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  1. Tonight’s game 2 of the VGWBC Finals was postponed due to driving rains and storms in the Wakanda region this evening. We will resume the series tomorrow
  2. Video Game World Baseball Classic 2019 Finals - Game 1 Twilight Realm 6-4 Sarasaland (F/10)- Avengers Park, Wakanda 1st inning - With both teams having pitched their top pitchers in the semifinal matches, it was interesting to see the pitching matchup for today. Tm3 went with Ashei, while Fuzzer called upon Blooper. Both get through the first inning without conceding. It's a sold out crowd at the Avengers Park tonight...the crowd in terms of fan support appears to be roughly 50/50, this is going to be a battle. 2nd inning - A 2 run home run by Reggie Fils-Aime has the Coins with a 2-0 lead, much to the joy of the Coins' faithful 3rd inning - The Interlopers come firing back in the 3rd inning scoring three times, first Aeroflos ended up scoring on a sacrifice fly by Dangoro, then Ralis and Link came through with back to back RBI doubles to make it a 3-2 Interlopers lead. 4th inning - Tm3 makes an early pitching change, going to Ilia. The move seemed to work on the first two hitters but then Tatanga doubles and then Hammer Bro singles to left to tie the game at 3. Blooper still in for Sarasaland 5th inning - The Interlopers take the lead once again, this time on a solo home run by Telma. Blooper was taken out after this, and now Orville is in for Sarasaland. 6th inning - A rare dull inning in the 6th as the Interlopers hold a 1-run advantage. Both sets of fans are feeling optimistic as are the players. 7th inning - Yeta throws a scoreless inning for the Interlopers, while Coach gets into a jam with 2 runners on with nobody out but manages to work out of the jam with some help from Dr Mario. Still 4-3 going into the 8th. 8th inning - Dr Mario goes 1-2-3 in the 8th inning, while Fado gets a pair of outs but then Monty Mole comes up and blasts a solo home run to left center to tie the game at 4. 9th inning - Baby Daisy allows a pair of baserunners but is able to induce a double play to end the threat. King Bulblin comes up and mows down the 3 batters he faces in the bottom of the ninth. VGWBC game 1 now headed to extra innings. 10th inning - The Interlopers put Link and Ralis on to start the 10th. Baby Daisy manages to strike out Ganondorf and gets Darbus to fly out, but with 2 outs, Telma puts the finishing touches on maybe the biggest night of her career, smashing a double into the left field corner to make it a 6-4 Interlopers lead. King Bulblin gets the first out in the bottom before getting into some trouble as Reggie and Wiggler reach, but Tm3 pulls out another shrewd move and goes to Zant, who promptly induces a game ending double play. Interlopers win 6-4 and are a victory away from a world championship.
