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    Back-to-back Birthdays! ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cranston!!! 🥳 🎉🎊
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    Political Circus Theatre 2020 Edition

    This has been a strange part of Trump's campaign. Beyond masks, he has said the same about protests. There will be protesting in the streets under a Biden administration, seemingly unaware that these protests are happening now, under his very own Trump administration. Statements like that make is seem he is running as a challenger, almost, rather than the sitting president.
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    GGs guys. Honestly, considering PT with the characters, I wasn't too upset at Ice Climber play or Palutena play. Just sucked I had some odd things happened. I thought my Sonic did well. I thought my Byleth did ok aside from some stupid errors. Terry did ok. Laters.
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    @DLurkster How dare you! I'll drop in and play tonight.
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    amiibo/toys to life Thread

    That was my original idea when I started collecting them.... then.... the addiction won... now I'm around 200 boxed and open ones.....
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    buddy you should never be paying for photoshop
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    i started using photoshop again bc my friend wants me to help spruce up her twitch branding n its so fuckin weird bc its been like 5 years since i opened it lol i wanna take more graphic design classes now 😭
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    Political Circus Theatre 2020 Edition

    I'm curious IU because you've said you have seen his rallies and find them to be engaging. In what specific ways are they engaging? What talking points are being presented and how does he address them? I'm honestly asking here because I stopped giving his events an honest watch after the circus that was the corona task force briefings a few months back. Seeing how unprepared he was for the Town Hall paints an obvious picture to me that he isn't capable of speaking at length on any matter outside of events where he controls the narrative and can essentially speak without saying anything of note/substance (i.e. rallies, PCs, White House messaging) I don't intend on watching any additional full on events involving him until the debates and so I tend to resort to highlights which may or may not give the full picture. So I'm leaning on your understanding to convey what that engagement looks like to get some insight from that perspective.
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