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    I officially graduated from University today. That's wild
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    Whip attacks for range, then you have what...axes, holy water, and .... to toss around.... I'm personally stoked for a Dracula Castle themed Smash arena!
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    Physical or Digital

    I lean more towards physical but don't mind the digital route if necessary. But if given the option, definitely physical.
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    General movie discussion

    Deadpool 2 was a lot of fun. Felt like it was even more meta than the first movie but it's been a while since I saw that one. Almost feels like it'd be worth watching again just to catch all of the references and whatnot.
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    It sucks its raining non stop today, bit have found one shiny so far. Hoping to find a better one.
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    Yeah, I think that would be fine. He should be the largest playable character in the game. I just think for me I'll need to adjust to the change for a little bit before I'm more attached to whatever design they go with. I'm fine with a playable Ridley, it's just that ideally I want Ridley as Ridley.
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    The Nintendo Baseball League

    Final Scores for Monday, May 21: Arendelle 2 Yoster Isle 5 Corneria 4 Megaman 6 Mayahem 7 Popstar 2 Tokyo 3 Zebes 5 Hocotate 6 Valley 8 Sonic 2 Twilight Realm 0 Lumoise 3 Celadon 1 🏆 series - Kalos Kanto Cup Hyrule 4 Mushroom Kingdom 5 f/10 Laurasia 3 Smashville 1 Termina 4 Mute City 6 Epoch 3 Nimbasa 8 Slateport 4 Venom 0 Inkopolis 4 Los Angeles 6 f/10 Moleville 3 Skyworld 4 f/11 Bionis 5 Kongo Jungle 2 Sarasaland 5 Labrynna 2
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Some editor took it down because they think the arguments made against it are somehow valid, even though they aren't.
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    Yoshi the Labo dino?

    The new Yoshi game is coming soon for Switch but we have not seen a lot about it. Me and my brother have been wondering why we have not seen more of it by now. My thoughts have gone towards they are Labo-izing the game. The cardboard constructions shown in the known stages kinda lead to this. They didn't say anything initially cause Labo itself hadn't been announced. Question here is, what could they use it for? Customizable Dinos? Customizable eggs for "throwing"? What are your thoughts?
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    I was crossing my fingers all weekend that this would turn out to be a false rumor, but yeah it seems to be ending, which is really disappointing. I have until January next year when my subscription ends. Between this ending and the Best Buy closest to me closing I'll probably buy games somewhere else from now on. I guess there's still the points you can get from My Best Buy but that hasn't been as valuable anymore since they reduced the dollar/point rate. To be honest the deal always seemed too good to be true; I wouldn't be surprised at all of it really wasn't profitable for them. Still a shame for us consumers though.
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    Runner3 is a definite. I have a cousin who absolutely hates how the games play on the Gamecube because he played them on the NES. They reversed the Jump and Shoot buttons and offered no way to customize the control scheme. Muscle memory kicks in, and it creates a whole different challenge playing the game. He'd press A to jump and end up shooting instead.
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    Random dumb luck Also spent the time between 1-4 at the Lincoln’s Home Area, so that might’ve been part of it But mostly random dumb luck - everything else was regular Charmanders
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    Soul Calibur 6

    Seriously, his squid look in T7... WTH.
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    Finally some news on the NA front. I just wanna try this out already. Give it time, Kezay they will come. I make post number 3 here now.
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    Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018

    Don't care this is the wrong tradition
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    damn that lot is cursed
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    Some from games I've played recently: Horizon Zero Dawn - rockbreakers. The Diablos of Horizon, and way more annoying than the other giant machines. Secret of Mana - pretty much everything in the last eighth or so of the game, but especially anything casting status effect magic. Super Castlevania IV - stairs.