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  1. The MKRA announced today that the opening race of 2020 actually won’t be a race...the opening event will be held at the Luigi’s Mansion Battle Arena on March 7th. The first actual Grand Prix will be the Grand Prix of California at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca on March 14th. The MKRA will release the full schedule on New Years Day immediately following the conclusion of the promotion series. Insiders expect that the first 3 races after Laguna Seca will be traditional mainstays in warm weather locations, probably Dry Dry Desert, Yoshi Circuit, and DKs Jungle Parkway. There is considerable support developing for the MKRA to go back on their 2-race limit in the US and return to Michigan’s Belle Isle Circuit in 2020 (a street race is also on the calendar in Atlanta). The thinking is that it would be ridiculous that the 2nd place driver of 2019 and one half of the champion constructor’s team wouldn’t have a home event. Daisy indicated that she would be open to sacrificing one of Sarasaland’s 2 home races if necessary to accommodate Fuzzer having a home race in 2020. We’ll see how it all plays out.
  2. I’m not sure what matchups Xander had in mind for the final series so I’m not going to step on his toes. He’s done a heck of a job in what’s been at the very least a co-commissioner’s role this season. I’ve given him free reign over the schedule over the 2nd half of this season and I have to say Xander, you’ve done an outstanding job. The multiple standing updates you’ve done have really been huge too. Thanks so much for all your work on this rp this season
  3. While most of the post-season talk from Rainbow Road has centered on the outcome of the driver championship, there is another very prominent angle in the media today and this is far uglier. Triforcemaster has been reportedly been receiving death threats from people in Venom ever since his seemingly intentional move to crash Wolf Odonnell out of the race with 3 laps left, a move that secured relegation for Wolf and his partner Dash Bowman, who had previously retired from the race. Tm3 in his media address following the race said that he felt the need to act after seeing Wolf driving super aggressively and nearly taking out several racers including Peach, Fuzzer, and Daisy. Tm3 said that this type of driving didn’t belong in the MKRA, and he was in a position to do something about it, so he did. Tm3 also added in a shot at Fox McCloud, saying that his crash on lap 45 was too easy and way too conveniently timed. Tm3 speculated that Fox must have been trying to help out his frenemy from suffering relegation, which ultimately also caused team Honda Hayami to stay in the MKRA at the expense of team American Skyworld. Dash Bowman said on Tuesday that while he cannot support some of the threats coming from the Venomian citizenry in response to Tm3s actions, what Tm3 did was reckless, dangerous, and downright dispicable. Dash went on to say that Tm3 is banned from entry to planet Venom, effective immediately. Wolf didn’t say much other than to say that Tm3 is dead meat, and that revenge will be served in time, served very cold. Ominous words indeed, but with team Stihl Venom suffering relegation they will have to wait until at least 2021 to get their payback.
  4. Luigi’s Drivers Championship title is a watershed moment for him and many of his fans. Often seen as plumber #2 in the shadow of his brother Mario, Luigi nevertheless has his flocks of adoring fans and they are celebrating today. Luigi said today that his season championship was inspired by his former fiancée Daisy’s win in 2018, and all year he wanted to win to even the score. He did just that thanks to some remarkably consistent driving through most of the year, and having a timely final race at Rainbow Road, finishing a season best 2nd place. But it’s that last point that has drawn the ire of many race fans in Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. The graduated point scale used by the MKRA is somewhat of a hybrid of those used by NASCAR and Formula 1, and had not ever come under criticism until now. Indeed, Luigi did not win a single race in 2019...in fact prior to Rainbow Road he hadn’t had a runner-up finish either. This has left fans bewildered, and they are asking legitimate questions of the MKRA’s upper management today. Should there be a restriction that drivers who haven’t won any races (or battle arenas) cannot win the overall title? Could or should the MKRA come up with a playoff system of sorts similar to NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup? It’s going to be a very interesting offseason for sure, and while these issues are being debated, the promotion series to determine the promoted teams will be contested, with the first race taking place in Moleville this weekend.
