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    This is an old topic I made before Christmas last year about the holiday sales going on. Since all of those ended and more popped up as a New Years sale, just decided to keep this one up for now. I'll probably use this topic until the end of the month and then just let it die. As far as I know, these all end on the 16th-17th depending on your timezone. These are all North American sales! I won't include DLC this time around since this takes me forever to cover. I'll update the rest later. These lists are too long and I started this an hour ago. Nintendo & Select Titles Sega/Atlus Capcom XSEED Inti Creates 2K Games Devolver Digital WB Games Ubisoft Bandai Namco
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    This year's Secret Santa event can wrap up now that everyone's received their awesome gifts. Thanks so much for participating! And of course, happy holidays.
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    Good morning. I slept for 5 hours and now I’m at work and want to dietm If working here for so many years has done anything it’s made me despise Christmas