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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    The presents from my Secret Santa arrived today!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    surprise! I was going back and forth on what to get you Magic related until I had @fuzz help me out on deciding what was a good purchase (I play Yu-Gi-Oh, and I know nearly nothing about Magic) and all the while keeping it a secret from him too. And when I had Chrom relay you my questions (especially the one about potentially receiving a game out of your country), I was hoping that I didn't give away what I was planning to gift. Happy Holidays! Hope you have a happy and healthy 2018 bro! :^)
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    So I’ve been pretty down recently. Work has been awful. School has been beyond stressful. I just had to finish a group paper by myself today, and I’m frazzled beyond belief. I came home tonight and found that my secret Santa gift came in, so I wasted no time tearing into it. This made my day, my week, hell, the last couple months for sure. This is the best secret Santa I’ve ever taken part in and I’m actually happy for once. Thanks @Eliwood8, you’re the fucking man
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    Thanks to Doc Brown for my Secret Santa gifts! 🤗 P.S Love the Kirby drawing in the card!!!
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    im gonna get to go home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Kodiack is so amazing and also got me another game, one I've been wanting to get into for a long time as well; Stardew Valley!! I couldn't help but download it and try booting it up but omg it already seems so charming. I'm so excited to dive in once I'm done with finals in a few days!
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    Do parents NOT believe in him though? They seem to be neither here nor there about his existence Funny story: My parents used to keep bows and ribbons, etc along with leftover unused wrapping paper in our "Christmas supplies" box in the basement. Anyways, occasionally a tag or two would be stuck to a bow and make its way in there. So, one year I went out and bought myself a few presents I know I never asked for, wrapped them up and put them under the tree with previous years' "To Steve From Santa" tags done in my parents' handwriting (they always used "from Santa" even to today). Christmas morning comes and my parents get us to do the whole one-at-a-time, take turns and watch unwrapping. You say who it's from, unwrap it, then show it off and thank whomever gave it to you. My turn rolls up, Dad hands me a gift from Santa, I open it up knowing what it was since I bought it for myself, then do the over the top "WOOOOOW, THANKS SANTA!" and watch my parents exchange awkward glances. A few more rounds and another pops up. This time with mouthed words of "did you buy him that?!" between the two and they asked me to show them the tag. My siblings go again, and finally my last "Santa" gift shows up. Open it up, and this one is expensive. My siblings are pissed at the "favouritism" going on. My Dad asks who gave it to me, I say Santa, then my parents start with "well I didn't get him it" back and forth, and I'm deadpan insisting it was from Santa and that one of them must've gotten me it and asking how they even knew I wanted these things. No one ever clued in. I let them stew on it until on New Years dinner when, without lifting my gaze from plate, I just muttered out "I bought them for myself" barely audible. Dad drops his fork, "what did you say?" - "I bought them for myself and used old tags I found in the basement", and he slams his hand on the table and yells "I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!" and keep in mind this is probably the 4th time in my entire life I've heard him drop an F-bomb, and here is yelling it after slamming the table with a bunch of my aunts, uncles, and cousins all around. It was hilarious.
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    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that an unelected official appointed by a president that lost the popular vote enacted policy that 89% of Americans were strongly against. God bless this country
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    that bootleg cover made me laugh much harder than it should have
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    My latest Disasterpiece backed by fucking awesome music. Link is a mother fucking hell raising, ass kicking son of a bitch. Oh yeah...AF makes a cameo. How is that Xenoblade 2 coming? I am a good 40 hours in on that one.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I want all of them.
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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    You're welcome ace, I'm so glad I could help brighten your holiday! And it seems she arrived just in time for the return of Overwatch's winter events tomorrow!
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    Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    I don’t think I shared this here last night. We got a fucking sushi boat and it was awesome.
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    Ahhhhhh my boxes are out for delivery now, excitement too much~
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    Bitcoin has been really crazy this year. I'm paying off the rest of my mum's mortgage for Christmas.
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    To everyone else studying for finals (and everyone else in general cause we all need a lil encouragement from time to time) WE GOT THIS!
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    Skyward Sword, BOTW, and Positivity

    The only thing I don't understand is the whole argument where people try to tell me that Zelda games have good stories when it's like the same thing nonstop, and that thing has little depth. The game does its best to make its quest feel important and mysterious, but that doesn't work when it's your sixth time going through the same formula. I think the world itself is exactly what has always made Zelda interesting, not the pretense of doing it all to fulfill Link's Very Important Destiny™ or any attempts to make that a focus along the way. Of course you want to get the powerful sword and banish evil and blah blah blah, but that's not what makes it special. It's the world and the way you interact with and explore it. That was the entire design philosophy of the very first game according to Miyamoto. That's what made Ocarina so exciting when it was new (although I think it was ultimately really constricted). It's the spin on that which makes Majora's Mask so unique and wonderful. And it's what makes the first couple hours of the Wii games so agonizingly painful, because you just wanna get the fuck out of the stupid, unbearable starting areas. When the game drags you along for annoying nonsense just cause it's Very Important, and you never get the time to just play for yourself and enjoy what's around you, it gets immensely frustrating. It's not a problem when the actions you take and the events unfolding are surprising and interesting, but that doesn't happen in Zelda. It just doesn't. Cause you do the same god damn thing every game. I feel like Breath of the Wild was Nintendo finally waking up and remembering what it was all about. But I've also been praying for a Zelda game with the openness of Zelda 1 combined with modern design for most of the last decade, so I'm quite biased. I'm still astonished sometimes that it actually happened. I just really hope they don't just fall back into the same habits. A mix of the two with more traditional elements like central dungeons returning to a BotW-like world would be fine, but the Ocarina formula feels like poison at this point.
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    Ridley Prime