  5. Final 2019 MKRA Driver Standings 1.Luigi - 273 pts (1 silver, 3 bronze) 2.Fuzzer - 271 pts (3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 3.Daisy - 259 pts (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 4.Yoshi - 258 pts (2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) 5.Peach - 246 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 6.Mario - 239 pts (2 silver, 3 bronze) 7.Triforcemaster - 184 pts (1 gold, 3 silver) 8.Toad - 184 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 9.Jody Summer - 167 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 10.Krystal - 166 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 11.Zelda - 160 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 12.Captain Falcon - 155 pts (2 gold, 1 silver) 13.Banjo - 149 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 14.Bowser - 133 pts (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 15.Koopa Troopa - 132 pts (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 16.Fox - 128 pts (1 gold, 3 bronze) 17.Dedede - 121 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 18.Sonic - 119 pts (2 silver) 19.Donkey Kong - 116 pts (2 gold, 2 bronze) 20.Megaman - 115 pts (2 gold) 21.Kirby - 98 pts (1 gold) 22.Rosalina - 95 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 23.Wolf - 92 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 24.Phoenix Wright - 90 pts (1 bronze) 25.Palutena - 88 pts (1 silver) 26.Pichu - 87 pts (1 gold) 27.Akari Hayami - 85 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 28.Pikachu - 77 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 29.Ryota Hayami - 76 pts (1gold, 1 bronze) 30.Miles Edgeworth - 74 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 31.Pit - 70 pts (1 bronze) 32.Toadette - 68 pts (1 bronze) 33.Diddy Kong - 61 pts (1 silver) 34.Zero - 57 pts (2 silver) 35.Olimar - 54 pts 36.Dash Bowman - 53 pts (1 bronze) 37.Kazooie - 51 pts (1 bronze) 38.Amy Rose - 50 pts (1 bronze) 39.Louie - 36 pts 40.Birdo - 30 pts Final 2019 MKRA Constructor's Standings: ✈️1.Delta Sarasaland - 530 pts 🚽2.Amazon Plumber - 512 pts 🎨3.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 344 pts 👑4.Tesco Princess - 341 pts 🚙5.Chevrolet Top Driver - 322 pts 💊6.CVS Fox - 294 pts 🌴7.Corona Islander - 288 pts 🐢8.Coors Koopa - 269 pts 🍄9.Friday’s Fun Guys – 252 pts 🍅10.Krogefour Popstar - 219 pts 🚗11.Ford Performance - 200 pts 🍌12.Dole Banana - 177 pts 💣13.BMW Bomber - 172 pts 💍14.Petco Hedgehog - 169 pts ⚖️15.Uber Lawyer - 164 pts 🐁16.Electrobras Mouse - 164 pts 🌊17.Honda Hayami - 161 pts ☁️18.American Skyworld - 158 pts ⚙️19.Stihl Venom - 145 pts 🚀20.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 90 pts
  6. 2019 MKRA Grand Prix Final @ Rainbow Road Qualifying Result: 1 - Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Luigi 2 - Daisy, Toad, Fuzzer, Toadette 3 - Rosalina, Triforcemaster, Captain Falcon, Jody Summer 4 - Banjo, Dedede, Bowser, Koopa Troopa 5 - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Fox, Sonic 6 - Krystal, Amy Rose, Pit, Palutena 7 - Megaman, Zero, Pikachu, Pichu 8 - Baby Mario, Kirby, Kazooie, Miles Edgeworth 9 - Wolf, Dash Bowman, Baby Mario, Zelda 10 - Ryota Hayami, Akari Hayami, Louie, Olimar The Rainbow Road circuit features antigravity, obviously, as the circuit is in space high above Mushroom World. There are quite a few tricky features on the circuit, including several hairpins, a section of track that moves either with or against you, a flying jump, and an S-curve with bumpers. This race won't be for the faint of heart, and with so much on the line including points being doubled...there's bound to be drama. DNF - Jody Summer, Zero, Amy Rose, Olimar, Dash Bowman, Fox, Pikachu, Ryota Hayami Lap 1 - Lakitu is on the track...it's time to settle everything. The light goes green and its time to bring the action! No real drama on the early hairpin at turn 1 but Jody Summer gets bumped trying to avoid the bumpers on the S-curve, and she gets knocked from the track as does Zero. They are retrieved from space by Lakitu but their race is over. Sector yellow flag is out as the marshals come out to pick up the debris. Lap 3 - Didn't take long as we have our first lead change, Yoshi going past Mario on turn 1. Mario and Yoshi qualified 1 and 2 and they are the ones who need to win and get help to win the driver championship, so you'd figure they are going balls out from the start. Lap 5 - Well maybe I'm wrong. Mario lets Peach by on Lap 5, perhaps to link up with Luigi who is in 3rd place. Peach also needs a tiny bit of help in order to win the title tonight so she'll take this gift gladly. Lap 10 - Pretty stable at the moment, you've got Yoshi, Peach, Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Fuzzer as the top 6 at the moment. Toad, Toadette, Rosalina, and Triforcemaster round out the top 10. Interesting that the teams from the futuristic worlds aren't doing better...team CVS, Chevy, and Stihl generally make their hay on the antigravity tracks but right now only Captain Falcon and Fox are in a scoring position. Lap 12 - Amy Rose gets bumped by Krystal going into the S-curve and gets thrown off her line, slamming right into a bumper and off the track. Her night is done. That might put some pressure on Sonic but with no teams behind team Petco