  3. Video Game World Baseball Classic - Semifinals Game 2: Sarasaland 4-0 Inaba - Wart National Stadium, Subcon Twilight Realm 5-0 Antarctica - Moleville Mountain Park, Moleville 1st inning - the Coins are out to an early advantage after Wiggler pounds a 2-run home run to left center. Awesome start for Fuzzer's crew. No runs in the other game as of yet. 2nd inning - And it's Ganondorf who smacks a solo home run to put the Interlopers ahead 1-0. 3rd inning - Ralis and Link both single in runs in the top of the 3rd to put the Interlopers up by a 3-0 score. On the mound, Zelda looks extremely good. Guaranteed the Overwatch supporters have got to be getting a little nervous here. Coins still leading 2-0 behind another typically strong start from Daisy. Both Fuzzer and Tm3 are managing as though they want their respective series over tonight. 4th inning - Not much going on in the 4th inning, still 2-0 to Sarasaland and 3-0 to Twilight Realm. In case anybody is wondering, Avengers Park in Wakanda will be hosting the VGWBC Finals this year. Not sure what that means for the Nintendo teams but nobody in the other realms wants to see that. 5th inning - A Tatanga 2 run double to left has the Coins now ahead by a 4-0 score. Nothing to report in the other game. 6th inning - Darbus smacks a 2 run double into the right field corner to make it a 5-0 Interlopers lead. It's looking like the all-Nintendo final is inevitable barring a really crazy comeback by Inaba or Antarctica. 7th inning - Daisy and Zelda are getting loud ovations from the fans in Subcon and Moleville. This is quite something to watch right now. Fuzzer and Tm3 are looking on with beaming faces. 8th inning / 9th inning - There just wasn't any resistance from Inaba or Antarctica in the end. It's going to be Coins vs Interlopers for the Video Game World Championship starting on Friday
  4. VGWBC Semifinals Game 1: Twilight Realm 4 Antarctica 0 Moleville Mountain Park, Moleville Sarasaland 3 Inaba 0 Wart National Stadium, Subcon Well, if you were hoping for Nintendo to reclaim the VGWBC title this year after a one seasons vacation at Sony, tonight was a verrry good night for you. In two dominating pitching performances, Maxwell and Midna both threw 8 innings of shutout baseball to power the Coins and Interlopers to victory. Antarctica and Inaba have had great tournaments but will have to figure out two teams led by two of the NBL’s legendary managers in order to have a chance to reach the finals. Hammer Bro and Tatanga had the RBIs for Sarasaland tonight while it was Darbus, Link, and Ganondorf that had them for the Interlopers.
  5. Congrats to Labrynna and Lumoise, both former Premier League clubs, for taking advantage of their opportunity and avoiding the drop to the Reserve League. Both teams will now have a chance to earn promotion back to the Premier League in the upcoming Championship Clausura season
  6. The MKRA’s push toward the championship begins this week with the Easton Kingdom Grand Prix at Daisy Circuit. From here, the MKRA is in session every week until season’s end at Rainbow Road in the first week of December. Fuzzer will undoubtedly be in the narrator’s seat for this event. The Daisy Circuit has been redesigned following a pair of terrifying crashes that took place during the 2018 season and in the promotion series. The focus of the redesign centered on the section of the track between the 2nd statue roundabout and the tunnel. It’ll be interesting to see what impact that has on the race. Perhaps due to their attention being divided by other key events like the NAFA confederations cup and the VGWBC, team Delta Sarasaland has been struggling of recent, and are in danger of losing both the driver and constructor’s championship leads. This will undoubtedly be an event where Daisy and Fuzzer wish to re-affirm that they are the team to beat.
  7. Works for me. I'm sure the folks in Laurasia, Valla, Epoch, and Labrynna would welcome the opportunity to play their way back into the Championship League. If Tortimer Island and New Donk City both have to go to the Yamauchi League, that's fine too. Maybe their pitchers will have an adjustment now with having to bat, but that's a small consideration in the big scheme of things.
  8. VGWBC Quartefinals Game 3 gamecast: Sarasaland 4-1 Wumpa Island - CoD International Stadium, Nuketown Twilight Realm 4-1 Mayahem - Final Fantasy Field, Spira 1st inning - nothing doing early on in either game. 2nd inning - Wumpa Island take an early 1-0 lead as Coco Bandicoot hits a sacrifice fly to left center. In the other game Link and Darbus both score on an RBI double by Telma to put the Interlopers ahead 2-0 3rd inning - very little happening offensively in the third inning. 4th inning - Fire Bro singles in a run and then Wiggler smashes a 2 run home run to left to put Sarasaland ahead 3-1 5th inning - Kazooie ends up getting hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, which cuts the Interloper lead to 2-1 6th inning - Link smashes a 2 run home run to left center to make it a 4-1 Interloper lead. Meanwhile, Tatanga hits an RBI double to left center to make it the same score for the Coins. 7th inning - nothing much going on here. Right now the Coins and Interlopers are going through barring any major comebacks 8th/9th inning - the bullpens locked it down and got it done. On go the Coins and Interlopers to meet with Antarctica and Inaba in the semifinals starting on Tuesday.
