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    oh my FUCKING god im playing Pokemon for the first time in a while and my raichu looked SO SAD until it saw me?? literally kill me i do NOT need this sadness in my life
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    I was just notified that I'm getting almost $5000 in federal pell grants this coming academic year. I could seriously cry right about now.
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    Thanks! She's doing ok now, she's on some antibiotics. Got a bit to go, but at least she's not in bad shape. Thankfully.
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    I have a cousin who was willing to lend me her Netflix login until it mysteriously logged me out and she took too long to send me the info again and I bought my own, so lending login info to others outside the household isn't entirely unheard of. The basic $10 plan allows two devices to stream at a time, and the $12 plan that allows 4K streaming allows four devices. Think about how your plan works and how often you (and everyone else with your login info) use your account. If you think adding one more person will cause reliability issues, tell them it won't be worth it. If you think it can work, there's no harm in being generous.
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    Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    So big and blue
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    I found out today that the switch is capable of loading login pages for public networks which means I can get wifi on it in lab, so I was able to download sonic mania for the train ride home.
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    And nothing of value was lost.
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    Eclipse day today y'all. I'll see if I can't get some good pictures.
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    I just replayed this last year actually. He's difficult even with upgraded ship parts. It should still be possible, but it'll be a bit more difficult. Do you only have the default cannons as well? For Recumen, all you pretty much have to do is survive. Attack on turns before and during a red square to attempt to knock him off balance and have him miss his giant laser beam. Other than that, just focus and heal on any other turns to build up to the harpoon cannon and always regroup when given the option. For Belleza, just always be healing and using Inream to boost your attack and defense and try to attack and defend whenever you think is best. If I remember correctly, if you get to use the harpoon against her, it almost kills her in one hit, regardless of ship parts so if you can get that off, you should be good. I'll see if I can remember anything else or maybe look up a video to see if I missed anything important.
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    Had a nice birthday. Went out and got three used games, Dishonored (PS3), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- The Crystal Bearers (Wii) and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. All and all not too bad.
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    You think that because you're a pessimist and see people in the most scrutinizing way possible.
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    If you use physics, the melting point in plastic or even the metal they have inside the system is too high that even before the system could even reached that point the system would turn itself off. It could be a hardware defect and people are only just looking at their Switches now.
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    So a few days ago my brother got me this cute Kirby plush with a fucking whistle and train station conductor hat because it's Kirby's 25th anniversary and he knows I love the fuck out of Kirby and our bday was coming soon but we decided to do present giving a bit earlier since we are just adults or some shit like that. The cool guy looks like this He also got me this Kirby 25th anniversary keychain thing with Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast since I'm still collection Dreamcast games. Overall gotta admit it was awesome for my brother to give me this.
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    Do you feel the urge to climb into an unattended soda can?
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    "I'll happily share for only $10 a month!"
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    I finally got a Zapdos! Still no luck with Lugia, though. I also hit Lv31 today, though I honestly don't care all too much about levels after having hit the 30 benchmark.
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    Want to see a picture of the luckiest person alive?
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    omg so next week I'm gonna go to a convention and man these guys are gonna be there: The voice-actor of Cyborg in the OG and new Teen Titans is gonna be there The voice-actor of Spongebob is gonna be there John Fucking Bailey of Honest Trailors is gonna be there Maurice Lamarche of Pinky and The Brain is gonna be there Veronica Fucking Tailor of Pokemon is gonna be there and Camila Déprico is gonna be there AKA I AM STOKED also some guy called Stan Lee is gonna be there but I've seen him last year so eh. Also I'm happy (weeaboish stuff below bewarned)
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    After zero luck on the legendary birds, I ended up going two for two on Moltres raids today.
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    Trying to get my Nazi knockout tally up to 5 by the end of the year Send me your address @strawberrykeiki
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    i get outlets so im prob just gonna play my 3ds the whole time n listen to music! ive been craving playing TWEWY again since the anniversary so i might replay that tbh
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    if nobody is interested in buying them i'll pay you 2 EUR apiece if you record yourself tearing them into pieces
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    Yeah, Recumen is a joke. As long as you're timing your hits right it shouldn't be able to land a single attack on you. As for Belleza, I don't remember that fight being terribly difficult with the few upgrades I had. So I can't imagine her being impossible with none, perhaps just very difficult. The Harpoon Cannon is basically a one-shot, eventually, she'll put herself into postion, just play defensively till then.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Even if you're not focusing Ninian as an attacker, I think both skills are good for her for different reasons. Fury buffs up her stats to be able to take non-lethal hits more easily, plus it works nicely together with Escape Route if you want to run that. Triangle Adept is also good so that it covers her Falchion weakness and better handle red units in general. If you're really committed to not letting Ninian do any fighting, I'd suggest Triangle Adept, but I agree Fortress Def is another solid option.
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    Political Containment Thread

