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    Boxed product of Wolf and Ridley amiibo.
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    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    this seems ironic coming from somebody who's been a caricature of an abrasive fanboy still posting on a dated social media platform for the past decade also somebody name me a generation that's managed to grow up in an era of stubborn baby boomers who refuse to evolve their political ideals and papa johns-tier fossils who get upset that they have to sit next to a minority on the bus
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    Assuming you're just being tongue in cheek here, but if not I think it's more along the lines of being a kid at heart.
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    Did anyone ever actually play masterpieces much? I feel like even for the average player they probably weren't much more than a novelty, and for most people on the forum we probably already own or have played most, if not all, of the masterpiece games. The concept was kind of neat but playing Super Mario Bros. for two minutes is pretty underwhelming as a game feature.
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    If you have a good sized yard, you can hatch eggs ok. But it can be a lot harder to go to Poke Stops and gyms if there aren't very many wifi spots around. Do you have any way to get inexpensive cell phone service?
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    Final day of Toys R Us set for next Friday

    Well for all intents and purposes they aren't exactly giving out life/professional advice here. Don't get me wrong, I agree it could have been worded better but taking the context of what's there into account it's not something I think is meant to be taken literally. Again, I'd imagine the vast majority of people will accept it the same way they do other "sayings" or idioms that fall along the lines of being a kid at heart. Besides, if you really want to get down to it the wording does fall in line with the most recognizable line of the song. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid" and finally ending it all with "Don't ever grow up, play on!" It's all about the context in which it's derived I guess is what I'm getting at.
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    Mostly new and one old amiibo (delivered yesterday) to complete this post collection. Before I reveal the missing amiibo here some relevant amiibo shots. The reveal of the Zelda Smash amiibo and now my complete Zelda collection..... As you can see I have The Legend of Zelda Dark Horse books to compliment my amiibo and figure collection.
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    I seen this and I must not of realized that Don Whitehorse wasn't a boss back on the 360, whoops cool he's boss back on the PS3. And what great man the Don is. And....fuck Alexei.
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    Alohan geodudes in the wild, saw diglet shadow.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Supposedly there won't be punishment if you do take advantage of it, according to this post. Go nuts!
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    It is fitting that Nintendo’s two notorious space pirates have their amiibo box/release date shown together.
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    As long as I can get the People to come and support me through Streamlabs very soon, All will be very great. I plan to be my own boss with that stuff and do giveaways and buy new games and stuff with all of that too.
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    Maybe it means that Detective Pikachu is coming to Nintendo Switch???? After all, according to the official trailer he is working to "crack the case."
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    He was beaten, not captured. But got a money shot!
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    There are a few things I think you could still add if you'd like. - The main two are the illustrations for Guy HN and Castor N, who were both done by Mineri, the illustrator who exclusively publishes their works on Tumblr. - The full art for Nieve HN was published back in the 38th issue of the column. However, it is only at a small resolution, and Tetsu Kurosawa himself has not published anything larger. - The art for Linde N by Tetsu Kurosawa was published on the official Twitter as a tease for the March livestream. However, it is cropped and doesn't show the full illustration, just the top half. Other than that, I do believe the album is up to date and not missing anything else pertaining to this particular set.
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 13

    I got my S13 boxes in while I was in the US, and got a pretty good haul! The star of my pulls is definitely my SR+ Hector; sure, he might be the cheapest of the SR+ cards in this set, but he's my favourite Lord and the card I was hoping most to pull. I'll likely take some pictures early next week once I've finished unpacking and settling in.
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    For the people who say "well if Bain Capital or Blockbuster didn't do so and so, they would still be around," I say yes, but for how long? Let's say TRU wasn't in this much amount of debt, how long until it would close down anyways?
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    I did say from the getgo, I'd post at least 4 times a day. I was bound to ninja a post or two, news wise.
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    Well this is pretty cool Wonder if we’ll end up getting Gen 2 and onward later on at some point? And hopefully be brought over to the U.S. too, since it seems to be Japan Pokémon Center only at this time... Honestly I’d partially be surprised if they didn’t do so
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    My Kmart closed early last year. To me, there was no need for me to go there, as Walmart was done the street and carried video games. I remember my Kmart my was a big place to go, especially with the launch of the Xbox 360. Eventually though, they stopped selling video games. I would go in from time to time though. Mine as actually a pretty cozy store. Never too crowded which made shopping comfortable and it made me feel like I was back in the 90s, for better or worse. But indeed the big problem, like you mention with Gamestops closing is that leasing prices have gone skyrocket. That's pretty much the biggest factor in driving these companies out of business. Pretty soon, no one is going to be lease these properties and I think the owners of those properties may regret it. Then again, they also probably have taxes skyrocketing as well, so it's not entirely their fault. Either way, the cost of leasing should go down, especially with online getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately it's the other way around.