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  1. i had a dream the other night i posted here for the first time in forever. i think i tagged @Spring for some reason. that is all
  2. i had to put a fuckin sponge-ass thing in my mouth for like five minutes
  3. i had to put a fuckin sponge-ass thing in my mouth for like five minutes
  4. update: i have been given the job offer. my stupid shitty mouth couldn't make enough spit to make the drug test work, so now i gotta go to a lab to get one done tomorrow. considering i don't even know where to get a """""mareewanha""" i think i'll do fine
  5. oh fuck my dudes i got what is hopefully my final interview at costco tomorrow. god i hope i get this job, need them benefits
  6. man, with persona q2 out, the 3ds is now dead
  7. The only people allowed to make fun of NJ are people who live here, fuck anyone else
  8. @Isotope Are you ready for the fluffy dick wizard? Also, I assume you ordered the Nito nendo?
  9. yes hello i would also like to post about new jersey and living in it
  10. i am tempted beyond words, trust me. i got really lucky with my rolls, all things considered. NP5'd the other available summer servants aside from mordred. also got a np2 artoria and a saber mordred
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