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    I'll just leave this here.
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    Got the final form of Roly Coly....holy geez it looks cool! Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the game so far. You definitely get the sense that it's not as grand as it could be when you are able to view areas and far off vistas that you can never actually get to, but for what's there it feels like a bigger adventure just with the addition of the wild area. I've had a few Xenoblade style moments where I rolled up on Pokemon level 45+ and had to get myself out of there. But I'm liking things so far at just over 15 hours in and I just now made it to the town with the fourth gym challenge.
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    Signed up!
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    I hope so too. I'd have my data straight on the system for now, and keep my sd card out while playing. Here's to hoping they patch this issue ASAP.
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    Thanks for the heads up Ridley Prime, I have the double pack digital version. It's not bad if it deletes my poke save but all content on the micro SD card. I really wanted to keep autosave on too, too bad. I hope there's a fix for this soon.
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    @Ridley Prime That’s awful. I hope this problem gets covered by gaming news sites to warn everyone who bought the game(s).
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    The Brave, brave Sir Robin!
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    I also bought something that is probably the most on-brand thing I’ve ever done
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    Got mine at Best Buy but currently at work. Scored Pokémon Sword and Shield Double Pack for $99 at Walmart.
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    Definitely not a byproduct of being rushed to hell and back. Be safe and turn off auto-save, fam. edit: Seems to be more a thing if it’s digital version of the game I guess, regardless of your save settings, but still.
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    One female character that seems like a perfect fit for Smash, at least in my mind, is Amaterasu. With her varied move set and the Celestial Brush, I just think she'd bring a lot to the table as a playable character, and an Okami stage would look absolutely beautiful.
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    I’m in, too. Looking forward to another fun year.
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    N4A Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-Ups Open)

    Submitted, can't wait as always!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-Ups Open)

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    God no. I give out Meltan Boxes on Community Day all the time to people who've never finished it.
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    are you implying its 4am right now?? or just in general, 4am needs more people posting
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    Ok I’m kinda not liking how the game shows your friend’s names to what they named their in game characters and not their NNIDs, because I don’t know who’s who on my friends list. So I don’t know if they’re someone I’ve added from here or from friends I’ve met in person. Also whoever on my friends list that helped join in on the Dynamax Butterfree raid, thank you. I hope you guys got rewarded good from it. I don’t know how it rewards participants who aren’t the ones who throw the poke ball to catch it.
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    I'm a little over 5 hours in and just outside of my first gym. Early impression, I enjoy Sword more than Pokemon X and Pokemon Moon. I'm still dealing with the same story leash at times that hurt my experience with X and Moon; however, aside from Hop, I don't dislike the characters so far. Hop probably is my only issue with the game. If he had Grookey, I wouldn't mind his talking as much, but he picked a type disadvantage so I just want him to shut up most of the time. A rival at the start should always have the type advantage in my opinion. Bede on the other hand is exactly what I want from a rival character. He doesn't have Grookey, but he's arrogant and has a preference for a type I generally associate as being powerful. I look forward to interacting with Bede again, where as I dread seeing Hop. The Wild Area has been probably the biggest surprise for me. No trailer did it any justice, and that footage almost turned me away from the game. Trailers gave me the impression that there would be a large, empty area aside from a Pokemon here and there and the occasional Max Raid den. The Wild Area turns out to be mostly the opposite of that and provides a fair amount of Pokemon spawns to encounter along with the occasional rare spawn that tends to be too powerful to deal with early game. I don't feel any Breath of the Wild when I've been in the Wild Area, but I have felt Xenoblade Chronicle's Gaur Plains which I think is much more ideal for an RPG like Pokemon. Every time I see a rare spawn, I take note and do my best to avoid while still being in a bit of awe of what I will eventually be able to catch and potentially shiny hunt later in the adventure. Rolycoly's line is my favorite Pokemon line in some time, definitely since Gen. V's Trubbish line. The middle evolution from the line at first seemed forgettable next to Rolycoly and the final. The creativity with how that evolution is encountered though is perfect and elevates the design. It's likely going to be my first shiny hunt for Sword, probably after I clear the first gym.
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    I got to see the new Gundam movie premiere tonight with a forward by Tomino himself. It was cool.
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    I got seven shinies all together, evolved one non shiny and two shinies up to Infernape for Blast Burn and gave them all a second charge move as well since I was well over 200k stardust so could afford the 10k stardust cost.
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    Got 2 shiny Chimchar and my Infernape with Burn Blast...
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    They are here! Simon Incineroar Chrom
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    Man, all 3 top notch.
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    LOL! How the hell did none of these green shells hit @Kezay?
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    its not my job as a consumer to do the work for them and be constructive with my criticism - if GF and TPC cared about my criticism in the first place, the games wouldn't be at the point they're at now anyway. sometimes people just want to complain about shitty service and its anyone's right to do so. no one is really saying that previous games in the series didn't have problems either; we all have the same conversations every 3 years about what the previous gen did wrong and what it did right lol either way, i think its incredibly unwise in this day and age to take any reviewer for almost any game site at their word when many of them are easily paid off to say whatever the company wants them to but maybe that's just me
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    The thing I wonder most about Mai is how many other characters simply didn't make the cut for a similar reason. I'm sure she's not the only character who was rejected for such a reason, she's just the one we were told about. Midna is coming to mind; I know her Imp Form is all over the place, but I don't think her true form ever made the cut. Not as a sticker, a trophy, an assist trophy or spirit. I might be wrong about that; but it seems an odd omission.
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    hell yeah brother the villager and ocean updates rly added a lot of much needed stuff and changes to the game, but i always have fun w vanilla anyway
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    been into minecraft again after a friend made a local server and it's been hella fun there's so much shit in vanilla now. it's really nice to actually be surprised playing the game again and he spawned a neat seed with a ton of islands in a big ocean surrounded by coral. after getting through the typical early game stuff, i got a silktouch pick and decided to use some for myself This actually isn't in the ocean, so if anything here isn't directly touching water in some way, it'll die in a few seconds. So it was really difficult to set up. It's lit by (mostly) hidden sea pickles, too, so the room is 100% from the ocean. Also, Kapp'n showed up in case I need to go back to the mainland
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    A High-End kart leveled up to lvl 2 and 4 new drivers, including Dry Bowser... Not bad, I guess.
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    General movie discussion

    Seeing the two versions side by side really emphasizes the question: what the hell were they thinking with that first design? Granted, this is only a single screenshot, but just look at how much more expressive Sonic is in the new version, and how he doesn't look like an unholy abomination anymore.
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    My Friend Pedro Review

    The controls/movement being awkward gives me pause because I really want to give this game a try one day. Just something about majestic acrobatics while gunning down chumps that spoke to me when the game was first shown off in a Direct a while back. XD
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    What's the highest level driver/kart/glider everyone has right now? With three platinum driver tickets, two Gold Pass gifts, and a lucky pull in a previous tour, I currently have a Lv 5 Metal Mario.
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    https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/video_smash_bros_ultimate_glitch_freezes_terry_and_one_of_the_ice_climbers_in_time LOL
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    Doc Brown

    N4A Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-Ups Open)

    I'm in.
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    N4A Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-Ups Open)

    Yearly reminder that a copy of Bad Rats unfortunately does not meet the ten-dollar minimum requirement. However, eleven copies of Bad Rats surpasses the minimum by eighty-nine cents.
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    So sad to see so few signing up so far, hoping more sign up.