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    Ninfora - A Not-So-Brief History

    To say that the last 24 hours have been hectic would be nothing short of an understatement. Now that the dust is starting to settle, I'd like to take a moment to explain why Ninfora came to existence, and what we have planned for the future of the site. NSider2 was a great home for nearly a decade. Deciding to leave NSider2 was a decision that was not made lightly. The NSider2 staff has realised that the site has been stagnating and dying for a very long time. We have desperately wanted to turn that ship around. Even if we didn't wind up attracting new members, we wanted to at least make the site a welcoming place for members that have been around for so long. Unfortunately, working with CrowdGather - the site's current owners - meant that it was nigh-on impossible to accomplish even our most basic of goals. We have a lot of admiration for this ever-resilient community and hope to see several ambitious ideas come to fruition in the coming days/weeks/months. Transitioning to a brand new site was our very last option, but it's unfortunately the one that we needed to go with. I personally tried to reach out to CrowdGather on June 1st and expressed interest in purchasing the site. After waiting for so long without a reply, I was assured that the email was forwarded to the sales team. I waited. And waited. And asked some more. Nada. My request to CrowdGather falling on deaf ears was not the first. CrowdGather's apathy and inactivity was what spurred me to submit a buyout request in the first place. I assumed that they may be interested in earning some money for having kept NSider2 running for so long. I can't imagine that the site is generating too much revenue at this point, and the cost of operating it is certainly non-negligible, especially when you consider their staff hours that have been (ineffectively) poured into the site. Difficulties with CrowdGather have been ongoing for years, which has also become immediately clear to the community as a whole as CG tries to perform damage control. In the name of transparency, I'm going to openly share some of the issues that have proved to be a headache for us: Years ago, NSider2 began serving malware when reached through Google and other search engines. Users that clicked on a link to NSider2 would be redirected to unsavoury sites if they did not already have a cookie from NSider2 on their system. This issue would not often affect users that frequented the site, but people unfamiliar with the site would be immediately turned away from the malicious activity. CrowdGather has not maintained NSider2. Basic security needs were entirely neglected, as indicated above. We were running with painfully outdated versions of IPS and various other software packages on the back-end. Administrators visiting the website or logging into the admin control panel would also be nagged with messages prompting us to update to newer versions of IPS 4 to patch critical security issues. Sadly, we were powerless to do so, and requests to fix this were ignored. The entire upgrade process was not handled well. The database took weeks to rebuild, and after realising that one queue of work was constantly getting "stuck", I had found that a simple plugin was conflicting with the automated tasks. This plugin was a very old version, and the problem we were experiencing was a bug that had been fixed long ago. As usual, we were unable to do anything beyond disabling features and making the site less enjoyable to use. Things get broken. A lot. View counts not updating is one of the more notable recent problems. Performance is awful, but could be trivially improved with a few hours of maintenance. I was able to optimise the database substantially with the limited SQL Toolbox that the IPS admin control panel provides alone, but I could only do so much. Simple details such as copyright footers would not even be updated. @Pelord's story is particularly telling: He had requested that CrowdGather update the home page's copyright footer from 2014 to 2016, but this still has not been done. The front page in general clashes heavily with the rest of the site. With all of these problems and no buyout option on the table, we were left with one final choice: Start fresh, and try to keep the community involved every step of the way. Admittedly we could have had a bit more to show at the time of @Chrom's original announcement, but our first priority was to gauge interest and to force CrowdGather to show their hand. We believed that CrowdGather may have been open to the idea of a buyout if they saw how unhappy the community (and particularly the staff) had been with their non-involvement with the site. CrowdGather showed their hand. Their iron fist, even. CrowdGather "quickly" (relatively speaking :P) removed the announcement thread; banned Chrom's account; and placed a wildcard IP ban on Chrom, likely banning access to several others around him that may be using a similar IP range. I was not immediately banned, but I did respond to a single post mentioning Ninfora. I showed my enthusiasm for the new site and hyped up how awesome it was to have it running as it is. Shortly thereafter, I found that my ability to submit posts and use the private messaging system had been disabled. Curiously enough, Pelord has since also received