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    Huge thanks to @Uni for all these awesome goodies! Love that poster! Wonder who signed it 🤔
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    I arrived home from Auckland last night and was greeted by a card from my "N4A Santa", so I knew it was going to be good! The card itself was adorned with some nice Santa-themed artwork, and inside I instantly saw three early-gen Pokémon cards that gave me a rush of nostalgia: Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew! The words inside the card were just as endearing. And then there was a game code for Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! One of my friends got a copy of his own a while ago and showed it to me. I was almost immediately enamored with the game and knew that I wanted it, even if I was a bit skeptical after the original gameplay review! The opening sequences alone were almost too much adorableness to contain. So thank you, @Eliwood8, for the kind words and amazing gift! I'm excited to explore Kanto again with a new twist, and I'm looking forward to occasionally having a buddy tag along for some absurd 2v1 battles.
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    BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Thank you! I've been buying more digital games on Switch than in the past, so I definitely needed the SD card.
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    Oh, what’s this? My Secret Santa Gift arrived! And judging from the bag and past conversations in this thread, I think I know who it’s from! Thanks so much, @Reilly! That’s awesome. Thanks for Groudon, Kyogre and the tee! The best part is I already have Rayquaza, so that completes my set! Merry Christmas!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Just received a PM with a mysterious 3DS code!! I received it at work and was super excited to come home and find out what it was. Thank you so much @ArmoredFrog!! This is the perfect time for me to finally get a chance to play through these games and I am SO excited!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Looks like I had a package waiting for me at my apartment building (sorry for not confirming earlier, I wasn't home for a couple of days!) Thanks so much @Tyranogre, this is great! Merry Christmas!
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    I'm very happy to see this go through to the end. While it takes work managing this kind of event to have it as convenient as possible for all participants, the end result of making everyone's day better makes it worth it for me personally. Thank you guys so much for the opportunity!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Was stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home this evening, so opened this in the car. @DranSeasona Thank you so much! My brother's been asking me if I was ever going to try Skyrim - I've been listening to the soundtrack for years, but never played. When I told him this came in, he said, "Get good at combat." lol So, now I'm worried. But super excited to experience it. Much appreciated! Hope your holidays were wonderful~
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    I'm glad you mentioned that actually because I'm notoriously bad about checking my mailbox but sure enough More great stuff! Thanks a bunch! This is all really cool.
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    What's this? OwO It's a card that plays a pizza-themed parody of "O Christmas Tree" in a terrifying chipmunk voice! But what's inside the card? Ten dollars in eShop Credit! Thanks, @Art_de_Cat! Now I can get some of the DLC for Senran Kagura Reflexions!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    My Secret Santa had intended to get me a SSB GameCube controller and the adapter for Switch, but decided instead to get me a $50 Amazon gift card because they're currently out of stock and would've taken a month or two to get here. I'll definitely get the GameCube controller with the gift card, but I still have my adapter for Wii U, so I'll probably put the remainder toward another Switch game. Thank you, Secret Santa!
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    My secret Santa gifts arrived today! Thank you for the candy, points card, Metang, candy canes, and deluxe bird house! That was a surprise!
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    I’m guessing this is from my Secret Santa as it had no “this is from…” on it. 😝 Thanks! 😎 Futaba and Mona are the best. ❤️
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    A package was waiting for me when I got home today containing Which is awesome. I've heard great things about Cave Story and have been wanting to try it, so I'm excited to give it a go. Metroidvania type games are among my favorite genres so I'm always excited to try more out.
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    Bruh. That you don't know much about Castlevania isn't an excuse to project about its relevancy. Plenty of gamers, not just Nintendo fans, and yet in this instance especially Nintendo fans, know of Castlevania. Games in the series have been rereleased thanks to digital platforms, new games as well, both the NES and SNES classic consoles have Castlevania titles, Netflix has an original animated series that has been popular. Point being, Castlevania is a known entity, a thing that people know. That it's not as ubiquitous as other known series is splitting hairs. Even if you wanted to argue that its inclusion in Smash is for nostalgia appeal is essentially making a case for why it fits. So much about Smash Bros. appeal is derived from people seeing icons they grew up with appearing in the same game together.