    Bannon's gone.
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    Hey! Pikmin Review

    Pikmin makes the leap to handhelds for the first time with Hey! Pikmin, a spin-off that trades the real-time strategy of the series for puzzle/platformer stages. This time Olimar isn't exploring vast areas with numerous paths and hazards but instead plays through 2D levels with pre-set Pikmin selections and a handful of treasures to find. Despite the change in gameplay the style of Pikmin is preserved: Hey! Pikmin is a charming adventure, even if it doesn't live up to the quality of the main series. Olimar may have the worst luck of any Hocotate Freight pilot. Once again his ship crash lands on a strange planet, and this time his ship is out of fuel. But as always Pikmin are here to help, and the treasures they collect can be converted into Sparklium fuel by Olimar's ship. Hey! Pikmin lacks the end-of-day journal entries found in other Pikmin games but it does have log entries describing all of the creatures and treasures Olimar finds. Just like the main series the log entries are the heart of the game: charming, funny, and sometimes introspective, it's always worth taking the time to read Olimar's notes. Additionally you'll occasionally see little skits play out in the middle of levels which have the Pikmin being their cute, curious selves. There's nothing plot related in these but they add to the game's charm. Much like Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash from a couple years ago Hey! Pikmin takes the 3DS as an opportunity to try something a little different, something more linear and platformer based. The change may disappoint long-time fans but as a puzzle/platformer Hey! Pikmin does a decent job. Within each stage you can find Pikmin and recruit them to help you progress. The Pikmin variety is the same as Pikmin 3, and each is used for specific tasks. Since you aren't selecting which Pikmin to bring into each stage there's no sense of planning or preparation in this game–if there's a fire hazard, the game gives you red Pikmin. You're also limited to at most twenty Pikmin in a level so Hey! Pikmin doesn't have the same sense of miniature army that the main series does. What the game does have is fairly typical platformer challenges, tailored to Pikmin abilities. If you need to climb a ledge you might need to use Pikmin to move a nearby platform, or if there is treasure in an out-of-reach spot you can toss Pikmin up to grab it and bring it down to you. Hey! Pikmin does make use of both 3DS screens which isn't seen often enough on the 3DS, but that still doesn't distinguish the game from many DS platformers. You do need specific types of Pikmin to overcome certain obstacles, but since the game gives you those Pikmin throughout the level–and will give you more if you happen to get your Pikmin killed–a lot of the exploration and treasure hunting feels a little simple. If Hey! Pikmin has one main fault it's that there isn't a lot that jumps out as particularly unique and exciting. The game is enjoyable enough for what it is, but it doesn't have the same depth of other Pikmin games or even other platformers. If you try to collect every treasure the game can be a tiny bit more challenging, and if you try to keep all twenty Pikmin alive throughout each level the game does have some tough parts, but the only incentive for no-death playthroughs is personal satisfaction. Hey! Pikmin is a fun but uninspired adventure. It doesn't help that there are a couple of small but annoying aspects of the game. Compared to their console counterparts the Pikmin in this game can be pretty dumb. The pathfinding system isn't quite as efficient as Pikmin can easily get stranded, plus you can't tell them to halt so sometimes they'll try to follow you to their own demise. What's more obnoxious is that Pikmin can't fight for themselves. You toss Pikmin in order to attack predators but if you miss the Pikmin will just walk into damage and get itself killed. This is mostly an annoyance with small enemies that can be hard to hit with the game's touch controls. Thankfully though, since the game gives you Pikmin if you ever fall too low, losing one or two is only a problem for completionists that insist on finishing a level with all twenty Pikmin alive. The controls require both the circle pad and the stylus, which means lefties are stuck using the ABXY buttons to move around. On the bright side though the game doesn't require highly accurate or quick controls so lefties can even get by using the stylus in their right hand. It's still a missed opportunity not to use the N3DS c-stick or Circle Pad Pro as an option, though. Since it's on the 3DS Hey! Pikmin isn't going to have the same beautiful scenery as Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, but the game's graphics are decent enough. Between the returning predator creatures and the new ones there are some good designs, and while the jagged edges of the models are unfortunate they're somewhat unavoidable on the 3DS. The music is in the same boat: it's decent, it gets the job done, but there's nothing particularly notable about it. You can finish Hey! Pikmin in around ten hours, which isn't bad compared to the other Pikmin games, especially for a spin-off. It's a shame there aren't any bonuses for collecting all treasures, but the log entries are reward enough most of the time. Additionally, Hey! Pikmin supports amiibo, including a brand new Pikmin amiibo. Once scanned you can collect amiibo as treasures in special stages, which is handy for bonus Sparklium but the real draw is having more log entries to enjoy. The Pikmin amiibo can also be used to summon extra Pikmin in a level (still twenty max) if for some reason you desperately need a few extra hands to help. Hey! Pikmin is a charming spin-off but don't expect the same depth as the main series. Outside of the cute Pikmin humor there isn't much to truly distinguish the game against other platformers, and the lack of real-time strategy gameplay makes the sense of Pikmin collection and selection moot. Hey! Pikmin is enjoyable as a somewhat easy, somewhat slow-paced platformer, but it doesn't leave much of a lasting impression beyond that. Rating: 7 out of 10 Sparklium
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    Hatched a female wobbuffet yesterday. Wonder how usefull itll be compared to the games!
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    Also, Leif SR for reals this time:
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 10