similar treatment, despite not having any activity on NSider2 since the incident. The most likely speculation for this is the simple fact that he was an admin. So this is why Ninfora is necessary. It gives us the chance to start fresh. I have a personal affection for you wonderful people, and I wanted to be able to provide a forum that's given the love that NSider2 so desperately needed and deserved. I'd like everyone to know where Ninfora will be headed in the future. So here's an "FAQ" to explain things! Who owns Ninfora? While I am in control of Ninfora's domain name, cloud instance, and software licenses, I will primarily be focusing on back-end issues and bug fixes. I love technology and putting together things that "just work", so being able to personally determine the infrastructure and software to use was a fantastic opportunity for me. However, I am not a designer. I am not a community manager. I am not a mediator. I do tech, and maybe some other things when necessary. @Chrom will continue performing administrative duties. @Pelord will continue handling social media and I'm going to get some software in place so that he can make an awesome home page. @CCH will continue creating graphics and making the site more pleasing on the eyes (he'll do better with the dark skin than I ever could ). Likewise, it would be awesome to see other people getting involved with various aspects of the site. I want to be able to make this site engaging. Some recent members here enjoy posting weekly reviews and creating fantastic fan art. I would love to see your guys' awesome work highlighted on the main page and beyond. How will Ninfora grow? Crazy as this may sound for a website, none of us are focused on "growth" right now. We're focused on attracting the tight-knit community that has existed for so long. Only when the community is happy and settled will we think about how to bring in fresh faces. If you're coming from NSider2, then right now this site exists for you. Monetisation? Generating revenue from Ninfora isn't a goal at all. I've had a few people asking about how I will sustain the site, and right now, I'm paying out of pocket. If I wind up spending a few hundred dollars per year to keep this site going, then that is fine by me. I love this community and I would happily stomach the additional expense. However, server bills and license fees are still very much a realistic concern. Some members have expressed interest in chipping in a few bucks here and there. I may set up a donation system or some sort of crowdfunding campaign at some point, but I am not worrying about that until much more work on the site has been finished. You will also notice that there are no advertisements on the site at present. I'm a stern opponent of what online advertising has become. If there ever are ads, they will not be Flash-based; animated; or have any sound. Even image ads would be unlikely. If advertisements are implemented, I would stick strictly with text-based ads. And even then I wouldn't care if you guys used ad blockers, since I still would be too. What will come of NSider2? No one knows. Currently, NSider2 has an entirely brand new team of staff. Ultimately, CrowdGather will determine NSider2's fate. It is up to CG to decide whether they will keep it running, or decide to sell it yet again, or even flip it off permanently. Personally, I want to at least see NSider2's rich history preserved forever. One big reason that I wanted to purchase NSider2 instead of start from scratch is because the site holds so much personal nostalgic value and memories. I have never been a part of a more vibrant community in all my life. Alas, NSider2 has sadly degraded into a site that I can no longer enjoy. NSider2 is also potentially the first and only website that I have ever been banned from. It hurts. It really does. That's me for now. If you got through all of that, thanks for reading! I'm still organising my thoughts and coming to terms with everything that has happened. But after talking with so many of you here and on Discord, I am highly optimistic for the future. It's going to be a bumpy road, but this community has always persevered through even the most difficult of times. Here's to another decade of the NSider legacy!
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    Ninfora - One Month Later

    On September 20, 2016, a new site was born and later came to be known as Ninfora, breaking out from the previous site after long standing disagreements with internal management. Since then, Ninfora has managed to accrue over 150 members and 16,000 posts, while the old site remains almost completely abandoned with a future uncertain. CrowdGather, the old site's owner, has effectively gone AWOL. In commemoration of this successful move after one month, our staff would like to offer a big thanks to everyone who's shown support for Ninfora thus far. Settling on going through with this was not without its weight and grievances, and for me personally, it was very stressful for a long period of time. It's been a tremendous relief to see this play out much better than I was expecting. CG may rightfully own the old site, but they do not own this community, which for so long they've neglected to cater to in favor of their own interests. Thanks to you, the tolls of corporate acquisition are no more. To the next month, and many more!