in a scoring position right now, they're safe as of now. Lap 15 - Yoshi gets stuck on the wrong side of the moving floor section, and this allows Peach to make the pass and take over the lead. She's in first place in the live standings right now with that...meaning that she will win the title if it all stays like this. Long way to go though. Lap 20 - First time into the pits, no real drama here as all are in and out as you were. It's Peach leading from Yoshi, followed by Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Fuzzer. Again, as it stands, Peach will win the driver's championship, while team Delta will win the constructor's title. Mario and Luigi will have to try to run down the leaders to win tonight. The big question right now is what do Daisy and Fuzzer do? Right now they continue to race as a unit. Lap 24 - It seems that things are just a little boring right now given what is on the line. Lap 27 - Still racers just going around the circuit with very little drama. Teams Amazon and Delta continue to race as a unit behind Peach and Yoshi. Given the difficulty of the circuit, maybe everybody is biding their time still. Lap 29 - Near the back of the field, Olimar's engine overheats, and blows. He's out. Safety car comes out as he's marooned on the track. This officially means that team Roscosmos is relegated from the MKRA. Lap 31 - On the restart, Yoshi gets a better jump down the straightaway than Peach, and takes back the lead. This means that Daisy is back in 1st on the live table...her and Luigi are actually tied in points but Daisy holds the tiebreaker due to having more wins. Lap 34 - Further back now Dash Bowman has a problem with his transmission. He's done, and the safety car is out again. This really is a unique part about Rainbow Road...on other tracks, the cars if they have a problem are able to pull off the road into the infield and out of harm's way, but here they are pretty much forced to stop on the track, which forces the safety car out. We're going to have another restart coming up here. Lap 36 - On the restart, Luigi gets a great draft behind Mario and slingshots around him and by Princess Peach, who was run to the outside by Yoshi. Luigi now runs 2nd ahead of Peach. This means Luigi is now in 1st place on the live table. Team Amazon is now only 4 points down on the live table for the constructor's championship. It's getting very dicey for team Delta now, and with Toad right behind Daisy and Fuzzer in 7th, they cannot afford any further loss of position. Lap 38 - Mario goes for a pass on Peach to try to link back up with Luigi but Peach defends vigorously and they touch...both narrowly avoid drifting into bumpers too. Daisy takes advantage and goes past them both into third. That means she's back into first place on the live table. this 2nd pit stop has the potential to be absolutely epic. Who's going to blink, and who's going to gamble on fuel? Lap 40 - 2nd pit stop and this is bananas. The top teams all go through without incident, but 5 racers, Wolf, Pikachu, Pichu, Ryota, and Akari, all stay out and do not come in. Obviously this is the last throw of the dice for team Stihl and team Honda, while team Electrobras is staying out to cover the move. This drops Yoshi down into 6th and given the faster pace of the top teams tonight, this could lead to congested racing over the next 5 laps. Lap 42 - Wolf Odonnell leads from Pikachu, Pichu third, Ryota and Akari in third. They've got about a 20 second edge on the top teams but Wolf, Ryota, and Akari know that if a safety car doesn't come, its going to be relegation for them. Team Electrobras has prepared for the eventuality by staying out...but interestingly enough teams American and Uber have not. If a safety car does come then that's going to be extremely bad news for Wright/Edgeworth and Pit/Palutena. Lap 44 - The leading teams from earlier are starting to close the gap on the 5 that stayed out at the pit stop. Time is running out for any track mayhem to save team Stihl and Honda. Meanwhile team Uber and American are crossing their fingers mayhem doesn't happen. Lap 45 - Oh my...going through the bumpers, Fox McCloud appears to take an awful line through the S-curve and knocks out his entire front wing and front right tire. He's marooned and the safety car is coming out! He didn't appear to be obstructed by anybody that we could tell either. Very odd, he just crashed. Now the question is can the top 5 get back to the pit in time? Lap 46 - Wolf, Pichu, and Akari end up making it back to the pit lane but Pikachu and Ryota end up running out of gas before they reach the pit lane. Evidently they didn't drive as efficiently as their partners. Wolf, Pichu, and Akari exit the pit lane 1-2-3, but they will be under immediate attack from the previous top 6 on the restart. Lap 47 - On the restart, Ryota and Pichu are passed by Yoshi and Luigi, and later in the lap Daisy and Mario go past the two. Wolf though, is doggedly holding onto his position in the front. This would be incredible if he's able to save his team right at the death with a win at the MKRA's crown jewel. Lap 49 - Yoshi tries to pass Wolf, and he is nearly rammed from the track, the dino just hitting the breaks just in time to avoid the swerving Wolf. Wolf is driving about as recklessly as one possibly