could see is the wind...winds are gusting 30 to 40 mph in some sections of the track as a big typhoon is offshore approaching Japan. It won't get here in time for tonight but the wind could be an equalizer. 9pm - Lakitu's light is green and it's time to bring the action! The racers are all good up until the right angle turn, where Banjo and Captain Falcon come together and crash. Safety car is out...luckily nobody else got caught up in that. Lap 4 - The race resumes but we're back under caution immediately as Bowser muscles Palutena off the track in the hairpin. Palutena then is enraged and decides to run Bowser right off the track right back in turn 13. The intentional collision is enough to take both drivers out of the race. Bowser and Palutena then come to blows on the infield before the marshals can get them separated. These two have very little history with one another so this is quite unexpected. Safety car is back out. Lap 7 - We're back on and this time we have a clean restart. Phoenix Wright makes a fantastic move to pass Donkey Kong on turn 15 to take over the lead while Akari makes a double pass on Rosalina and Dedede in the hairpin to take over 3rd place. Lap 10 - Back in the pack, its an early end for Amy Rose, who has her power unit short out in the heartline. She pulls over and is done. Lap 15 - Not a whole lot happening right now after a furious pace early on. Wright still leading from DK and Akari. Team Delta and Team Amazon are starting to amass though, and are back between 10th and 15th. The stage is setting for a battle between the MKRA's top teams. Lap 20 - First pit stop and its a bad stop for Wright, whose Uber team has difficulty dislodging the fuel nozzle. He only gets back out in 9th place. DK takes over the lead followed by Dedede. Further back, Dash Bowman's night is over as his team fails to properly secure the lugnuts on the right rear tire and the tire comes partially undone. He cannot drive on three wheels and pulls over befuddled. Lap 26 - Well this is the moment everybody was waiting for...Akari Hayami takes over the lead, first going past Dedede on turn 7, and then whizzing past DK on turn 15 to go into first place. A massive roar rises from the crowd as a Japanese racer leads the Japanese Grand Prix. Lap 29 - Fuzzer, Daisy, Luigi, and Mario are trying their best to work as a unit, oddly enough. All four are sitting 5-8 right now. Their current problem seems to be Wolf Odonnell, who is driving like a maniac in fourth place. One wrong move by him and the whole group could get taken out. Lap 32 - Pretty much status quo here. Believe me the fans would be just fine with this race ending right now. This is massive opportunity for team Honda Hayami, and to a lesser extent, team Stihl Venom, both of whom are relegation threatened. Lap 37 - The 2nd fuel stop is the possible last chance to shake this race up. Team Honda Hayami is huddled down in the paddock...this is their moment and they know it. Lap 40 - 2nd time in the pits and some really interesting moves here. Two of the teams in the back, Roscosmos Cosmonaut and Friday's Fun Guys, stay out on the track...perhaps they figure that's their only chance here. Seeing this, Ryota Hayami while on the pit lane does not dive into the pit and drives right back onto the track waiting for Akari to come out. She does come out first among the drivers that did pit. Sherwin Williams Hyrule has a great change and gets Zelda into the top 10 while most of the rest of the top is as it was. Toad, Toadette, Louie, and Olimar are banking on a safety car coming quickly here, possibly Ryota too but he might just be out to direct traffic for Akari. Lap 43 - Indeed that seems to be Ryota's purpose. He's taking aggressive lines and trying to clear space for his teammate to get by the four drivers up ahead. Eventually DK starts to gain on Akari and Ryota drops behind her to hold him off. It's all just a jumbled mess now with the slower lightweight drivers at the front. Lap 45 - Daisy and Fuzzer pass DK and move into 6th and 7th behind Akari. Mario, Luigi, and Zelda are right behind DK. Lap 47 - No safety car and no more fuel for Toad, Toadette, Olimar, and Louie, as they see their gamble come up snake eyes. Ryota is also out of fuel, but not before he did some impressively unintentional intentional blocking against the Delta drivers, allowing Akari to build her lead. Lap 50 - Well this is a familiar situation for Daisy and Fuzzer, sitting 2 and 3 trying to run down a single driver. The person they are trying to run down isn't who you'd figure it'd be, but Akari is racing with the heart of a nation on her sleeve. Can her Honda hold off Daisy and Fuzzer? And perhaps better question, can Daisy and Fuzzer hold off Mario and Luigi, who are right behind them. Lap 52 - With the clump of lightweights eliminated, both DK and Dedede are putting major pressure on Mario and Luigi now as well. Their speed is posing a problem for the plumbers and if they can get a DRS on the straightaway it might be goodnight for team Amazon's chances. Lap 55 - Geez, we've got major movement. DK and Dedede zoom up the