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    1 like = 1 prayer
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    Olaf 2.0

    Now, the post was obviously meant to poke out a plot hole in the movie. After all, conventional wisdom says if two “objects” are released, subject only to gravity, they fall down at the same rate independent of mass. The implication being that Frozen had fridge logic—which, honestly, is probably true. This led to much joy and laughter about this post, and someone asked “where's the science behind that?” And now me, being bored in the middle of a long summer, long since seperated from classes, decided for shits and giggles to scientifically answer how Olaf might have fell first but landed second. The post, which some say might have been legendary, was since deleted, lost to the annals of time. But today, let us revisit the issue anew and answer the question: “How did Olaf fall first but land second?” Consider this post something of a housewarming gift. To be clear, I consider the event in the movie nothing but an editorial oversight (“fridge logic”), but I figured this post might be fun all of the same. *ahem* So first of all, some basic physics is in order. The statement two “objects” released from rest from down at the same rate, regardless of mass, has a subtlety—namely, what is an object. In physics, we do not find the motion of every atom and attempt to work out the solution of 10^23 interaction molecules; but we can often get away with treating a mole of molecules as if it were one molecule (or “point particle”). However, in some circumstances, you cannot model an “object” as a point particle: objects interact with their environment. That's the critical factor. While Olaf, if he were in a vacuum, would indeed fall the same rate as the humans, if there was something else part of the “Olaf system,” then the answer isn't so clearcut anymore. Specifically, the physical picture is as Olaf falls, his body every so slightly grows as he collides with snowflakes that become one with his snowy body. Because the snowflakes are usually at terminal velocity and are not accelerating at all, the Olaf-snowflake system is not in freefall. This leads to a far more interesting problem, and one where the solution, under certain conditions, can explain why Olaf fell first but landed second. Everything else is details, but let's take them one by one. Olaf's Geometry is Complicated: Have you ever heard an old physics joke? It goes something like this: Geometry serves a very weird place in physics. A lot of details change depending on geometry; given the same amount of input energy a soda can and a ball will spin at different rates just because one is a cylinder and one is a ball. Nevertheless, they both spin, and a lot of the fundamental ideas of spinning are true regardless of geometry. In short, geometry changes a lot of details, but seldom changes the fundamental physics. Now this is Olaf: He is a snowman; his lower body is small, his legs are stubby, he has freaking twigs for arms, and his head is more cylindrical than spherical. This is a nightmare to deal with. So instead, I need to approximate Olaf's geometry: as two spheres joined at a point. But doesn't this possibly invalidate everything? Actually no. You see, a sphere is special in one regard: it's the most “compact” shape available (formally, minimizes volume for fixed surface area). That compactness is what primarily shows up in the problem and is what matters; so in fact, a sphere represents the worst case scenario in addition to being the simplest to work with. There's some more details I can add. Also, yes, that means I could have made it one sphere instead of two and almost gotten the same result; but more on that later. Snowflakes Move At Constant Speed: The model is olaf is adding snowflakes to snowy body as he falls. But what about the motion of the snowflakes? Snowflakes generally come from on high, say clouds or something. I'm not a meteorologist. But because they are relatively light and have been in gravity for far longer, they will reach terminal velocity; so saying snowflakes move at constant speed (straight down) is a very physical assumption. I mention this because this is a departure from the original post. Snowflake Depends on Olaf's Size: The last big point, and the last departure is this. Imagine you're a snowflake. You're falling down all happy and snuggly cruising at your terminal velocity. You look up, and what do you see? Nothing but Olaf (something like the image above)!! But, to you, Olaf doesn't look like two spheres, he looks like two circles. And then, these circles come crashing down on you, and before you know it, you're part of olaf's biology forever and ever. In the original problem, I “used” a model which suggested the amount of snow added to olaf depended on his volume; here I use a more physical assumption that it relies on his area. Air Resistance: Lastly, air resistance. This is important. Air resistance is usually ignored either because for sufficiently small velocities it's not worth the effort, or usually, being a so-called nonlinear phenomonon it's a pain to deal with. Such a pain, in fact, this post got delayed 3 hours because MATLAB though air resistance could only cause things to go faster or defy gravity. Air resistance also is associated with a constant called “Reynolds number”; the important fact you need to know is that spheres experience about half as much drag as humans due to this constant, so the drag force affects humans more than Olaf. Snowflake Flux Parameter: Lastly, there's one parameter that deserves some mention and that's the snowflake flux parameter; basically a measure of how much snowflakes Olaf should add to his skin per minute. I wasn't able to find much data or theoretical models to suggest what this parameter must be; however, it can be related to how much Olaf grows. We'll see how it goes. Now, there's a lot more than can be said about the specifics, which you can find here: but I figure you'd guys would