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    N4A Secret Santa 2017 (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Since I didn't order this I'm going to guess this is another gift from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much!
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    Hey guys! So I've wanted to do this for a while, but I figured I'd make a quick poll to gauge interest and see if this was something that y'all would be interested in doing! The Jackbox games are party games that you can play with just your phone or computer - all you need is an internet browser! So if I own the game on Steam, I can stream it, and you could connect to it and play along! I see people streaming it on Twitch sometimes and it seems to work well enough, so I thought why not give it a go here! I play them every time I get to see my friends back home, and it's always SO much fun. It's especially great when you have jokes between each other or as a group, so there's plenty of meme potential there as well lol. I've gone ahead and found some good examples of what the games are like if you want to take a look. Here are some of my favorite games. I haven't even played them all, but these are the ones I have tried and liked: Quiplash is like Cards Against Humanity, but you submit the answer to the prompt yourself. It gets paired up against someone who got the same prompt and everyone else gets to vote on it! Trivia Murder Party Tee K.O. Fibbage: Enough about You is particularly great cause it's specifically about the people you're playing with, so it can be super fun Survive the Internet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgsUQ-WTcN8 That's enough examples, but yeah no big if it's not somethin' ya wanna do, just thought I'd throw it out there cause I think it might be fun!
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    @alienboyva My plan was to test streaming on a site with lower delay than twitch such as beam.pro or hitbox, but I still haven't tested that! I assumed that the timers would be long enough that a few seconds of delay wouldn't end up changing too much, but I guess that remains to be seen! Just wanted to get a sense and see if it was something anyone wanted to try, then I'd start figuring that out. @chickadee You don't have to own any of them! I've got that covered. Monster seeking monster is so amazing, I just played that one for the first time recently and it was pretty fantastic lol.
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    Fire Emblem Cipher: Series 11

    Here's my album so far for anyone who wants to keep up on it. Pretty sure this is everything that's come out so far.
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    im not gonna vote bc i don't own any of them, but i would happily watch anyone play and be an audience member if someone wanted to stream it luv me some monster seeking monster and quiplash braketeering is shit and fibbage is good
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    I'd be down for a Jackbox night. I've been wanting to get one of the Party Packs, especially since they're all on Switch now, but there's only like 3 maybe 4 games I want. Too bad you can't buy games individuality. The games I want: - Quiplish (1 or 2 doesn't matter) - Drawful - TEE K.O. - Fibbage 3 (maybe) If only we could make our own party pack. So, how well does this work via streaming if all the players aren't in in the same room, given the slight delay (I know there's extend timers and all)? I haven't had a chance to play these games in person, so my only exposure to these game are from the Video Games Awesome crew. Watching them play Quiplash, I've never laughed so hard. Their stupid humor mixed with their way to cleverly answer questions....Man, this game was made for them.
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    It was a cp20 Sentret that I saw while sitting on my couch.
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    As is Crystal Bearers, in my opinion. They may be pretty unconventional Final Fantasy games but I enjoyed both. Looks like a pretty great gift combo, K! Side note: I still remember when Crystal Bearers came out in 2009 it was on December 26th for some reason, so for Christmas that year my brother gave me an IOU for the game.
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    Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    Me aged 10: “Alcohol and drugs are bad!” Me aged 24: “I hope this tornado of nicotine and booze kills me”
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    Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    Fffffffffffffffffffffffffuck finals
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    Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    started using duolingo to get back to learning Spanish and im v excited hoping i can at least become vaguely fluent while im living here since the Spanish population is so high
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    Inafune’s crying like an anime fan on prom night.
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    Fans demand Mega Man games for Switch. Capcom gives you 18 games including a new Mega Man 11. Fans are now ok with Capcom at least the Mega Man fans are. I need my Okami and RE4.
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    Elysium - N4A Chat Thread, December 2017

    PREACH im one of the hardest working people in my department and as soon as I try to take it easy I get shit for it. Unfortunately for them I have a medical exemption and they can blow it out their ass