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  1. Same haha. Then it turned out to be a really fun game that I sunk quite a lot of time into! None of the newer Soul Calibur games that I've played have felt as satisfying to play, and I'm not really sure why. Granted, I haven't put much time into any of them at all, but they didn't click with me in the same way regardless.
  2. @Tyranogre @April @DLurkster I was able to replicate the issue, check the stack trace, and fix it. I found out that there's a bug in the latest PHP 8.1.9 Docker image that I was using. I reverted it to PHP 8.1.8 and the issue seems to have been resolved. Apologies for the interruption! I'll see if this has been reported to the upstream devs and open a bug report if it's not a known issue.
  3. @Tyranogre There was a small hotfix patch for the forum software. Let me know if you see that issue again. I'll keep an eye on the logs as well to see if anything's still showing up in there.
  4. That's odd. I've not run into that before, but I do see a small number of errors in a log that are almost certainly related. Does continue to show up if you sign out and sign in again?
  5. There was some downtime from this. The driver that hit that pole caused a heck of a disruption in the town with the road closure and the power outage. Power won’t be restored for over twelve hours. The server has been physically relocated for the next day to keep things running in the meantime. The new, larger UPS was able to keep things running for a good while at least. It softened the blow a lot since the response was less rushed.
  6. There may be downtime soon. Someone ran into a power pole and took much of the town down. The server is currently running on backup power but only gets about 45 minutes off that.
  7. The site has had some substantial behind-the-scenes upgrades. Performance should be drastically improved at times, and everything should be just a bit more reliable yet. I was testing these upgrades previously and planned to roll them out last night, but an unexpected hardware failure delayed my plans slightly. Regardless, it's all in place now. Shout out if you notice anything weird! While I can usually catch and resolve issues in testing before they go live, there's always the possibility that something managed to sneak by.
  8. That's what would have been causing that in this case. Basically, the server was down for a bit. It's now 2 AM here and I should go to bed.
  9. Hardware failures are not fun, even with spares available. Had the iDRAC fail in the server, and getting that all resolved was quite the ordeal. D:
  10. There will be some brief planned downtime this evening for maintenance and more electrical upgrades.
  11. Paper Mario and TTYD are still some of my favourite games ever. I go back and replay them every few years. Origami King was good, but I don’t feel it quite has the replayability of the first two.
  12. Yep, safe and dry so far! The wind is really nasty at times still though. It’s worse than at any point when I was living in Wellington, which is really saying something given that’s the windiest city in the world haha.
  13. Apologies for the downtime. We've had some wild weather across New Zealand and it's resulted in thousands of outages. Everything in town was knocked off the grid for a couple of hours today.
  14. We got a timer for our hot water cylinder yesterday and I’m far more excited about it than I have any right to be. It’s liberating. I can take a shower at any time and the water won’t heat back up until it’s cheap or free haha.
  15. The extended downtimes are now complete. There will likely be a network upgrade within the next few weeks as well, but I'm anticipating it will have minimal downtime, and I am able to do it at a much more convenient time that shouldn't cause any real disruption. Enjoy!
  16. Hey everyone, Ninfora will be offline a handful of times in the coming weeks. There are more details in the current announcement. The downtime on 18 April will be especially disruptive since it's during a busier period in the evening and is expected to take approximately four hours. Unfortunately, it is not in my control to change or reschedule this - apologies for the timing. This is more of a heads-up than anything else, since you'll likely be greeted with an incredibly generic error page when the site is temporarily offline. Shout out if you have any questions!
  17. The Discord invite link appears in the footer again now.
  18. Ah yep, can do. I’ll add it when I’m back home.
  19. “Glenbrook” is a place near where we live. This thread title is going to throw me off a few times this month I think haha.
  20. I've got a mate who rents a place where the door code is '6996'. I've admittedly never struggled to remember it haha.
  21. Omicron is now in the community in New Zealand. Guess we should buckle up for our first proper large wave of the pandemic.
  22. Same here. I know nothing about League, but really enjoyed Arcane.
  23. Glad to hear that you seem to be on the mend!
  24. Hope you and your family all make a swift and full recovery, @Tyranogre. Take it easy!
  25. This arrived this morning. Thank you very much @Tyranogre!! I've been jamming this on PC the past couple of days and was very strongly considering getting it on Switch as well. Perfect!! I'm going to let a mate of mine borrow it this week as well. Was saying last night they should get it, so it's a perfect opportunity for them to play too - especially with how much they've been playing on their Switch recently. Good timing all around.
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