like to be spared the details. At this point, I'd like to extend the analysis. You see, working out the “force equals mass times acceleration” equation is only half the battle; the other half is initial conditions. And for there, we need to look at the movie: So what happens? Well, a giant monster thing is chasing Olaf passes the human at 2:20, which we will regard to be =0 point. He passes by both human characters relatively quickly, so we can treat his initial velocity as being about 2 meter/second. At 2:43, the humans finally cut themselves loose, after hanging from a rope about 5 meters point above rest. The other parameter we need to set is snowflake flux parameter, which is arbitrarily set to 0.01. We also suppose Olaf is about 30 cm thick when this starts. And now we let them go, with a 23 second lag: And even with more physical assumptions, the humans (also subject to drag). One immediate consequence is how fast terminal velocity is reached—within seconds of being launched! The primary factor here is air drag, and he only increases by about 4cm in radius—plausible. And to show that this isn't just a sleight of hand, here's a simulation with air drag and snowflake absorption at zero; we recover the “common sense” prediction that they fall at same rate. Lastly, if we pretended for a moment that humans and olaf have no air resistance What we see is that Olaf can in fact pass the human given enough time, but he also gains nearly 14cm in radius! That means he basically doubled in size. He also travels nearly 1400 km to the bottom—that's comparable to how high planes are. In short, without air resistance, nothing is plausible. Conclusion: Olaf landed second because fucking air resistance. Oh right, the math, in case you care: page 1 page 2 page 3
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    DNLINK's Art Gallery

    Here's my deviantART account. http://dnlink.deviantart.com/ Update for 9/19/2018:
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    I don't agree with much of what Yellow says as much as anyone else here, but I want chime in and say that I think posts like these, which aren't even about the topic anymore and veer into the territory of just attacking other members and purposefully trying to make them feel bad just because they said something ridiculous and/or disagreeable, should not be made or welcome here. To you and anyone else who thinks this is okay, consider making better use of your time if you wish to continue posting here. Go ahead and lambaste someone for something silly they said, but please remember that we did not create this site so you could say things like this to others. Let's get back to having a discussion here about the Trump scandal and the other relevant topics.
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    What an appearance!
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    Ninfora - One Month Later

    It continues to amaze me how smoothly the transition happened given the circumstances. But perhaps I shouldn't have expected any less from the only community I've seen lately that's worth a damn.
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    Not surprising in the least. I'm a long time Hillary supporter, jumping from the Bernie train long before it crashed just so you're all aware of my many biases. I'm also gay, and subscribe pretty hard to the progressive movement. So, my reaction to Trump having 40% support in this country is complete disgust. And that disgust extends to most people voting him. You're free to vote him for whatever reasons you want, but I could never sink my morality so low to support a candidate or party that has so nonchalantly shrugged off sexual assault claims. These are claims that put people in prison. And this ugly defense of Trump I'm seeing is exactly why most women never come forward to report the assault. The pure amount of selfishness one has to possess to put aside the good of pretty much every minority group in this country to protect yours is sickening. The GOP has at this point, become a political party that no longer serves American interests. They serve the interests of privileged white people who are so full of themselves they refuse to see their country is no longer willing to remain in their control. And the fact I'm seeing a huge number of people continue to defend Trump as if he retains any amount of decency in his body to hold the most sacred elected office this country has, the office which is supposed to reflect the country's longest held roots of government ideals, is numbing. This is a man who's VP has publicly stated numerous times that he sees homosexuality as a sickness. Would take money away from HIV treatment centers and give it to conversion therapy camps. Places that have driven many teenagers to suicide. A man who has pushed religious liberty acts that would have taken away gay couples rights. With Trump already seeming to not really want to do anything if in office with his VP offer to Kasich, Pence being able to push for bills that would limit marriage equality is a huge threat to my lifestyle. I would not be able to see my boyfriend, possibly future husband in the next couple of years, if he were to be in the hospital if Pence had his way. I would not be able to adopt a child and raise a kid like I've dreamed to if Pence had his way. I still am unable to donate blood. If one of my family members were to be involved in an accident and needed blood of my type, I could not donate it right now because of current discriminatory laws. I'm scared. This election has stressed me to my limits and I've been terrified of the future. Because if multiple women being tremendously courageous in coming forward to state that Donald Trump physically assaulted them does not sway people that this is a man who absolutely cannot become president, then I will continue to live in fear that because of my sexuality, someday something tragic will happen to me because people continue to be biased, bigoted, and looking out only for themselves.
