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    anything is possible when you complain about a video game from 2002
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    So I'm about 15ish hours into Death Stranding and it's really grown on me. Plotting my course and making deliveries is super satisfying and I have no idea what the hell is going on with Mads Mikkelsen but I'm intrigued. Ah yes, the worst level in that game, if not the entire 3D Mario series
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    LMAO fuck that level, one of the worst in the entire game
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    11 game overs on that pachinko level in mario sunshine....
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    man i wish that was the type of thing that "gamers" were typically upset about
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    streaming is so fun
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    I don't want to mention PB and Krazy again but I mentioned my stance and you guys reacted to in kind about incessant camping and disconnecting is automatic kick out of the arena and blocked by me. If they only do one of those offences then it is just a kick out. There may be exception to the one offence rule if they are aggressive with it, within those there's a 3 strike rule for either offence with degrees going up 3. So let's say someone is camping a lot but it is disruptive to 2 players 2 matches in rows, that is 2 strikes with 2nd degree assault. Obviously if they do not change these acts the next round they be just kicked out or both be kicked out and blocked, only if they get more aggressive and get to the 3rd degree. It is possible to have 2 strikes of 3rd degree assault, by that point after that match not even waiting for the 3rd match, they will be kicked out and blocked as well. Does that system works and makes sense?
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    Aye! I forgot that the challenge was the first Saturday of every month.
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    Seeing the world in that state prior to the events of BotW is one of the things I'm most excited. I really liked how the new trailer showed off the Akkala Fortress (granted, it was burning) but it will be nice to see certain locales before they were destroyed during the start of the calamity.
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    despite saying that i'm actually kinda curious to go back and attempt to fully complete it just to see if i do end up hating it now lol yeah it seems to suffer the most from emulation bugs on the switch version from what i've seen
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    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced

    Seeing the world 100 years ago is going to add so much perspective to Breath of the Wild. The gameplay earlier reminded me that there's a good chance most of the ruins around Hyrule will be fleshed out settlements in Age of Calamity. Impa seems like a very fun character to play as, and I like that she resembles Paya so much. I do hope we see Purah as a playable character as well.
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    I'm actually beginning to miss the secret level with the chucksters at this point LOL
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    the one where you have to ride the boats with Yoshi and it takes forever. then you have to guide the leaf on the poisoned water for red coins what a nightmare
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    Sunshine is plagued with issues that I don't remember it having when I played on the GCN. I was getting the red coins in the hillside secret level for Bianco Hills tonight and fell right through one of the moving blocks.
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    I appreciate Sunshine's spirit and aesthetic a lot and I'm glad it exists, but it's a bad videogame in my book lol
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    i like this game but it's so unbelievably scuffed there are like 10 levels in this game that are mindnumbingly horrible
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    Another reason I tend to dislike a lot of JRPGs is that I tend to enjoy more personal or intimate storytelling in lieu of "here's a big picture and also some contrived global threat". A lot of JRPGs start off like this but I find it's often difficult to ramp up the main story arc of a game while keeping the personal stories and growth in sync with them. If anything I often feel they're either too divorced from the main story, or it just feels ridiculous when a character is like "i was a nobody that found purpose because I've been tasked with KILLING GOD"
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    Tales series opinion time. Phantasia: I think if you were to halve the encounter rate for dungeons, this would be amongst the greats of the SNES JRPG pantheon. Presentation, story, and themes in this game are terrific. Symphonia: Still my favorite. I've replayed this game about 5 times in the past decade and a half. The chemistry between the characters is still the best in the series, but the battle system (and Shina) are flawed. This game serves as a cornerstone of nostalgia for me, when I would be playing this game and browsing message boards with people have obnoxious signatures. Abyss: Significantly better than Symphonia in mechanics and story. Most of the characters are complete assholes to Luke, and Luke before Arc 2 is actually enjoyable. Dungeons are less involved this time, but honestly, I think that's for the better. Past game dungeons are often a complete chore. Vesperia: Played this last year and was disappointed. The story is a mess and has no idea what it wants to be. Do I want to be a commentary on social class or environmentalist? I'm not sure, but I have anime tropes out the wazoo. I was also disappointed in how someone like Yuri never got what he deserved despite his actions. Combat somehow feels clunkier than Abyss. Only time I've had to stick to Semi-auto. Graces: I remember being pretty excited about this one, namely because it was the first Tales game after several years in the US. Combat here is phenomenal. Story is... passing. Tropey, but the characters are fine at best. I'd really like to see this game remastered on PS4 or PS5. Innocence: I actually played this with the fan-translation patch for the DS. Got about 25 hours in, and it was pretty solid. I'd like to revisit this one someday. Xillia: Great combat system coupled with the worst story I've witnessed in a JRPG. Some of the characters action are completely nonsensical. I'm told a significant part of the story is tucked away in side-quests. But unless you're following a guide, you would be expected to revisit every location after any story progress. Zestiria: I played for five hours, stopped, and never looked back. It was fine for the first two hours, but the cast is miserable here and the combat is pretty jank. In my mind, Phantasia, Symphonia, and Abyss are the only ones worth caring about. I'm told Berseria is really good, but is that because Zestiria set the bar so low? I'm hoping with the time that Namco has had that Arise will be really good. It was clear that the quality dropped when they were churning out games on an annual basis. Tales games are usually the first to come to mind after I've spent an entire weekend at a convention and really want to indulge in anime. They can be like comfort food because you'll know what you're getting, it just may require you to turn off your brain. Edit: Looks like I missed the Final Fantasy discussion, too. I've played through almost all mainline games aside from the MMOs. My favorites are VII, X, XII, IV, and VI. I like VI, but I was never really in love with it. I never really found it engaging as others. Whenever I start a new game, I tend to drop off before the prologue because roaming around in over-powered mechs and skimming through slow dialogue is terribly boring. Final Fantasy games tend to have really slow and boring intros, which is why I never get far in replaying them.
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    To be fair to Trump a lot of the questions in that town hall were loaded as hell lmao, but at the same time I don't think he gave an adequate answer to anything he was asked and just went off into the same talking points about how it was all China's fault and the US had the best economy ever before Covid regardless of how related it was to the question being asked. Some of it was completely ridiculous. I can't imagine anybody thinking he gave a good performance there... Trump ignores the chart and immediately lies lol And he's talking about deaths per million residents, but then Trump says how the US is bigger than other countries... It's PER MILLION RESIDENTS, the size doesn't matter. It's so nuts lmao. I can't tell if he's being that dishonest or if he just has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. But he's also talking about deaths... If you increased testing it wouldn't result in more deaths, Trump's answer doesn't make sense. I'm surprised the other guy didn't press him more on this. This is the most ridiculous one to me. How do you feel about this, @IU It should be incredibly obvious how Biden wouldn't be able to do a national mandate on mask wearing...
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    I almost get the sense that you are far more influenced by the spectacle rather than the substance but I'll expound on that towards the end. I want to take time to go through some of the things relevant to what I was most looking for in your response first. If I'm being honest this is not the greatest take you could have had IU. You essentially spearheaded your response with the idea that Trump somehow deserves kudos for agreeing to place himself into a high pressure situation when he could have easily just went to FOX News. A leader in most positions, let alone that of a country, should expect to be in such a position but moreso than that there is an expectation to manage themselves within those moments of high pressure. Maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree on that matter but in terms of what credit Trump deserves for his performance during that Town Hall simply showing up does not earn him the credit you're granting him. Moving on, the response to Pastor Carl was easily one of the worst of the night because Trump barely responded in a way that even approached his concerns. I will admit, even as I watched it Carl's question was very targeted because it specifically called out things happening today that Trump is within his power to answer because of his added influence. He asked in relation to Make America Great Again, when has America ever been great initially for the black community. Trump's response was that prior to the pandemic hitting the black community experienced their greatest moment up to that point. He brought up redlining which loops in Trump's recent removal of anti-segregation housing policies; Trump didn't address that. He brought up Trump's refusal to address race problems in America; Trump essentially glossed over it and claimed for himself not having a race problem and then saying having respect for everybody and the country is great because of it. Then on the question of income inequality he immediately blames the previous administration, then the pandemic until he's reminded that it has gotten worse under him regardless. There are many other examples via Carl Day that I can use or many of those in attendance, but the problem persists where Trump is showing up to speak and yet cannot contextualize or support the claims that he's making as it pertains to his leadership. Yes, what Carl Day mentioned in many respects is systemic and ongoing as many issues were present under previous admins. including Obama's; but Trump is the president now. What has he done in his time and why could he not convey these things to Carl's very direct and honest questions? I agree, not every answer needs to be long winded but a simple answers needs not only be succinct but it also needs to carry the weight of a comprehensive idea. For instance, what does Trump mean when he says he wants to restore law and order and allow police to do their jobs? Because that's a lot to unpack considering the climate we're in now where there is division and a reformation movement as a direct cause of some police doing their jobs incorrectly. Once again, like your mention of him going on ABC into a high pressure environment; you're granting way too much credit on a simple action that doesn't really come with the support necessary to drive that purpose. Concise is good, but being concise for the sake of it means little if the message at the end doesn't really answer anything. For example, during the same town hall a woman asked Trump point blank what he'll do about immigration and helping people like her become citizens? From what you remember do you feel he provided her an adequate response? I feel as if you are moreso enamored and energized by the spectacle that Trump is able to provide from his "Trump the Entertainer" side than the actual policy making, leadership driving and action taking of his "Trump the President" side. And that's dangerous for more than a few reasons just based on what you answered to in these few paragraphs. If you go back I actually asked you two questions, "(1) In what specific ways are they engaging? (2) What talking points are being presented and how does he address them?" You definitely hit on the first part but I didn't see much from the second. You said you felt Trump did well in his response during the ABC Town Hall claiming the only misstep was not mentioning opportunity zones. But from that same man, Carl Day, do you think Trump provided a satisfactory answer around systemic racism in America and the lack of support for the black community in low income areas? What about his response to healthcare? Response to the deaths of Floyd and Taylor? His response on immigration? And this isn't just about the Town Hall but it comes through in a lot of his interactions where there is criticism of his policies and actions during his presidency. Can the man energize a crowd? Sure. And if that's the barometer for success that people want to use then I guess he does a fine job as an entertainer. But he's also the president, not a jester.
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    it definitely takes some take to make real progress but you can start by memorizing kana and browsing through a grammar book a bit. see if it motivates you further~ here's a list of the hiragana and katakana. just try the hiragana first. start with the rightmost vertical column and click the kana to see how to write them. learn however many you wanna start with and try to write them from memory. you can also quiz yourself with this. here's a grammar book to look at. it's a really neat one that breaks down regular manga panels to illustrate everything it teaches to you. skip past the intro nonsense and just jump to the first chapter and look around. you can also use the grammar guide on the site i linked to for kana, too, but it's a bit dry. if you use that instead, make sure you click on "grammar guide" at the top, because the complete guide never got completed. lol if you decide you wanna actually jump in, go here and read the main guide in full. that introduces the whole self-study method i use, which basically involves prepping yourself to be able to read real japanese as quickly as possible. if your 20 year old games don't have complicated language, you could start playing them within a few months, albeit quite slowly.
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    Well, defund the police can mean a few different things but the most common thing I've seen is just redirecting some funding for the police into other areas that might have a better effect overall, as well as demilitarizing them which can help rebuild trust back in the community. Which I think also helps the cops because it makes their job safer too. It's hard to not feel resentment towards a group that's armed to the teeth with all kinds of shiny toys and tanks and stuff while your kid's school might be falling apart or your city might not have a functional public transport system and in the media are countless examples of them brutalizing people and facing no consequences for it. As well as all the statistics on systemic racism. But anyway, defund the police can just be taking funds and directing them towards other agencies that might be trained better or more capable for the task at hand rather than police being assigned to do almost everything. Maybe also redirecting those funds into the community to help lower poverty which lowers crime at the source rather than attacking the symptom. I don't know if you can equate the two, I've never seen Biden say anything as outrageous as "The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged. Remember that. That’s the only way we’re going to lose this election." He's prepping his supporters for violence if he loses.
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    we could just not bring up funko every time anybody talks about a figure instead
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    いいえ I thought I would be able to use it for something but I really haven't and I've slowly been losing it