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    we should edit this image into the OP:
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    let's fuckin gooooooooo
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    not to self: if I come across Sarah playing Isabelle in Smash, I will sit there passively and give Isabelle the love and respect she deserves. Because she is a cute puppy and does not deserve to get a good ruff and tumble.
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    Now that we have seen "all of the details" to Nintendo Switch online, I guess now we sign up? I probably will want to play Smash online if anything. Lately I haven't been playing much online. I was excited about the potential the system had at launch to later add stuff such as messaging, invites, chatting, parties, etc all on the system itself. But looks like none of that is coming anytime soon. I almost rather call my friends on the phone than chat using the smartphone app. Maybe I'll warm up to it, but I almost find it unacceptable at this point.
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    By far THE BEST announcement from the Nintendo Direct!... 😍
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    He’s not credited for some reason, but that’s definitely Antony Del Rio as Silas. I can’t take him seriously as a character because all I hear is Pit.
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    I'm also not too keen on the criticism of Yoshi's Crafted World having reversing the stage being its main gimmick. That's kind of really downplaying the exploration aspect they're pushing with the fact that various parts of the environment can be interacted with and moved around to show the environment from different angles that present even more secrets and areas to explore because of the change in perspective.
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    I'm gonna use this pic before the results screen. I had asked for some pics of Isabelle for the thumbnail but I ended up making the thumbnail afterwards. I did look at the pics you posted on Twitter and made another thumbnail using one of them. Here's where you guys come in. Putting it to a vote. Which one should I use for next week's video? The top one is mine and the other is from Twitter.
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    Animal Crossing in 2019. i can't wait, All aboard the hype train. Fun fact: When I first played Animal Crossing on the GCN and was asked what the town name was, I thought the game was quizzing me and I didn't realize it was actually asking me to name my town however I liked. So I called it the nearest word I saw, Cursor, and so that's how Zora's first town was named Cursor.
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    Isabelle in Smash! Are you okay, @chickadee?
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    Okay, Isabelle for Smash and a new Animal Crossing tease are great but my jaw legit dropped at seeing mainline Final Fantasy games on a Nintendo system (you don't count, FFXV Pocket Edition). Even if they're all older titles I didn't think we'd ever see that again, and I never picked up FFXII on my PS4 so now I'll hold out for the Switch version! I also like how apparently FFVIII can go screw itself, it doesn't get included in these FF re-releases.
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    Yay, Isabelle in Smash! And we’re getting a new Animal Crossing next year.... HELL. YES. FINALLY! 😍
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    $60 for 2 wireless NES controllers? Just add Wii Remote support so I can use my NES classic controller and SNES Classic controllers when SNES games get released.
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    ATTENTION: If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation!
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    Hmm, that is soon but I wonder if the delay in the direct prompt this or this was gonna be in the direct anyways? Same boat but in addition to ARMS, MK8DX, Splatoon 2, and Mario Tennis Aces. Tho, I'll be playing these 3 titles the most MK8DX, Splatoon 2 and Smash Ultimate.
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    Yeah, if it weren't for Mario Kart nights, most likely I would not pay for the online service. The NES games service is nice, but I need to know more about it. Cloud saves is not as good as we would think.
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    SNES controllers I can see happening, but that's about it. The N64 controller doesn't really lend itself well to the same kind of setup as these, although I'd like to think we may see an N64 classic at some point...but that's an aside from this.
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    Who's with me on getting through Hurricane Florence? How do you plan to ride it out? What is the look for your area in regards to Florence? *Me, I'm just starting to get the rain bands now and mild wind. *I believe my real wind stuff starts to hit around 9pm or so.... *My town is expected to get a good amount of rain.
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    Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

    Who knows? Though I'm pretty sure the FDA might have some problems with alcoholic milk, but that's just me.