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    Ninfora reaches 100 members

    Congratulation to Ninfora for hitting a milestone, and welcome @Kirbymiester2 to the community!
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    Introductions thread.

    Kezay here. Been chillin' on Nintendo forums since the original Nsider which I think I joined back in December of 2002 or 2003 and of course I've sort of followed that all through to where we are today. So yeah I've known some of you fools for well over a decade now which is pretty wild when you think about it. My bro is TheKrazyOne, my favorite game of all time is Super Mario Bros. 3, Luigi is my favorite of the Mario brothers and I firmly believe that while so many like to hate on Daisy I know they secretly love her. She's the party girl princess after all, who doesn't like that? But no, seriously, glad to be here, glad to see everyone... just glad. ^_^
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    Ninfora is censored on NS2

    I feel like I need to make a bit of a statement here, since I was also involved in the decision to start this new site. First, as Kodiack has mentioned, we've been trying to get CG's help with the site since before I was on staff. Even after, there were plenty of cases where we asked for help to fix something, install needed security updates, or just get the mods and addons we needed to keep the site running. I was often in direct contact with our CG rep, Chris, to try to get updates on the status of the many requests and tickets we'd submitted to CG for support. Even she expressed frustration with how little CG was doing to support the site, as it often left her unable to do her job either. You might have noticed how I stopped releasing new skins, and how we stopped adding new medals. This wasn't because I was suddenly refusing to do my job, or because I was too busy (sometimes that was the case though), but because the updates we wanted to do couldn't be done until CG got us an update we needed. Almost all the bugs and other problems you guys reported in the "remaining issues" thread were due to CG refusing to install basic security updates to the main IPS software. (NS2 is actually about 9 versions behind in our software updates, 4 of which are 'critical security updates' to fix potential hacking vulnerabilities) I couldn't fix the skins or make new ones because we were honestly already using pirated skins that were designed for an older version of the software, all because CG kept being "too busy" to approve the real skin and install the updated version. Same deal with many of the site addons, like the medals. That was also an outdated pirated copy of the mod because CG refused to install the real one for us. We were forced to decide to either try our best with what we had, or just sit there and wait until CG gave us the updates we needed. Why would I want to draw up a new skin based on already bugged code, that might just become even more broken when CG finally got around to updating the IPS core software? Because of these issues, it was proposed shortly after the IPS4 upgrade that we approach CG with the intention of buying out and taking control of NS2, so that we could handle the maintenance ourselves and try to keep NS2 alive as long as we could. Things had stagnated with the staff's attempts to get the site back on track, and the updates, then subsequent negligence of CG's tech guys left the site in even worse shape than before the update. Now, months later, we've gotten fed up with waiting. We even told CG directly that we were planning on moving on, with or without the NS2 systems. They more or less didn't respond, and what we did hear back was more or less a "do what you want, we don't care" attitude...so we did. We continued to try to propose buyout offers, nagged CG Chris for updates on our requests, and eventually got to just sitting around waiting for something to happen...something we knew would lead to the death of the site. It was considered that we try to force CG's hand by making up some alternative site and promoting it to the NS2 members as an option where we could start fresh, but we didn't act on it initially because we were afraid of the events that are happening now. However, after more and more silence from CG, it seems Chrom has gotten completely fed up with being unable to do anything and decided to make our intentions public...which of course led to CG coming out of nowhere and banning him. We all voluntarily removed our staff ranks as a statement to CG that if they weren't going to support us, then we won't support them. We fully intended on picking up the title again