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    Political Containment Thread

    The issue with cultural appropriation is that you're in no place to decide or come to the conclusion that the culture doesn't care. Having that one black friend who's okay with you saying the N-word doesn't mean every black person is fine with it. Just because your Native American friend doesn't mind drunk stereotypes or being the mascot of a football team doesn't mean all feel that way about it. If other people care about it, it's because they were likely informed by people in that culture that they do. I don't like this notion that people like being offended. Making that claim comes from a position of privilege because you have the luxury of not having to be defensive about something. I'm trans, I don't get to have the luxury of not giving a fuck. People _are_ out to get me and are repelled or aggressive towards me because of what I am. I'd love nothing more than to not be offended, but I have a massive target on my back. I have a right to be paranoid about how people treat me. I want shit to change so I can chill out and just be what I am without people being disgusted by it, but until then hell yeah I'm going to be offended by how people look at me.
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    A message from Reggie on Twitter to go along with this news.
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    Huge thanks to @fuzz for the wonderful gift! Happy Holidays!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    @ArmoredFrog WHAT I've wanted to play this game ever since I first heard about it aaaaa I'm so excited!! I had no idea this was also coming as a gift thank you so much!!
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    WTF of the day

    I guess you could call it a Switchblade.
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    Dark Samus confirm *Ahem* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
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    Introductions thread.

    Hello, I'm Lucina. I joined Ninfora's predecessor a decently long time ago. I've been doing alright since my mom died a few years ago, I'm living with my fiancee still and going to college for language studies. I hope you've all been well.
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    Fully finished Postman's bag last night
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    I'm just reporting in to say that I miss you guys. Shitposting on Nsider2 and here will probably be the most fun I'll ever have in an online community. Part of me also misses being a lazy college students with all the time in the world for playing the likes of Animal Crossing, Smash, and Pokemon. I don't have much interest in Ultimate, and whatever we may see of AC and Pokemon later this year. It just doesn't feel the same when I can't talk about it here or with other folk. It's hard to invest myself into games these days when time is really limited, and it sucks.
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    happy new year guys ty you were too slow
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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    It's that time of the year again. Hello and welcome to Ninfora's third annual Secret Santa event for 2018! I am your host, Santa Chrom, here again to make everyone's holiday season a great one. Whether you are a returning or new participant to this yearly community event, getting involved is as simple as ever! What is Secret Santa? In Secret Santa, members fill out a form to tell Santa Chrom a little about themselves (such as where they live, what they like, and more), and are later randomly assigned another participating member as their Tiny Tim, whom they must deliver a gift to by the holiday season, receiving the information that Tiny Tim shared with Santa Chrom. At that point, it becomes the Secret Santa's responsibility to pick out a gift for their Tiny Tim based on the given information. At the same time, the Secret Santa's own information is shared with yet another participating member, so they too will be a Tiny Tim to another Secret Santa. In short, in Secret Santa, you will give to one person, and you will receive from another person. It's called Secret Santa because you should remain anonymous until the day your Tiny Tim receives your gift! Rules All gifts should be valued at least roughly $10 USD (before tax/shipping). Pay what you want, but don't be cheap. Personally crafted gifts are waived from this rule. Delivering directly via Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other storefronts is acceptable. Any way to wrap your gift and include a personal message should be taken if possible. Same goes with tracking, share that with Santa Chrom via PM. Digital items (games, movies, etc.) are acceptable to be gifted. You may specify on your form that you would prefer not to receive these kinds of items. This exchange is open to all members regardless of residence. Santa Chrom reserves the right to decline a registration if he believes an applicant may not be suitable to participate. Only sign up if you are serious and committed to participating. It makes organizing this a lot easier for Santa Chrom. If at any point you believe you will no longer be able to participate, please send a PM to Santa Chrom at the earliest opportunity. Received gifts must be shared in this topic with some kind of visual proof. Tiny Tims may choose to open/share their gifts received early if they want to. If a Tiny Tim has not received their gift by a certain date, Santa Chrom will personally deliver a gift to them as compensation. The dates to remember, take note! Nov 18 - Last day to sign up Nov 19 - Secret Santa-Tiny Tim sortings distributed Dec 19 - Gift delivering period begins (if international, consider shipping sooner) Jan 03 - Santa Chrom makes his rounds for empty-handed Tiny Tims, if any ➡Sign up here!⬅ (sign-ups closed as of November 19, 2018)
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    Merry Christmas, Ninfora!
