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    Merry Christmas Ninfora!
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    I haven't changed my profile pic since last year so Christmas knows no end.
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    Merry Christmas eve and happy holidays gamers!! my mom sent us some beautiful sheets and a lovely card, I almost cried just looking at her handwriting ;_;
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    merry christmas everyone!! today i got to voice chat w my mom for the first time since leaving america, so that was a wonderful christmas present wishing you all a relaxing and lovely day today!!
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    Just got a coupon saying that I'll be getting New Horizons once it comes out on March 20. That and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker too.
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    Shiny Golurk for Christmas! Calling him Ing Smasher! Only battled 45....
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    merry christmas you lovable fuckbarges okay i get it's christmas and all but there's no universe in which this is cute and not horribly gross and alarming these things have already been known to record without permission please value your privacy y'all https://money.cnn.com/2017/10/11/technology/google-home-mini-security-flaw/index.html also there's not enough coal in the world for bezos tonight
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    Merry Christmas to everyone except the people that made us re-fry their chicken order right before closing
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    The Promotion Playoffs Final Round (Game 6 out of 7) Mimiga Town Monsters vs. Zaphias Imperials @ The Mimiga Village Stadium, The Island 4-2 7-6 F/15 This was before noontime, so perhaps not a whole lot of people saw the conclusion to the last Promotion Playoff game. Both teams did well to tie the game, but it was because of... Sans; that the Mimiga Town Monsters finally rose to the top. Or in this case, the Premier League. Tallon IV and Mimiga Village will be a part of the Miyamoto League, while Dracula's Castle and New York City will be a part of the Yamauchi League. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of the registry... the Reserve League is 3 franchises/series shy of the perfect 32-32-32 ladder for the whole NBL, so in an unprecedented manner, any three series (including Bravely Default, Bayonetta, and so on) will be able to any of the last three spots before the summer playoffs of next year. Just only three spots, the teams can change any time, and they cannot rise to the Championship League until the winter playoffs of 2020 since they will not play in the regular season, unless noted. If any of the players come from existing franchises, one of two things will happen: 1) A clone copy of the characters will use the "re:" system, if the season is more than halfway. During the VGWBC, the real version will have to show up for a little bit, but their eventual replacement might have to play in the TOKYOlympics. 2) A suitable replacement will come in, if the season is less than halfway. But, that all depends if any team doesn't show up by the start of the Spring 2020 season. After that, the new/old system of retiring/Hall of Fame/and hiring can commence once more. BUT, there will be a catch with the Reserve League. Any of the Reserve League teams that haven't done well in the NBL as of late, for one reason or another, will be GONE FOR GOOD. This is to foster new teams (and because of Smash, unlikely teams, of the retro years as well) that could rival that of the golden teams and the fresh recent teams. STILL, there is one condition for a new team to enter the league. The NBL teams themselves must determine the qualifications of the possible new teams, such as if the IP in question might have a lasting impacting, Smash power, and/or even sequel potential. If they are a part of the big four (Mario, Zelda, Poke'mon, and... Fire Emblem, not Kirby), then it will have to challenge the current franchise team with the lowest potential to date (as of now, Subcon, Castelia, and Labyrnna) to either a game or a popular vote. Teams that receive less than 60% of approval votes or lose will have to give up, or wait until a better opportunity arises. Some players of the teams that did not make it will have a chance at the HIRING process. The teams that will eventually be replaced will still have a chance to play in NAFA. As for the teams that are on the possible chopping block and not a part of the BIG FOUR, they are: Laurasia Comets (Sorry, but being a part of the great 90s renaissance of RPGS cannot save this team, especially when more recognizable Square Enix teams are present now.) Blue Moon Admirals (Advance Wars hasn't had a sequel in years, but we're not chopping Orange Star at all... maybe yet.) Cavios Copycats and Halfmoon Destroyers (As much as I like Kirby, these two teams seem like padding more than not. Two teams are okay for now.) ... Magvel Royals (Unless a remake comes out, I'll have to admit that Sacred Stones, while I like it, is not going to make waves in the NBL.) Distant Planet Breadbugs (There's hardly any creature variety to work with, and although a fourth game might be in the works, that doesn't cut it. But, we'll be open to a reentry if we're proven wrong.) Port Town Dragsters (Two F-Zero teams will be good enough. The series sadly hasn't continued as of over a decade.) Sauria Dinosaurs? (It's weird, because the Zero game tried to make this non-canon, but Krystal is in Smash as an assist, and Adventures was also made by Rare. This is the second least likely to be replaced until further notice.) Wuhu Island Aviators (A brief reprise in the 2010s will not save this high-flying team forever.) Goldwood Jets (How we managed to keep this team afloat while it has done nothing for the NBL boggles me. Rare brand recognition does not cut it, and it's the least relevant of the Rare crew.) Wild Wood Predators ? (A new direction seems to be happening with Animal Crossing, but Wild World doesn't seem to follow it. But, at least the supporting cast is fine enough to make it the least likely to leave so far.) The debate of who will stay and leave will continue as long as Smash, new games, and new IPs are brought into the video game world. BUT, because of the current situation with the Reserve League, this process will formally begin in the post-playoffs of 2021. Any team that did not make the three spots will have another chance to prove themselves. A lot of contenders from 2020 and early 2021 will have to prove their case to the NBL masses, and that could mean the end of certain C teams that would never fly in the wake of this new era. With the new popular vote system, it will be easier to determine the gems from the fool's gold. The players of the replaced teams will either RETIRE... or be a part of another team that could use the help, just like what happened to Katina and the Disney and Star Wars teams. The players that were once a part of the team (and possibly the series it was a part of) could also be called into retirement, and be replaced by players "better" than them. Since the registries are still intact because there hasn't been a new seasonal thread in years, the NBL will be able to figure that out. Not all of the players of the replaced teams will be able to find a new home. The HALL OF FAME reboot will also include the most noteworthy of the retired players as well (even if their teams in question might not get into the Hall of Fame), to not diminish a player's or team's entirely legacy. And, some HOFers will be able to participate in the NBL All-Star Festivities as before. So, there are still some perks. The NBL wants to the celebrate the life of Nintendo and friends, in any way it can. Its history, its present, and its future should all be considered fair share. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...BUT, THERE MIGHT BE TWO PLANS ON THE TABLE THAT MIGHT DEFY THE ORIGINAL INTENTIONS OF THE PROMOTION ERA OF THE NBL, AND COULD SATISFY BOTH ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM! Right now, there might not be a problem, but next year is when things will roll into effect, and I just want this out of the way ASAP.
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    Either Squidmas has come a long way since its atheist days, or the Inklings have been touched by His Noodly Appendage. Peace be upon the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
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