can. Further back Peach and Fuzzer are moving up through the field and go past Pichu and Akari. With Wolf holding up, Pichu and Akari are racing against one another to avoid being relegated. Right now its team American Skyworld also getting dropped...team Uber Lawyer might survive if Pichu and Akari both don't finish in the top 9. Lap 51 - Yoshi tries again to pass Wolf and this time Wolf does cede the position. Meanwhile, Mario tries doggedly to get past Daisy but is unable to do so...Daisy remains 4th between the Mario brothers. Lap 52 - Luigi instead of passing Wolf decides to slow down and try to block Daisy to allow Mario to get around her, but Daisy outsmarts Luigi and uses the closeness of his kart as a DRS to slingshot around him. Wow. Luigi was in first on the live table for the drivers championship and yet he was still thinking constructors title. This adherence to team play might cost him the driver's title! Lap 54 - Daisy gets up close to Wolf and looks to pass but Wolf has no interest whatsoever. He and Daisy touch on the moving tiles turn and they both slow down, allowing Luigi and Mario a huge break and they both pass into 2nd and 3rd. This could be a driver's title and a constructor's title for the Mario brothers now! Lap 55 - Wolf nearly takes out Daisy again. Perhaps enraged by this, Peach and Fuzzer come on both sides of Wolf and go for a 2-sided pincers pass. It's a perfect maneuver and this knocks Wolf down to 5th. Fuzzer ends up in 4th following this maneuver, Peach 5th. Yoshi is still in front and Luigi and Mario are 2nd and 3rd. Further back Pichu is 8th and Ryota is 9th. As of now team Uber and team American are going down but Pichu and Ryota are under pressure from the other drivers further back, including Triforcemaster. Lap 56 - Mario and Luigi are trying to work together to catch Yoshi, but Fuzzer is now right on their wheel, not really allowing either of them to pull away. Yoshi meanwhile isn't conceding any ground. Daisy continues to be slowed by Wolf but Fuzzer can't afford to drop back and help otherwise the contstructor's title could be lost with only 4 laps left. Triforcemaster passes both Pichu and Akari, which means team Uber are now back above the relegation line, team Honda have dropped in but that could change if Akari can pass Pichu, that would put team Electrobras down. This is going to go down to the final lap everywhere! Lap 57 - Captain Falcon is out of the race! His power unit fails with just 4 laps to go. Utterly crushing as his team was just 14 points behind team Sherwin for the constructor's podium. Lap 58 - Triforcemaster catches up to Wolf and Daisy. He uses DRS brilliantly to slingshot around Daisy and then makes an odd hand motion as he goes past. On the next curve he pulls even to Wolf and then swerves and nails him right into the bumper. His cart flips completely out of the track and into space. Unbelievable! Wolf screams into the race radio while the safety car is signaled as this is relegation confirmed for team Stihl. Tm3 gets out of his stranded kart and bows. What bravado from the NBL creator. Lap 60 - A rare rule in the MKRA comes into effect here, in that the race cannot end on a safety car, meaning we have quite literally a Nascar-style green/white/checkered finish coming Lap 62 - On the restart, Fuzzer gets a great jump and manages to pass Mario. Luigi meanwhile throws everything he has toward catching Yoshi but is unable to do so. Fuzzer's pass on Mario is the only change of position on the final two laps. Yoshi crosses the line in first place, winning the crown jewel of Rainbow Road. Luigi comes home in 2nd and with that, he takes home the 2019 Driver Championship! Fuzzer comes home third to finish 2nd in the driver standings. Mario finishes 4th, Peach is 5th, and Daisy is 6th. Daisy manages to hold off Yoshi by 1 point to take 3rd place in the driver's standings, and in doing so, clinches a 2nd straight constructor's championship for team Delta Sarasaland! Team Amazon finishes in 2nd, and thanks to Zelda's late surge to finish 12th, team Sherwin finishes 3rd on the constructor's podium, beating out team Tesco by 3 points. Akari doesn't have the acceleration of Pichu and isn't able to get by the mouse following the restart but with Wolf out of the race, it doesn't matter as teams Electrobras and Honda both manage to stay in the MKRA, as does team Uber, who was in considerable danger for much of the night. It's teams Roscosmos, Stihl, and American suffering the drop. Final Result: 1.Yoshi - 50 pts 2.Luigi - 40 pts 3.Fuzzer - 36 pts 4.Mario - 30 pts 5.Peach - 24 pts 6.Daisy - 20 pts 7.Toad - 18 pts 8.Rosalina - 16 pts 9.Toadette - 14 pts 10.Pichu - 12 pts 11.Akari Hayami - 10 pts 12.Zelda - 8 pts 13.Banjo - 6 pts 14.Dedede - 4 pts 15.Bowser - 2 pts
  7. The 2019 MKRA Final at Rainbow Road has been postponed until Sunday evening
  8. Driver Championship win formulas at Rainbow Road: Daisy, Fuzzer, Luigi - win Peach - win and have Daisy, Fuzzer, and Luigi finish outside the top 3 Mario & Yoshi - win and have Daisy, Fuzzer, and Luigi finish outside the top 6, and have Peach finish outside the top 3
  9. Xander’s roundup was prophetic as entering tonight we had 10 games left in the season...following tonight we’re down to 9. Decision day is slated for Friday the 13th.