if CG decided to step up and do their job, but instead they decided to ban Chrom and remove posting access from the rest of the staff, even going as far as to try to steal the NS2 Twitter from us, which they technically have no right to do. This response prompted us to move forward with our plans, much more quickly than we were prepared for, so Kodiack went ahead and paid out of his own pocket to create a new site. Paid a few hundred USD to get this place going, just to make sure we could continue to provide a site for you guys if CG decided to shut down the site or try to run it themselves. Now, the future of NS2 is out of our hands, and personally I don't really care what happens to it. If Mao can resurrect that dying forum, then go for it. If not, you guys will always be welcome here. While we are all former NS2 members, Ninfora aims to be a fresh start, so we're not going to tie ourselves to NS2 in any way. Former NS2 members will not get special treatment over any new people that want to join down the line. NS2 isn't closing just yet, so don't expect us to carry over your post counts, medals, or any other accomplishments you made at the other site. You come here, you're starting from zero, clean slate. This also means that people who had been banned from NS2 will have a chance to show that they've changed here. (Keep in mind that while we are going to look into a revised set of rules, this is not an "anything goes" forum, and bans will be handed out to those that try to harm the site) Now that we have the chance to have full control over our own site for the first time ever, we intend to make full use of that opportunity. All the things we wished we could do on NS2, and many other goals, will finally come to pass here. We only ask for your support. We did this for you, not for us, so anything we create is only if you want it.
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    "You Laugh You Lose" Thread

    since you didn't post it, I will
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    Ty's Tiki Album

    By popular demand, a compilation of photos dedicated to my beloved waifu, Tiki, that I've taken over the past several years, usually on her birthday (February 28th). Please note that this is merely a compilation album. Any future Tiki birthdays will get their own threads (though this one will also be updated to include future photos). In roughly chronological order: Tiki is love, Tiki is life.
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    Ninfora Creation Gallery

    I’ve seen some people asking about some places to post some artwork, so I thought this might be a good thread to revive. Basically this thread's purpose is that you can show off any art that you create and get some comments, critique, or advice. Any art is welcome: signatures, avatars, drawings, computer drawings, scribbles, etc. Anyways I will get the thread started. I don’t really have anything I made recently so here are a bunch of old sigs that I made. A lot of these were made for sig contests on ns1 and ns2. Some of these are actually super old. I probably have some more really old sigs on my other computer, but I can try to find them later. ___________________________________________________ USER ART GALLERY DIRECTORY These are links to the art galleries of some of the users here. If you have a gallery, but don't see a link to it here, send me a PM and I will add it to the list. || DNLINK || KIRBYMEISTER2 || LACKILEPSY || || LANCE'S DRAGONITE || REILLY || SHULK ||
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    Isn't a board for talking about the site itself a good idea? The other 3 boards are for discussions about video games and life - what the forum is for, but the last works as a board about the forum. When I come to a forum I'm usually disappointed when something like this doesn't exist and there's nothing explaining the purpose of the forum, the history of it, etc. etc. I'm not sure why it's better to mix that into things not about the forum? Unless you want to float more topics and muddy up that floated space? I can see why having an Introductions board, a Feedback board, and Announcements board, etc. etc. is needless, but I think the idea of having one dedicated board about the forum is useful. I dunno, I like NeoGAF's condensed approach, but they don't make it easy to ask questions about the forum itself - you feel like you're talking about things you shouldn't be talking about when you post it on off-topic. Those discussions of "important" things get blended in with all the random chatter.
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    Please vote for two characters.
