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    Thank you, @Samus2008, for the wonderful Christmas gift. It arrived just fine and I'm looking forward to playing it.
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    Got the shiny Carkol Monday night after 4,544 OEs. I wasn't expecting to get the shiny for several thousand more encounters considering how my luck has been in Pokemon Black going over odds, so I was caught off guard when this one appeared. I didn't even see the sparkles until I went to the clip I captured. My next hunt isn't certain yet, but I'm considering either Galarian Farfetch'd or Stunfisk for my next target. Hopefully whichever I pick will be a bit of a quicker paced hunt.
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    500 encounters+25 chain+ shiny charm for best odds for doing wild encounters but end of day its still rgn.
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    Make a list of whats remaining, i bred a couple of shield exclusives, cant help with Shield legendary. I miss gts.....
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    Oof, this was a hard lesson. When the tour ends, it ends. Even if you're in a middle of a race, the game doesn't wait a few minutes or so for you to submit your results. Would've went from 8th to maybe 4th if I actually made it. Maybe it is because, of course, the Winter Tour just felt underwhelming, like really. From the Tour exclusive characters, the track, and dear god the score requirements were insane. I just didn't play it that much. As for the London Tour, felt like it's a marked improvement from the Winter Tour so far. Also got Holiday Cheer Daisy and the Glitter Glider.
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    I will! Just got to get my Switch in for repair first. It bricked on me. But once I get it back, repaired, I'll be diving right in.
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    You're so welcome man, hope you enjoy it!
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    I am, even though I‘ve slowed down. Sorry I’ve been venting about my problems with this game here. Well there’s only a few hours left of the Winter tour. I’m going to do my best to put an end of my complaints. It isn’t worth it for a mobile game.
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    Cooking is pretty rad. My problem is that I didn't really have to cook until I started living on my own, and by then I was trying to figure out how to cook for one person. Which is a lot more challenging than you may think. My university years primarily consisted of rice and eggs. My girlfriend and I are moving into an apartment later this month, and I'm excited for life to be a little more engaging. I'll be doing cooking more often, and I really want to start working out on a regular basis. Next year I also plan on taking up reading (I have a list of books I want to read), and I'm looking forward to having always sharing something with someone. It's a big lifestyle change for me, but, like, living with my parents sucks. I just need to pass my CCNA certification exam and remember to buy Christmas gifts, and everything will be great.
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    Seeing the two versions side by side really emphasizes the question: what the hell were they thinking with that first design? Granted, this is only a single screenshot, but just look at how much more expressive Sonic is in the new version, and how he doesn't look like an unholy abomination anymore.