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    Miiverse returns! Sort of...

    A group of people were able to create an archive of Miiverse through the use of Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine. All in all, it totals to approximately 17 terrabytes of data. https://archiverse.guide/ You can't actually post anything new, but with a bit of searching, you should be able to find all your old drawings even if you didn't opt to have Nintendo send them to you.
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    That's what you get for lying about Isaac.
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    It's just ten minutes of new information then a half hour of this image:
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    The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

    Hope everyone is having a good week so far!
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    No. When it's a worldwide ND like this one, it's hosted by someone in Japan (recently, Yoshiaki Koizumi) and dubbed in English. For reference, the last worldwide ND was March 8th, which I'm sure we all fondly remember as the first teaser for Smash Ultimate. If it's a system-/game-/region-specific ND it might be hosted by staff from Nintendo of America, but there's no reason to assume the recently delayed one would be. Regardless, I feel like you're still not quite understanding everyone's point regarding the delay: the ND is pre-recorded, and Nintendo chose to delay its release out of respect for the crisis parts of Japan are facing right now. Even if there was a separately hosted Reggie ND and a European ND, Nintendo would still most likely choose to delay the release. It's not a matter of the video's availability, or having someone available to host—it's Nintendo's choice in this situation. And sure, we'd all like to know when the ND will now air but it's not like Nintendo usually announces these things far in advance anyway. They'll probably announce the new date a couple days in advance like usual.
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    4 whole tweets on the page. Hundreds of people complaining in replies to the tweet about the horrible responses. You scroll for like 5 minutes and you might find one actual insensitive tweet Wouldn't it make sense to just ignore them?
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    BLESS An engineering scholarship I did NOT think I was eligible for just hit my account and all of the sudden my money problems are a whole lot less immediate 😭
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    First letter done!
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    Welcome to the 2nd annual Ninfora Game Awards, AKA Eliwood highlights a bunch of games he liked this year and no one else gets a say. Nintendo followed up their launch year for the Switch with a strong if somewhat less ambitious second year—though to be fair it's hard to top a launch year that includes a new Zelda game and a new Mario game. Still, 2018 saw plenty of great releases, including re-releases of some of the best Wii U games, a massive number of outstanding indie titles, and a little known crossover fighting game released just a few weeks ago. Like most years there were simply too many great games to include them all on this list, but here are some of my favorite titles of 2018. Best Crossover Event of the Year: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sorry Avengers, but it's right there in the name of the game: this is the Ultimate package, a lovingly crafted ode to not just Nintendo but gaming in general. Smash is the perfect encapsulation of our beloved pastime, one that celebrates all of the incredible memories we've each built over the years as Nintendo fans—and then lets us beat the crap out of each other with them. Because for as much as Smash is an interactive museum of nostalgia, it's also one of the finest fighting games around, one that is so customizable to player preference that it works whether you're a pro competitive player or just picking up a controller for the first time. Not matter how you prefer to play, Smash Ultimate is an utterly addictive, mind-boggling display of fighting game design and Nintendo knowledge. Most Delightfully Original Game: Yoku's Island Express One part pinball game, one part Metroidvania, and starring a dung beetle working as a postmaster—apparently it's a formula just crazy enough to work, because Yoku's Island Express is undoubtedly a highlight of the indie scene this year. In addition to putting a fun and fresh spin on two game genres, Yoku features some of the most charming visuals and audio you can enjoy on the Switch. It's a game that just captivates you from the moment you start playing and keeps you enchanted throughout the whole experience. Best Comic Book Adaptation: Battle Chasers: Nightwar To be honest I didn't even know Nightwar was based on a relatively short-lived comic book series from the 90s when it first caught my attention, but Joe Madureira's distinctive artwork (also seen in the Darksiders games) is all over this, and was enough to pique my interest. