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    So, I've been playing Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch almost daily since May 2019. In that time, I've lost 102.8 pounds. There's still work to be done, of course, but dropping 100 had been one of my goals. Making it past that benchmark really feels like an accomplishment.
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    Updated pic of my build: Specs: Intel Core i9-9900K 32 GB DDR4-3200 RAM @15-15-15-35 MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 Ti Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER NZXT H500i case Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black EVGA 850W PSU 1 TB Samsung 960 PRO NVMe SSD Bonus pic, my (very much WIP) server rack:
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    I got the new case fans I ordered today. They’re not really the prettiest color but they move air like no one’s business mmm poo brown
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    \(^o^)/ 🥳 B-day Messages: BTW, I got some B-day cupcakes... What I'm I supposed to do with these?
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    575 Bells per turnip this afternoon! 😲 Dodo Code is 77FV7
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    Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Available 10/30

    ---- Looking forward to the Piklopedia and co-op campaign.
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    i miss the spin in paper mario more games need fun travel options
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    DQ3 US manual literally had an entire game guide in it lmao so yeah def don't feel bad looking anything up
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    The old illustrations for Harvest Moon are cute. A shame they couldn't keep that style. Playing Mario Tennis Open and Mario Golf World Tour kind of bums me out, because I feel like I missed out on not getting these games much earlier. The online is no longer active, and I could see myself putting in some considerate time into these games over time. @Doc Brown Don't be shy of using a guide for Dragon Quest 2. The game at some point requires you to collect some mcguffins without any direction.
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    here's a video of a loud asshole yelling at me https://streamable.com/lh9r65
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    Smash Saturdays Returns!

    I'd say was tonight was a resounding success of the Iron Man Challenge/Smashdown. I'm glad I kept track which character was being used but I'd say we all had some good memory of who was used, it was just remember when in the night to make sure who was used like me and the Miiswordfighter and Pac-Man being used by Eli tonight. GGs.
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    in other news, its my 1 year wedding anniversary today i can't believe its already been a year! time flies! especially when most of that year was spent indoors doing nothing! being married is still a dream come true tho we went on a hike, bought cake (at my request), i forced ty to watch hamilton with me, and we got drunk last night so today......i think we'll relax
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    Give the cupcakes to your residents and they give you gifts.
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    Murder by Numbers Review