  10. MKRA Standings as of Koopa Valley Grand Prix (round 32 of 33, 1 race remaining) 1.Daisy - 239 pts (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 2.Fuzzer - 235 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 3.Luigi - 233 pts (3 bronze) 4.Peach - 222 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 5.Mario - 209 pts (2 silver, 3 bronze) 6.Yoshi - 208 pts (1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) 7.Triforcemaster - 184 pts (1 gold, 3 silver) 8.Jody Summer - 167 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 9.Toad - 166 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 10.Krystal - 166 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 11.Captain Falcon - 155 pts (2 gold, 1 silver) 12.Zelda - 152 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 13.Banjo - 141 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 14.Bowser - 133 pts (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 15.Koopa Troopa - 132 pts (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 16.Fox - 128 pts (1 gold, 3 bronze) 17.Sonic - 119 pts (2 silver) 18.Dedede - 117 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 19.Donkey Kong - 116 pts (2 gold, 2 bronze) 20.Megaman - 115 pts (2 gold) 21.Kirby - 98 pts (1 gold) 22.Wolf - 92 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 23.Phoenix Wright - 90 pts (1 bronze) 24.Palutena - 88 pts (1 silver) 25.Rosalina - 79 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 26.Pikachu - 77 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 27.Ryota Hayami - 76 pts (1gold, 1 bronze) 28.Pichu - 75 pts (1 gold) 29.Akari Hayami - 75 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 30.Miles Edgeworth - 74 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 31.Pit - 70 pts (1 bronze) 32.Diddy Kong - 61 pts (1 silver) 33.Zero - 57 pts (2 silver) 34.Toadette - 54 pts (1 bronze) 35.Olimar - 54 pts 36.Dash Bowman - 53 pts (1 bronze) 37.Kazooie - 51 pts (1 bronze) 38.Amy Rose - 50 pts (1 bronze) 39.Louie - 36 pts 40.Birdo - 30 pts Current Constructor’s Championship Standings: ✈️1.Delta Sarasaland - 474 pts 🚽2.Amazon Plumber - 442 pts 🎨3.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 336 pts 🚙4.Chevrolet Top Driver - 322 pts 👑5.Tesco Princess - 301 pts 💊6.CVS Fox - 294 pts 🐢7.Coors Koopa - 267 pts 🌴8.Corona Islander - 238 pts 🍄9.Friday’s Fun Guys – 220 pts 🍅10.Krogefour Popstar - 215 pts 🚗11.Ford Performance - 192 pts 🍌12.Dole Banana - 177 pts 💣13.BMW Bomber - 172 pts 💍14.Petco Hedgehog - 169 pts ⚖️15.Uber Lawyer - 164 pts ☁️16.American Skyworld - 158 pts 🐁17.Electrobras Mouse - 152 pts 🌊18.Honda Hayami - 151 pts ⚙️19.Stihl Venom - 145 pts 🚀20.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 90 pts
  11. Qualifying Results for Koopa Valley Grand Prix: 1 - Koopa Troopa, Toad, Sonic, Kirby 2 - Yoshi, Bowser, Pikachu, Mario 3 - Zero, Amy Rose, Pichu, Luigi 4 - Fuzzer, Daisy, Tm3, Zelda 5 - Fox, Krystal, Captain Falcon, Kazooie 6 - Jody Summer, Diddy Kong, Toadette, Baby Mario 7 - Wolf, Dash, Banjo, Palutena 8 - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, Pit, Megaman 9 - Donkey Kong, King Dedede, Rosalina, Peach 10 - Louie, Olimar, Akari Hayami, Ryota Hayami Qualifying - With the exception of Bowser who is racing at home, the lightweight drivers more or less dominated qualifying. This circuit (this is the Double Dash iteration) is a highly technical circuit with very tight turns. There are only 3 real straightaways, on one racers have to dodge thwomps, and on another a podoboo cannon shoots flames. There is also considerable elevation change up and down from the parapet before leading to the straightaway. Unlike many races this season where getting a big lead equals victory, here in the Valley of the Koopas, no lead is safe. Of the top contenders, Yoshi and Mario start on row 2, Luigi on row 3, Daisy and Fuzzer on row 4. Meanwhile, Peach had a hideous qualifying run and is back on row 9. DNF - Pichu, Krystal, Toadette, Banjo, Donkey Kong, Olimar, Wolf, Palutena, Toad, Peach, Megaman, Kazooie, Wolf, Dash, Miles Edgeworth, King Dedede, Mario Formation Lap 10:30pm - The racers are out on the circuit. Adding to the danger of the race circuit here, the crowd is raucous and rowdy and the weather is rather frightful, the wind is howling about 25-30 mph out of the northwest, making it a very chilly night in the valley. The wind is going to make the jump heading back to the start quite tricky. It's about go time. Lap 1 - Lakitu counts it down and goes green...it's time to bring the action! The thwomp corridor ends up being a total mess as Pichu and Krystal both crash, and then Toadette and Banjo are unable to avoid the crashed karts and they crash as well. Safety car is out. Lap 4 - On the restart, there's more trouble