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the comic either—the game stands perfectly well on its own and takes players on a uniquely engaging RPG adventure that blends elements of turn-based combat, dungeon crawling, and procedurally generated level design. The final product is certainly on the difficult side, but if you don't mind the challenge you'll find a deep and rewarding RPG that encourages you to craft your own strategies. Most Thought-Provoking Game: Iconoclasts When you first start Iconoclasts it seems like another cute, charming, retro-inspired Metroidvania, but it doesn't take long for the game to drop some heavy ideas on you. I suppose the title should've been the first giveaway that this wouldn't be your typical adventure story, but it's still a surprise when the game takes a turn for the more serious—a welcome surprise though, because Iconoclasts does a fantastic job of balancing compelling characters and their personal development with excellent 2D action/platforming design and incredible boss fights. It's an unforgettable journey, and the best compliment I can give Iconoclasts is: you've never played a game quite like this one. Most Funky Game: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze I couldn't very well compile a list of games from this year and ignore the funkiest Kong around, now could I? Okay, so the Switch version of Tropical Freeze has some underwhelming additions—particularly the fact that Funky Kong is relegated to his own "easy mode" so you can't just swap to him on the fly—but even so, the core experience remains an absolutely fantastic display of 2D platforming. In the world of platformers it's so easy to tell when something just feels off, when the platforming mechanics don't quite click, but Tropical Freeze is pure platforming perfection, one that isn't afraid to push the player with intense but rewarding challenges. Best Narrative: The Gardens Between How do you make a great narrative in a game that doesn't feature any text or dialogue? Well, you'd have to ask The Gardens Between developer The Voxel Agents about that, 'cause they nailed it. A short, sweet, melancholy trip through the shared memories of two children is one of the most emotionally affecting games I played this year, and to take it one step further the developers also slipped in a brilliantly original puzzle mechanic that revolves around time manipulation. It may not be a long game but it'll absolutely stick with you. Second Best Ultimate Game: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate MHGU was so close to wrapping up that Best Ultimate Game award, and yet Smash just had to release this year. Still, in the same way that Smash Ultimate is an insanely jam-packed collection of Nintendo nostalgia, MHGU is an insanely jam-packed collection of Monster Hunter content. The massive roster, variety of weapons/hunter styles, and of course the fun of jumping online to team up on a hunt makes for a wonderfully addictive game, the kind that eats up an entire Saturday afternoon before you can blink. It'll be interesting to see where the franchise goes in the future as well, considering the success of Monster Hunter World, but for now MHGU is one incredible treat for classic MH fans. The "Frustrating Yet Rewarding" Award: Runner 3 From his first humble days as the star of Bit.Trip Beat, Commander Video has lead a unique video game career—who could have predicted that those early pixel days would lead to the insanely surreal landscape of Runner 3? Regardless of the setting, the Commander finds himself in another addictive rhythmic race, this time adding some helpful new features like double jumping. The game is still tough as nails though so it's not a game for the easily flustered, but the insane visuals, catchy music, and addictive "one more try" mentality of the game will keep players coming back for more. Best Surprise: Valkyria Chronicles 4 No, not because I didn't think it'd be good, I'm surprised we got the game at all considering the last numbered entry in the franchise was a Japan-exclusive PSP game and just last year Valkyria Revolution was released to overwhelmingly poor reviews. But VC4 recaptures all of the charm that made the first game a hit: a fun cast of characters, engaging strategy gameplay, and stylish presentation. There's something hypnotic about playing a strategy game, something that pulls you into the experience completely, and VC4 perfectly captures that feeling as well. Best "Nintendo Difficult" Game: Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition Hyper Light Drifter takes several cues from classic