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    Good games tonight, everyone! Here's to another good year of Mario Kart Thursdays!
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    Hello, all. Like the title says I made these guys for Halloween. It's actually my first attempt at trying to replicate Ken Sugimori's style. Or at least his GBA to DS era style. It seems to have changed a bit again, though not nearly as jarringly as when he first made the jump to digital. It's deceptively complex, it took me an embarrassing amount of scrutiny and reading of guides, and case-studies, online just to get to this point. I actually made this to post on Reddit since it's usually a great way to get a wide array of feedback on your work quickly. Unfortunately, I should've read the rules of r/Pokemon subreddit a bit better, since they don't allow any Fakemon that aren't based on pre-existing ones. So my post was quickly removed. In any event, before I move on completely from this and banish it to the void that is my Deviantart, I thought I'd share it here. Geez, it feels like ages since I've made a topic here. Even though I do lurk regularly. Here's a direct link to it's Deviantart page if you won't to see it at full resolution.
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    The results for the last Tournament of 2019! Here's the clip!
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    Thanks for another great year of races! I love racing with you guys... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➡So, next week... For the new year, race as Gold Mario / Baby Mario/Luigi (If you don't have Gold Mario)?⬅ Yeah, it's kind of hard to believe we've been playing MK together pretty much every Thursday night for that long. If you count when we started with MK7 on Monday nights, it's been nearly a decade! O_O' ...DAMN IT! I'm OLD! -__-'
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    Those both look amazing and is a really nice flora/fauna combo for that typing. I really like how you have the scarred eye portion from Pumpkitt's jack of lantern becoming the face mask for Jack O Uar. Even the naming scheme seems exactly like the kind of pun/play on words that they would actually use and it's a clever use of them, too. Not sure if it was on purpose or not as maybe I'm just seeing what I want to, but the markings on Jack O Uar's fur almost look like little fire symbols too. Their abilities are also pretty cool, especially brush fire.
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    they look really cute and the concept is neat. i'm not really good enough to give you valuable criticism. i'm sure there's another one you can post it on. like a general gaming page or art subreddit
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    merry christmas everyone!! today i got to voice chat w my mom for the first time since leaving america, so that was a wonderful christmas present wishing you all a relaxing and lovely day today!!
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    Merry Christmas Ninfora!
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    merry christmas you lovable fuckbarges okay i get it's christmas and all but there's no universe in which this is cute and not horribly gross and alarming these things have already been known to record without permission please value your privacy y'all https://money.cnn.com/2017/10/11/technology/google-home-mini-security-flaw/index.html also there's not enough coal in the world for bezos tonight
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    Merry Christmas to everyone except the people that made us re-fry their chicken order right before closing
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    I haven't changed my profile pic since last year so Christmas knows no end.
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    Merry Christmas eve and happy holidays gamers!! my mom sent us some beautiful sheets and a lovely card, I almost cried just looking at her handwriting ;_;