    You thought it was Leif, but it was me, overused meme Hans! Glad to see he's finally getting a card. If Apfonse is starting at 87 (which is pretty damn likely), there are two empty spaces after Hans for Fates still. At least one will be a mascot. Maybe Zola for the other? Or Human Anankos? EDIT: I was going to edit this post to correct my typo of Alfonse's name, but the more I look at it, the more hilarious it is, so I'm keeping it.
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    The Ninfora Member's Gallery

    Tried following @___'s advice after using volumising shampoo and conditioner and blowdrying my hair. Also, got my first pair of girl pants. I feel cute today. :3
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    Introductions thread.

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember me or may not, But I'm Computers. Way back when NSider existed I was a Sage on those Forums before they got closed by Nintendo. Lately, I've returned to gaming on Nintendo systems mostly due to the Switch that I'm quite enjoying since it was launched as I got it on day one of release. I mostly came to these Forums, To make friends for gaming online with on my console. I currently got (3) games, With those being, The Binding of Isaac, Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Including the DLC), and Sonic Mania. :-) Glad to be here and hoping to make some friends. :-) ~ Computers
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    If that happened to me, I'd purposely watch a bunch of really stupid shit just so it would show up in their watch history.
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    Should Phazon get one-upped?

    Federation Force emphasized again that Phazon was done with, so if they bring back Phazon they would be cutting out major plotlines for both Prime 3 and that entry. At that point, it would just be silly. If Phazon were in Prime 4, people would want Dark Samus too, and I personally don't want to see that resurrection idea come true regarding Sylux and the stolen Metroid. Tagging along with that same conflict wouldn't be a great comeback for Sylux, who should be very geared up following Federation Force. If Sylux decides to not deal with the Space Pirates, which won't enable them to recover quicker following their collapse in the Bermuda System, Prime 4 could certainly introduce a new power source into the series through the Space Pirates. Without Phazon, they were all over the Bermuda System discovering minerals, substances and artifacts that did turn out to have some potential, even if it wasn't on par with Phazon. I can imagine them up to that same desperate search within Prime 4, trying to keep up with the Federation, now with the successful Project Golem under their wing. Sylux will probably assist the Space Pirates though, and could do so without giving them the stolen Metroid. The Federation Force took all in the Bermuda System as they worked through the Space Pirates' interplanetary operations, and given how easy it was for Sylux to get the Metroid, Sylux could also have samples of the power sources discovered on Excelcion and Bion. I believe Excelcion had both mineral and liquid resources that were collected by the Federation that could, together, yield a lot of power. With Bion, I'm pretty sure the Federation Force recovered two carts worth of energy/power cells that also had a lot of energy potential. Both planets saw high levels of pirate activity due to those resources. If Sylux decided to steal these resource samples, trades them to the Space Pirates, they get to use these power sources more within their units and Prime 4 gives these resources a more specific name, the game would then have its own Phazon without being an overpowered, sentient network.
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    omg my coworker gave me a ton of these cute little promo persona 5 deckboxes today and I am so stoked
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    First few minutes of the show: "Cape Suzette" Killer TaleSpin reference, there. A few minutes later: "Spoonerville" "Saint Canard" Disney Afternoon Cinematic Universe confirmed?
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    Im lvl 31, closing in on the next level. Strongest is a dragonite.
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    Cockatrice sounds good! I'll PM you (or are you on discord) when i'm ready
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    The Krazy One