    Metroid: Samus Returns

    Well, I guess it happened...
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    Haven't watched it. Don't intend to. Don't waste your bandwidth. Ignore provocation.
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    ... ... ... *repeatedly slams head into wall* 🖕
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    Ah, whatever the case that club forum for chatter is useless for sharing news like right now so anyone can see it.
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    I just asked my friend’s google home to play “that song that goes beep boo boo bop”. IT FUCKING DID IT IMMEDIATELY
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    Naturally, the ISP’s will be on their best behavior for awhile to create the illusion that they’re not slimy toads. Comcast particularly has felt the least believable/sincere so far though... Glad I don’t have them either, but it’s really a case of pick your poison now. The Russia and cables thing is definitely more worrisome at the moment.
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    Yeah, people are going to fight to the death for this, especially big sites like Google who are pro net neutrality. Hopefully, everyone's efforts will prove victorious in the end.
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    Chrom with the comeback. Whatever the reason they never release Crystal along with Gold and Silver doesn't matter now as it is coming. I had little doubt it was coming but good to hear we're getting a release. Also, is it just me or most associate Crystal mascot as Suicune and not Celebi based on the original box are for Crystal? I know you can Celebi is part of the 2nd gen and another spectacular Pokemon story wise but when I see Celebi and it just breaks how originally see Crystal with Suicune. I hope they don't market the nostalgia with Celebi, that would be mistake, if this is new take on old the title then sure but if they are going for them feels, stick with Suicune.
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    Chiming in to say I also own Code Name S.T.E.A.M.! There are dozens of us!
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    It's not over till it's over. We'll know soon enough tomorrow... Even if Ajit ShitPai wins this battle, I don't think he'll be allowed to win the war. Granted, the system of ISP fuckery will be harder to undo when they start getting more money out of the deal, but I'm sure there'll be some kind of reckoning.
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    Actually, you're the fourth person to own Codename STEAM. Zora texted me the other day to say that Iri bought it because it was literally three dollars at Best Buy. I pasted that Christmas Tiki into MSWord fully expecting it to look all washed-out once it printed. If I had known that my dad's printer was that good, I probably would've just printed out the FE Echoes boxart instead of doodling it on the back of the generic Gamestop liner. But I'm glad I didn't check the printer beforehand. Since you love Nana Mizuki so much, I figured that the screenshot Let's Play from two years ago was missing something since you couldn't actually hear her voice. So, I got you a copy of the game itself to not only rectify that, but also allow you to experience it in all of its early-2000's glory!
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    On the bright side, once the year 2017 becomes '18, he'll no longer be interested.
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    Just tried one of those candies, and my god they are yummy! Btw, couldn't have gotten a better Secret Santa, as Back to the Future is my favorite movie franchise!
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    You're welcome, Samus! Glad that you liked them.
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    Coming off the heels of the Mega Man collections announced, Street Fighter is all celebrating it's 30th Anniversary and with it comes a 12 game collection that WILL be releasing for the Switch. A wide variety of titles with some having online competitive and leaderboards, and an MSRP of only $40 USD.
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    good luck w finals you beautiful nerds!! i bayleef in u guys!!!
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 11

    I'm too poor to get anything from Comiket this time around, but TheTanooki's almost certainly getting everything, so you could probably get in touch with him in terms of getting the audio files for a possible transcription/translation and maybe artbook photos/scans. Also, my S11 pull photos for anyone interested.
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    booked my flights home for christmas, god is Real it was cheap and w 2 free checked bags i can bring more of my shit back w me hallelujah
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    This may be just what we need...
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    i would like to apologize in advance to my tiny tim bc i honestly just do not have the money to have stuff shipped to me to wrap prettily and then shipped to them, so they're gonna be getting their gift in a dreadfully boring box my heart is in the christmas spirit but my wallet is not, but i hope they enjoy it anyway ;_; eta: dec. 18th-20th
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    >Posting The Onion as serious news in 2017
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    While I get preferring the Switch and all, I found nothing wrong with Bayonetta 1/2 on the Wii U. It felt like the perfect platform to play them on at the time. I know if I had gotten the first Bayo on like the 360 (before she became Nintendo exclusive), I wouldn't of been nearly as immersed.
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    We can also thank Obama that he got to the FCC too... " On 2011, Pai was then nominated for a Republican Party position on the Federal Communications Commission by President Barack Obama at the recommendation of Minority leader Mitch McConnell. He was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate on May 7, 2012, and was sworn in on May 14, 2012, for a term that concluded on June 30, 2016.[1] Then Pai was designated chairman of the FCC by President Donald Trump in January 2017 for a five-year term.[16] He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the additional five-year term on October 2, 2017.[6] " Not hating on Obama but that's kind of weak to mention that now...
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    Wow. An actual half way decent person from the FCC.
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    holy fuck thanks so much to my secret santa - not mentioning their name here in case they wish to remain anonymous (i know who you are! - btw i'm not actually dutch, only moved to the netherlands a few months ago ) I opened the package today which came in a few days ago and it contained a: -ixalan magic the gathering starter box -fire emblem warriors, and a -nintendo switch i even had to open all of it immediately because i didn't quite believe it at first >.> edit: now with pics!