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    Today was epic, got shiny duskull and shiny houndour, plus finally got Deoxys!
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    Mario Kart Wii sells another 40k during Nintendo's last fiscal quarter Now to be fair, that's an additional 40k over the course of three months so about 13.33k per month and it's worldwide so not from any one territory, but even so it's a pretty cool statistic to think about. Really gives some emphasis to the whole evergreen title moniker Iwata always talked about during those times and even after.
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    Also, for those interested I did a full making-of post on Imgur with pictures of the whole process and how I made everything https://imgur.com/gallery/CbqXW1O
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    For those with facebook, here's all the competitors from the costume contest this past weekend
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    look, because it's you, I need to clarify. Did you truncate that link at Nintendo d for the penis joke or did the url not format correctly?
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    This report is coming in to the NSN desk and it's an odd one. Evidently, with the rumors of Waddle Dee leaving Carrefour Dreamland, the French company wanted to have a video game character with some local ties that's prominent in Nintendo history and who they picked has social media posters in Dreamland and all of France somewhat stumped. Per reports from L'Equipe and TF1, Carrefour Dreamland is possibly putting in... wait is this right? Glass Joe? As in the 38 year old Parisian boxer from Punch-Out with a 1-99 record? Yes those reports do seem to be verified and are true and have caused fans in both nations to be rather dumbfounded as French social media posts claim he "is a disgrace to our society and is truly pathetic. A boxer who is easily defeated in Punch Out is the best Nintendo has to represent France? REALLY?!" Another post summed up the report like this, combining French and English with this simple post: "C'est terrible." Carrefour Dreamland isn't commenting on this strange event and rightfully so. Heck, neither is King Dedede for that matter as reports are saying he's not happy about this either.
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    Number one: It's Mario Kart Number two: It's on the Wii. 'Nuff said'
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    Last year around this time me and a few others would be working overnight shifts at TRU. My then coworker, now girlfriend, got me hooked onto playing this for the entire time we worked overnights and stayed on it until about February of this year when I finally gave up on it. Depending on how this update goes I'll definitely fire it up and see what changes are in store. I still have the app on my phone, it has just been chillin' for most of the year. XD
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    Nintendo keeping the treat train going one more day!
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    Early in the morning after people are up all HALLOWEEN NIGHT.... things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    😱 Now I'm severely low on balls, thanks to gen IV, Comm. Day, and the Halloween event all back to back.
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    I was randomingly looking at amazon Canada app with what amiibo are still coming and I see the Meta Knight Kirby series amiibo should arrive Nov 14th. Lo and behold here it is today. Never got MK Smash amiibo not because it is hard (maybe it is I don't know anymore) but I do not care for it look for Smash an prefer the Kirby series amiibo look. I normally train all Smash compatible amiibo into Smash Wii U. This amiibo is special so I'll save the train it in Ultimate. And now my Kirby series amiibo is complete.
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    I know I haven't been active here as of late, but I always enjoyed this. Just signed up.
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    Oh yay! An October thunder storm!
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    It's just ten minutes of new information then a half hour of this image:
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    There is also the possibility Nintendo announces a character outside of a Direct. For example, The Game Awards on December 6. Nintendo has made announcements there before (Bayonetta 3 last year, for example), so that's a possibility. I wouldn't hold my breath or anything, but they could be saving something for a crazy last-minute announcement.
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    Okay lemme speak as a former awkward as hell dude: You def read way too much into things but it's okay to get a little excited. The poison is in overvaluing people. That's how you end up all weird about shit cause you start obsessing. And you forget that whoever you're into is just a regular person. She was clearly receptive to a degree or you wouldn't have connected to begin with, but not enough to go out of her way to make plans. Like y'all just talked for a couple days. Your "ghoulish effect" is just you coming on way too strong. Imagine how you'd feel if you just made some casual acquaintance but then they hounded you for plans for a long time. Even if they were cool when you talked, it'd be a little weird. Add the trend of guys like that having a reputation for taking rejection very poorly and it's a major red flag. (even if you personally don't) The point, though, is that you most likely don't have some horrid inner vibe. If you're aware of these problems, you can work to fix them. The easiest thing you can do right away to make progress towards that is just match people's interest. Generally, if you put in effort to make plans and somebody is genuinely interested, they'll make time, or at least keep you updated if they're really that busy. If it's at her convenience, then it should be the same for you. That's not even a dating thing. It's just valuing yourself lol But seriously it's not some fuckin' weird chess game. You don't gotta play your cards right. Just treat women like the regular people they are and treat the situation like a regular social situation. If you find that hard to do, cause you're nervous around them or whatever it may be, just try honestly making friends with women when the opportunity arises. Don't worry about finding a date and all that pressure will disappear cause you're just looking for interesting people to befriend and not trying to impress anybody or making the "right moves." That helped me much more than anything.