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    Over-rep and franchise/character diversity.
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    Relatively happy with this reveal. Another FE rep, sure, but they utilize a sword, axe, lance, and bow in their moveset, not just the sword.
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    Can't believe the mad lad really threw in another Fire Emblem character. Even as a huge FE fan, eight characters seems excessive. I appreciate that Byleth uses an array of weapons at least, though I might have preferred to have a character that doesn't use a sword at all—if I had to pick a Three Houses character, Edelgard would have been interesting as a relatively slight but powerful character. I also would've liked to see something more unique with the Garreg Mach stage, like maybe the background characters act as hazards—maybe getting knocked into the air on the bridge causes the pegasus knight to slam into you. And I agree that ultimately the most surprising thing was that this wasn't a third-party character. Way to kill the streak at the very end. Love seeing Cuphead represented, and with a song no less, but it would have been amazing if he was DLC character #5. Sakurai counting on his fingers in binary: what a huge nerd, I love it. The fact that holding up three fingers represents 17 for the 17th FE game and also 3 for Three Houses is such a deliciously obnoxious and clever hint.
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    I did too, it was really well done. I can't wait to see more of those mini episodes.
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    Found my 3DS and charger, Bank was still full in tact. Renewed just to be safe.
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    So, I picked this up over the weekend.... I doesn't do too much, but I still think it's pretty cool.
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    absolutely tired of pornsick dudes posting hentai underneath nintendo tweets as if they're the funniest god damn thing to ever hit the internet disgusting disgusting disgusting
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    @Chrom how do i delete the two posts above me
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    Why does it seem like if you don't outright praise the character reveal, that you're seen as a hater? Again, I'm just neutral on the latest character, but feels like there can't be an in between anymore, though given how divisive Fire Emblem in Smash has been for awhile, I guess it's not too surprising. Even if you're not an FE fan though, I see no reason to get mad over this. It's small potatoes when there's a whole other fighter pass on our hands.
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    Finally got to taking photos of my shinies in Shield. I took them with my phone.
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    officially hit 1000 sunkern eggs just now the real battle of exhaustion starts now
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    Well, this is now a thing... IDK what it is with Nintendo and ASMR lately. First there was that video of a guy making a level in SMM2 at the beach and then there was that video of a Labo kit being put together. Now, TPC has jumped in and created their own ASMR videos. These are oddly adorable! I kind of want to see... Or should I say hear? ...More of these now. BTW, is it just me, or dose anyone else have a strange craving for cookies all of a sudden?
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    I'm actually pretty excited myself. I've mentioned in the past that I like some of Smash to still focus on it's Nintendo roots, while the various third party characters are neat, I don't mind seeing more first party characters, especially since Byleth is the only one from the bunch. Granted, I'm biased because Three Houses is probably one of my favorite games of all time and I haven't even played any of the other characters games aside from Banjo. Adding the other Relic weapons was a great way to mix it up. I wouldn't have minded Edelgard, but it makes sense they'd pick the main character and not want to show "favoritism" to just one of the houses. I don't get this either. Not only because like you said, there are just as many characters using punches and kicks, but mostly because really how many other weapon types really have that many main characters who use something different? If they started pulling from western games a bit more maybe there'd be a bigger argument for it, but realistically the overwhelmingly vast majority of video games that star a character using a melee weapon. that weapon is a sword. Hell, even if you look at most popular western fantasy franchises the central characters weapon is a sword. If you move away from fantasy you have more options of course but a character shouldn't not get a chance just because "they are a fantasy character with a sword." Likewise a characters biggest assets for being in Smash shouldn't just be "they don't use a sword." Fact is swords as a weapon are just kind of hard to get away from in most fantasy/high fantasy fiction.
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    Well, here is the final edited tournament video (for now). I'll have to try to get the stream running earlier so I can work out the kinks (sound problems). I think it was because of having to restart my computer to get a signal going. Below is the link to tonight's stream.
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    Character is ok, weapon diversity good, but I think closing out pass #1 this way seemed underwhelming. Stage is cool though and has some diverse mechanics. The Mii costumes were very solid. Cup Head + song is a nice bonus.
