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    @Chrom Found it.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Called it!
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    Posting 8-bit huh? In that case...
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

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    Anor Londo - N4A Chat Thread, June 2018

    So, I'm starting to enjoy Breath fo the wild. Hooray?
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    good luck today nerds!!!!!
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    Pixel dicks emblem on Mario kart DS
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    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    "Casualty" nothing, that garbage company with their awful resale practices and shilling is what led to shit like bloated collectors editions, STORE-EXCLUSIVE DLC/CONTENT, and they treat their employees like complete shit being utterly disposable. It was one of the first jobs I had it and it was Hell.
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    And the lucky winner of week 1 is... Isaac (Golden Sun): A Venus Adept hailing from the village of Vale with the ability to manipulate dirt and plants, as well as a host of other Psynergy-based abilities. After an incident at Mount Aleph, Isaac sets out on a journey to uncover the truth about Alchemy, which will either bring about the end of civilization, or save it from literally falling off the edge of the world.
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    froggos are best
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    Just waiting for Jurassic Park inspired Ridley memes to appear...
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    http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-toys-r-us-20180625-story.html Toys R Us ex-CEO is trying to reboot the company, sources say
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    There's a gym by my house that can't host raid battles anymore--I guess people nearby complained directly to Niantic. Players in my group kept parking their cars just behind a tight, blind turn even though I would tell them at every raid that it's extremely dangerous to park there. People are idiots. Make sure that everyone you play with is considerate, or you lose your raid battles.
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    The one I started at was a long established one that had been around since I was a kid. Back when they still had the tickets/slips for video games. That was just a standalone TRU though. Two years after I started they built the one I currently work at which is a super side by side or basically a giant Toys R Us + Babies R Us store and staff from my store and one other were combined into that one while the two older stores in the area we all came from closed down. We all helped set up the new store after all of the main construction was completed. But like your BK example, it's kind of neat being able to work at a brand new start after it was just built. Everything is just cleaner, brighter and more polished... until a few years pass XD jk
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    Nintendo is way too slow with the online scene. Everyone else seems to have functional online with some sort of anti-cheat and Nintendo can't even seem to get chat or lobbies right. So far the only justifications they seem to have for their online being a paid service is renting out ancient NES games and possibly paywalling the only way to do data backups. They should have figured this all out before they started asking people to pay for the service- the hacking should come as no surprise to them as we've been doing this for decades.
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    my favorite band put out a new album today and i don't have to go to work good shit/10
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    I'm only upset at some of the trade in values GS puts on games you trade in and in general, the used game price for something new is only like a 10% discount off new even if you do get a better return period. However, on the used game sales angle I'm not sure where I lye on that one as they are basically letting you trade off games you don't want at a non-negotiated price and letting you put that credit towards a new game you do want. Its up to you if you want to use them that way. ********* ********* GS hardly ever runs sales on new games (and basically not very many do anyways) and hardly runs offers $off hook ups with POs. That was one thing that I did like with TRU and to some extent BBY. Also, TRU was more prone to sales on games than anyone of the main three. Their problem was that it was usually tied to a B1G_ kind of sale and very rarely do I ever buy multiple games at the same time. I'd never use Wal Mart for gaming--their selection is always limited the day of new release stuff for the most part. I started doing more game purchases at BBY just because I already had RewardZone to earn bonuses. The deal on that GCU I got from them last year I can't say I would have done at any other time because it basically saved me money and I broke even with getting it on my initial purchase. Target has decent stuff now and then but the stock is so inconsistent and the ability of PO from them is kind of limited for a in-store basis. So unless there is some incredible sale at Target I don't really buy games there. With TRU now removed from the equation I'd go BBY > GS > Amazon (for legacy games not necessarily new releases) > and lastly digital. If the end of GCU by BBY actually does go 100% official I'll still probably go with them first for RewardZone points anyways.
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    GameStop is entering selloff talks