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    Hello! Let's fuck with this. Darling, what you have here is an uninformed opinion that I take issue with that I feel needs to be addressed. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a rape victim. Rape isn't very fun. You can even say it's really bad. I thought it was very bad when it happened to me. In fact I've been kept up the past few days due to night terrors because despite the fact that's been exactly 12 years since it happened, it's something that's probably never going to go away. I bring this up because I think that being a person who's been raped, and as somebody who's been proactive raising awareness of something VERY personal to me, I feel a need to address this at length. I normally don't do this anymore; long-winded posts are for the inarticulate who can't wordsmith a point into conciseness to save their lives, much like most of the walls of text in here that read like a college student's essay padding. Let's start with the obvious: rape is bad. Let's start with the second obvious part: I had to say that because I'm under the reasonable assertion that you're not a very smart person and I actually have to point that out. Here's obvious fact number three: rape is barely ever reported in this country. Experts place that only a small handful out of THOUSANDS of cases of rape are actually ever reported. "But why?" Stop interrupting me you belligerent child, ADULTS are talking. It's a very personal way to destroy somebody, truly, truly awful. Most people ignore it. It starts with the victim ignoring it. "But Deo, why would somebody not IMMEDIATELY REPORT BEING RAPED?" Well darling--I can call you darling right, that's not too patronizing is it--a focal point of rape is based around the idea of power. It's when somebody asserts their dominance over you that they can physically violate you in some manner or another, there's a tremendous feeling of powerlessness there. Part of this is that you have this monster, the rapist, who was capable of taking advantage of you in one of the most intimate ways possible. You have a very powerful threat looming over your head constantly. So things like fear become a really, really powerful motivational factor in never talking about it. Repercussions can and will exist if you talk about it. In a perfect world, yes, rape wouldn't happen, darling. But in a perfect world, very, very stupid people like you wouldn't create an environment where victims are already being discredited or blamed before they even have a chance to speak up about it. "What do you mean by that?" You ask too many damn questions, strawman internet darling. Can I call you Cirrhosis? Your name's Yellow, and you're going to make my skin that color with all this drinking you're making me do. Cirrhosis is a good name. Doesn't roll off the tongue, but we'll see what happens. Self-blame is a big factor in why people never report being raped. Alas, who would've guessed that there would be a lot of self-hatred and shame after being sexually violated by a stranger? Wait, that's a misnomer, family members or close friends are often the most common instigators of rape. That whole "you're going to get raped in an alley" thing? It's a myth, there isn't a nomadic pack of fratboy rapists ambushing women in the night, scenarios like that are such a small percentage of reported cases that it's almost insignificant. I can understand why you don't know this, darling Cirrhosis. An internet shut-in and socially-inhibited simpleton probably doesn't have a close social circle to even articulate the thought that most rapists are close friends or family. And when you accuse a close friend or family member of such a disgusting act, two things occur: you're disrupting an entire social network of people who don't suspect Mr. (Or Missus, we don't discriminate) Rapist could've possibly have done something as heinous as rape. Much like being raped can destroy your life, sure, being accused of rape can destroy somebody else's, so why a social network of friend judge somebody they think they know well, that they'd have the capacity to commit such a thing. And two: YOU KNOW THIS PERSON. YOU SEE THIS PERSON A LOT. YOU SEE YOUR RAPIST PROBABLY EVERY OTHER DAY, AT HOME, AT SCHOOL, AT WORK. THEY ARE A PART OF YOUR LIFE. YOU MIGHT EVEN LIVE WITH THIS PERSON, THIS PERSON WHO HAS THE POWER TO VIOLATE YOU. OH MY GOD HOW FUCKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO B--ahem but right. What would be easier: admitting that somebody would lie for a plethora of reasons? Or acknowledging that somebody you personally know has the capacity to violate somebody in one of the most horrific manners possible? Because you're right, rape is seen as a despicable, inhumane crime. So much so that regular people don't want to think about somebody they know being a rapist. Like, have you thought about what kind of person it takes to rationalize raping somebody as okay? Ask Metaxas or somebody, because I sure as Hell don't. A normal person can't cope with that, it's easier to write something off as a lie, or to think that the victim somehow set themselves up for it. And it's often easier for a victim to believe that too, because people like you have constructed a mechanism that makes THEM look for any reason other than confronting or reporting the rapist themselves. "It's always going to happen, regardless." "You let your guard down." "I totally had it coming because my skirt was an inch above the knee, FUCK." So simple fact: you're wrong about rapists not always being perceived as innocent. They very frequently are because to