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  1. This revision is - realistically - what I should have expected. It's not something for me since it's primarily mobile enhancements, but I've got a few mates that are rather keen on it. OLED would be such a massive improvement. I'd really love to see what it looks like in person when I get the chance. Both my phone and my TV are OLED and it really can't be beat for contrast.
  2. My partner and I watched this recently. It was filmed locally, so we could identify a lot of the real-world places in the season, heh. A few scenes were shot right in our own neighbourhood, and some other scenes were filmed right at my partner's workplace (which was great for them, since they're a small operation with only a few people). I had a couple mates that helped with some of the various production stuff too. Definitely looking forward to the second season! It's a show with a lot of charm.
  3. This was made a bit trickier with one of the back-end changes from a site update, but it could still be done. If this is something you'd like to do, please send me a message and I'll aim to get it sorted with some additional site improvements I'm looking to get implemented fairly soon.
  4. The site should have been performing about as fast as it normally would, even with the rerouting. Thankfully, there's no longer any rerouting at all. We're back to 100%!
  5. Minor update: Cloudflare's Auckland POP is still rerouted. Cloudflare has indicated that this is due to an ISP issue on their end, but they weren't at liberty to share more details. This means that latency will continue to be ever-so-slightly higher in some circumstances, but the primary routing issue was fully fixed several days ago so the site should largely be performing as responsively as usual. Still hoping to see the normal route functioning again soon. While I don't anticipate any further issues, please do shout out if you run into any hiccups or general weirdness.
  6. I probably won't be able to get a Covid vaccine until October now. Had my flu jab recently at least, heh. Ah well, life is still pretty much normal and Covid-free, and border staff should be fully vaccinated now to sharply drop our risk of unexpected community transmission.
  7. I'd be fine with that. If it does materialise, having a short gap between announcement and release would make sense too, otherwise some people may stop buying Switch games until they can get their hands on a new console.
  8. so uh how about that switch pro announcement, eh? I'd personally be quite happy for a Switch Pro with a bit more grunt and a higher resolution output. But it does seem like all the hype and leaks around this have pretty much fizzled, heh. Can't say I'm surprised.
  9. Thanks for your patience, everyone. My ISP has resolved their routing issue. Cloudflare's AKL POP is still being rerouted, so latency is a bit higher than usual, but it's now normal (35 ms opposed to 700+ ms w/ packet loss). Basically, it's running at 90% capacity. Everything should be back to 100% very soon. And thanks for the reassuring words, @DLurkster! I always feel a bit bad when there's an incident, especially when I'm otherwise powerless to directly fix it, aside from reporting stuff to the correct folks.
  10. This is Cloudflare rerouting traffic from Auckland to Sydney (hence the link to their status page). I unfortunately had no say in the matter, and I'm really frustrated that this happened on E3 of all days. I absolutely would not be changing anything on my end on today of all days! Normally this alone wouldn't be too bad, but simultaneously to this the internet provider is also having connectivity issues to Sydney. So Cloudflare traffic is being rerouted from Auckland to Sydney, while the provider has issues connecting there. It's pretty much a perfect storm, and downrig
  11. Apologies if stuff is slow at all. Cloudflare is currently rerouting traffic from the Auckland POP. Traffic to Cloudflare from here is going to the Syndey POP, but the route appears to be poked with the current internet provider. Instead of the expected ~30-40 ms latency it would normally take to get there, it's experiencing 800+ ms latency with timeouts and packet loss. https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/
  12. It simultaneously feels so recent yet so long ago. Happy birthday, Paper Mario! One of my favourite games of all time.
  13. Yikes, that is some frightening rhetoric. Suppose it's a continuation of what the last several months have already been, but wow.
  14. King of the Hill is the best anime.
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