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    Me at 11:30: falling asleep in my chair My brain at 12:31 AM:
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    This is a very important image
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    i recently started replaying superstar saga on the wii u bc after watching my SO play paper mario and smrpg, i was really in the mood to play a mario rpg again i only played through it once as a kid...but even so, i barely remember anything about it; i have much stronger memories of partners in time, i dunno why so far im loving going through it again, even tho im not that good at it
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    1) are you implying this is only Just Dance music and not a disco classic? 2) the video is amazing and I will hear nothing less
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    Girlfriend and I played a bit recently. Both got Leafeon, Glaceon, Pink Shellos, Cherrim (regular and overcast), Cherubi and Finneon. Been seeing a lot more Magnemite lately so I've been stocking up so I can finally evolve to Magnezone. Also managed to catch a 2000+ CP Scyther!
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    Caught this guy (or should I say gal, since it’s ♀) today (New PKMN)...
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Thanks to Stranger Things, Coca-Cola is bringing back "New Coke" after 34 years. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/05/21/new-coke-back-after-34-years-thank-stranger-things/3751131002/
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    Get your tin foil hats ready... LOL
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    There is the old nickname trick. I haven't tried it personally, but it's been reported that nicknaming an Eevee Linnea will get you one Leafeon evolution, while nicknaming an Eevee Rea will get you a Glaceon. And, like past nicknames, this reportedly works once. So keep that in mind, in case you want to save it for a shiny or an Eevee that appraises well.
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    my biggest satisfaction in not working currently is being able to have a midday coffee with no regrets towards my sleeping schedule truly this is the way god intended us to live
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    playing Life is Strange for the first time and this game is fuckin me up man
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    it's beautiful
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    I love SMRPG Dream Team was awful. I had to force myself to finish it. It's like 3/4 tutorial.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    It's always weird when new characters get added as alt units first, but I'm overjoyed to see Pent. So of course I'll waste all my free orbs and never pull him.
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    Had a pretty good community day. Got six shiny Torchic, an Azelf from a raid, and evolved myself two Glaceon (one regular, one shiny), two Leafeon (one regular, one shiny), and some Magnezone and Probopass, as players had dropped the special lures where I was playing. Also hatched a Mantyke, which while far less exciting, was a new dex entry for me.
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    i actually entirely agree with you you gotta really truly curate your online experience at this point to have it be anything other than a black hole and most social medias don't really encourage that, but once i put my mind to it and learned to cut things out that didn't need to be there, i was able to actually embrace what i was using and why it is incredibly calming and nostalgic to have an area like this that despite my issues with certain people, remains staunchly the same and comfortably small
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    I found Witcher III to be completely overwhelming when I first started it since it really does throw pretty much every game mechanic at you right at the beginning and you have to play around and experiment to find the abilities and strategies that work for you—maybe it's less overwhelming if you've played the previous games. But after a few hours I was totally hooked in the game's lore and the 100 hours I spent on the game flew by. If I could give some advice: focus on just learning Geralt's timing for attacks and dodging first, because it's not as snappy as you might expect, i.e. if an enemy is far away Geralt will do a big wind up swing which can leave you open, so you have to learn what's a good position to actually attack from. The shield spell is also generally super helpful in every encounter, especially while you're still learning these mechanics. Also, once you've crafted oils, there's no reason to ever not be using them (depending on what the monster type is) because you'll never run out of oil, you can just reapply it in the inventory menu—I definitely did not realize that when I started playing!
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    Completely forgot about CD again.. but by random dumb luck I managed to catch a CP 756 Shiny Torchic and got a CP 2024 Blaziken And was able to fill up Combuskens/Blazikens Dex entries, as a nice side bonus So although it was only 1, im content with that... especially since im getting low on Storage and don’t have enough coins for an expansion just yet...
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    Nice you guys! Lucked out and got 3 shiny Torchics, evolved my Combusken into a Blaziken, got a 10km egg and a 2km one, some items and some gifts.
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    Got my shiny Torchic and Blaziken with Burn Blast. Also, caught a Lugia (New PKMN) from a Research Breakthrough!!!
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    I used to be a regular here. I started to frequent these boards less and less because I started to feel unwelcome. There was a number of users who were getting kicks out of putting me down. It's one thing when people critique your work and let you know how you can improve and encourage you to keep moving forward, it's another when they basically tell you you're a hopeless case and should just give up. Even though those users have up and gone, I always have an apprehension of ever adding anything new to my gallery thread.
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    A bunch of classic Nintendo and other video game cartoons are available to stream for FREE and legally on YouTube. Some of the cartoons, include the Super Mario Cartoons, The Legend of Zelda, Captain N, Mega Man, some Sonic cartoons, Double Dragon, etc. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUVnfQaEmCIhFZC5d_JniyQ/playlists Mega Man Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Qz20sPciU-ynMRdKtJw-A/videos OMG this is awesome! I haven't seen some of these before as they were a bit before my time (90's kid). I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend..