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  1. Haven't visited this thread in a bit let alone with the madness that has occurred over the past week. I'm still processing a lot of this but I'm glad that on his way out that some of the worst of his presidency will stick to him. His legacy in the history books will rightly define him as the trash that he is; call it mean spirited, petty, schadenfreude but I'm ecstatic that after years of getting away with things he shouldn't have, earning him the "teflon Don" nickname in his presidency that he is rightly being made to reap what he has sown.
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  2. mean spirited and petty? satisfaction due to a tiny bit of resolution to justified anger for all the problems and suffering he's caused is more accurate
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  3. oh come on the new season just started how are they showing reruns already i've seen this episode like 10 times by now
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  4. tf you mean? they ban most people for waaaay less than that don't try to "slippery slope" this when you don't know super basic information
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  5. fashies really get to play this game on easy mode god damn. really just in the middle of the fucking government pressin R2 R2 L1 R2 gettin the cops to look at em like they on a field trip. meanwhile "hey can we get cops to stop killing black people" gets you a whole platoon of cops and rubber bullets in your face. but these motherfuckers are out here taking selfies with fascists as they literally storm the capitol. maybe libs will finally understand why we call them all bastards? that it ain't just an edgy protest slogan?? imagine
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  6. >take first Uber to computer store to get 4-terabyte external hard drive fixed >leave the hard drive with the guy while I go get a Subway and a doughnut nearby >come back an hour later; the guy says that he’s having trouble running First Aid on it, and that he’ll call me back when he finds anything out >take second Uber home >two hours later >receive phone call from the guy; he apparently needs my MacBook to finish running First Aid >take third Uber back to the computer store, with my MacBook in tow >sit in the store for about half an hour while the guy do
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