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  1. LimeCatMaster

    Anor Londo - N4A Chat Thread, June 2018

    A little while ago i got a terrible idea for a gunpla kitbash. And now I think I'm making good progress making it real.
  2. LimeCatMaster

    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    I bought the Radiant Historia remake the other day and man I really like this game
  3. LimeCatMaster

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    Your cat is, but so is mine. They all are.
  4. LimeCatMaster

    The Garage - N4A Chat Thread, April 2018

    haven't posted in a good while despite lurking so what's up
  5. LimeCatMaster

    Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Summer Wife Fund coming along well
  6. LimeCatMaster

    Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

    Today I had an interaction with a customer in which I thought there was a legitimate possibility that it would be my last night on Earth. And, all things considered, I do not believe this was an unreasonable conclusion to make. This guy walks into the store, and on its own, that's not all that unusual or noteworthy of a thing to happen, but he walks in with a gym bag slung over his shoulder, which generally is. After all, if one were to assume he were returning it, then one might also assume that's a very interesting way to carry it in. But because that's not all that much to really creep anyone out on its own and it also wouldn't make an interesting story, this is not where the description of him ends. He is pretty much wearing the most "I don't want anyone to be able to identify a single thing about me" outfit possible. Completely black hoodie, with no brand markings visible on the outside. Solid black sweatpants. And, of course, wearing a ski mask. In doors. This man as not even trying to be the slightest bit subtle. So he comes over to the electronics department (I work in the electronics department) and he would like a laptop, which for security reasons, (namely, the exact scenario in which someone dressed like him enters the store happens) the laptops are locked in a case, which is generally a very standard practice for literally any retailer on the planet. And again, being the electronics employee, I'm the poor fucker with the key. So I have no solid reason to refuse assistance to this man at this moment other than "I think you're going to kill me the moment I stop focusing my attention on you," but that's a poor choice of words to say to someone who could, in fact, potentially murder you. So I decide to do my job, leaning down on one knee to open the case, and now that I'm not looking at him (but several other employees are, because holy shit dude there's no way you're oblivious to how much you look like a drug dealer) I am fully expecting that the absolute moment the case is unlocked that he's going to clock me on the back of the head. But alas, this does not happen, I take the laptop out of the case, and go to ring him up. At first we notice that it was not quite the price we were expecting due to odd price tag placement, but after mulling it over a moment, he decides it is fine. And now comes the moment that we're all expecting. Seeing as he didn't knock me out thirty seconds ago, I am sure that the moment the register pops open I'm going to have a gun or some other weapon in my face, and he'll request that I transfer the contents of the register into his possession (maybe into the bag he thoughtfully brought with him). But again, this does not happen. He pays for his $260 laptop in cash (drug dealer), thanks me, and walks away. He's followed all the way out the door. Now, maybe I'm being presumptive. Maybe he was just a chilly bro on the way home from the gym who, absent minded, brought the bag with him into the store and also didn't think he'd be in long and so kept his mask on, who also likes to carry large sums of cash on his person. But that seems like a very specific scenario that seems unlikely compared to "that's a drug dealer".
  7. LimeCatMaster

    Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    Next thread should be Pokemon themed to celebrate no new game announcements on pokemon day
  8. LimeCatMaster

    Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    @Doc Brown Hacker's Memory is on the Vita, digital only.
  9. LimeCatMaster

    Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    On one hand I don't wanna complain, but on the other, what the fuck
  10. LimeCatMaster

    Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    Yeah I hear the Assassin Shiki is way better and free
  11. LimeCatMaster

    Ice Dragon Temple - N4A Chat Thread, Feb. 2018

    On one hand, it can probably be considered EX rank luck to get both of the last two SSRs with minimal investment. On the other, I really don’t need all these SSR Sabers. Plus I’m just wasting my luck when I’m trying to save for Lancer Tamamo.
  12. LimeCatMaster

    The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    Th-thanks gacha
  13. Darling EP2 felt pretty much like "Second verse, same as the first!" More terminology thrown out there that we can kind of guess the meaning of (because it's not all that deep) like "Oh man, two colonies want to "kiss" I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD MEAN?" Pretty standard episode 2 overall. Really didn't develop too much, some characters just got a little more expansion that was hinted at in the first episode. I'm still REALLY thinking that there's gonna be some sort of inversion at some point. At some point we're gonna find out that "huh, this society is actually kind of fucked up". Also it' looks really nice, but there's still plenty of time for that budget to spread thin.
  14. So far I've completed Devilman Crybaby, and I'm watching Pop Team Epic, Killing Bites, and Darling in the Franxx. Naturally, When Fate/Extra starts I'll be watching that too, even though the obvious best girl probably won't be in it. Pop Team Epic is kind of... interesting. I don't know if the anime can keep up the same way the manga does. Also, the whole "repeat the episode now" gag is going to get old real quick, and no amount of minor changes can really fix that. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what the show is going for. A sort of non-joke joke. Killing Bites is trash and that's the exact reason I picked it up. I knew nothing about the manga but just could FEEL the vibes coming off of it. In that regard, I was not disappointing. Amazon is streaming it uncensored too. Devilman Crybaby had the advantage of being released all at once and I thought it was pretty darn good. Interesting art direction (as expected) and all around usually pretty pleasant to look at. A pretty good adaptation of the original story, plus there's a lot to really be able to dig into once you get past the sexy hyperviolence. So far one of the best this season, but again, it has the advantage of being done already. Darling in the Franxx is the one I'm most excited for and the one I'm most reserved about. From a critical standpoint, episode 1 was not much to write home about. It felt like it wore its inspirations pretty proudly displayed. Watching it felt like they were going down a checklist of anime tropes to fill in for the whole "teenagers in mecha" story setup. But that's what made it so interesting to me. The degree to which it felt like a checklist, the amount of effort they went into to make it feel super familiar has to be intentional. Only time will tell, obviously, but I hve a feeling we might see a "Madoka Episode 3" moment where the whole thing gets turned on its head. Here's hoping. edit: I'm also gonna give some more time to seeing feedback on A Place Further than the Universe and Teasing Master Takagi-san before seeing if I want to pick those up. To Keep a Mummy also looks cute.
  15. LimeCatMaster

    The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

    Starting the new year with a new waifu fig