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    I also bought something that is probably the most on-brand thing I’ve ever done
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    I’m in, too. Looking forward to another fun year.
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    Submitted, can't wait as always!
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    Got the final form of Roly Coly....holy geez it looks cool! Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the game so far. You definitely get the sense that it's not as grand as it could be when you are able to view areas and far off vistas that you can never actually get to, but for what's there it feels like a bigger adventure just with the addition of the wild area. I've had a few Xenoblade style moments where I rolled up on Pokemon level 45+ and had to get myself out of there. But I'm liking things so far at just over 15 hours in and I just now made it to the town with the fourth gym challenge.
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    I got to see the new Gundam movie premiere tonight with a forward by Tomino himself. It was cool.
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    I got seven shinies all together, evolved one non shiny and two shinies up to Infernape for Blast Burn and gave them all a second charge move as well since I was well over 200k stardust so could afford the 10k stardust cost.
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    Got 2 shiny Chimchar and my Infernape with Burn Blast...
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    Yearly reminder that a copy of Bad Rats unfortunately does not meet the ten-dollar minimum requirement. However, eleven copies of Bad Rats surpasses the minimum by eighty-nine cents.
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