  9. The immediate issue that is being most publicized amid the forced departure of the Disney-based clubs is that 2 weeks before the start of the Clausura, the Agrabah Streetrats and Tortuga Pirates won’t be playing in the NBL Premier League. What this means is that two clubs, most likely the two promotion tournament finalists that lost back at the end of the 2019 Apertura, will now be promoted to the Premier League. 3 teams will need to be promoted from the Reserve League to the Championship League, given that the championship league will lose 2 teams to the Premier League and they will also lose the Arendelle Icebreakers, who have been forced out of the championship league. These actions will have to be taken within the next several days, so as to prepare the clubs for the start of the NBL Clausura on August 30
  10. VGWBC Knockout Round Bracket (all arounds are best of 3 series) Antarctica Raccoon City Twilight Realm Mayahem Inaba Ylisse Sarasaland Wumpa Island
  11. Final Scores for VGWBC Group Stage Matchday 7: Twilight Realm 6 Wumpa Island 3 Brinstar Dome, Zebes Antarctica 5 Gotham City 2 Little Big Field, Craftworld Hell 2 Yoster Isle 6 Lombax Park, Solana Borderlands 4 Ylisse 8 Kong's Banana Stadium, Kongo Jungle Sarasaland 6 Inaba 0 Unova International Stadium, Nimbasa City Kyrat 2 Kingdom of Fighters 4 Splatoon Stadium, Inkopolis Raccoon City 5 Great Plateau 4 F/10 Final Fantasy Field, Spira Mayahem 6 Avalar 2 Valkyrie Park, Randgriz
  12. Final Scores for VGWBC Group Stage Matchday 5: Twilight Realm 3 Borderlands 4 f/10 Splatoon Stadium, Inkopolis Antarctica 7 Ylisse 4 Little Big Field, Craftworld Hell 3 Wumpa Island 9 Brinstar Dome, Zebes Yoster Isle 3 Gotham City 5 Final Fantasy Field, Spira Sarasaland 4 Avalar 6 Valkryie Park, Randgriz Kyrat 2 Mayahem 6 Unova International Stadium, Nimbasa City Raccoon City 11 Inaba 4 Lombax Park, Solana Great Plateau 6 Kingdom of Fighters 0 Kong’s Banana Stadium, Kongo Jungle
  13. Final Scores for VGWBC Matchday 3: Twilight Realm 4 Yoster Isle 6 Antarctica 5 Hell 2 Gotham City 3 Wumpa Island 5 f/12 Borderlands 3 Ylisse 0 Sarasaland 4 Great Plateau 2 Kyrat 3 Raccoon City 8 Kingdom of Fighters 2 Inaba 7 Avalar 4 Mayahem 6 f/11
  14. Final Scores for VGWBC group stage Matchday 2: Twilight Realm 6 Hell 0 Antarctica 6 Yoster Isle 2 Gotham City 4 Ylisse 3 Borderlands 3 Wumpa Island 11 Sarasaland 7 Raccoon City 5 Kyrat 2 Great Plateau 8 Kingdom of Fighters 0 Mayahem 4 Avalar 1 Inaba 3
  15. VGWBC Draw: Group A: Twilight Realm Antarctica Hell Yoster Isle Gotham City Borderlands Ylisse Wumpa Island Group B: Sarasaland Kyrat Raccoon City Great Plateau Kingdom of Fighters Avalar Mayahem Inaba Host Sites for 2019 VGWBC: Brinstar Dome, Zebes Kong’s Banana Stadium, Kongo Jungle Unova International Stadium, Nimbasa City Splatoon Stadium, Inkopolis Valkryie Park, Randgriz Final Fantasy Field, Spira Lombax Park, Solana Little Big Field, Craftworld