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    All of my main forumy-needs are usually met by Reddit these days. I stick around here out of habit and the old community. It's certainly no speedy news source; really more for the connections.
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    Figured Ultimate would do it eventually, but it's now outsold Brawl, thus with Smash reaching new heights. Nintendo still plans to further improve the online and things in the future too, but with how satisfied people have been with it otherwise, glad to see it doing this well.
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    Here is the tribute tournament to Reggie. Don't want to alarm anyone but...... tonight is 200cc! *sees racers drive off*
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    Something we all need after all of the toxicity in some of these places. Kind of the reason I've mostly taken to having personal conversations with fewer people over something like Discord, because I think that helps me connect better with people than some forum does.
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    Doc Brown

    Official Gen 7 Shiny hunter thread

    Woo hoo! Just got a shiny Vulpix in Pokemon Quest!
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    Update the thread title, my dude then.
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    it hasn't been much more active than this since i've been here, and that's nearly two years at this point. i missed all the drama or whatever that supposedly went down when this place was first made. but a small community keeping it comfy is fine. that's all you could ask from forums nowadays anyway. all you gotta do to keep it goin is pop in the threads more often.
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