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    Wasn’t there legit a commercial where that happened? Think it was GB SP micro... a mouse did it, but still.
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    Yeah, I do agree that these things do take up quite a bit of space. If only UPS would work with Nintendo to sell this... I don't remember where I saw it (either the Labo software or Labo site), but Nintendo suggests storing all your Toy-Cons in a cardboard box. I have one that my Switch prize pack was shipped in that should be big enough. I can just put that in a closet and I'm good. Agreed. These things are just bit sized experiences that you'll play a few times and move on (think of it like the game Wii Play). The real fun is putting these together. I feel the Variety Kit was just to show off the concept of Labo and the other kits are to show off what Labo can really do, as they seem to offer more in-depth gaming experiences.
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    @Pichi Just finished Symphony of the Night and thoroughly loved it. I guess now I have to go back and get the “good ending” in Dracula X Chronicles, don’t I?