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    Last one's been dead for ages, so here's a fresh thread to talk about anime, manga, and any other general weebery. It seems like most anime discussion online nowadays is all about seasonal stuff, but the quality is usually sparse, and I can never keep up anyway. So talk about your favorites! Your underrated gems! Anything you found recently that gets you hyped up! Or talk about seasonal stuff anyway. Rant and rave, look for recommendations, anything you'd like ✨ As a fun idea to start, how about a 3x3 of your all-time favorites? Here's a link to make one automatically if you need it: https://anime-bingo.aikats.us/ Just uncheck "free space" and change the grid to whatever you like. Here's mine: Beck - Samurai Champloo - Stein's Gate Pokémon Special (Adventures) - Ping Pong the Animation - 3-gatsu no Lion Hourou Musuko - Princess Jellyfish - Welcome to the NHK I recently got around to watching Ping Pong after hearing about it for years, and was absolutely blown away. Normally I don't even watch my favorites more than once a year at best, but I've watched it multiple times in the last few months alone. All I have to do is hear the music and it instantly hypes me up to revisit it. Super bizarre for me, but I had no choice but to put it in the all-time favorites after that. 3-gatsu no Lion is also a relatively recent watch for me, and having only finished S1, I think it might be my #1 of all time. Ranking isn't something I typically think about a lot (the 3x3 is unordered), but it's so intensely relatable and had me choking up or outright crying nearly every episode, even at happier moments, just from the sincerity of all its emotional scenes. Doesn't hurt that it's also beautiful to look at. The color work, the backgrounds, the characters. It's all so good I can't rave about it enough ;u; I also wanna rave about Princess Jellyfish for a minute. Unlike the others, it's been a favorite of mine for a few years at this point, but it's regardless one that I think anybody who even remotely enjoys slice of life stories should check out. It sounds kind of weird and trope-y from online summaries, but it's absolutely anything but that. It's really funny and wholesome, the art is gorgeous, the plot is really cute and intense when it needs to be, and I love all the characters immensely. The creator, Akiko Higashimura, also made an autobiographical manga called Kakukaku Shikajika that was really sweet but emotional as all hell. She's by and far my favorite mangaka nowadays on the strength of those two alone.
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    No worries. Wait a second. First novel? Are you now an aspiring author if I'm getting this correctly?
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    I’m sorry if I worried you guys. It’s been somewhat of a trying week...I started a new job 10 days ago, and have been doing some career training along with getting to work on my first novel. I’ve been doing a lot of running too in the mild spring like weather. A lot on the plate but it’s all good...will contribute here as I can between now and the start of the new NBL/NAFA/MKRA seasons
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    - Difficulty doesn't affect game content in any way except for how tough battles are, so feel free to change it as you please. - 100% completion involves repeated playthroughs, NG+ content, and obtuse tasks you will never think to do without a guide. So don't invest too much on the first run. - Savage enemies (the purple Mirage sirens) can easily cause you to lose a lot of unsaved progress if you're unprepared, so be mindful of that. I'm not sure how it works but I noticed on Wii U it doesn't consistently give you the tip about healing HP and EP, which tells you that you're supposed to use vending machines (like the one at the Fortuna Office) to heal yourself, which led me to do this dumb thing for a while where I would walk all the way back to the prologue dungeon to recover my EP because I wanted to reserve my items exclusively for use during battle, because over there is a spot you can just walk into to heal. I was flabbergasted to discover I could've just used the vending machines everywhere to save myself all that time. Don't make this mistake I made, and use those vending machines if you want to heal conveniently.
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    Despite the graphic novel genre being famously slow, I feel like I've just been thrown into the third dungeon of a Zelda game--with the seventh boss at the end. Immediately followed by the secret postgame DLC boss. It's the most urgent, dire, nerve-wracking video game I've played in a long, long time. I'm only about three hours into the first game, yet already I can't imagine how the plot could possibly escalate further from here. Whelp, time to buy the rest of the series anyway! (... Wow, Dual Destinies is the first M-rated game I've ever bought. Maya better drop some f-bombs to help me celebrate.)
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    *The game gives you enough Master Seals to promote everybody twice, plus however many you win from Masked Anna's lottery. Therefore, the first time you promote each character, give them the opposite class of the one you want for the endgame and master all of the skills for each class-exclusive Carnage. Actually, "class-exclusive" is sort of a misnomer, as you only need to be a certain class to craft each Carnage; not wield it. *Be sure to periodically check the maps of areas that you aren't currently in, as there are a lot of sidequests with really obscure trigger conditions. The most jerkish one off the top of my head is one that unlocks immediately before the final boss. *The only thing permanently missable is a duo art between Itsuki and Tsubasa that unlocks close to the endgame. To avoid missing it, you must be nice to Tsubasa whenever there's a dialogue option. *Don't do Mamori's sidequest until you've had the chance to master a few of her Carnages. The boss of that quest is a major pain in the ass if you go in unprepared. Other than that, enjoy my cameo in the game (you'll know it when you see it )!
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    On top of all that, as if by coincidence, Sega Ages Puyo Puyo Tsu drops on the Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 16. That might not actually mean anything. Just an interesting tidbit regarding the date.