Nintendo game design—the Zelda influences are clear enough as you explore an open 2D environment initially armed only with a sword—and not least of which is the classic sense of difficulty that the game poses. Still, while some "Nintendo Difficult" games were unfairly challenging, Hyper Light Drifter finds the perfect balance of difficult-but-fair. No player death can be attributed to a cheap shot on the game's part, only a failing of the player to play carefully given the limited tools the game provides. And no matter how many deaths you rack up, there's always a driving incentive to try again. Most Beautiful Game: Gris There are a lot of beautifully made games on this list, but none of them can boast the same incredible combination of aesthetic and technical design that Gris has. Every screenshot of the game is captivating, combining surreal details with a gorgeous watercolor effect that truly makes the game feel like a living painting. The animation is mesmerizing, and to top everything off the soundtrack is beautifully moving. The gameplay itself is perfectly enjoyable as well, but the art and music of Gris stands out far more. Best Port or Remake: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition This was actually a pretty competitive category with all of the Wii U games that have been ported to the Switch this year (and no, Smash Ultimate does not count as a port!). And while Hyrule Warriors may not necessarily be the best game overall out of the many ports released, I'm giving it a special mention for truly being the definitive version of the game: all of the DLC that has been released over the years and all of the features from the Wii U and 3DS versions combined into one game makes for a pretty fantastic experience at a great value. Even after playing for hours upon hours there's just a seemingly endless amount of content, and although it can feel a bit repetitive at times it's always fun to demolish groups of Bokoblins and Stalfos. Best Roguelike Game: Dead Cells Despite the growing resurgence of the Roguelike format, I'm often frustrated by the cycle of playing, dying, losing everything, and starting again from scratch, so it should be clear that I don't take an award like this lightly. Roguelikes distinguish themselves by focusing on the journey and not the destination, and that's something that Dead Cells does perfectly. There's a beautiful rhythm to the combat in this game, its speed, fluidity, and most importantly its variety which allows you to easily try new things playthrough after playthrough. You may not always reach the end boss, but it's always an exciting journey. Best Game Starring the Grim Reaper: Flipping Death Zoink Games returns to their roots with this spiritual sequel to Stick It to The Man, and it's just as bizarre, goofy, and absolutely charming. Flipping Death doesn't take itself seriously at all and the result is a hilarious game about the afterlife and the restless spirits that inhabit it. The writing is without a doubt the highlight of the experience—this is definitely the kind of game where you want to talk with everyone just to enjoy all of the dialogue—but in the midst of all of that oddball comedy the developers have crafted tons of unique and clever puzzles as well. With its exaggerated and cartoonish graphics and voice acting, Flipping Death is the definition of quirky, and it's also a must-play this year. The Award for Most Complicated Title: YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Seriously, at a glance this title looks like someone just mashed their keyboard for a bit then submitted it as a video game. But crazy title aside, YS VIII is a fine addition to the Switch's slowly growing collection of RPGs, one that offers a fast, fun combat system, a richly engaging environment to explore, and a story that balances out its cliché elements with a satisfying mystery. It's a decent blend of classic and modern RPG elements—appropriate for a franchise that has lasted over thirty years now. Best Chicken-based Combat in a Game: Guacamelee! 2 For all of the addictive indie games released this year, there's only one that lets you seamlessly transition between a buff, masked luchador and a squawking, belt-wearing chicken. Guacamelee! 