a lot of people, that is a human being, not a rapist. They don't want to see somebody that they allegedly know as something as heinous as a rapist. Self-blame again, is a very big factor. And when you start talking about how rape victims should hold themselves accountable, that's like saying you should hold somebody accountable for getting struck by lightning. Or getting clipped in an intersection by somebody running a red light. You are holding people accountable for something that is virtually impossible to anticipate. The idea that you shouldn't dress like a slut or go home in a dark alley alone is a falsehood because that's not how most instances of rape occur. Those aren't actual preventative measures to stop rape. If a rapist wants to rape, darling, they're going to be determined regardless. Because with how society has tilted the playing field, it's easier for them to get away with it than getting caught. And even if they get caught, you said it yourself; the means of actually finding out if they did it is farfetched at best. Police labs are notorious for sitting on rape kits for YEARS, or not even using them properly. Without that, innocent until proven guilty, there's nothing a victim can do. "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES RUINED BY FALSE ACCUSATIONS?" Hon, darling Cirrhosis, they are drop in the bucket compared to how many lives are ruined by actual rapists, or victims who have their lives ruined because it's virtually impossible to convict their perpetrators in most circumstances. Afterwards, on top of the whole, you know, being violated and traumatized bit, they're gaslit by entire networks of people convincing the victim that they're a liar, it didn't happen, it's their fault. Oh, gaslighting. That's a form of psychological abuse where a victim's ability to remember events is distorted because everybody around them twists the events or outright denies them. I forgot who I'm trying to educate here. I must cover all bases. So as a victim who's undergone immense trauma, the amount of Hell that I've gone through to have even my own family deny that it's happened is not a case-by-case basis. This is commonplace. Rape is bad, darling. Nobody wants to look at it. People don't care about rape in this country until it happens to somebody they know, or until it happens to them. And it happens a lot. A tremendous amount. I mean you probably don't have to worry about it, God no. At least not without alcohol in the perpetrator involved to question his standards. But it happens a lot. I could bombard you with stats of how often it happens, or horrible stats like if you're going to college there's a pretty decent chance you'll end up raped. Or how people write it off even when the rapist is convicted because prestige exists for rapists. I could literally go on for hours and bombard you with articles and statistics that show you how stigmatized the concept of rape is in our country because nobody cares or that it isn't that big of a deal. Rape culture isn't about there being some epidemic of rape. Because yes, you're right. It will always happen, and it will always be there. That is the only vague semblance of a correct-ish thought that shriveled, cirrhosis-damaged brain of yours has come up with from this discussion. Rape culture is about how people treat it, how they handle it with kids gloves, how they undermine what the victim goes through, how that victim should be accountable for being attacked by a predator, or--even dumber--thinking about how the rapist might have their lives ruined despite the hindsight that they completely destroyed somebody else's and the false positives for accusing people of being rapists is drastically lower and significantly less of a problem than, you know, people being raped. Because very stupid people like you have already constructed a narrative that there's nothing they could've done about it other than playing around misinformed stereotypes that wearing a skirt's going to be bait, or they took a wrong turn down McRapington Blvd and found a herd of sexual predators. So please go trivialize something else less significant and more within your mental capacity. Like pokemon. Or imagining how different intimate sexual contact with a human being is from masturbating with a toothbrush.
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    Forest Water. Used to heal the withering trees scattered around the Great Sea. An annoying side quest with a limited use item. Well, not anymore it seems. YouTube user Fish_waffle64 discovered that dumping some of the Forest Water on the exposed core of Kalle Demos will instantly kill it, greatly shortening the battle. The weird thing about this is that people have tested it on the Gamecube version as well and it works. No idea why this little Easter egg hasn't jumped around the internet over the years, making this perhaps a newly discovered Easter egg.
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    Lina Inverse

    Introductions thread.

    My name is Cynthia, I've also been known as Katsie and Lucina. I was linked to this site by the honorable CCH. I'm sorry you guys had to make a new site. NS2 should have been free to leave/get bought out from under CrowdGather. But CG doesn't have their shit together. They're more interested in running virtual slot machines than paying attention to NSider. Ninfora's a good name too, original, pleasant on the ears. I like it! NSider2 has been my 'main' forum for many years. But what made NSider2 was the community. As long as the strong spirit and sense of community remains here, I won't feel like I've really left.