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  1. @Doc Brown follows will no longer be pruned after the next site update. Changed follow pruning to not prune member follows.
  2. Yeah, that's definitely undercounting haha! I'm wondering if it may have something to do with some kind of archiving or the like. I'll take a look this weekend.
  3. Things are looking immensely good for the Dems. I'm feeling like they've flipped the Senate.
  4. Happy New Year from New Zealand! Let's not have a repeat of 2020.
  5. No, we've been Covid-free for a while. We've been having concerts and other large events again. I meant in context of the US. It's really scary there right now.
  6. Me too. The numbers are already shockingly bad, and could get far worse in a couple of weeks.
  7. And we're back! Apologies for the disruption.
  8. There will be a few minutes of downtime around 11 PM EST/8 PM PST. I'll be doing some general maintenance work and moving a bit of hardware around. The downtime should be minimal, but given I'm having to do it around peak hours today, I did want there to be some notice.
  9. Yep, currency conversions do that haha. It covered Final Fantasy XV for me on Steam. I've managed to pick up most of my wishlist over the sale. Gonna make some use of my new LG CX!
  10. Regional differences strike again! Was actually looking forward to seeing my stats...
  11. Thank you very much, @blcdude1! The Steam funds are just in time for the big holiday sale, and the eShop code will go to excellent use. Think I might snag Stardew Valley for my partner after we spent so much time playing Animal Crossing over lockdown. The 1.5 patch looks fantastic.
  12. BBCode parsing is currently disabled. It's marked as deprecated in the current release, and may be removed in the future. If there's a strong desire for it, I could re-enable it, bearing in mind that it could disappear down the road again.
  13. First day on my new job. It's absolutely amazing so far. This setup is incredible, and I'm excited to work with some familiar faces again! I think I've found my calling.
  14. Cheers, it's still on my list of things to look further into.
  15. Do you know if it happens with other images that are notably larger than 4 MB? I think I may know where to look if so.
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