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    Introductions thread.

    Hello, I'm Lucina. I joined Ninfora's predecessor a decently long time ago. I've been doing alright since my mom died a few years ago, I'm living with my fiancee still and going to college for language studies. I hope you've all been well.
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    Fully finished Postman's bag last night
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    what the fucc?
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    First letter done!
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Broke: NJ GARBAGE STATE Woke:
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    Nyakuza Metro - N4A Chat Thread - June 2019

    it's wild to me that anybody can be upset at delaying a game in 2019 when the industry standard is to release half-finished early-access games that need months of patches to reach a point where they're functional i welcome delays at this point, give me a game that's polished and working pls
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    Thank you! I'm quite excited for the upgrade since it will ultimately make my life much easier, and the site will be even more maintainable going into the future. Plus, the upgrades going in should make the site 10-20%+ faster as well! Fixing username colours is next on my list of Ninfora-related tasks to do. But I also have a lot more on my plate with the servers that I've procured recently enough. This has been an exciting and demanding year, to say the least.
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    HA! This is pretty great!
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    happy tuesday night, fellow gamers
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    Hopefully a positive effect. I am personally sick and tired of this constant nickel and diming bullshit that has been going on with the gaming industry. I understand they want to make money, but this shit is a fucking multi-billion dollar industry now. I mean these fucking cunts sell us half finished products and then go "want extra lives? Have to pay us $1 per life. You want the rest of the game, you will have to pay us $2 per stage that comes out. Want to continue because you died too much? Pay us $5." It is truly becoming a virtual casino and because children are very much at risk of falling prey to this, something has to be done. I get that some people will bitch and moan that "I like the gambling aspect of it." However, this is not a good business model and it really does hurt the consumer. I get it that they don't give a fuck who they hurt in the process cause they are laughing their asses to the bank with our money and signing it with their nuts. I already have a hard time with DLC, I typically never buy DLC unless it is really worth it. It has to add something significant to a game for me to buy DLC. I guess maybe I am just old-school and I like how back in the day you could buy a game, you knew it was fucking complete, and what you got is what you got. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the concept of DLC and I am not opposed to it, but as far as I am concerned, it should be illegal for them to use it in the predatory nature that they have. That goes with micro-transactions, loot boxes, and DLC. If these developers/publishers continue to have the ability to prey upon their consumers, then there is no stopping them from taking a PS4 game and smashing that shit into 1000 pieces and then selling that shit to us piece by piece $1 at a time. That is what is going on with a lot of this shit and it needs to stop.
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    Me at 11:30: falling asleep in my chair My brain at 12:31 AM:
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    playing Life is Strange for the first time and this game is fuckin me up man
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    Nyakuza Metro - N4A Chat Thread - June 2019

    go play this cute as heck game it's got new DLC ty
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    why would you be like "i bet your pet will die" man tf is wrong with you
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    I miss the Nintendo character ranks
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    So... -That was a good introduction to Doug Bowser. (Poor Bowser.) -DQ Hero in Smash. Good to see another SE rep. -That's a lot of Mana and Contra. -Travis is back! -Dammit Duck Hunt! -Sad to see Animal Crossing delayed. -BotW sequel! It was a marked improvement from last year. I liked it.
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    Even a vague trailer and a simple confirmation that something is in development has me super hyped. I was just talking with my brother a couple weeks ago about how we'd love to see a Breath of the Wild sequel à la Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, and boom E3 delivers.
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    But my kitty is sitting on me so I have to stay down.
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    Nyakuza Metro - N4A Chat Thread - June 2019

    for simplicity's sake then i suggest all names be pink by default
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    I must have a Corviknight and name it Nevermore.
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    40cm, so yes
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    I did about 25 Lapras Raids on Saturday. Caught a 98% and 4 shiny!
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    its so beautiful out today! this city is covered in dandelions, so there's an abundance of white fluff flying around everywhere, and i kept getting distracted just looking outside while we were out having lunch 11/10 day
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    This is a very important image
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    i recently started replaying superstar saga on the wii u bc after watching my SO play paper mario and smrpg, i was really in the mood to play a mario rpg again i only played through it once as a kid...but even so, i barely remember anything about it; i have much stronger memories of partners in time, i dunno why so far im loving going through it again, even tho im not that good at it
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    1) are you implying this is only Just Dance music and not a disco classic? 2) the video is amazing and I will hear nothing less
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    Thinking on Doug Bowser's E3 Debut

