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    I think these new UK-themed Pokémon look great.
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    This has been making the rounds.... ...But yeah, I don't think they'd actually go with gun.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

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    Capcom and test games

    Holding games ransom unless another game performs well is bullshit, doubly so when the two games aren't even in the same series (though I guess you could say these are similar genres). I don't know if Devil May Cry 5 can even run smoothly on the Switch though, which makes this case particularly obnoxious.
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    Ridley Prime

    Capcom and test games

    Indeed. I could understand the "wait and see" approach at like the beginning of the Switch's lifespan, but it's clear how successful the system is now, and playing the waiting game still with porting other games on it seems silly and pointlessly redundant.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Yup, I also commit to a specific team to play on most maps so upgrading all kinds of different seals means a lot to me personally. It's actually refreshing when a new Tempest Trials comes out and the seals aren't relevant to said team because it means I can save up my coins to catch up on unfinished seals I've already been working towards. It would be nice to get a bigger income for coins because it's not feasible to upgrade every seal I want with how frequent they come out.
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    Maybe we'll get a quartet of legendaries based on the four Hogwarts houses.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Finished merging my third +10 project this morning This is the build I've been using with her for arena. I have Lighting Breath as an option when I need it as well as Dragon Buff C skill for her non-arena team. While I miss the innate counter of Lightning Breath, her prf has been great for all the dragons in higher level arena (Camilla handles any of the blues without issue). Now that Tiki is finished I need to decide who I want to do for a Blue +10 project.
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    its the momo challenge and its a hoax, there you go avoiding discussing things by name does not benefit you nor anyone else, you are only fueling curiousity while attempting to keep your own hands clean
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    Just got these three for MSRP from the most unlikely place I would have looked for amiibo. Dover Air Force Base Army Surplus store. To me, more exact a fellow amiibo collector on Facebook who lives in the south part of Delaware contacted me about them and I was super happy to score these for at retail price as they are hard to come by. I managed to pay him via PayPal and met up with him close to the base to pick them up. Waddle Dee now completes the Kirby line for me. I was surprised how big the Detective Pikachu ended up being as I missed it back at Best Buy a while back and its good to get the Splatoon 3 pack. Still may consider getting the recolored ones and I still need to get the Splatoon 2 amiibo which I originally thought released in a three pack but only came out in singles in the US. Only Octolings got a three pack.
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    Elloelloello gets my vote too.
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    Need storage for your Switch? O_O

    I had to hit the link to make sure it was a legit card and not some off brand sketchy somethin-or-other XD But man, that's a good price!!
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    The graphics don't look bad but they do look underwhelming for a Switch version. Maybe seeing them in a different manner would make me think they are nicer than they give off. The names are kind of cool. They didn't offer enough information to really make any opinions otherwise.
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    That Rabbit appears to have an athletic bandage on it's nose.... So help me if it's a fire/fighting type.
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    Let's GO style is fine, but when I think what Pokémon can do differently, realizing fully 3D environments seems like something the series can do. I'd still prefer if it's linear more or less, but with a lot to explore off the beaten track, kind of like Xenoblade. But, I'm fully expecting another Pokémon adventure that still *feels* like it could be a 3DS game but just shinier and flashier, a la let's go.
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    3rd game Ace or Joker?
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    Hurray! Finally got a Lugia, through field research! Sadly missed out on Latias... nobody around to help me take her on.
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    This news hit me like a bomb, man. Reggie pretty much embodies the golden days of G4/GameSpot/IGN interviews and E3's that I remember so very fondly. He's been the guy who smoothly convinced me to buy into their products for like, half my life. It's tough news to stomach - but I have no doubt Doug Bowser will be awesome for the job! He's got some big shoes to fill; but I believe in his abilities.