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  1. The Nintendo Baseball League

    The pairings for the soccer round have been finalized: A - Termina, Inkopolis, Valla, Gallia B - Mekanos, Khurain, Sauria, Slateport C - Skyworld, Delfino, Tokyo, Halfmoon D - Subcon, Mute City, Katina, Ylisse E - Arendelle, Valley, Weyard, Bern F - Mechonis, New Pork, Smashville, Sarasaland G - Hyrule, Guangzhou, Mayahem, LA H - Venom, Labrynna, Zebes, Forest Haven I - Wild World, Laurasia, Nimbasa, Sonic J - Orange Star, Megaman, Moleville, Marble Zone K - Epoch, Star City, Agrabah, Celadon L - Koholint, Valentia, Popstar, Jubilife M - Onett, Lanayru, Port Town, Bionis N - Tethealla, Goldenrod, Corneria, Yoster Isle O - Neo Arcadia, Mushroom Kingdom, Lumoise, Twilight P - Ripple Star, Blue Moon, Hocotate, Kongo Jungle ** - in the original random # sequence Subcon and Valley were drawn together, they were moved apart so both could play at their home venues. Rest of draw is as is
  2. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for NBL, Thursday, October 19: Yoster Isle 4 Bern 1 Megaman 5 Celadon 8 Popstar 2 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Zebes 5 Valley of Bowser 1 Hyrule 3 Arendelle 4 f/10 Hocotate 6 Corneria 12 Sonic 1 Mayahem 3 Goldenrod 3 Tokyo 5 Smashville 4 Skyworld 6 Mute City 5 Kongo Jungle 2 Tethealla 4 Labrynna 5 f/10 Nimbasa 4 Los Angeles 7 🏆series - Phoenix Xander Cup Sarasaland 3 Laurasia 0 Inkopolis 3 Termina 11 Ylisse 5 Epoch 6 f/12 Bionis 5 Slateport 2
  3. The Nintendo Baseball League

    12 stadiums will be utilized for the soccer round of the Toadstool Sports Spectacular, which takes place this Saturday-Monday. Unlike regulation NAFA play, these matches will be played under local rules (aka: Mario Strikers) Toadstool Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom Koopa Park, Valley of Bowser Watermelon Stadium, Yoshi's Island Wart National Stadium, Subcon Pianta Park, Delfino City Bandit Bowl, Rogueport Island National Stadium, Chai Kingdom Pyramid Park, Birabuto Kingdom Luma Park, Luma Galaxy Falling Arrow Park, Rose Town Prince Mallow Stadium, Nimbus Land Moleville Mountain Park, Moleville The teams will be assigned to the stadiums in groups of 4, most likely tomorrow. It is expected that teams from within the Mushroom World will get to play at home.
  4. The Nintendo Baseball League

    We break into this NSN telecast for a special news bulletin. Peach: It's baaaaaaack! Starting this coming Sunday, the biggest names in the Nintendo Universe descend on Mushroom World to compete in the 2nd annual Toadstool Sports Spectacular! Daisy: Last years competition was a smashing success, and saw competitors battling it out in the Mushroom World's 4 biggest sports, tennis, golf, kart racing, and party. This year's competition will be even grander, as there will be an even bigger field of competitors, there will be both individual and team competitions, and two more prominent sports, soccer and smash fighting, will be included. Rosalina: As defending champion, I wish good luck to all who seek to take my crown. The road will be long and arduous, but incredible exciting and fun for all. The three princesses proceed to reveal a poster with the competition format. Peach: 320 total competitors will enter the field, 5 players (or managers) each from every team in the NBL's Premier and Championship Leagues. Sorry Reserve League...you're out. Daisy: The first two competitions will involve all 5 players on each team. The first round will be non-elimination, but the second round will see teams eliminated based on total team points earned. Rosalina: Beginning with round 3 the tournament shifts to being an individual competition. It will follow largely the same format as a year ago, with the best performers in each moving on and the losers going home. Do note however that players will still score points for their teams once individual elimination begins. Competition format: 1.Soccer - Oct 21-23 - teams of 5 players will play 3 matches. Matchups will be randomly drawn. Teams will earn 3 points in the team competition for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a defeat. A maximum of 9 team points are up for grabs. 2.Tennis - Oct 28-30 - teams will play in 3 matches, matchups randomly drawn. 4 of the team members will play doubles, 1 will play singles. Teams will earn 1 point for each match won. A maximum of 9 team points can be earned. At the conclusion of the tennis round, the 16 worst teams in the point standings will be eliminated, leaving us with 240 players heading into round 3. 3.Golf - Nov 4-6 - in the golf round, the field will be split into three regionals of 80 players each. Day 1 and 2 will be stroke play, and at the end of day 2, the top 20 players at each course will advance to round 4, while the bottom 36 players will be eliminated. The players finishing 21st through 44th on each course will face another player from that group on Day 3 in a match play contest. The 36 winners in match play will join the 60 players already qualified from stoke play in round 4. Teams will earn 3 points for each player that advances out of this round, with players finishing in the top 10 of each regional earning 5 points. 4.Fighting - Nov 11-13 - round 4 takes place at the SSB arenas. As in golf, the field will be split into 3 sections, this time into 3 regionals of 32. Players will be further split down into groups of 4 and will play 3 matches against the other members of their group. After the group stage, the players finishing 1st and 2nd in each group will advance to round 5. Teams will earn 4 team points for a second place group finisher, and 6 points for a group champion. 5.Karting - Nov 18-20 - The 48 remaining competitors will head onto the circuits of Mario Kart. This will follow the same format as last year, with the players following the standard scoring for Mario Kart based on place in each race. The racers will be split into groups of 12, and the top 4 racers in each group after 4 races will qualify for the final round. For team points, any player that advances out of this round will earn 5 team points, with a group champion earning 8 points. 6.Party - Nov 25-27 - The final 16 competitors will take to Mushroom World most notorious and crazy sporting pastime, Mario Party. 4 semifinal matches will be played on 4 board maps, with the winners advancing to the final. A semifinal victory is worth 10 team points, 2nd place 5 points, and 3rd place 3 points. The same point scale will be utilized for the final, which of course will determine the individual champion. Who's going to make history their own? We will soon find out.
  5. The Nintendo Baseball League