    So our first E3 without Reggie has come and gone. The man that made waves during his E3 stage debut nearly 15 years ago amidst a period of transition within Nintendo quickly became a household icon that would grow and endure throughout the entirety of his tenure with the company. I mean, it's quite the pat on the back when fans largely considered him part of the Triforce when he, Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto showed up to present Nintendo's E3 efforts together. He saw Nintendo through their highest highs and lowest lows and for every moment that many fans couldn't wait to hear about the next big project from some of the company's biggest names there was always a want to see how Reggie would be involved in debuting the next big thing. Reggie's retirement was announced back in February to be effective on April 15th, well over a month ahead of E3. Various members both within and outside the gaming industry congratulated him on a job well done and expressed their thoughts and gratitude regarding his impact and influence on the world of gaming. 15 years is a long stretch for anyone at any company so it's quite the torch to have to pass for the next one in line lucky enough to have that honor. Enter Doug Bowser. Doug Bowser is definitely no Reggie, but there isn't a need for him to carry the same torch that Reggie did. Those are some big shoes to fill and very few executives out there could even promote that same level of energy. If nothing else Doug Bowser at the very least has come to embody the fun loving and imaginative culture of the company. Besides the obvious parallels between his name and the Koopa King and playing to that gag in first E3 presentation he seems to have a pretty good grasp on what it means to carry the weight of the brand and project the values and culture of the company in his public appearances. If nothing else, the man is off to a solid start and while his mannerisms are more subdued than his predecessor I'm looking forward to seeing how he comes into his own as the head of legendary brand and all that it entails. It's also pretty interesting how Reggie was ushered in with the announcement of a major new entry in the Zelda franchise as was Doug this past week as well.
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    Cappy! Cappy everywhere!
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    Well our Canadian friends got themselves a nice present in time for Canada Day. You guys earned it.
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    Canada has found a way to "conquer" much of the United States without actually fighting. Having your only NBA team in the Finals and having all but four US states supporting them. Here's some documented proof:
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    Nintendo E3 2019 Summary

    Software lineup sizzle reel: Individual trailers on Nintendo's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo/videos
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    The mood and music of the trailer lead me to believe this is going to go much darker and I can dig it.
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    In all seriousness Kodiack, do what you need to do. Red is nice, but I wouldn't want red if it means making your already busy life harder. You already do so much for the site, and it wouldn't be fair for us to ask you to keep colors if these site upgrades need to happen. If that's the way it is, that's the way it is. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's completely fine, and we all understand : ]
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    Use the capture command often as the game is designed around resource management, in fact at least one character must be captured in order to be recruited. Escape with Leif last during escape missions if you don't want to have a bad time. You can hold scrolls you find in the game to enhance your growth rates and their effects will prove very useful. There's a hidden mode when you start the game that gives everyone the effect of the Paragon skill (2x exp). I don't remember the command for it but it's there if you want to use it.
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    General movie discussion

    Watched two movies with Nyan this month. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu I liked it more than I thought it would; I went in with very tempered expectations. I am among those that wanted Danny Devito to voice Pikachu, but I got used to Ryan Reynolds in the role and thought he did pretty well. I never played the 3DS game so I didn't recognize any of the characters, in fact I wasn't even sure if the movie had taken any characters out of the game until I came here and saw XLW and Ridley Prime's comments. Plot reaction & spoilers: A Dog's Journey A really cheesy, heartwarming story about a dog that reincarnates itself to look after a troubled girl as she grows older. Never saw the prequel to this (A Dog's Purpose). It had a lot of conveniences in the plot to keep it moving quickly, and was just alright. Not too much to say about it actually. In summary, Detective Pikachu was fun.
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    Doc Brown

    Super Mario Maker 2 / June 28

    Could be, but honestly, I don't care much about Co-op and 4p multi, as I generally play the game by myself. That said, it's great for anyone else who does that. But I'm just spit balling here, maybe they had to toss it due to so many new assets being in the game itself. That's the only other thing I can think of at this time. Still not interested in getting this at full price though. Just saw this Tweet and it cracked me up.
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    Girlfriend and I played a bit recently. Both got Leafeon, Glaceon, Pink Shellos, Cherrim (regular and overcast), Cherubi and Finneon. Been seeing a lot more Magnemite lately so I've been stocking up so I can finally evolve to Magnezone. Also managed to catch a 2000+ CP Scyther!
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    Caught this guy (or should I say gal, since it’s ♀) today (New PKMN)...
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    Ryme City - N4A Chat Thread - May 2019

    Thanks to Stranger Things, Coca-Cola is bringing back "New Coke" after 34 years. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/05/21/new-coke-back-after-34-years-thank-stranger-things/3751131002/