    I saw this shit coming about 10 years ago and it has just finally come to fruition to where GS will probably be no more. At this point, I see no way they are going to survive. The company has a lot of internal problems and have for years. The entire gaming industry is largely against their pre-owned selling practices due to the fact they sell their used games at a premium more often than not, they take 100% of the profits, they pay no royalties, and they penalize gamers for buying new. It is so bad that more and more developers want to go purely digital just so they don't have to deal with the used game market which is hurting their sales. Then on top of that, GS employees are treated like utter shit, they don't like their job, they don't like most of their customers, they outright lie to their customers and it is encouraged by the company, they are not helpful, and more often than not are total douche bags. The entire fucking company has created a toxic culture that in return has created sub-standard business practices. Not to mention, they have refused to adapt, and people can bitch and whine about the death of "brick and mortar" stores due to e-commerce such as Amazon, but you either adapt or you fucking die. That is just the way it has always been in business. If you look at the companies that failed it is largely due to their resistance in changing or adapting to current market trends. Sol lets take Circuit City, they went under due to a lot of internal problems and their business became irrelevant long before it should have. Radio Shack was stuck back in the 1990s and never really changed, they were always just hanging on by a thread in the 2000s and their own President flat out stated that he believed the only reason they managed to stay relevant going into the 2000s were all of their specialty adapters and electronics they sold that could not easily be gotten elsewhere. Toys R Us never truly changed their business practices from the 90s and only regressed. Some say Amazon is this evil corporation intentionally destroying local stores, the truth is they are just competing like hell with virtually everyone. You have to compete and GS has been stubborn as fuck in that department. Very few gamers give a fuck about pre-owned anymore because places like Amazon have been competing very hard. That is not to include Best Buy (although they kind of shot themselves in the foot with gamers by axing the game membership program, and once mine expires I am largely done with them) and Walmart who have been doing sales, trying to make the deals sweeter with gaming to the point where most gamers would rather just get the shit from them anyways. GS likes to sell everything at fucking MSRP, they have those bloated ass Collector's Editions that cost $100 and are exclusive to their stores and then were supposed to feel as if this is a bad thing? HAHAHAHAHA (Cue Evil laugh) I am fucking happy that GS is going under and I hope in their place other companies see that "This is how you lose your business" and try to do much better. GS totally deserves what the fuck they are getting and some might be sad for their employees losing their jobs, most of those employees are going to feel relieved to be out of that fucking place and hopefully can go somewhere better.
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    Well not even that. Think about these for a minute: Game console makers vs makers of games for consoles vs digital shops vs retail shops: *I create the console, I create the online shop, I sell the games, I cut out the middleman. * Well I make 3rd party games and I can create my own website to let you download your "version" of the game *Digital medium keeps better profit margins versus physical retail sales for game companies * For physical retailers you have the cost of holding inventory and purchasing inventory ++ you have already seen this play out with music and movies at retail in the last few years. If games go strictly digital download that is one thing as as long as the console has the file you can still play it ... BUT... ....Streaming games..... internet service, quality of connection, you don't truly have the game as you have to stream it from "them"
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I booted this game up today aftet a months long hiatus to start mining orbs for Innes. Yes.
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    My overall impressions of this game so far is that Sakurai is a madman / wizard who is going to probably destroy the world by making this game too awesome. Between giving Ganondorf his sword, giving him his Ocarina of Time design, giving Zelda her A Link to the Past/Between Worlds design (which I didn't even know I wanted), bringing back every veteran including Snake, giving Ike both his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn designs, adding Ridley, giving Pokemon Trainer a Leaf alt costume, and a ton of quality of life improvements, and somehow bringing back a metric fuckton of stages while updating the assets for non-N64 stages, it's like he read my mind. Hell, I never even wanted Daisy, but with so much positive shit thrown at me during that Smash Bros. information blowout, I was excited for her. "Fuck yeah, Daisy, I'll play as her, sure! She still uses Toad, that's kinda weird. But oh well!" There are only a handful of things I'd request on top of what he's already done, and I feel bad for even asking any more since he's done far more than I'd ever expect him to and made me extremely happy, but these are the things: 1. Give Samus her Fusion Suit as an alt-costume. -- The palette swap has always been nice, but I feel like the Fusion Suit is worthy of its own model. I think it would be good for Samus to have her most iconic design (the Varia suit) and her most canonically-recent design (the Fusion Suit, since Fusion is the latest game in the timeline; it could even have an orange palette swap based on the end of Fusion). The non-Varia Power suit would be another good option, but I would totally be content with Varia and Fusion Suit. I don't want to ask too much of Sakurai. 2. Give Ganondorf his Twilight Princess design as an alt-costume. -- I am absolutely hyped Ganondorf has his OoT design. I was never a fan of his TP design, because he seemed old and fat, and much less intimidating. His OoT design is much more menacing. He's young, muscley, full of life, and ready to murder. That said, I never wanted his TP design removed. (Especially given that the OoT Ganondorf and the TP Ganondorf are literally the same incarnation...as is the TWW Ganondorf. Ganondorf doesn't reincarnate nearly as often as Link/Zelda/Impa do.) I just wanted another option. So if Sakurai can add the TP design back as an alt-costume, that would be super. If not, I'll totally take what I can get here and be happy with the amazing OoT design. 3. Make Alph a real boy--an echo fighter. -- Honestly I'm shocked Sakurai didn't make Alph an echo fighter...he still seems to be an Olimar alt. I just figured that since Sakurai had intended Alph to be an echo fighter in SSB4, that he would naturally become one in Ultimate. And who knows, maybe there is still time. Give him Rock Pikmin instead of Purple, and maybe Flying Pikmin instead of White, change his Final Smash to use the SS Drake instead of the Dolphin, and call it a character. -- For anyone keeping track, these are the stages that AREN'T YET confirmed to be returning: So that is 84 stages confirmed, 34 stages unconfirmed (including either/ors for Flat Zone 2/X and Pictochat 1/2) -- For another list, if you assume that all stages that appeared in Smash 3DS and Wii U are coming back, this is what remains: And out of those, I feel like some of them are shoe-ins. Brinstar Depths due to the remix, Fountain of Dreams due to popularity, and Mute City (Melee) based off of nostalgia. And from there...hell, I think Sakurai is just going to add all the stages if he can. I really think he's lost his mind. I'm tempted to call that he's going to all every Final Destination and Battlefield form from past games (including N64, which didn't have them playable in versus) along with Meta Crystal. I really don't want to get my hopes up, but Sakurai has just been blowing away my expectations so I don't know what to think anymore.