    Sonic Mania CE unboxed

    For those that either have it or are waiting to get the game, here's a taste of my playthrough of Sonic Mania.
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    I also loved Xenoblade 1, but haven't finished Xenoblade X yet. I intend to do this before 2 comes out...but it's just...eh. The world in X is pretty but the characters largely seem far less interesting, especially since the main character is just some shitty useless avatar, unlike Shulk who is an actual character with motivations and whatnot. That said, it seems like 2 is aligning with 1 a bit more closely, so hopefully it's more my style.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Literally my first pull I'm so glad to have my pegasus wife back
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    mordekaiser into a teemo ignite toplane kill me pls
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    If you're in a rural area, your only shot is to have a Facebook group to coordinate with. That's how I know what raids are going on and whether we'll have enough ppl to complete it. I can also kinda mooch off of them, because they are all way stronger than I am.
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    >somebody was murdered at a neo-nazi rally in 2017 america >"guys somebody got their head ripped off in the tilt-o-whirl at the fair, we need to talk about this" good thing to come back to, everybody ignore the dumbass and look at me for a moment me and my colleagues were conducting business this weekend, and apparently one of them has had virtually every game console known to man still at his parents house, so we made the trek to idaho this weekend to retrieve them there's a sega cd, 32x, intellivision, even some weird fucking console that texas instruments made
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    So, I got most of the cards I needed out of the new pack... except for Topological Bomber Dragon and Firewall Dragon. I bought a box of them (maybe it's karma, and I have a good job), so maybe if there's a chance of someone ever in the mood of trading them, which of these have a better chance of getting them? I have no interest in the below (I have more of some of them down below, but don't need all of them, if you think I'm crazy): Treasure Panda x 4 Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress x 1 Jain, Twilightsworn General x 5 Ryko, Twilightsworn Fighter x 1 F.A. Downforce x 4 Abyss Actor- Trendy Understudy x 5 March of the Dark Brigade x 1 Trickstar Lillybell x 1 Trickstar Candina x 1 Trickstar Lycoris x 2 Twilight Cloth x 4 Samurai Skull x 4 Infernity Patriarch x 3 Supreme Rage x 2 Heavy Storm Duster x 1 Vendread Revenants x 5 Dark World Brainwashing x 3 Wicked Acolyte Chilam Sabak x 4 Vendread Houndhorde x 1 Revendread Origin x 4 Vendread Reorigin x 1 Galaxy Worm x 2 Gouki Twistcobra x 2 Gouki Riscorpio x 1 Gouki Suprex x 1 Blind Obliteration x 1 Speedroid Passinglider x 3 Twilight Twin Dragons x 5 Predaplant Banksiogre x 3 Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue x 4 D/D Vice Typhon x 5 D/D/D Wave High King Caesar x 2 D/D/D Gust High King Alexander x 1 Traptrix Mantis x 1 The Ascendant of Thunder x 2 F.A. Circuit Grand Prix x 3 F.A. Sonic Meister x 3 F.A. Hang on Mech x 3 Gouki The Great Ogre x 2 Gogogo Aristera & Dexia x 3 Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion x 3 Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom x 2 Gravity Lash x 2 Orbital Hydralander x 2 Boogie Trap x 1 Air Cracking Storm x 2 Hack Worm x 2 Destiny HERO- Dangerous x 2 Smile Universe x 2 Zombina x 2 Three Strikes Barrier x 2 Junk Breaker x 1 Launcher Commander x 3 Jack Wyvern x 2 Pulse Mines x 1 Ancient Gear Golem- Ultimate Pound x 3 RE: EX x 1 Performapal Trumpanda x 1 Supreme King Dragon Odd Eyes x 1 Here are some of the new cards I got which might be useful in a Cyberse Deck or whatever, but don't mind trading to get Firewall and/or Topological Bomber Dragon: Imduk The World Chalice Dragon x 1 World Legacy's Heart x 1 Crowned by the World Chalice x 3 Chosen by... x 5 World Chalice Guardragon x 1 World Legacy' "World Chalice" x 2 World Legacy's Heart x 5 Motivating Captain x 1 World Legacy Landmark x 2 Beckoned By The World Chalice x 3 World Legacy Discovery x 1 Ib The World Chalice Priestess x 1 Aurum The World Chalice Blademaster x 1 Ninguru The World Chalice Warrior x 1
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    The Welcome Inn

    Mass effect Final fantasy series my last being XIII 2 If Zelda counts then they are high on the list Mario RPG is a great classic And many more
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    New Kingdom Hearts III trailer. Toy Story world confirmed! 2018 release!!