as Donkey Kong and Olimar run into each other in the first lava chamber. Olimar is marooned there while DK ends up dropping into the magma. The SSBB healing chamber is present for DK once Lakitu pulls him out, which he does quickly. Both are done for the night and the safety car is out again Lap 7 - The race restarts again, and for the third time we can't seem to get up to green flag racing, this time Wolf and Palutena bump into each other trying to get through the podoboo roundabout, and Palutena gets singed while Wolf avoids the podoboos but ends up taking a terrible line into the later jump and lands in the lava. Lakitu has been busy early here, we'll see if this continues all night. Lap 10 - We're racing again, and this time everybody is able to make it around the circuit without incident. Koopa Troopa leads from Toad, with Yoshi and Bowser 3rd and 4th. Right now Mario is 6th, Luigi 9th, Fuzzer 11th, Daisy 13th, and Peach 25th. Lap 13 - If there's a big story developing outside the top 6, its that both Sonic and Amy Rose are in the top 10. After watching team Uber, team Electrobras, and team Honda put up big performances in the past 3 weeks, team Petco finds themselves in the relegation zone. This might be the hedgehogs' best chance to answer back and stay in the MKRA. Right now everything is going great for them. Lap 15 - Koopa Troopa has been perfect so far, but right behind him Toad has big trouble. A huge gust of wind comes up as he hits the moat jump and he doesn't make it over the gap. Splash... Lap 20 - First time into the pits, there's no real drama for anybody involved....Koopa Troopa leads from Yoshi, Bowser third Lap 22 - Following Toad's tumble into the moat the winds outside the castle had increased even more, leading the race to be red flagged on lap 22. A great large group of boos have been summoned and have been stationed in the area overlooking the jump in order to block the wind to some degree. We're back on now. Lap 25 - Koopa Troopa drops back and helps to slow down Yoshi a little bit on the few laps following the restart, allowing Bowser to pass both using a DRS on the podoboo straightaway. Coors Koopa now are 1-2. Lap 28 - It's been a nightmarish night for Princess Peach, and it ends early as she is shot by a podoboo on the straightaway leading to the hairpin. She goes empty, and that's going to leave her with a very difficult job to do at Rainbow Road. Lap 30 - Megaman ends up taking an awful line through the lava pit zone and he finds magma. That's the third racer to splash into the molten igneous rock already tonight and the race is only half over. Thank goodness the injuries only last a few seconds. Lap 33 - Bowser continues to lead, even though it seems Koopa Troopa is having an easier time getting around the circuit. I get what Coors Koopa's motivation is, heck, it is his home circuit, plus a Bowser win would pull him level with Fuzzer and Peach with 3 wins in the race for the golden kart, but with Yoshi right behind KT, you have to wonder how long the team orders will keep him in front if he can't put down faster laps. Lap 34 - Mario and Luigi have let Sonic and Amy go into 5th and 6th (Kirby is running 4th), and have taken up residence in 7th and 8th, with Fuzzer and Daisy running 9th and 10th. So far it's team play, which you could expect given how dangerous this circuit has been tonight. However, you'd figure the Mario brothers will go for broke at some point. Maybe they are waiting to see if team Delta makes an error. Lap 40 - 2nd time into the pits and Dash Bowman and Wolf Odonnell elect to stay out on the track. With neither in a scoring position and so many troubles out there, staying out at the 2nd safety car might not be the worst idea in the world. Meanwhile the previous top 10 come out unchanged between 3rd and 12th. Lap 43 - Kazooie ends up getting shot by a podoboo on the hairpin. Her kart is disables and she splashes into the moat. Wolf and Dash might be bemoaning their bad luck because had she stayed upright on the track the safety car surely would've come out. Instead, Lakitu (who has been VERY busy tonight) attends to her. Lap 45 - Wolf and Dash's well intentioned gamble comes up snake eyes...they run out of fuel and its a double empty night from the men of Venom. They'll now have it all to do at Rainbow Road to avoid relegation Lap 48 - Yoshi has had enough and he manages to get around both KT and Bowser to take over the lead of the race. Bowser saw him coming and considered ramming the dinosaur but thought better of it. Yoshi could gain a whole bunch of points in the drivers race with a win here. Lap 50 - Now Koopa Troopa comes roaring back and reclaims the lead from Yoshi, making a brilliant pass on the uphill to the parapet. Lap 53 - Miles Edgeworth and King