2 follows up the original game with an equally fantastic Metroidvania that combines addictive combo-friendly combat with tight, challenging platforming. If the game is perhaps too similar to the original, it can be forgiven simply because the gameplay formula is yet again so well polished, whether you're juggling enemy skeletons as a luchador or fluttering over hazardous pits as a chicken. Best Sci-Fi Adventure: The Fall Part 2: Unbound 2014's The Fall was one of the best examples of classic, thoughtful sci-fi, because while plenty of games have sci-fi settings, few actually explore sci-fi themes, the ones that question the nature of society, reality, and intelligence in an increasingly technological world. It's not an easy topic to translate into an entertaining game, but developer Over the Moon has once again managed it with the second installment of The Fall. Unbound expands on the heady topics of the original and adds a lot more unique and challenging puzzle gameplay as well, though fans will once again have to endure a cliffhanger ending. The wait was worth it for part 2 though, and hopefully it won't be as long for part 3. Best Nostalgia Trip: Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee! It was almost exactly twenty years ago that I pestered my mom to buy me a copy of Pokémon Red after my brother received Pokémon Blue for Christmas, sparking a childhood love of Pokémon that has admittedly waned over the years. Returning to Kanto in Let's Go, Pikachu! was still a time machine though, one that meticulously recreates a landmark game of my childhood with beautiful, adorable new graphics. Not all of the changes made to cater to Pokémon GO players are necessarily improvements but it's still pretty heartwarming to see all of my old Poké friends in charming HD, even for this trainer who gave up trying to catch 'em all a long time ago. Most Culturally Unique Game: Mulaka "Educational" isn't usually a well-regarded quality in a video game, and even that label isn't quite right for Mulaka, but still, the game offers a fascinating window on a Native American culture that few people would have heard about otherwise. In the same way that so many other games draw upon Greek mythology, Japanese folktales, etc., Mulaka draws from the stories of the Tarahumara people of northern Mexico and builds a beautiful adventure game out of it. Some of the gameplay elements lack polish, but the overall journey is still compelling, and you're guaranteed to walk away with a new insight on a native Mexican people. The "Looks Aren't Everything" Award: West of Loathing If you only judged this game by its cover you probably wouldn't be impressed, but after a few minutes with West of Loathing you'd change your tune completely. This quirky, story-driven RPG absolutely delights in winking at the player, making fun of game mechanics tropes and generally just being as absurd as possible, and it's a genuinely hilarious ride while it lasts. That's something few games can truly boast: this is a comedy game through and through, and it works perfectly as one. Game of the Year 2018: Octopath Traveler Yes, I know this is my love of JRPGs shining through, but Octopath Traveler truly was an incredible experience on the Switch this year, one that beautifully plays off the nostalgia for SNES-era RPGs while also taking a chance on a unique system of eight characters with eight individual stories. Frankly, everything about this game is surprising, from its stylish HD-2D graphics to the fact that it's an exclusive third-party game for the Switch, but putting aside all of the quirky aspects of the game, Octopath Traveler is a fantastic RPG. It obeys the single most important rule of RPGs: make every battle interesting since otherwise exploration will just get tedious, and the game's shield-breaking and skill-boosting mechanics mean you always have to put a little thought into your attacks. The game also perfectly balances this with giving you the freedom to build whatever team you want to—with eight playable characters and twelve character classes there is a lot of room for variety and experimentation. Maybe some of the game's features get to be a little too quirky for some players, but it's refreshing to see a game take such an original direction with narrative, visuals, and combat mechanics, and most of all to see all of these aspects come together so well. Ultimately, just like the characters in its story, Octopath Traveler gathers disparate elements into a greater whole, one that takes players on a wonderfully unique and engaging RPG adventure.
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    Awesome, glad it all got there safely! Enjoy man, and Merry Christmas! 😊
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    that amiibo placement made me laugh really hard as well as the galgun gag 11/10
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    Managed to snag Ridley! The last non-preorder one they had!
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    That shirt Reggie was wearing at the VGA. What a hero. On that note, Samus and the baby, say hello to my little friend...
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    Introductions thread.

    Howdy. I was Mechadorie122 on the very original Nsider and migrated to Nsider2 after it...died or whatever. Tonight, nostalgia washed over me and I went to check out Nsider2, and I see that also went down in flames, but I found a link to this place and now here I am!
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