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  1. The extended downtimes are now complete. There will likely be a network upgrade within the next few weeks as well, but I'm anticipating it will have minimal downtime, and I am able to do it at a much more convenient time that shouldn't cause any real disruption. Enjoy!
  2. Hey everyone, Ninfora will be offline a handful of times in the coming weeks. There are more details in the current announcement. The downtime on 18 April will be especially disruptive since it's during a busier period in the evening and is expected to take approximately four hours. Unfortunately, it is not in my control to change or reschedule this - apologies for the timing. This is more of a heads-up than anything else, since you'll likely be greeted with an incredibly generic error page when the site is temporarily offline. Shout out if you have any questions!
  3. The Discord invite link appears in the footer again now.
  4. Ah yep, can do. I’ll add it when I’m back home.
  5. “Glenbrook” is a place near where we live. This thread title is going to throw me off a few times this month I think haha.
  6. I've got a mate who rents a place where the door code is '6996'. I've admittedly never struggled to remember it haha.
  7. Omicron is now in the community in New Zealand. Guess we should buckle up for our first proper large wave of the pandemic.
  8. Same here. I know nothing about League, but really enjoyed Arcane.
  9. Glad to hear that you seem to be on the mend!
  10. Hope you and your family all make a swift and full recovery, @Tyranogre. Take it easy!
  11. This arrived this morning. Thank you very much @Tyranogre!! I've been jamming this on PC the past couple of days and was very strongly considering getting it on Switch as well. Perfect!! I'm going to let a mate of mine borrow it this week as well. Was saying last night they should get it, so it's a perfect opportunity for them to play too - especially with how much they've been playing on their Switch recently. Good timing all around.
  12. These past few months have been pretty insane. We went into lockdown in NZ in August, and only came out of it in Auckland a few weeks ago. Thankfully we're back down to pretty low daily case numbers, and we've only had 49 deaths total since the pandemic began. All-in-all the country's fared extremely well, but the ongoing outbreak has still been tough. My family back home in the US has had it rough, meanwhile. I've lost count of how many people tested positive, but three of them were hospitalised/ventilated, and two of them unfortunately passed away. One of the deaths was a breakthrough illness, and that one really stung. My cousin also gave birth while infected with Covid, and her 34-year-old husband is sick too. He went to the hospital with pneumonia. They've gone pretty quiet since then, so I'm not really sure how they're holding up. Then on top of all of this, omicron's absurdly high infectiousness has been insane. We still don't have any omicron cases in the community in New Zealand, but we have a dozen or so cases in quarantine from international arrivals. New Zealand's gradual border reopening has been severely delayed again, and they outright cancelled the recent room release for MIQ (managed isolation and quarantine) slots after initially delaying it for 24 hours. It's all been quite a lot to process, really. It's been over 3.5 years since I've last been able to see my family, and I'm still not sure when I'll have the opportunity to see them again. Covid has been brutal. I've been personally lucky to not have to worry about it for the vast majority of the pandemic, but it's all hit all at once since August.
  13. I can confirm that these have arrived! Gotta say it's pretty amusing to have the "NSFW gifts" option used here haha. I'll play these soon. FWIW, one of my weeb friends does have Gal Gun 2 on Switch and showed it to me once. He was incredibly entertained by these two gifts so far, and said he wanted to try Senran Kagura Beach Ball. I'll be sure to post when the other shipment arrives too! Shipping here in NZ has been a bit of a mess these past several months. We've only just come out of lockdown in Auckland a few weeks ago, straight into the holidays heh.
  14. @Doc Brown enjoy! When I was first ordering them the estimated shipping dates were looking pretty grim (i.e. 2022), but then I ordered and it was delivered in a few days haha. Better than the alternative, that's for sure. Have fun!!
  15. Looks like Zelda Reorchestrated is being resurrected. Interesting. I still have a sealed copy of Twilight Symphony, since I always listened to it from the FLAC files that were conveniently available before my CDs arrived.
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