board, going by Mario, Luigi, and Fuzzer like corvettes passing an oldsmobile. But before they get to the front, Daisy makes her move and gets past Akari on the hairpin to take over the lead. There are roars from the Delta and Sarasaland fans but the majority of the circuit is clearly unhappy with this development. Lap 57 - Fuzzer decides to come right back at Dedede and passes him on turn 6 at the exit of the heartline, but then Dedede responds by bumping him going through turn 9. Fuzzer is lucky not to end up with a puncture, only sustaining minor wing damage. He thinks of going back at Dedede again but thinks better of it. Mario and Luigi do get by him though, with Zelda hot on his tail. Lap 58 - DK goes past Akari now into 2nd and is taking aim at Daisy. He's gaining at a pretty quick rate. Can Sarasaland's princess hold off the challenge? Lap 60 - On the final lap, DK and Daisy battle all the way, Daisy defending well through the heartline and the right angle turn. DK then goes ape, literally, and bumps Daisy off the track in the hairpin. He takes the lead, while Daisy loses position to Akari, Dedede, Mario, Luigi, Fuzzer, and Zelda before regaining speed. She's lucky she didn't get knocked out entirely. DK holds the lead down the straightaway and takes the checkered flag to masses of boos but hold the phone, race control is reviewing this. The boos are replaced by cheers though as Akari Hayami approaches the line. She isn't able to hold off Dedede on the final 2 straightaways though, as Dedede goes past to finish 2nd with Akari 3rd but again this is all subject to change. Aftermath - Race control comes through with their decision, and DK is assessed a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with Daisy. This results in him finishing back in 9th place. Ordinarily a driver would be black flagged for causing an intentional crash but (as was the case at Big Blue last year) a driver cannot serve a penalty in the pit lane on the final lap, meaning a standard time penalty is utilized instead. What this means is that as the 2nd driver across the line, King Dedede has won the Japanese Grand Prix. Upon hearing the decision, Dedede lets out a shout and floats to the top of the grandstand, reveling in victory with the section of team Krogefour supporters. At the other end of the track, its an even bigger celebration for Akari Hayami, who finishes 2nd. She has a big smile on her face, bathing herself and others in champagne on the podium. Mario manages to finish third with Luigi fourth, Fuzzer fifth. What a race! Final Results: 1.King Dedede - 25 pts 2.Akari Hayami - 20 pts 3.Mario - 18 pts 4.Luigi - 15 pts 5.Fuzzer - 12 pts 6.Zelda - 10 pts 7.Daisy - 9 pts 8.Wolf - 8 pts 9.Donkey Kong - 7 pts 10.Rosalina - 6 pts 11.Phoenix Wright - 5 pts 12.Jody Summer - 4 pts 13.Yoshi - 3 pts 14.Megaman - 2 pts 15.Pit - 1 pt
  7. Rumor has it that Fuzzer went to go find his broom that he uses to sweep home plate, only to find that **insert plant-type Pokémon here** used CUT
  8. Final Scores for Game 1 of doubleheader, Monday, October 7: Yoshi’s Island 2 Skyworld 5 Megaman 3 Smashville 0 Popstar 2 Tortimer Island 7 Zebes 3 Mute City 10 🏆 series - Bounty Hunter Cup Celadon 4 Sarasaland 6 Haouli 2 Los Angeles 6 Mushroom Kingdom 3 Kongo Jungle 2 🏆 series - 75m Cup Valley of Koopas 2 Mayahem 9 Hyrule 2 Inkopolis 4 Koholint 3 Moleville 11 Twilight Realm 7 New Donk City 4 Sonic 4 Ylisse 6 Tokyo 3 Venom 7 Corneria 3 Bionis 6 Mekanos 4 Termina 8 West City 0 Great Plateau 6
  9. MKRA Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrome DNF - Phoenix Wright, Palutena, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Krystal, Toadette, Triforcemaster, Luigi, Pikachu 9:25pm - The drivers are on the circuit for the formation lap. The Sochi Autodrome Circuit is a mostly rectangular circuit that goes from northeast to southwest, with the start line near the train station and Olympic village and the main features being a semicircle turn around Bolshoy Ice Dome and a 3-way rectangular section just north of Fisht Olympic Stadium. The circuit is then mostly straight back to a pair of 90 degree turns which lead back to the start finish line. The circuit is fairly long and has long straightaways which should benefit the heavyweights but there are enough technical sections to make it a fair test for all. 9:30pm - Lakitu counts it down, 3, 2, 1, and its time to bring the action! Everything is good through the semicircle turn but in turn 5 near Fisht Olympic Stadium, Phoenix Wright gets nudged from behind by Palutena. Wright spins out of control and bangs into Rosalina, and the resulting crash also takes out Donkey Kong as collateral damage. Safety car is out Lap 4 - On the restart we have a surprise leader, Kazooie is leading at the front from Fox, then Fuzzer is third with Captain Falcon, Megaman, Olimar, Luigi, and Toad in the top 8. Lap 7 - Big problem for Krystal as her power unit shorts out. She's been on an absolute roll of late, so this is very bad luck. She pounds the steering wheel in disgust but then ultimately gets out and tosses her helmet to an adoring fan near the Olympic Village. Lap 10 - This is a massively important night for team Roscosmos Cosmonaut. They've been driving better of late, but in last place, they'll need a bunch of points tonight if they realistically want to avoid relegation. So far its going well, Olimar is 5th and Louie is 11th. Lap 13 - It's unlucky lap 13 for Toadette, who gets nudged by Sonic on turn 7 and crashes. Race control may take a look at this one as Sonic took a really tight line there. Lap 14 - Sonic is black flagged, and must serve a stop/go penalty. That's pretty much night over for him barring a miracle. Lap 15 - Kazooie is still leading right now, but Yoshi has made a huge run up through the field and is now 2nd. And perhaps even more surprising, both Hayamis have been racing extremely well and are now sitting 4th and 5th! Ryota might be feeling at home next to the Black Sea while Akari might be in her element near the Caucasus Mountains. Lap 18 - This is a crazy race, with overtakes happening every lap and people going up and down the standings left and right. This is making for great entertainment for the fans in Sochi but is undoubtedly making the team managers and mechanics nervous. Lap 20 - First time through the pits and its pretty uneventful. Team Ford Performance is having a great night so far and they arguably get the best change, getting Banjo into the top 5 behind the leader Kazooie. Lap 23 - We have a new leader and its the blue bomber! Megaman had a strong pit change and was able to push ahead of Kazooie on the semicircle turn around Bolshoy Ice Dome to take the lead. Lap 25 - Problem for Triforcemaster as his braking unit fails going into turn 5. He hits the wall in a scary collision. Safety car is out. Luckily Tm3 walks away from the accident without too much of a problem. Lap 28 - There seems to be some #sochiproblems inflicting the race teams tonight. This time its Luigi that is hit as he goes by the start/finish area his transmission seems unable to shift out of second gear. Cars stream past him and he eventually retires. Lap 32 - We have another lead change and this gets the home fans on their feet as Olimar takes over the lead from Megaman, going by him on turn 3. We've seen many home racers win on home soil in recent weeks, but this would be the biggest surprise of all! Lap 35 - And now Pikachu is hit with a surprise mechanical as his front right tire locks up and then eventually blows out as he tries to navigate the Bolshoy semicircle. He pulls off to the side of the road and is out. Lap 40 - 2nd time into the pits and this is a great change for team Honda Hayami. They get Akari out in 1st place and Ryota in 3rd behind Olimar. The teams at the bottom of the standings are in the front with 20 laps to go Lap 42 - Captain Falcon makes his way up through the field but takes a questionable line going into turn 18 as he tries to squeeze past Yoshi. The dino runs him off the road, causing him to lose places. He's very upset on the race radio. Lap 45 - King Dedede and Banjo get tangled up in turn 5 and 6, and there's debris as Banjo's front wing comes off and Dedede's front left tire is punctured. Dedede has to pit and that's pretty much the end of his chances. He's furious as you can imagine. Lap 47 - You'd figure the threesome at the front would be easier than normal to catch given who is up there, but team Roscosmos and team Honda are racing like their lives depended on it here. Akari is still leading from Olimar, with Megaman now third. Lap 49 - Captain Falcon now gets into it with Fox McCloud, the two coming together in turn 19. The two sustain some damage but are able to continue. Lap 50 - With 10 laps to go it's been a quiet night for team Delta but they are both in the top 10, with Fuzzer 8th and Daisy 10th. As it stands they'll gain ground on the other teams near the top. Lap 52 - A big move by Megaman as he goes past Olimar and then Akari to take over the lead. He's racing with wild abandon at the moment and looking very formidable. Kazooie is hanging in tough as well, he's running 4th. Lap 56 - Yoshi makes a move and passes Olimar to move into 3rd. Toad is now running 5th after making several strong passes just past the Bolshoy semicircle. Lap 58 - Akari is doing her best to challenge Megaman, but cannot seem to catch the blue bomber. At this point she's more concerned with holding Yoshi off for 2nd it would seem. Lap 60 - It's been a memorable night for Megaman, and he glides to victory in Sochi, a huge triumph for team BMW Bomber. Yoshi passes Akari on the final lap to finish second but Akari Hayami still comes up with a big podium finish, and brother Ryota's 9th place finish capped a huge night for team Honda Hayami. Olimar couldn't maintain his lead but hangs on for 4th place and Louie comes home 11th capping a good night for team Roscomos on home soil. 1.Megaman - 25 pts 2.Yoshi - 20 pts 3.Akari Hayami - 18 pts 4.Olimar - 15 pts 5.Toad - 12 pts 6.Mario - 10 pts 7.Kazooie - 9 pts 8.Fuzzer - 8 pts 9.Ryota Hayami - 7 pts 10.Daisy - 6 pts 11.Louie - 5 pts 12.Banjo - 4 pts 13.Diddy Kong - 3 pts 14.Amy Rose - 2 pts 15.Miles Edgeworth - 1 pt