    I couldn't be more pleased that nonogram puzzles (aka Picross puzzles) have become an increasingly significant genre of games, to the point where we're now seeing it incorporated into genre mash-ups. Framing the puzzle-solving gameplay around a proper story is a logical combination, and what better genre to use than visual novels? Murder by Numbers combines the story-driven appeal of a game like Phoenix Wright with the addictive puzzle mechanics of Picross, and the result is even more than the sum of its parts. Sure it may seem niche, but the stylish design, charming story, and brain-tickling puzzles makes for a winning combination. Murder by Numbers is a detective story, though your path into the field is a little unusual. You play as Honor Mizrahi, an actress on a detective show, who finds herself mixed up with actual murder cases when someone close to her is killed. As luck would have it, at the exact same time she meets SCOUT, a flying robot who assists with finding clues (clues, in this case, are represented by nonogram puzzles). The pair make an unlikely but effective detective partnership, and from there you get three more cases to puzzle over, ultimately leading you to discover more about SCOUT's mysterious origins. The writing is highly reminiscent of Phoenix Wright—there are puns aplenty and most characters are big, larger-than-life personalities that are a lot of fun and allow for plenty of funny, charming, and occasionally heartfelt scenes. The cases themselves will also keep you engaged with plenty of twists and intrigue, even if some of the twists are rather predictable for experienced gumshoes. The gameplay is pretty evenly divided between talking to/interrogating characters and solving nonogram puzzles. On each screen you have the option to talk to anyone in the area or investigate. Investigating lets you scan the screen for puzzles that provide clues to the case, such as a missing wallet or suspicious items scattered around the area. Once you have the clues, you can present them to other characters to suss out lies or inconsistencies and gradually unravel the truth of each case. It's a simple, effective gameplay loop that provides a nice balance between the long dialogue sequences typically found in visual novels and the somewhat overwhelming supply of puzzles that you're given in a typical Picross game. For anyone unfamiliar with nonogram puzzles, they're a type of logic puzzle like Sudoku. You have a grid with numbers along the sides, and those numbers provide clues on where to fill in squares on the grid, ultimately revealing a picture. The game starts off simple with 5x5 grids, but by the end will ramp up to 15x15 which provide much more complex puzzles to solve. That said, Murder by Numbers isn't a terribly difficult game, neither in puzzle-solving nor interrogations. For one thing there's basically no penalty for failing at either aside from just trying again, but it also feels like, by combining these two game genres, the developers opted to make both relatively easy so as not to scare off new players. That's not to say there aren't some rare tricky moments, but for the most part it's not hard to comfortably progress through the game. Ultimately this might be a strength of the game—getting bogged down in challenging puzzles can be a drag, and Murder by Numbers keeps its gameplay progress feeling snappy and moving, which ensures the story doesn't drag either. The game is also a bit longer than you'd probably expect. There are only four cases to solve but the last two are particularly long—all told you're looking at over fifteen hours of gameplay, potentially more depending on how quickly or slowly you solve nonogram puzzles. As mentioned though the game never feels like it drags, plus if you want even more content you'll unlock additional bonus puzzles as you progress through the game. As a puzzle game there's not a ton of incentive for replaying the whole experience, but one playthrough still provides plenty of content for the price. Nonogram puzzles can be rather dry in the visual or audio departments, so it's great to see that Murder by Numbers infuses so much personality into its presentation to really make the characters and their stories pop. The artwork is bright and colorful, capturing the 90s setting of the story, and the characters themselves are distinct and memorable. The music is also lively and engaging, and its similarities to Phoenix Wright are no mere coincidence as Ace Attorney composer Masakazu Sugimori worked on the soundtrack. Sugimori certainly has a knack for making catchy songs that meld into the background while heightening the action or dialogue on screen, and that's definitely true for Murder by Numbers as well. Murder by Numbers proves that developer Mediatonic has a keen understanding of not just visual novels and puzzle games, but how to combine them in a clever, engaging way. The writing is charming, the puzzles are satisfying, and the game's stylish presentation ensures there's never a dull moment. Fans of either visual novels or puzzle games owe it to themselves to check out Murder by Numbers, and they may just discover a new love for another genre of gaming along the way. Rating: 8 out of 10 Numbers
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    Charles Martinet is a really swell guy. I got to meet him at a convention here in NZ a few years ago. He's so upbeat!
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    In other news, I just hit 500 subscribers on YouTube because of a six-year old video of myself getting Charles Martinet to quote Hotel Mario.
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    I have one in my system and it’s never been an issue, even sitting right above an RTX 2080 space heater edition. It is so insanely fast it’s unbelievable. I can boot from cold to my desktop in about 5 seconds. the one thing to look out for is what kind of storage it is. QLC flash holds a lot more but slows down as you fill it and doesn’t last as long.
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    Darn, high is only 395. I'll open gates if anyone wishes to sell but only around 2 hours left so let me know quickly.
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    The only thing I still want to add to mine is some lighting. I don't have any gamer vomit RGB in this case but a nice LED strip light at the top would be nice.
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    Classic Noctua! I got some Noctua fans and an NH-D15 recently. I got their chromax.black variants though. Think I'll have to get the other chromax accessory to make the CPU cooler a bit more sightly yet.
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    i haven't played it yet so i have no stake in the matter. just offering a bit more defense for the older games than nintenyearold/genwunner syndrome lol also i'm obligated to post this now
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    I'm keeping my Wii U as a dedicated Virtual Console machine.
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    I'll stick with the WiiU version I got for $20. I still have a bunch of WiiU games to play; Pikmin 3, FE#, DKTF, and SM3DW.
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    Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Available 10/30

    Wow how many exclusives does that leave the Wii U now? Super Mario 3D World and Xenoblade Chronicles X are the only big ones that come to mind, or at least the ones that people are likely to really want. I hope that this is a build up to a brand new Pikmin 4 though. I liked Pikmin 3 but I'm not sure I'm gonna buy it again.
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    While I still hope well on the wellbeing of theaters, the cockroach that is CCP Mulan needs to go away.
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    General movie discussion

