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  1. @DLurkster that's very strange indeed. I haven't heard of any further reports, but I will look closer. I'll be updating a few things this weekend that should fix a few miscellaneous bugs as well. Please let me know if it recurs any time after that.
  2. P.S. I'm also looking into rolling some modifications of my own that would allow you to set your own name colour. No promises on ETA yet!
  3. Done. Are you still seeing this? If so, could you provide more information on browser, etc? Every Ninfora link should be HTTPS, and Ninfora uses HSTS to ensure that all incoming connections are through HTTPS. I'm looking to see if I can make member titles consistently appear nicely with some new mobile theme changes.
  4. Member titles have been restored. I'll get the avatars resized on the light theme soon. @DLurkster I'll have another look at that. I do agree it's an option that should be simple and immediately upfront.
  5. The light theme has been fixed and restored.
  6. I've done some significant site upgrades, which should notably improve performance and make future maintenance even easier yet. If you run into any issues or anything seems out of place, please let me know! Please also know that I will be disabling and archiving clubs in the near future. I currently plan to disable clubs in one week, on 1 September. Please save or archive any club content you need before that date. Thanks!
  7. We detected one new community case for the first time in several months, so New Zealand has gone into full alert level 4 lockdown for several days at a minimum. This is the first time in over a year that we've been at this level. I already work from home so I could continue working, but I was supposed to be on leave starting today, with some big plans over the next week. I was feeling really bummed about the timing. We had some of our biggest plans cancelled this time last year as well, and it's disappointing it's happened again. Work has thankfully given me time off still, and even better they've said I don't have to burn any leave balances for it - it's just free paid days off. The support and reassurance from my team and the company as a whole is exceptional. I genuinely love it here. Alert level 4 was definitely the right call, given what a game-changer the delta variant has been. This is especially apparent when looking at the situation in New South Wales, and this morning some close contacts of the case also tested positive. I'm confident we'll stamp Covid out again and be back to a comfortable, free lifestyle. Next week I'm eligible to book in my Covid jab as well. Gonna be arranging that as soon as I'm able. Thankfully this also gives me some extra time to get some site upgrades and maintenance done. My schedule has certainly become a mess compared to what has been planned, but I'm taking the opportunity to get on top of other life admin things.
  8. This revision is - realistically - what I should have expected. It's not something for me since it's primarily mobile enhancements, but I've got a few mates that are rather keen on it. OLED would be such a massive improvement. I'd really love to see what it looks like in person when I get the chance. Both my phone and my TV are OLED and it really can't be beat for contrast.
  9. My partner and I watched this recently. It was filmed locally, so we could identify a lot of the real-world places in the season, heh. A few scenes were shot right in our own neighbourhood, and some other scenes were filmed right at my partner's workplace (which was great for them, since they're a small operation with only a few people). I had a couple mates that helped with some of the various production stuff too. Definitely looking forward to the second season! It's a show with a lot of charm.
  10. This was made a bit trickier with one of the back-end changes from a site update, but it could still be done. If this is something you'd like to do, please send me a message and I'll aim to get it sorted with some additional site improvements I'm looking to get implemented fairly soon.
  11. The site should have been performing about as fast as it normally would, even with the rerouting. Thankfully, there's no longer any rerouting at all. We're back to 100%!
  12. Minor update: Cloudflare's Auckland POP is still rerouted. Cloudflare has indicated that this is due to an ISP issue on their end, but they weren't at liberty to share more details. This means that latency will continue to be ever-so-slightly higher in some circumstances, but the primary routing issue was fully fixed several days ago so the site should largely be performing as responsively as usual. Still hoping to see the normal route functioning again soon. While I don't anticipate any further issues, please do shout out if you run into any hiccups or general weirdness. Thanks!
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