  6. The Nintendo Baseball League

  7. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Monday, October 16: Valley of Bowser 2 Yoster Isle 5 🏆series - Dinosaur Land Cup Bern 2 Megaman 5 Celadon 3 Popstar 2 Mushroom Kingdom 4 Zebes 0 Tokyo 2 Hyrule 5 Arendelle 4 Hocotate 1 Corneria 4 Sonic 6 Mayahem 3 Goldenrod 5 f/10 Los Angeles 4 Smashville 9 Skyworld 4 Mute City 2 Kongo Jungle 4 Tethealla 9 Labrynna 5 Nimbasa 2 Slateport 5 Sarasaland 7 Laurasia 5 Inkopolis 2 Termina 8 Ylisse 4 Epoch 5 Bionis 4 f/12
  8. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Tm3 finished his 10th career marathon this morning in Detroit, at the 40th annual Detroit Free Press Marathon. Tens of thousands of runners flocked to the Motor City to compete in the 3 events held today, the 2 half marathons as well as the marathon, the route of which crossed into Windsor and stayed in Canada for about 5 miles before going back into the US at mile 8. 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Tm3's time of 3:36:54 was actually the worst of his career but as he said in the post race interview, this race wasn't about winning, it was about survival. "I had to take it slow early, much slower than usual due to the warm, humid temperatures. As early as 10 miles in there were runners walking. By the time we got up to Indian Village at 25k, or certainly to Belle Isle at 20 miles it seemed like more of us were walking than running. And then the conditions started deteriorating further as we faced 35-40 mph wind gusts on the Detroit Riverwalk. It was honestly hard to breathe at that point." Tm3 ended up placing 183rd overall in the marathon, out of 2907 that started the event. "The best part was how well run the race was, the volunteers and security forces did a really great job, especially at the border crossings. There were tons of water stations on course and on a day like today we needed every one of them. Well done Detroit and Windsor, I salute all of you on a job well done."
  9. The Nintendo Baseball League

  10. The Nintendo Baseball League

  11. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Tm3 is on his way to the Motor City today ahead of the 40th annual Detroit Free Press Marathon this Sunday. The annual event, which draws nearly 40,000 runners for its races, is unique in that it is one of 2 marathons that has portions of the race in both the USA and Canada. "I've never had to run with my passport before," Tm3 said at a news conference at Detroit's Cobo Convention Center. "It's going to be cool going past the border checkpoints and seeing all the great people on both sides of the boundary, volunteers, security forces, and supporters." Reporter: Tm3, this is going to be your 10th marathon all time. What does that milestone mean to you? Tm3: I think it shows my longevity and commitment to being strong in many areas of life. 1 of these is tough, 10 is even more so. It's a mark that I'll be very proud of should I finish this race." Reporter: This is your first marathon race since arthroscopic knee surgery in January. Are you worried about whether it will hold up on Sunday? Tm3: Well it's always in the back of my mind. I do know that in training it's held pretty strongly, I've had runs of 15 and 18 miles in the past few weeks and it was fine. Obviously if I have a problem I'll consider dropping out but right now I'm confident. Reporter: Your personal best time is 3:13:38 from 3 years ago in Baltimore. Any chance you'll be going after that Sunday? Tm3: I honestly don't think so. The weather forecast is abysmal, high humidity, possible rain and thunderstorms, and 20-25 mph winds. This isn't going to be a good conditioned race where you can get into a rhythm and it's easy. It's going to be down and dirty, and every mile is going to be a battle, particularly in the last 15k. If I'm within 10 minutes of my PR I'm going to be extremely happy." Reporter: Thank you Tm3, and good luck on Sunday
  12. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Thursday, October 12: Yoster Isle 2 Popstar 7 Megaman 2 Zebes 5 Valley of Bowser 5 Celadon 4 Bern 4 Mushroom Kingdom 9 Hyrule 2 Sonic 4 Hocotate 2 Goldenrod 1 Tokyo 3 Corneria 8 Arendelle 3 Mayahem 12 Smashville 4 Tethealla 1 Mute City 5 Nimbasa 6 f/11 Los Angeles 7 Kongo Jungle 3 Skyworld 1 Labrynna 2 f/10 Sarasaland 4 Ylisse 2 Inkopolis 2 Bionis 6 Slateport 4 Termina 9 Laurasia 4 Epoch 2 🏆series - Square-Enix Cup
  13. The Nintendo Baseball League

    That stomach virus lasted two days, after the Indians' shocking elimination at the hands of the Yankees. Blech. The sports world just sucks ass right now
  14. The Nintendo Baseball League

    Thanks. The emoji for the Fireflowers is the flower bouquet 💐 Valley of Bowser is a promoted team not from last year's rollout. I guess there's is the turtle 🐢
  15. The Nintendo Baseball League

    What a mess. Panama and Honduras win and USA loses, meaning USA is eliminated from the World Cup. I mean, I don't even...WHAT?! I dont even even know how to reconcile this. USAs last missed World Cup was when I was in the womb for goodness sakes! I'm going to be sick...somebody else better do games tonight...ugh