Dedede crash heading uphill toward the parapet, and neither makes the hairpin turn toward the downhill over the stairs. Crash. Safety car is out which is going to set up a mad scramble to the finish. Koopa Troopa leads from Yoshi, then Kirby is third with Sonic 4th and Luigi 5th. Bowser has dropped to 6th. Mario right now is 7th, with Fuzzer and Daisy 8th and 9th. Lap 55 - On the restart a huge happening as Mario attempts to pass Bowser, and Bowser gives him absolutely no room whatsoever...they bump and Mario goes into a thwomp, ending his race. Bowser cackles on the race radio and the crowd goes absolutely mad! The video board says race control is reviewing this incident...oh boy. Lap 56 - Amy Rose makes a daring pass on both Sonic and Kirby, the former moving out of the way and helping her use the DRS to get into the podium places. What a massive result this would be for team Petco, just have to make it around clean 4 more laps. Lap 57 - The check is complete on the incident between Mario and Bowser and the MKRA is saying it was a normal race maneuver, no penalty to Bowser. I think if they had black flagged Bowser on his home circuit for a 50/50 incident, the crowd might have rushed the track and forced the race to be abandoned, or worse. Lap 60 - On the final lap, Yoshi takes another shot at Koopa Troopa, but the turtle blocks him off perfectly. Yoshi tries again on the uphill to the parapet but again he is denied and nearly crashes in the process. At that point the dinosaur backs off and KT knows he has the victory in hand. Massive win for Koopa Troopa, while Yoshi picks up 20 more pts. And maybe in the unlikeliest of clutch performances this season, Amy Rose finishes third, landing on the podium in what might be a season saving performance for team Petco. Final Results: 1.Koopa Troopa - 25 pts 2.Yoshi - 20 pts 3.Amy Rose - 18 pts 4.Kirby - 15 pts 5.Luigi - 12 pts 6.Fuzzer - 10 pts 7.Bowser - 9 pts 8.Sonic - 8 pts 9.Zelda - 7 pts 10.Daisy - 6 pts 11.Captain Falcon - 5 pts 12.Pikachu - 4 pts 13.Zero - 3 pts 14.Fox - 2 pts 15.Palutena - 1 pt
  12. We're down to the final 2 races in the 2019 MKRA Season. After a whole season of twists, turns, grands prix, and battle arenas across Mushroom World, the Nintendo Universe, and the human world, we've just about reached the end of the road. And yet, with so little competition left, there is so little that we truly know. Let's review the key questions: 1.Who's going to win the constructor's championship? At this point, its a heads-up battle between team Amazon Plumber and team Delta Sarasaland. Team Delta leads by 28 points, which is a mildly comfortable margin. Realistically to win the title, team Amazon will probably have to make up a little bit of ground at Bowser's Castle, or if they don't, will probably need a 1-2 finish at Rainbow Road to secure the title. Failing both of those scenarios, they would need to hope for high finishes in both races and would need an unforced error or two (or some really bad luck) from team Delta. If Mario and Luigi are within 24 pts of the lead going into Rainbow Road, then a 1-2 finish would win the title regardless of what Fuzzer and Daisy do at Rainbow Road. Fuzzer and Daisy meanwhile could put the race virtually to bed if they race well and Mario and Luigi have a bad night at Bowser's Castle. 2.Who's going to win the driver's championship? Beats me. Daisy is in the lead to defend her title, but only leads Fuzzer by 8, Peach by 11, and Luigi by 12. Mario is also in the mix a little further back, 24 points in arrears. Oddly enough, as it stands, the podium is exactly as it was a year ago, but I wouldn't bet money on it staying that way. Oddly enough, the two hottest driver in the MKRA right now seems to be Yoshi, and after being dead and buried for most of the season, he's now just 45 points out. It would still virtually require a miracle for Yoshi to make that up in the final two races, he would need to win at both Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road and get a whole lot of help as well. Maybe if Birdo hadn't intentionally crashed Yoshi out in Mexico he'd be right up with Mario and really have a good chance. But at any rate, with Fuzzer, Mario, Luigi, and Daisy all involved in the constructor's race as well, you would expect the teams to race together for at least most of the way at Bowser's Castle tomorrow night. But depending on what transpires, the situation could change to every man/woman for themselves in the blink of an eye. No doubt, Yoshi and Peach will be going all out completely free of team orders. The issue for Peach is that one of the remaining races is at Bowser's Castle, which historically has been a house of horrors for her. Will she be mentally up to the challenge tomorrow? Right now the oddsmakers are giving Daisy the slight edge to defend her title, with Luigi 2nd favorite and Fuzzer 3rd. 3.Who's going to win the golden kart? The golden kart is a new prize this year going to the racer who has the most victories (and in case of tie, the most runner-up finishes). Right now Fuzzer and Peach have the most victories this season with 3, Daisy, Bowser, Captain Falcon, Megaman, and Donkey Kong all have 2. If any of the 5 racers with 2 wins win on Saturday night, they'll move level with Fuzzer and Peach, setting up a 3-way battle for the golden kart at Rainbow Road. Meanwhile a Peach or Fuzzer win would eliminate the other 5 and it would be just a 2-racer contest. 