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    We live in Alberta It is! The winter has been 'unseasonably warm' according to everyone that's from here and imo, quite tolerable until the past few days lol I've been holed up at home with (luckily) nowhere to go, but my spouse came home yesterday from work and their glasses were literally almost entirely frozen over lmao
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    @Ridley PrimeHe’s absolutely right. It’s silly to crucify Gen 8 specifically when the whole model is seedy. And I agree with him that this is frankly better looking in terms of optics at this point than any of the “3rd outings” were. We go through the same argument every year anyway where we complain the model isn’t changing enough, but now I guess Gen 8 is the straw that broke the camel’s back for people. And as Jim said, if this is your time of reckoning with this series, then that’s great. But maybe not everybody sees it that way or even cares, because they get a great deal of enjoyment from the series still. BTW, loved the new Pokémon miniseries pilot, not gonna lie.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yep, this banner sank my orb costs alright. First time in double digit orbs in over a year. I'm still trying to get a Shannan merge (-atk). Altena also has a bad IV, but hoping she demotes. Larcei is neutral +2 and ced is +def -res which is whatever. Also, I have no idea who these TMS characters are, but I'll be getting the game Friday so I'll be sure to find out. Also, lull atk/res makes reinhardt very very happy :]
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    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/01/random_sakurais_three_finger_hand_gesture_has_sent_the_internet_absolutely_bonkers lots of win in those tweets lol
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    Ah, I remember when I only played Nintendo games (along with Sonic) when I was young. I’m glad a friend opened me up to trying other games outside Nintendo. Otherwise I’d have super buyers remorse over pre-ordering the fighters pass, except for Banjo and Kazooie.
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    Appreciate it, Krazy! At least you don't have to update every few days and speaking of days, the sale ends in two days!
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    azumanga daioh is one of the first manga and anime i watched, and i distinctly remember my first experience w yotsuba bought issue 1 at a school book fair in middle school and recognized his art style immediately lol, i was so excited i watched azumanga so much i can still recite a LOT of the english dub from memory even now and its the only anime i have a full box set of, good times
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    Oh, I've never actually made a 3x3 before....I made 2 separate ones, one for anime and one for manga, and I took a couple liberties considering some of them are still currently publishing/not completed airing in entirety i put on single seasons, but in reality im counting the entire series as a whole i didn't actually finish watching 3gatsu (i watched the first season while it was airing, then had to wait once it was done), but something about it really hit home w me enough to make the list. and tho technically fruits basket is still 'ongoing', based on the quality of the remake and how i know the story will go, i can already assume its going to be an all time favorite based on my reaction to the first season of it (IE: crying every time i think about it) hq!! is a bit of an outlier for me; i don't even really know what possessed me to watch a sports anime since i genuinely just don't care about any of them, but holy shit, what a keeper. everything else is pretty straightforward. if i had to pick a single favorite anime ever, it would be anohana. 4/9 are technically still publishing, but they're important enough to me to put em on there so fuck it the last spot (that made in abyss has taken) was actually more of a free space tbh, it was a toss-up between that and the promised neverland, so honorary mention to that too i guess lol. if anyone is into very relaxing and beautiful manga, i cannot highly enough recommend tenju no kuni (Blissful Land). its art style is absolutely beautiful, the story is slow paced and enjoyable, and it has a very interesting setting of Tibet as for current stuff, i'm currently watching hq!! s4, somali and the forest spirit, and asteroid in love i plan on watching magia record too, but haven't gotten around to the first ep yet thanks for the new thread, pichi!
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    I can't keep up with seasonal anime because I'm too busy with work, vidya, and other shit. So instead, I look at whatever has the best waifus, wait for it to finish airing, buy the DVD at the next con I go to, and marathon it all at once whenever I have a free weekend.
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    So I went ahead and updated the topic mostly with the recent sales that started up again. I'll update the rest later since I've been working on this for about an hour!
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    Wow, I'm entering this amiibo tournament. @alienboyva: Yeah it was mentioned in the 2018 E3 direct that you can carry over you amiibo data from Sm4sh but either you retain your amiibo training style or simply start from scractch. When the game came out December 2018 I had a week off from work specifically to unlock, tryout all the character, play world of light and train all the amiibo I have collected up to that point plus the Wolf and Ridley amiibo to lvl 50 again. That was the longest thing to do outside of completing world of light. But I from the few time I had my amiibo fought others here in arena on Tuesday nights, they beat up player pretty well and got compliments with my amiibo are trained. What I do is simply train amiibo for like 2hrs but broken up in 15 minutes segments mixed with 1-on-1 free for all 4 cpu's + (all lvl). Some with me as 1-on-1. For items I make them play without up to lvl 40 then once there I add items. Make them play on as many stages I can in 2hrs, with custom stages. I found out later no matter how hard you train amiibo they can't find their left to their right on user created stages. So I train them for every possibility that may come their way. The whole journey thing is whack more so to me because my amiibo are already trained and I don't trust how anyone but me train their amiibo to taint what I taught them. I'm gonna make this exception once to see how this tourney would work since I'll be fighting other amiibo, anyways.
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    @TKrazyO: There's new sale for all of above game companies that started today and all ends January 16th. Thought I give you and anyone else who missed the sales and still might have some spare change from the last one or will be getting money in the next week as well. Here's the link to all the games on sale: https://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals/
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    Here is last week's tournament and the first of the year/decade! We'll see how the stream goes tonight!
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    Guess who has a sinus infection AND a chest infection?