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    Today I created: tikka masala pizza
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    happy Valentine's day, gamers!! spent yesterday at a museum w my love and ate some delicious japanese food for dinner, so today we are relaxing im tired after walking so much
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    Grand Oak is Electric-type Alolan Oak is Grass-type (cuz hippie) Kanto Oak is Normal-type I can't wait to visit the Isle of Oaks and challenge the all-Oak Pokemon League! Rumour is the only males on the Island are the 8 Oak Gym Leaders, the four Elite Oaks, and the Oak Champion. All other inhabitants are single moms. There are no children.
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    huge baby, huge price, huge love
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    Yo, what up? Like many videogames there are plenty in Nintendo's own stable that contain a wide and interesting variety of mechanized characters. Everything from the waddling Mechakoopa from the Mario series right on up to the powerful Artifice Ophion from Xenoblade Chronicles 2; there are plenty to choose from throughout Nintendo's catalogue. So without further ado, what are your favorites? For me, I'm a big fan of the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild and in particular Vah Naboris. Just the idea of these giant, mobile, mechanical titans roaming around the environment is cool to see and in particular with Vah Naboris I remember how shocked I was when I came over a cliff and in the distance I see this huge robotic camel just chillin and walking around.
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    Chibi-Robo! Just look at him! He's simplistically adorable. ^_^ I'd love to have my own Chibi-Robo running around and cleaning my house. Nintendo should work with iRobot (the makers of the Roomba) to release a Chibi-Robo version. None of the previous games released lived up to the original on GameCube, especially that weird platformer spin-off on 3DS. Photo Finder was kind of neat, but it felt very limited and a bit repetitive with the the same 4 small areas to explore over and ever. I know it was a 3DS eShop game, but still. There was that 2nd game on DS (a direct sequel to the GameCube game) that was released only in JPN, which was the most like the original, but that too seemed to be a bit limited from gameplay I've seen.
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    now that im done being annoyed that the computer is malfunctioning its turned into a little scavenger hunt of what i can find wrong when scouring old message boards for the same problem, only to be hit w the classic 'i got it, thanks!' and a time stamp of 7 years ago....ah...there's nothing like it
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    also isnt that right brain/left brain thing proven false? tho i believe horoscopes so i guess who cares
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    Why is the next Direct taking so long?

    Please understand
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    Robo from Chrono Trigger is the first one that comes to mind, even if he's not technically Nintendo-made.
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    Went bowling and set my name as Kiryu Chan. I came in 3rd out of 8 people 🤘
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    I always liked the robot from StarTropics!
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    Favorite robotic characters in Nintendo games

    Weavel is my favorite if just by a slight margin. I do think he is the most fun to play as within Metroid Prime Hiunters with his mobility via the Halfturret split and how visually satisfying it is to assault rival hunters with the affinity Battlehammer. In terms of background, Weavel is a vengeful Space Pirate that didn't have the same blessed body as other Space Pirates that have been reconstructed after their defeat by Samus Aran. With nothing original left besides his brain and spinal cord, he had to get use to his new mechanical body and once again establish himself as a highly skilled member of the Space Pirates. I like that Weavel is an aggressive come back character. I like that he wears the results of what Samus Aran's actions can do. Weavel made Samus Aran more believable and her actions more significant. It's a layer I feel made Samus Aran's mission and perspective more serious and immersive. Weavel is just a slight favorite because I love pretty much everything related to Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles when it comes to mechanical characters. Characters there are visually interesting to me with how complex their attire is. The black and gray fits the sleek, advanced machine vibes of that side of Xenoblade's world, while the oranges, teals and blues add the personality and elegance to these characters. My favorite character from Mechonis is definitely the new look Fiora. Fiora is right there with Samus Aran as one of my favorite female Nintendo characters with her arc in Xenoblade, if not already my favorite. Mechonis gave birth to some of the most epic boss battles and antagonists I've encountered in a Nintendo game as well. These characters that stood in the way of Shulk, his friends and the Monado all had plenty of build up to their encounters. That lead up in a way made each of these particular bosses feel like finales in their own right any time they were met. The arc for Metal Face in particular is one of my favorites from an antagonist. Each battle not only felt epic, but emotional with how personal some of Metal Face's actions were to some of the game's protagonists. Metal Face may be the only antagonist that I actually wanted to defeat outside of doing so for progression, and he accomplished that level of immersion early on.
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    @The Albraskan: You pretty much listed all the robot I would know for Nintendo. I would choose Ray MK II but I haven't played Custom Robo game. So I have to settle with R.O.B. I have built a relation with it that if the it were no more all of sudden I would feel sad. So yeah R.O.B. is my fave Nintendo Robot. 2nd place goes to Chibi-Robo, like alienboyva says, he's adorable. He was the first Robot I thought of when I think Nintendo, anyways. Also agree with Al the Divine beast as Robots but as someone who loves the Zelda series my bias should of chose them but like I said I don't see them as Robots. I obviously like their pilots more than their beast and there's particular pilot I like more than the other Champions, can any guess who that Champion is? P.S. Kezay starting the thread with a, 'yo, what up?' I thought I never see the day.
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    bepis was originally a joke way to say penis and then became associated with the fake soda logos in anime that you see a lot like "bepsi"
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    I know these bots aren’t from Nintendo games, but I like Metal Sonic, E-102 “Gamma” and Omega from the Sonic games. I find it pretty bad that outside of R.O.B. and R.O.B. 64 from StarFox, I can’t really remember too many robots in Nintendo games. I guess there’s Ray MK. II and/or III from Custom Robo that I just remembered as of now.
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    Pokemon Home details released

    Here's a video on how Pokemon Home function with premium function when you do Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home @Art_de_Cat: You said app store so I provide the app store link. For some reason I had that trouble too find it on Google play, no matter how you type to search, it finds everything Pokemon and not Pokemon related. Like what is up with that? @DranSeasona: That where I got app store link through a tweet at Serebii, also sent you FR on home. Heads up I have not used Home, still have the basic, I won't get premium until the first expansion release in June. Might as well add from now, as I'll be adding tons more during that month.
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    No, it’s a reference to this:
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    Stranger Things

    Season 4 Trailer!
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    Skelly really added to the night. One of the funnest nights we've had in the discord chat. Here are the results! and here's the tournament if you want to relive all of that!
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    Thank you Canadian Shaggy for the races.
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    For anyone willing to spend $5 more... I’m so tempted to do this, but it’s easier for me to just go to GS, as it’s just down the road from my house.
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    Since tomorrow is Valentine days, why don't go with setups with either red or pink in them tonight? @alienboyva you can be Kirby of course. To me it will be like any other day with my love Toadette but in kart she deserve the prancer, with the parasol and those white wooden wheels. How lovely for someone as lovely as her. <3.
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    What if the real Nintendo Direct is the friendships we made along the way?
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    @DLurksterFair enough. I see where you’re coming from. Call me kind of jaded but I just think company’s should be more careful. That is really just how I see it though. Far be it from me to try to tell someone they’re inherently wrong for giving others the benefit of the doubt.
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    Yeah, it's silly and I guess anyone with common sense would make someone who's been with the publication longer write the review but common sense isn't common as ppl say it is. Also, despite my position it is unfortunate it went this way but I like to give ppl the benefit of the doubt. When something like this occurs beyond one foresight, one would have learn from said experience and move on. Once I know trust has been betrayed I'm not foolish enough to keep ties, depending on the severity. I'm aware of what my actions and decisions up to that point, that is a consequence of that view. From there strict action should be deployed, equal of that of the misdeed. That's how I view this relationship and punishment.
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    My issue with it kind of shows the progression From's had with their flagship games. DkS and its ilk were very much ARPGs with builds and loads of stats but the gameplay is the least-polished and the story is obtuse as Hell. Bloodborne's narrative was fleshed out a bit more by comparison while its combat mechanics and game systems drifted more towards an action game. Sekiro is a full-on action game with tight mechanics and a good emphasis on its plot and world. By comparison Sekiro's combat feels a lot more linear and inflexible in what it wants you to do or how to approach the game, on top of the RPG mechanics being super stripped back kind of robbing me of any feeling of progression in the game's mechanics opening up more. The game only expects you to play it in a specific way and even if it's super well-made it feels stale after a bit.
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    Political Circus Theatre 2020 Edition

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    i will not because you don't deserve them >:[ and i'm lazy >:[
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    Political Circus Theatre 2020 Edition

    I wish foreign countries (let's say just the G8) got to vote in the USA elections and were treated like a small state. I mean, a lot of your policies will affect our countries too. I'm pretty sure Canada would be a Bernie backer. Hell, I'd vote for him if this were a thing, and I've never voted for my own country's leader.
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    Geez it's almost too much to even scroll through and find games. Here's some stuff that jumped out at me that I recommend though: Shakedown Hawaii Child of Light Dead Cells Figment Yoku's Island Express FRAMED Collection I thought it was good though undeniably locked in the past in some ways, and with some poor load times.
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    If you log-in to your Nintendo Account you can buy games right from Nintendo’s site. *Though, I’m not sure if your account has to be linked to a Switch first. If you log-in, go to a game’s page on Nintendo’s site, and see the option to buy digitally, you should be good. When you get your Switch and link your account, all your purchased games should be in your downloads on your eShop account. Hell, they might even start auto-download once you link your account.
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    did something get spilled on it? sounds like a short. for a while i had a keyboard that constantly spammed the + key on the numpad somebody in my stream chat at the time told me it was just giving me positive vibes lmao
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    What is it about rotisserie chicken that turns people into such animals?? It’s not that good! It’s not that cheap! AGH.
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    So.... hate me all you want. I've secured a preorder of the special edition Switch through BOTH Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and made an eBay listing. However, I'm only selling one (I think that's all you can sell for preorders). The plan is keep the one based on where the winning bidder lives for free shipping. All that being said, if anyone here missed out and wants one I can sell you the other for cost+paypal fees (shipping may or may not be free depending on where you live and how the auction goes)
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    Metroid Prime is my favorite wolfendoom.
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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons (3/20)

    This GameXplain video tells us what we don't know about New Horizons since Nintendo is doing such a bad job with details: We're still over a month away and we still don't know a lot and that's a problem when trying to be hyped about the game.
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    Destiny Hero

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Reflecting on armored units... the speedy ones like V-Ike and L-Tiki sure aged like milk. New armored units pack impenetrable defenses, and the SPD stats of fast units have exploded along with +6 buffs in their base kits. But I'm more worried about Feh. 20 Mjollnir Gems for anniversary quests, 1 orb for beating 1000 enemies... she's partying too hard! These bonuses are almost as good as Yugioh Duel Links, where you can get the equivalent of maybe 2 orbs for your 500th day of playing.
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    Not today satan
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    What are you listening to?

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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    that anime