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    Still my favorite 2D Mario game—one of my favorite games of all time, really.
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    Grand Oak is Electric-type Alolan Oak is Grass-type (cuz hippie) Kanto Oak is Normal-type I can't wait to visit the Isle of Oaks and challenge the all-Oak Pokemon League! Rumour is the only males on the Island are the 8 Oak Gym Leaders, the four Elite Oaks, and the Oak Champion. All other inhabitants are single moms. There are no children.
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    Since tomorrow is Valentine days, why don't go with setups with either red or pink in them tonight? @alienboyva you can be Kirby of course. To me it will be like any other day with my love Toadette but in kart she deserve the prancer, with the parasol and those white wooden wheels. How lovely for someone as lovely as her. <3.
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    What if the real Nintendo Direct is the friendships we made along the way?
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    GF make this game exclusively for the Gameboy Color. I'll buy 50 copies.
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    @DLurksterFair enough. I see where you’re coming from. Call me kind of jaded but I just think company’s should be more careful. That is really just how I see it though. Far be it from me to try to tell someone they’re inherently wrong for giving others the benefit of the doubt.
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    Yeah, it's silly and I guess anyone with common sense would make someone who's been with the publication longer write the review but common sense isn't common as ppl say it is. Also, despite my position it is unfortunate it went this way but I like to give ppl the benefit of the doubt. When something like this occurs beyond one foresight, one would have learn from said experience and move on. Once I know trust has been betrayed I'm not foolish enough to keep ties, depending on the severity. I'm aware of what my actions and decisions up to that point, that is a consequence of that view. From there strict action should be deployed, equal of that of the misdeed. That's how I view this relationship and punishment.
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    My issue with it kind of shows the progression From's had with their flagship games. DkS and its ilk were very much ARPGs with builds and loads of stats but the gameplay is the least-polished and the story is obtuse as Hell. Bloodborne's narrative was fleshed out a bit more by comparison while its combat mechanics and game systems drifted more towards an action game. Sekiro is a full-on action game with tight mechanics and a good emphasis on its plot and world. By comparison Sekiro's combat feels a lot more linear and inflexible in what it wants you to do or how to approach the game, on top of the RPG mechanics being super stripped back kind of robbing me of any feeling of progression in the game's mechanics opening up more. The game only expects you to play it in a specific way and even if it's super well-made it feels stale after a bit.
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    Political Circus Theatre 2020 Edition

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    Why is the next Direct taking so long?

    Please understand
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    If you log-in to your Nintendo Account you can buy games right from Nintendo’s site. *Though, I’m not sure if your account has to be linked to a Switch first. If you log-in, go to a game’s page on Nintendo’s site, and see the option to buy digitally, you should be good. When you get your Switch and link your account, all your purchased games should be in your downloads on your eShop account. Hell, they might even start auto-download once you link your account.