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    happy Valentine's day, gamers!! spent yesterday at a museum w my love and ate some delicious japanese food for dinner, so today we are relaxing im tired after walking so much
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    Yo, what up? Like many videogames there are plenty in Nintendo's own stable that contain a wide and interesting variety of mechanized characters. Everything from the waddling Mechakoopa from the Mario series right on up to the powerful Artifice Ophion from Xenoblade Chronicles 2; there are plenty to choose from throughout Nintendo's catalogue. So without further ado, what are your favorites? For me, I'm a big fan of the Divine Beasts from Breath of the Wild and in particular Vah Naboris. Just the idea of these giant, mobile, mechanical titans roaming around the environment is cool to see and in particular with Vah Naboris I remember how shocked I was when I came over a cliff and in the distance I see this huge robotic camel just chillin and walking around.
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    Pokemon Home details released

    Here's a video on how Pokemon Home function with premium function when you do Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home @Art_de_Cat: You said app store so I provide the app store link. For some reason I had that trouble too find it on Google play, no matter how you type to search, it finds everything Pokemon and not Pokemon related. Like what is up with that? @DranSeasona: That where I got app store link through a tweet at Serebii, also sent you FR on home. Heads up I have not used Home, still have the basic, I won't get premium until the first expansion release in June. Might as well add from now, as I'll be adding tons more during that month.
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    No, it’s a reference to this: