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    It's been less than a month since I stopped studying and I'm already bored at work. I really want to dive into learning Linux. I've been collecting digital books to study from whenever I get around to it. @Tyranogre I want to let you know that your Wednesdays videos are something I genuinely look forward to each week. I also some days think to your playthrough of FE3 and the Desert Chapter episode, where each screenshot was accompanied by some alteration of "fuck".
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    Wow, I'm entering this amiibo tournament. @alienboyva: Yeah it was mentioned in the 2018 E3 direct that you can carry over you amiibo data from Sm4sh but either you retain your amiibo training style or simply start from scractch. When the game came out December 2018 I had a week off from work specifically to unlock, tryout all the character, play world of light and train all the amiibo I have collected up to that point plus the Wolf and Ridley amiibo to lvl 50 again. That was the longest thing to do outside of completing world of light. But I from the few time I had my amiibo fought others here in arena on Tuesday nights, they beat up player pretty well and got compliments with my amiibo are trained. What I do is simply train amiibo for like 2hrs but broken up in 15 minutes segments mixed with 1-on-1 free for all 4 cpu's + (all lvl). Some with me as 1-on-1. For items I make them play without up to lvl 40 then once there I add items. Make them play on as many stages I can in 2hrs, with custom stages. I found out later no matter how hard you train amiibo they can't find their left to their right on user created stages. So I train them for every possibility that may come their way. The whole journey thing is whack more so to me because my amiibo are already trained and I don't trust how anyone but me train their amiibo to taint what I taught them. I'm gonna make this exception once to see how this tourney would work since I'll be fighting other amiibo, anyways.
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    I thought I was looking at a deity from a Legend of Zelda game when they covered Calyrex. I'm usually more of a fan of legendary Pokemon that look more like Urshifu, more complex and intimidating design, but the Zelda vibes from Calyrex brought the two near even for me. Considering that Urshifu has Gigantamax forms, I hope they have plans to develop a Gigantamax for Calyrex that looks less frail.
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    @TKrazyO: There's new sale for all of above game companies that started today and all ends January 16th. Thought I give you and anyone else who missed the sales and still might have some spare change from the last one or will be getting money in the next week as well. Here's the link to all the games on sale: https://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals/
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    Here is last week's tournament and the first of the year/decade! We'll see how the stream goes tonight!
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    absolutely tired of pornsick dudes posting hentai underneath nintendo tweets as if they're the funniest god damn thing to ever hit the internet disgusting disgusting disgusting
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