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    Finally got a Switch!
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    Reggie is gonna main Ridley. What timeline is this?!
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    Sir Grim Locksmith VIII

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    Aw fuck I heard the news last night. Rest in piece you beautiful bastard.
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    General movie discussion

    Saw Bohemian Rhapsody. If that doesn't get you pumped up for listening to some Queen I don't know what will. I don't know too much about Freddie Mercury's life but I knew enough to recognize some of the creative liberties within the film, which for the most part I was okay with—understandable that they'd add some drama. It's still plenty entertaining for what it is.
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    Not sure exactly where to share this but since it is tied to PoGo I figured here would suffice.
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    It's snowing! ...It's snowing!
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    Yay! I finally caught a Beldum! Hatched from a 10km egg. Very happy, Metagross is one of my favourite Pokémon.
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    My understanding is if Nintendo made a deal with Universal, The Pokémon Company is under no such obligation to honor the deal since they're not technically a Nintendo subsidiary. Pokémon is a joint investment between Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak, all of which are otherwise independent companies and each own about a third of TPC. Nintendo won't allow Pokémon to appear on PlayStation, but TPC is usually at its own discretion of what to do with the franchise (e.g., Pokémon hit mobile well before Miitomo).
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    Quick election overtime update: House stands at 228-198-9 in favor of democrats. ME-2, NJ-3, NY-22, NY-27, GA-7, TX-23, UT-4, CA-39, and CA-45 are the districts still outstanding. At this point it looks like democrats will win NJ-3 and CA-45, the GOP will win NY-27 and TX-23, with the other 5 districts less certain. Senate stands at 47-51-2 in favor of republicans. Florida is in a recount, while Mississippi will hold a runoff on Nov 27 after nobody got 50% of the vote on Nov 6.
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    Tomorrow is gonna be FUN!
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    Professor, stop! I think you're broken!
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    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    My friend got lucky and found a Boo on clearance for like 5 bucks a year ago or so.
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    Well here are the results!
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    Pikachu is the one I am going for, too. My son preferred it to Eevee and he’s the one I plan to play it with, so it was the obvious choice.
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    --> feel bad for having to miss work because asthma is smoke is terrible' --> university is closed due to smoke, which means I wouldn't be able to access the building anyway well, choose a good day to take a sick day.
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    Viridian City - N4A Chat Thread, November 2018

    Working in retail on days like today make me want to stop living
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    I agree with you, I tend to go with Physical Copies A LOT. I am not against digital entirely because some games can only be purchased that way, and some are just easier to get digitally. However, I do tend to have an issue with digital games in the sense that you are only purchasing a "license to use" and it can be revoked or suspended at anytime. Lets take the old Wii for example, I am not sure as to exactly when they are going to totally shut everything down, but in 2019 (think they said January) were not going to be able to purchase games, we already can't add points to the damn thing, and they are going to eventually suspend the ability to re-download your games. So basically, I poured a small fortune into Virtual Console games back in the day (easily over $1000 or more) and am going to be at risk at losing all of them. I am going to have to figure out if there is away to physically back up those files (I am sure there is) so I never lose them. It is just a real bitch when you think about it. Physical copies it is different, as long as your physical copy works you are good, then there is the ability to resell games so you can get them used. You don't have that ability with digital. Some will go on and on about digital being this great thing, I just tend to see too many cons over pros.
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    There maybe one or two games on Black Friday that I may want to get like Crash Trilogy and Mario Rabbids but that's about it. Everything else I could care less for or already have. Now back to this. For me I am a physical video games collector first. The BBY gamer's club was perfect for me. I am still upset it is leaving. I get why manufacters were concerned over this but idk, with TRU currently gone, Target does have sales on games, I really can't think of any other store that does sales for physical games. I've noticed Nintendo strongly pushing for the digital route, especially this last year with the gold coins and all of that. That's fine. Even after the program ends for me, I will still purchase physical copies of the game, unless it is something I need to play at midnight of launch and a store isn't doing a release.
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    This video literately tells us noting about the game, unlike with the PKMN GO announcement trailer where it showed what we could expect from the game. This sounds like it could be pretty cool, but I'm not that into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, though I do like the books/movies. Not sure how much Niantic is involved with the development of they game, but I think they are just licensing out their AR map engine they created of Ingress and PKMN GO.
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    Pretty informative I think.
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    Just sent a couple of friend requests in the game, if anyone would like to add me, my code is 3094 0702 4801 :)
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    Man I got an extra internal hd so that I can get some dual booting on so I can play some Lego games like Lego Island