    So, does that mean you need a D+ sub on top of that? Damn! I know they need to make up for not being in theaters, but $30 for a movie?! Guess I'll wait until it hits DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital. I see some people trying to defend this by saying, "A family of 4 would spend that much or more to go see a movie." Or "If it's just yourself, you'd spend about that much if you include snacks and travel/parking." <-- 1. Free parking at theaters near me. 2. How much snacks you people buying? o_O' The Cinemark theater near me has $5 tickets all day on Tuesdays, if you sign up for their free rewards program (How I saw Sonic). Plus, my local 2nd-run theater has tickets for $5 (How I saw Detective Pikachu) and tickets for $2 all day on Tuesdays (How I saw SW: Rise of Skywalker). So, speeding $30 bucks to see a movie is way too much for me, man! BTW, it makes me wonder how many people will pirate the movie because of this...?
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    Sorry, I had originally meant to post in another thread 😅 ...But to keep this post on topic... I recently watched Chobits again, which I haven't seen since about '05 or '06 and I forgot how meloconly it gets. Also, I forgot how it gets into some weird/awkward territory where older people are dating/marrying younger people and it makes you start to question their age difference. Overall it's a great anime with some good overall messages and a fantastic ENG. dub. The main character Hideki Motosuwa is hilariously awkward, Chii is cute as af (in a precious kind of way), and Sumomo is absolutely adorable!
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    Eh, it's not like it's going to be cancelled entirely. I'm sure we'll get a new date when things get back to normal next year.
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    yeah, that's the obvious problem here. RPG battles aren't necessary, but mario RPG battles have always been really entertaining. even if pape has the least depth of any mario RPG series, replacing them with bland stuff for the sake of being different makes no sense. what always made the games stand out for me was its dives into fun characterization and care/detail put into the world. that's something completely separate from any genre trapping,s but since basically everything else good went out along with the battle system for sticker star, it's not really a surprise that people just clamor for a return to the old design. also i'm still kinda salty about the revelation that nintendo really has been preventing them from being creative with mario character design. in freakin Toad Town alone, PM64 has 23 different NPC designs, not counting recolors. they've always been so good at it. why would you throw that away?
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    Okay, PB. Will start at 9pm and whoever comes that will be great.
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    I'm thinking maybe after I finish Grandia, I may try restarting TTYD. Never finished the game since it was kind of slog in some parts. I'd also like to revisit Super Paper Mario at some point, I remember really liking the game from what I played.
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    The NAFA released the results of the 2022 NWC fan vote Tuesday morning. They did did so in waves, eliminating 5 nations, then 2 more, until the 3 finalists were revealed to be Japan, Korea, and China. In the end, the 2022 NWC host was, with 34% of the total vote, Japan. Korea came 2nd with 25%, China third with 19%. Australia was the only other nation above 10%, finishing with 12%. Green Hill Zone will look to defend their title at Nintendo World Cup Japan 2022. Many cities within the country are preparing to bid to host matches already. It would appear that Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, and Osaka are locks to be selected. Beyond that, it’s more of a guessing game. It’s expected that Sapporo, Niigata, Sendai, Chiba, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima, Kitakyushu, and Nagasaki will all put in bids to host matches.
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    Sarasaland may have finished third in the 2020 NWC, but early reports from fans who attended the final three matches may make them feel like they've won. Health officials have stated that fans arriving from Nigeria and Cameroon didn't show any symptoms of the coronavirus but are undergoing 14 day quarantine procedures out of an abundance of caution. "The fans who attended the matches made sure to follow the guidelines that were in place and from what we've seen, no one has tested positive," health officials said at a press conference earlier today. "The fact that fans could attend a sporting event in the human world in the day and age of a pandemic that were in right now is a small step towards hopefully returning to the human world without any restrictions, whether in the NBL, MKRA or the 2021 Confederations Cup in New Zealand or the 2022 NWC."
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    I think the best part of Origami King actually being a really good game is how it's also forcing people to be retrospective on the first two games and realizing that those games had a handful of problems and made people think a bit more about what they were playing these games for. Color Splash for its massive problems was still a mostly good videogame. Sticker Star is still complete garbage though
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    Some of DQ3 is straightforward so far but yeah, some it it is completely random, too. I was thinking of getting DQ2 as well and that would bring my total of DQ games played up to 9 (no 5 or 10, obviously for the latter).
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    96 buying price, 83 am Monday, could be a large spike.
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    Mineral Town - N4A Chat Thread - August 2020

    I have brain rot because all I can think of at work is going home and playing FFXIV. Getting lost in an MMO is about the worst way to deal with depression but hey I’m makin it over here.
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    I haven't played the Switch version but as far as I know it should have the same accessibility options as the other versions.
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    Smash Saturdays Returns!

    I might name the arena that or Please wait! Pt2.
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    General Anime/Manga Thread

    I have a lot of favs so I did 4x4 I read a ton of manga too but my favs aren't as well figured out. I really like Hunter x Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Monster and One Piece
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    I will be racing as Cat Peach in the Cat Cruiser because my brother had to put down his cat today. She was 15/16. Kind of a sad day because she was the last cat left out of our "collective" that was around the house in 2004/5.