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  1. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    just finished pyre, it was really good. interested in seeing the different possible outcomes, maybe on a second playthrough.
  2. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    got my mighty no 9 rewards delivered today the artbook is nice
  3. Political Containment Thread

    Trump went from "many sides" to "well I guess white supremacy is bad, yeah" back to "but seriously fuck the left" in less than a week. What a guy.
  4. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    I acknowledge you're done here and respect it if you don't want to respond to me, but I do feel the need to point out that you seem to be upset over one death cause by negligence, and another murder caused by white supremacy. The two are very different and should not be treated equal. Maybe people want to talk about one over the other because it has far more reaching consequences and implications on a global scale? Or am I grasping for straws here?
  5. Political Containment Thread

    When things like this happen, I see a lot of people saying things like "this isn't America," a statement I'm sure is made out of love, but also ignorance. As many, many people on various social media and news sites have pointed out - the sad reality is that this isn't true. The uncomfortable truth that many in privilege have to acknowledge is that this not only is, but always has been, America. We don't exactly have a history of treating anyone who isn't a white, Christian, cis man with respect. Saying things like this isn't what America stands for is disingenuous. It displays, quite well, the ignorance that allows for tragedies and deaths like in Charlottesville to happen. Another thing, slightly different, but the same is the phrase "this isn't my America" or "this isn't the America I believe in." And maybe, I dunno, that's exactly the problem? Once again, this is said mainly by people with privilege. It's really convenient to say that this isn't reality when you don't have to experience that reality every day of your life. This is really obvious when you see the divide on the perspective people have on this phrase. White people responding mostly with "Yeah, I agree! #thisisnotUS" while so many POC are saying "Uh, yeah, this kind of is what America is." One argument being made on Twitter that I have to say I agree with is that we should try to stop using Nazi to refer o these people. Not because they aren't Nazis, but because the term just doesn't really carry enough weight in America to make it personal. Nazi is too foreign. It makes it seem like the hate these people carry isn't America's own fault, like someone else brought it over and put it into people. We need to encourage far more introspection into our own country and how we have allowed hate to bloom in our own back yard. And front yard. And in the house.
  6. Political Containment Thread

    so fuck the politics thread because this is super scary charlottesville is in a very bad place. a car literally, intentionally plowing people down now. fuck people who think nazis and white supremacists should have any form of platform.
  7. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    lmao dude really like did you really make that post in sound mind or
  8. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    @Chrom @Kodiack this is an example of what my club, best club, has as a banner on mobile. It's not this on desktop
  9. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    @Chrom @Kodiack I dunno if there's anything to be done about it, but it seems when a Club's banner thing is cropped, a different crop appears for the image on mobile? Dunno how to explain it, I'll post screencaps later.
  10. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    It's a nice milestone for me today - five years since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. January 2nd will be when my treatment finished.
  11. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    As predicted, we closed early. Luckily for me, however, I got to stay a bit later to help close the area. Got a little more time in, plus never took a break.
  12. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    It's supposed to rain like all day, so we'll see how long work lasts today.
  13. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    there's something magical about being the only member of a club and just shitposting in it
  14. Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017

    the most under rated part of sun/moon is when you find gladion's hotel room and he just says "get out"