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    N4A Secret Santa 2018 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    It's that time of the year again. Hello and welcome to Ninfora's third annual Secret Santa event for 2018! I am your host, Santa Chrom, here again to make everyone's holiday season a great one. Whether you are a returning or new participant to this yearly community event, getting involved is as simple as ever! What is Secret Santa? In Secret Santa, members fill out a form to tell Santa Chrom a little about themselves (such as where they live, what they like, and more), and are later randomly assigned another participating member as their Tiny Tim, whom they must deliver a gift to by the holiday season, receiving the information that Tiny Tim shared with Santa Chrom. At that point, it becomes the Secret Santa's responsibility to pick out a gift for their Tiny Tim based on the given information. At the same time, the Secret Santa's own information is shared with yet another participating member, so they too will be a Tiny Tim to another Secret Santa. In short, in Secret Santa, you will give to one person, and you will receive from another person. It's called Secret Santa because you should remain anonymous until the day your Tiny Tim receives your gift! Rules All gifts should be valued at least roughly $10 USD (before tax/shipping). Pay what you want, but don't be cheap. Personally crafted gifts are waived from this rule. Delivering directly via Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other storefronts is acceptable. Any way to wrap your gift and include a personal message should be taken if possible. Same goes with tracking, share that with Santa Chrom via PM. Digital items (games, movies, etc.) are acceptable to be gifted. You may specify on your form that you would prefer not to receive these kinds of items. This exchange is open to all members regardless of residence. Santa Chrom reserves the right to decline a registration if he believes an applicant may not be suitable to participate. Only sign up if you are serious and committed to participating. It makes organizing this a lot easier for Santa Chrom. If at any point you believe you will no longer be able to participate, please send a PM to Santa Chrom at the earliest opportunity. Received gifts must be shared in this topic with some kind of visual proof. Tiny Tims may choose to open/share their gifts received early if they want to. If a Tiny Tim has not received their gift by a certain date, Santa Chrom will personally deliver a gift to them as compensation. The dates to remember, take note! Nov 18 - Last day to sign up Nov 19 - Secret Santa-Tiny Tim sortings distributed Dec 19 - Gift delivering period begins (if international, consider shipping sooner) Jan 03 - Santa Chrom makes his rounds for empty-handed Tiny Tims, if any ➡Sign up here!⬅ (sign-ups closed as of November 19, 2018)
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    It's just ten minutes of new information then a half hour of this image:
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    Your Smash Ultimate 5 pack DLC?

    I decided against including Assist Trophies or Spirits (Sorry, Shantae and Alexandra Roivas), leaving me with the craziness below. 1. Geno, Forest Maze Stage, Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Song I mean, this is obviously very Geno-heavy in its theme. Let's just get that out of the way early. Geno please. 2. Banjo-Kazooie, Spiral Mountain, Treasure Trove Cove Theme I see it as a floating platform stage touring the hub level. As for the music, I mean all of the songs, but I'm just picking a personal favorite. 3. Professor Layton, Crown Petone, Descole's Theme Probably far less likely now than it was when Smash Wii U/3DS came out, I still love the Profesor Layton character. The stage, I'll admit, is an odd one: the Crown Petone is lifted from the Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva, and is an opera house shaped like a crown. I just like the design. As for Descole's Theme? In a series with great music, this is perhaps my favorite piece. 4. Saki Amamiya , Urban Ruins, Ideal The Sin & Punishment character has gone from recurring Assist Trophy to MIA. Unlike Tingle, he's not on a stage, and unlike Kat & Ana or even Lakitu & Spinies, he hasn't been seen in Spirits mode. With a combo beam sword and gun, his inclusion would disappoint Travis Touchdown fans to be sure, but I'd be down with this pick. The stage, Urban Ruins, is exactly as it sounds, and would be based on the level in Star Successor. I should note the music is not from Sin & Punishment, but another Treasure title, Ikaruga. 5. Chun-Li, Flamenco Tavern, Guile's Theme I know, another Street Fighter character? If a third is to make it, it's got to be the first lady of fighting games. I add Vega's stage because it's an old favorite of mine, and climbing the fence could provide for a slightly different feel or mechanic than the typical Street Fighter Stage. As for Guile's Theme? Well, haven't you heard? It goes with everything. I feel like I could rewrite this list with five totally different characters. Multiple times. I'm also not sold on the idea that being a spirit disqualifies someone, but that's neither here nor there. Of course, there is the obvious problem with my list, which I'll just address: all face serious competition. If Square-Enix gets a rep, does Geno beat out Sora or Chrono? If Microsoft gets in, does Banjo-Kazooie get in over Steve? If Level 5 gets in, would Layton be a priority over Jibanyan? And what about [Any other Nintendo character] over Saki? And if Capcom gets another rep, would they really go back to the Street Fighter well? EDIT: Since posting this DLC list, this happened:
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    Pretty well made video and is cut pretty well as it goes on from showing how sounds in certain areas play into the recreation of the song to showing pivotal scene from the game.
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    Today was epic, got shiny duskull and shiny houndour, plus finally got Deoxys!
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    --> kitty constantly pestering me indicating he wants to be on my lap -->playing botw -->Takes out switch as I prepare to make a place where kitty can sleep in my lap it's times like these I'm glad I can just take the switch with me to go. Serves both humans and kitties alike
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    This is literally the first thing that came to mind when I heard Topikachu...
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    Someone had to do it but tho I like some of the scenes match up with the material most isn't one to one. Which is a little jarring.
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    Lots of stiff competition tonight. I haven't been so thoroughly thrashed in a long time to the point where maintaining a spot above 5th rank was a battle. But new blood brought new challenges which made it one of the more intense tournies in a long time.
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    Mario Kart Wii sells another 40k during Nintendo's last fiscal quarter Now to be fair, that's an additional 40k over the course of three months so about 13.33k per month and it's worldwide so not from any one territory, but even so it's a pretty cool statistic to think about. Really gives some emphasis to the whole evergreen title moniker Iwata always talked about during those times and even after.
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    Smash Bros Direct - Nov. 1 - Discussion

    He wasn't really feeling it.
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    For those with facebook, here's all the competitors from the costume contest this past weekend
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    Capcom bringing RE0, RE and RE4 Capcom is bringing a trio of Resident Evil games to Switch to be launched next year and continuing the trend of making sure RE4 is everywhere. Though I wish they had Square Enix's energy and just went ahead and announced a bunch of Resident Evil games as well. RE2, RE3, Code Veronica X, go ahead and toss in RE5 and RE6 while you're at it. Bonus points if you make RE Gaiden an eShop game
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    Let me tell you about a little game called Tetris.
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    Secret Santa 2018 starts this Sunday!
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    Niantic why? I can only assume they haven't researched autism speaks. Here's a metapost about AS but to say the autistic community loathes it is an understatement.
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    Cosplay update! JUST about finished. Con is this weekend. Been putting together some collages to give the judges showing the build progress so figure I'd just post those Still need to finish my gloves with the soundboard in it (I had them done, but then popped some wires last night). A mask to cover the sides and back of my head (easy-peasy). And make the harness for the fairy and moon (which if I don't have time will be okay with not including).
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    Almost glitched the game trying to get a glitter shot but did manage to catch him.
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    @Arvis Smash Direct Youtube link available now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fccgHnBQ0YM