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  1. There will be some brief downtime tonight around 5 AM EST/2 AM PST for maintenance. There may be shorter outages around this time in the coming couple of weeks as I make a few additional changes and improvements.
  2. I'm glad to hear that! I share the same sentiment, and it's exactly why I'm happy to have the opportunity to keep things running.
  3. Sometimes, to be honest. But I still enjoy maintaining it and keeping things running.
  4. @Eliwood8 the issue should now be resolved.
  5. Ah, I know what would be causing that. I'll have it fixed in a few hours when I get the time.
  6. Let me know if you run into anymore issues. The recent site maintenance I've done should further improve reliability/performance consistency a bit as well.
  7. @purple_beard @Doc Brown I was able to squash the bug that was causing some moderately larger upload sizes to fail to function as expected. Image uploads should be far more reliable now.
  8. I'm doing some site maintenance and updates near the middle of the week and I'll be looking into this at the same time. I believe I know what it may be.
  9. Very relieved that my partner and I managed to buy our first home last weekend. Settlement is on the 1st of April and we'll spend Easter weekend moving. So excited to finally have all of the independence that comes with home ownership. This feels like one of the most exciting moments of my life since I moved to NZ!
  10. Hope you're all staying safe and comfortable through that winter storm. That's some crazy weather.
  11. Apologies for any downtime there. Had to deal with a nasty power outage plus a connection drop. It took a couple of hours to finally be brought back up.
  12. @purple_beard what's the size of the file(s) you're trying to upload? Might be related to what @Doc Brown has been reporting. I'll bump that up on my priority list.
  13. Maintenance complete. The sizes should now match across the dark and light skins as well.
  14. Hey everyone, I'll be doing some site maintenance tonight around 2 AM EST/11 PM PST. The site will be down briefly during this time. Thanks.
  15. Today is a crazy day to work at an investing company. The entire week has been pretty nuts, but today is a whole new level!
  16. I'll get this done with the next update that I do. I've got some other stuff I'm planning to take care of as well.
  17. @Doc Brown follows will no longer be pruned after the next site update. Changed follow pruning to not prune member follows.
  18. Yeah, that's definitely undercounting haha! I'm wondering if it may have something to do with some kind of archiving or the like. I'll take a look this weekend.
  19. Things are looking immensely good for the Dems. I'm feeling like they've flipped the Senate.
  20. Happy New Year from New Zealand! Let's not have a repeat of 2020.
  21. No, we've been Covid-free for a while. We've been having concerts and other large events again. I meant in context of the US. It's really scary there right now.
  22. Me too. The numbers are already shockingly bad, and could get far worse in a couple of weeks.
  23. And we're back! Apologies for the disruption.
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