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    Kids are tough, sure, but I never cease to be amazed at how much I love my little ones. Even though they drive me bonkers and the lack of sleep is a killer... Also surprising to me is I genuinely don’t have a favourite. I love them both in different ways. I always assumed my parents were just lying when they said that.
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    Fire Emblem Heroes

    I made it. I'll do a post later tonight, a "Hall of Fehme," where I cemmorate all the heroes that helped me to make it this far. Briefly, shout-out to: Julius, Summer Micaiah, Eir, Ethlyn, Deirdre, Julia, Arvis, Saias, Tailtiu, Jamke, Nanna, and Ares. I feel as long as I can keep parked, I can take this mode easy.
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    i love my family but jeepers am i ready to be in a household without children and almost constant loudness again very brave of me to assume i could handle 3 weeks of this
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    Finally after months of bug fixes, Niantic fixed the ATTK power numbers not showing up on the smaller iPhone SE screen with the latest update, as well as fixed the moves not showing up in the previous update. 🎉🎊 \(^o^)/ I guess I should have reported this sooner. I know other iPhone SE users have reported this issue, but I bet the moves not showing up finally got them to look into this.
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    I’d rather have a bunch of cats myself, honestly... Way more cuter, too
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    thats really sweet! i love hearing about how much parents love their kids and what kind of people they're growing up to be, even if i don't particularly enjoy being around young ones
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    I mostly said adopt because I'm too gay to conceive.
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    General movie discussion

    Re: Spider-Man I've always found that you need to treat Parker and Spidey as two different people, especially during his High School years, and to an extent his early College years. At these points, Parker is kind of an introvert, nerdy, a little socially awkward. Like a lot of people at sci-fi conventions, you put a mask on him and he can overcome some of this, come out of his shell more, let his guard down. So when he's Spider-Man, he's more confident, borderline cocky, and takes his crime fighting lightheartedly. And I don't think they ever hit that balance right until they cast Holland. MacGuire played a decent Peter Parker. Shy, nerdy, kind of self-reserved. Garfield played a great Spider-Man. Wise-cracking, confident when in the suit. Holland balances both the best, awkward and nerdy as Parker, but funny and less serious when Spider-Man.
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    It's kinda hard to tell if people are hackers or if they're just really good, since it docent show the other players in real time. Though, I have been sent half a matrix full of garbage + a Tetris back-to-back within like 5 secs of a match starting during this even't, which made me question hacking. I know some pros can play un-humanly fast, but an All Clear (I assume it is...?) and a Tetris that fast at the start of a match? Hmmm...
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    Thanks! Though, I'm just a little bummed I didn't get a win, especially since I've already proven I can do it. If the event lasted a bit longer I could have eventually done it. Like I previously mentioned, I still did damn good despite not getting a win. Oh...I noticed when looking at my stats, I managed to break my KO record of 7 during this event with 10 KOs. Just watch, I'll get on after the event ends and get a win in my first game, now there aren't so many pros out. LOL!
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    Well, here's the best I could do this event... I've been playing so much Tetris this weekend that I've literally been getting the "Tetris Efect" I just couldn’t compete with all those pros, even though I was playing some of my best Tetris ever (I noticed my game getting a bit better). I started to get in a groove tonight where I kept firing off back-to-back tetrises, but that still wasn't enough. If there wasn't an even't going on, I most likely could have gotten another win, hell maybe even two. I managed to get another 2nd in this event, where it was down to me and one other person. I noticed that it was taking a while for him to KO me and though, but come to find out he was setting up a B2B Tetris. I was like "Damn! That was mean! T_T" All he had to do to KO me was get a couple doubles/triples, but no, he had to be a show off. >_> I probably could have held him back a bit more so he couldn't have pulled-off a B2B tetris, but at the speed there was now way I was gonna set up a tetris with the blocks I was getting. Still, in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder if a good chunk of these so call "pros" were just hackers. With 999 gold My Nintendo points on the line, which can be used for $10 in Switch eShop credit, I would not be surprised if there were quit a bit of hackers. Seriously, if I find proof of hackers during this even't I'm gonna be pissed and demand Nintendo at least give me that badge for winning for coming in 2nd twice (not sure if it stays after the event) or something. I really hope the next event doesn't require you to get the most wins, because with all the pros out, it's it ruins the event a bit constantly getting hammered by them. Now if they also counted any medal position (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) you earned, it wouldn't fell as bad getting hammered by all the pros the whole event. If it's going to be like this every event, where pros dominate and make it hard for no-pros to compete, then F these events! ------------------------------------------------------------- So, this during this event I got... 🥈2nd: 2x 🥉3rd: 1x - 4th: 4x - 5th: 3x Even though I didn't get a win, I still feel I did damn good, given how stiff the competition was with all the pros being out! ^_^
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    Hatched this guy today (new PKMN)...
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    I hate trouble shooting my PC >:O

    First off, registry cleaners are a farce and only cause problems. Don't use CCleaner or anything like it. https://decentsecurity.com/#/registry-cleaners/ On that site is also a very in-depth guide to both cleaning and optimizing your computer, and setting it up for optimal security if you decide to wipe it and start from scratch. https://decentsecurity.com/ Here's the author of that site if you're unsure about it. It doesn't shill anything that you have to pay for ever https://twitter.com/SwiftOnSecurity Blocking ads with ublock origin (most malware comes from ads without you even clicking), turning UAC to max, and not clicking on random shit in email or going to sketch sites will solve 99% of your problems, but you can get something like malwarebytes if you're really concerned about having an anti-virus. There's not really anything that's going to be "better" than a paid subscription; those are really just useful for unaware users that fall for malware/phishing tricks all the time. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.