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  1. I highly encourage it! At the very least, gain some basic familiarity with the command line. Linux skills can be invaluable, and I personally find it all to be immensely rewarding and satisfying. You can try out Windows Subsystem for Linux if you just want to poke around on Windows as well. WSL1 will be really slow for various things, but I'm using an Insider Preview build at the moment with WSL2 and it's been incredibly good. It's my preferred way of SSHing to servers and running local dev environments.
  2. Getting that orange tint from Australia's bushfires now. It's surreal. The orange glow makes it feel like it's the evening already, despite it barely being 2 PM. Here's a pic that someone took in Waitakere, in western Auckland: It'll probably get darker here yet before it clears up...
  3. Can maybe get a small bit of air driving over a speed bump quickly, but so far that's still about it.
  4. Another gift from @DranSeasona! Thanks so much! Pillars of Eternity is gonna be high up there on my backlog. I'm a huge sucker for its visual style and atmosphere.
  5. Secret Santa digital goodies arrived! Thank you very much, @DranSeasona!!
  6. Oh dear. 😅 Merry Christmas! I was looking for an option to attach a note, but FanGamer unfortunately didn't have any such option. There's more digital goodness to come from Santa Chrom.
  7. It's ordered and should hopefully be sent soon enough!
  8. Moving to Auckland this weekend. Can't believe how close it is already! Most of my stuff is packed now. Super excited.
  9. Congratulations, and best of luck!! Moving to another country is an exciting and challenging ordeal, but the reward can be immense. Migrating to NZ has arguably been my best life decision thus far.
  10. The responsive theme should adjust this based on your mobile device's specified display size and scaling. In comparison to other websites, do you find the font to be too large or too small?
  11. Weird, I wonder if there could be some sort of intermittent bug causing that. I'll see if I can manage to reproduce it at any point.
  12. Where is it that you're not seeing a prompt? Clicking the individual forum icons or "Mark site read" shows a prompt for me. This is true for both the desktop site and mobile.
  13. Apologies for the potentially brief interruption on the site. Was cutting over DNS for a subdomain of the site and accidentally swapped the root domain as well. You may have seen some Cloudflare errors during those few minutes if you were browsing at that time.