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  1. Final Scores for NBL Division Series and Championship Promotion Playoffs Game 5s: Narshe 5 Yggdrasil 2 Rebels win series 3-2 Twilight Realm 7 Sonic 8 f/11 Heroes win series 3-2 Bionis 2 Smashville 9 Savages win series 3-2
  2. Wow, we had extra innings in all 8 games last night. Dude, NSN, NSN2, the NBL Network, and the Watch NSN app must’ve all been going mad yesterday. Crazy. its a wonderful time of year, at least in the virtual world where sports are actually happening...psh
  3. Final Scores for NBL Division Series and Championship Promotion Semifinals Game 3s: Sonic 3 Twilight Realm 4 f/10 Interlopers lead series 2-1 Koholint 3 Corneria 8 Dreamers lead series 2-1 Smashville 5 Bionis 4 Savages lead series 2-1 Sarasaland 4 New York City 0 Coins lead series 2-1 ———————————————————— Neo Arcadia 5 Rogueport 11 Bandits lead series 2-1 Yggdrasil 4 Narshe 7 Rebels lead series 2-1 Hocotate 5 Tethealla 6 f/12 Tales lead series 2-1 Avalar 5 Zaphias 2 Dragonflies lead series 2-1
  4. With the matches on Memorial Day taking place prior to the originally scheduled date, no NAFA matches will be played this weekend. Matchday 12 will proceed as originally scheduled on June 6
  5. Final Scores for Game 1 NBL Divisional Playoffs and Promotion Playoff Semifinals: Twilight Realm 3 Sonic 5 f/10 Heroes lead series 1-0 Corneria 4 Koholint 7 Dreamers lead series 1-0 Bionis 2 Smashville 8 Savages lead series 1-0 New York City 4 Sarasaland 5 f/14 Coins lead series 1-0 ———————————————- Rogueport 6 Neo Arcadia 4 Bandits lead series 1-0 Narshe 0 Yggdrasil 3 Swords Lead series 1-0 Tethealla 4 Hocotate 7 Hammers lead series 1-0 Zaphias 4 Avalar 3 f/10 Imperials Lead series 1-0
  6. Relegation Play-off Mekanos 3 Mimiga Town 5 f/11 Mimiga Town remains in NBL Premier League, while Mekanos is the 4th and final team to be relegated to the Championship League
  7. Oh wow this is very interesting. We’re breaking a multi-way tie by way of how the teams perform at all-star weekend. That’s intriguing. And yes Mimiga and Mekanos will have to play off for the 2nd relegation spot. I’ll take care of that bit of business...Link I’ll let you take care of all-star and figuring out the playoff seedings
  8. Due to tonight’s results, Castlevania has been confirmed as relegated from the NBL Premier League. They join Venom and Tallon as dropping out. The final relegation spot is still yet to be determined between Mekanos and Mimiga Town.
  9. Yes...the Mayahem Flying Apes were one of the NBL’s 16 charter member franchises back in 2004. In those days, pretty much all of Rareware’s characters were within the Apes’ organization. It was during the NBL’s 2nd expansion (to 24 teams in 2013 or 2014) that Kongo Jungle was awarded an expansion franchise, and the Kongo Krystal Koconuts began play. The Kong family and the Kremlings went there while the remainder of Rareware’s talent stayed in Mayahem, where the team was renamed the Mayahem Jinjos. if I used the old name on accident, I guess I was just being a bit nostalgic, lol
  10. Final Scores for Monday, May 25: Sonic 3 Yoshi’s Island 4 f/10 Bionis 3 Smashville 7 Tokyo 3 Popstar 5 Mute City 3 Inkopolis 8 Corneria 3 Zebes 6 🏆 series - Nintendo Space Cup Great Plateau 3 Skyworld 2 Mekanos 0 Tallon 4 Castlevania 3 Termina 1 West City 2 Celadon 6 New York City 4 Los Angeles 8 🏆 series - Metropolis Cup Mimiga Town 6 Haouli 4 Venom 2 Kongo Jungle 8 Twilight Realm 4 Mushroom Kingdom 3 f/12 Sarasaland 4 Mayahem 2 Koholint 4 Ylisse 0 Hyrule 2 New Donk City 7
  11. Biggest win of the season for Sarasaland IMO...going into the Valley and coming away with 3 points against the group leaders. That was huge. The Koopa media is writing this morning that hopefully this isn’t the beginning of their team getting the yips and failing to qualify once again.
  12. 2nd race in a row for Zelda and I not finishing in the points. We’re going to have to pick it up.
  13. The playoffs are going to be a real dogfight this year. It isn’t often that you have 4 teams with .667 win percentage or higher. In the early days of the NBL that was near record setting pace. Sonic, Smashville, Shield, and Sarasaland (look at that all 4 start with the letter S, mind blown) all have a great case to win the title this year. For Smashville this would be their first crown since 2017, the Heroes if they win would be top dog for the first time since 2007. Sarasaland has won most recently of course.
  14. It’s actually quite unfortunate the struggles that 3 of the new teams have had this season. Mimiga might still be able to stay up because of Mekanos having an awful season. Castlevania is in a worse situation due to being in the tougher league of the two. It’s pretty telling that the 2 of the 3 teams next closest to relegation in the Yamauchi League are a pair of 2-time NBL champion clubs, Mayahem and Termina. The other club down there in Inkopolis, a team that is consistently in the playoffs. The Yamauchi League is so strong this year that 2-time defending champion Great Plateau won’t even be in the playoffs if they started today.