4.Who's going to be relegated? Man...this question is still very much unresolved. Almost all the teams at the bottom have performed well over the last 2 races except for team Roscosmos Cosmonaut. Olimar and Louie are surely gone at this point. But after that, it's still all to race for. Currently it would be Sonic and Amy Rose and Wolf and Dash Bowman dropping out of the MKRA, with Pichu and Pikachu and the Hayami siblings escaping the drop just barely. These teams will all be looking for one more big performance to save their spot in the MKRA. It should be noted that Megaman and Zero, Wright and Edgeworth, and Pit and Palutena are not especially safe at this point as they are all within 25 points of the drop, but they would probably need to go empty and have all the teams below them pick up a good number of points at Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road to suffer relegation. It would not surprise me in the least if the teams in 18th and 19th going into Rainbow Road, if not in a scoring position after 40 laps, both try to stay out at the 2nd fuel stop and gamble on a safety car. There could even be situations where one driver intentionally crashes to vault their partner into the lead with less than 20 laps to go. If I were the MKRA, I would probably do something to address this before we get to Rainbow Road, but that's just me. The stage is set for a thrilling final week, and it commences on the lava fields Saturday night.
  13. MKRA Standings as of Termina Battle Arena (round 31 of 33, 2 races remaining) 1.Daisy - 233 pts (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) 2.Fuzzer - 225 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 3.Peach - 222 pts (3 gold, 2 silver) 4.Luigi - 221 pts (3 bronze) 5.Mario - 209 pts (2 silver, 3 bronze) 6.Yoshi - 188 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) 7.Triforcemaster - 184 pts (1 gold, 3 silver) 8.Jody Summer - 167 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 9.Krystal - 166 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 10.Toad - 166 pts (1 gold, 2 silver) 11.Captain Falcon - 150 pts (2 gold, 1 silver) 12.Zelda - 145 pts (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 13.Banjo - 141 pts (1 gold, 1 silver) 14.Bowser - 126 pts (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 15.Fox - 126 pts (1 gold, 3 bronze) 16.Dedede - 117 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 17.Donkey Kong - 116 pts (2 gold, 2 bronze) 18.Megaman - 115 pts (2 gold) 19.Sonic - 111 pts (2 silver) 20.Koopa Troopa - 107 pts (2 silver, 1 bronze) 21.Wolf - 92 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 22.Phoenix Wright - 90 pts (1 bronze) 23.Palutena - 87 pts (1 silver) 24.Kirby - 83 pts (1 gold) 25.Rosalina - 79 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 26.Ryota Hayami - 76 pts (1gold, 1 bronze) 27.Pichu - 75 pts (1 gold) 28.Akari Hayami - 75 pts (1 silver, 1 bronze) 29.Miles Edgeworth - 74 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 30.Pikachu - 73 pts (1 gold, 1 bronze) 31.Pit - 70 pts (1 bronze) 32.Diddy Kong - 61 pts (1 silver) 33.Zero - 54 pts (2 silver) 34.Toadette - 54 pts (1 bronze) 35.Olimar - 54 pts 36.Dash Bowman - 53 pts (1 bronze) 37.Kazooie - 51 pts (1 bronze) 38.Louie - 36 pts 39.Amy Rose - 32 pts 40.Birdo - 30 pts Current Constructor’s Championship Standings: ✈️1.Delta Sarasaland - 458 pts 🚽2.Amazon Plumber - 430 pts 🎨3.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 329 pts 🚙4.Chevrolet Top Driver - 317 pts 👑5.Tesco Princess - 301 pts 💊6.CVS Fox - 292 pts 🐢7.Coors Koopa - 233 pts 🍄8.Friday’s Fun Guys – 220 pts 🌴9.Corona Islander - 218 pts 🍅10.Krogefour Popstar - 200 pts 🚗11.Ford Performance - 192 pts 🍌12.Dole Banana - 177 pts 💣13.BMW Bomber - 169 pts ⚖️14.Uber Lawyer - 164 pts ☁️15.American Skyworld - 157 pts 🌊16.Honda Hayami - 151 pts 🐁17.Electrobras Mouse - 148 pts ⚙️18.Stihl Venom - 145 pts 💍19.Petco Hedgehog - 143 pts 🚀20.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 90 pts
  14. Congratulations to Marina, Kirby, Goku, and Daisy for winning their respective challenges at NBL All-Star week.